Smell of poo in loos confirmed identifiable from space

"There is something very distinct about the air over India and the surrounding countries in South Asia. It is the presence of formaldehyde - a colourless gas that is naturally released by vegetation but also from a number of polluting activities."

"Sentinel-5P was procured and launched by the European Space Agency for the European Union's Copernicus Earth-monitoring programme. The satellite's Tropomi instrument can detect the presence in the atmosphere of a suite of trace gases in addition to formaldehyde, including nitrogen dioxide, ozone, sulphur dioxide (SO₂), methane, carbon monoxide (CO) and aerosols (small droplets and particles)."

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This is what happens when you race mix and the caste system is abolished.

Same map but this time most of the world.

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haha holy shit and the white man gets blamed for global warming

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guess where the niggers live in the U.S.

They need to build a wall

African line distinctly begins where the desert ends

Nice, my area is one of the bluest. It would be interesting to build a white ethnostate up in Maine, as long as hunting and fishing areas are still accessible. Most of our toxic stuff is in the ground itself, like radon, arsenic, and uranium in the ground, but you just get your well and basement tested. We lived in a few log cabins over the years no power or anything with hand-pumped hand-dug wells, and they all tested clean, and drilled wells go much deeper.


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Because of that I need to give up my car apparently.

This. It makes me fucking sick when every ad about the environment says 'we're dumping plastic, we're doing this, we're fucking that.' Nah, fuck off, cunts. It's 70% China, 20% Pajeetistan and 10% the rest of the fucking planet. Don't lump me into the same group as those bugmen.

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It's a good early redpill for environmentalist lefties. We don't cause the oceans dying it's pajeets and niggers who throw trash right into the fucking ocean.

how the fuck do the subsaharan countries pollute so much when they're barely industrialised? I can understand china and india but

Thats actually an energy map of the 2005 tsunami btw.

Jesus Christ, my sides!

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All that "Aid" gets thrown into the nearest ditch/stream.

Mining probably

fuck off with your slides cunt

Mining like said, probably burning all their trash instead of any kind of real waste disposal.

checked literal shithole map

it's the exact opposite that's happening. retard.



Dubs confirm turd world isn't just a meme.

hard to build a wall when the people causing that are here to begin with. But it is rather fascinating that the most white parts of Australia has the least pollution, the most Aboriginal parts have the most.

At least if a White Genocide does happen the planet won't be worth living on anyway. Whereas if the Whites killed all the ethnics it'd be a literal utopia.

Turns out Hitler wasn't so bad afterall.


I can't stop laughing.

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Are you saying pajeets created the 2005 tsunami by shitting in the oceaan?

wait a minute isn't that where the boat people are landing and where the abbo sanctuaries are?

I'm not sure about the boat people landing, but there are some sizable aboriginal tribal owned lands around there

Broomes there too, but its pretty nice, as long as you keep yourself to yourself.

Even worse. The Braaap meme was invented by Indians to normalize it.

Right there

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That's one stinky country

This is how pajeets wage war.

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Why is southwest Mexico so pulleted? When it's north is full of factories and industrial sectors and it's center is where the capital is, also full of industry. The south is mostly farmland, forests and jungle, how's that work?


Designated shitting country

my guess is rural mexicans pollute the land alot more. mexicans are filthy fucking degenerates, ive seen them dump trash and literally shit in rivers.

What's super interesting is Japan is almost entirely blue despite having massive population density.

I thought nothing lives here.

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They are a direct threat, they're gonna destroy the planet by shitting into the ocean and atmosphere

jesus christ the IQ of this place has dropped

Found the currynigger.

It's not just formaldehyde… that's just one of the gases. But for that matter, "Formaldehyde is an intermediate in the oxidation (or combustion) of methane, as well as of other carbon compounds, e.g. in forest fires, automobile exhaust, and tobacco smoke."

Methane – from all the poo in looing.

Then why aren't the tropical rain forests or Brasil dark red?

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They are like the cloverfield of humanity…all they do is shed trash (their embryonic phase) everyplace they walk.

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Argentina confirmed for white.

God damnit.

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oops. what happened to chaim ?

My sides have collided with the SCAT-SAT launched from SHART.

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The only people who shit on toilets are Upper caste you faggots we have a large population of dindus who are funded by Govt family programs, and you know what happens in war ridden favelas? More KIDSSS!!!! fucking Jews we have to take dem socialist minded out before it gets even worse.

I knew this day would come

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OC btw

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Interesting how it's mostly popular in the north. I thought that's where the high-iq, high-caste Pajeets lived?

Daily reminder Eco Fascism is a huge deal

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It is called national socialism dumbass.

You know, that's a really romantic idea and all, but there are two glaring issues with it. The first being the actual growth of the fruit. Logistically, you need to assemble a division to maintain, and more importantly, fertalize the trees. Most people forget the huge amount of fertalizer thrown on industrial crops to make fruit trees yield so well. Now, I don't claim to know how your local city gets it's municipal water supply, but if it's ground water, another issue is the runoff pollution caused by fertalizer. Whole rivers in the Midwestern united states are now completely fouled due to nitrogen pollutants caused by industrial farming. It's something to keep in mind.
The second issue is the fruit itself. When it ripens and falls of trees it begins to rot. This would cause a huge boom in insects and rats drawn to the sugar; and with more rot and pests, comes more disease. Living conditions would deteriorate as the city became more dirty. Now, remember what I said about that division being created? That division would also have to work round the clock during the fruit season to keep the city clean.
Granted, an great argument can be made that the creation of a whole new municipal wing of fruit tree care and cleanup would create a ton of new jobs, which is true… But most cities already look for things to cut from the budget to save money. I say "save" but I really mean "embezzle", because kikes gonna kike.
On a side note, alot of the homeless are degenerates, and having had to deal with them over and over, I feel like most would vandalizevor damage the trees rather than be grateful. But that's my own personal assumption. As it stands, within the bounds of our current system, it would be much easier and yield better results to organize state sponsored food banks, which already exist.
As a final note, most homeless in America don't starve to death, and many are visually obese. More common deaths are exposure, violence, and overdose. Attacking the rooot cause of homelessness would be a better plan than offering people a diet consisting of extremely high sugar intake (most fruits).

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Hey ricky, have you ever heard of a shit tsunami?


Shit wont attach my link.


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I'm thinking bushfires?

That's an intelligent goddamn response. I almost forgot how good the discourse here could be.

You can build your own on-site water treatment unit on a small scale. Even rural communities can treat their water.

The water quality out of these is better than grey water, and can go into streams with no damage to fish or plants.