How to End School Schootings and Child Rape at the Same Time


So, if a potential school shooter (e.g a kid who is caught writing Henti about shooting up his school or trying to by an ar-15 or a tech-9) is found by police, the kid will be given two options.
Either face life in prison or the death penalty, or work as a legal state sponsored child sex slave.

If the school shooter kid chooses to become a child sex slave then he must fuck the same number of pedophiles as the number of kids he could have killed, and the number of parents he could have upset.

When grouped with a client the school shooter kid must do whatever the pedophile wants and serve his massive pedophile cock.

Each school shooter child sex slave could spend up to months to years being raped by sexy ass pedophiles, stroking and caressing him, hyjacking his soft, delicate little school shooter mouth and invading his tight, adorable little school shooter asshole, as they fill him up with so much pedophile cum that he becomes brainwashed, and the only thing he will ever be capable of thinking about is strong, powerful, domineering, sexy pedophile cock.

Even after he has pleasured enough pedophiles to meet his quota and is dismissed as a legal state sponsored sex slave, he will have become addicted to pedophile cock, and will willingly become a black market child sex slave for pedophiles.

This will end child rape, as all potential child rapists will instead fuck the cute hot-ass bimbo school shooter sex slaves, having consentual sex with child sex slaves instead of raping non-school-shooter kids.

So that's child rape slashed, while there won't be a kid left in America who will be brave enough to even think of starting a school shooting in fear of becoming a horny child sex slave.

And this is all morally justifiable because school shooters are naughty little attention seeking sluts, and deserve to be punished ; )


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The absolute state of Zig Forums

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Holy fuck op , you're retarded

Can you guys imagine the sperging if El Trumpo legislates this? Lel, im fucking dying… 2/8 Nigger tier OP, pepe/6 Shitposting.

BTW I would totally consent to this shit

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its easy really, remove anime from premise and you won't breed retards.

< police, the kid will be given two options. Either face life in prison or the death penalty, or work as a legal state sponsored child sex slave.
Please hang yourself for being a tard. Parents should pay the public schools and make the public school voluntary so the teachers don't have to deal with the niggers. No more gibmedats for everyone.

not an artform, gas yourself.

Anime is awesome, you copypasta ass niggas

That isnt going to work OP.

Leftypol has done a lot of research in this exact topic. Because under communism it would make sense to have a few state employed sex slaves to keep thousands of pedos happy.
The problem is School shooters are usually ugly males.

Not always, like I would totally fuck Dylan Klebold

Eliot Rogers was seriously fucking hot aswell, to the point where In almost as mad as he is that no one fucked his poor little incel ass

Oh my ga, OH MY GA, how many faggoys are in this thread? Shit anons, sage, holy fuck

I have a better alternative. We get rid of the yid.
That means you too.

sounds like a private school in anything but the name

Definately enough fagboys to completely annihilate your lonely heterosexual ass. You wanna become the first test subject in pedophile cock addiction?

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School shootings happen because teenagers have no hope for the future and witness a soulless post-modern wreck of a society, which they reject. In fact, they despise it (and those who partake in it) so much that they'd rather kill and die than spend their adult life as a cog of the system. By giving each separate shooting overwhelming media coverage, the MSM pushes the idea of mass shooting on other isolated and alienated youths, who would otherwise just take their own lives. The solution is social reform, not arresting people with guns since school shooters and other mass shooters help us in the long run. Also, pedophiles should just be shot.

New idea, what if we forced the ugly school shooters to sexually transition into females and get plastic surgery to make them more attractive?

That way, we'd be able to satisfy both heterosexual pedophiles and lesbian pedophiles.

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How does that stop shooters that already have graduated like David Hogg Nikolas Cruz

Yes because that would mean less niggers and save the tax money being wasted on the useless idiots.

Gr8 b8 m8. This sounds too pedo-faggoty for Zig Forums, even, this is like some /b/ depraved sexual fantasy shit.

There's a gold coin in the oven so please go get it in there so I can close the door on you.

Not all whites would be able to afford it, remember we're not all rich boomers and that getting a job especially if you're white is hard these days
Entrance should be based on intelligence based not money based

Well we need the money to fund the schools and don't say more taxes.

Employ good, Authentic teachers.
In middle school the Math Teacher baught pizza out of his own pocket and taught the Problem kids how to play Chess to a 2100+ level.
I will never forget.
In Highschool, there was this 90 year old teacher, She legit loved history, to this day I love history because of her.

What should we do?

Well honestly I'm not extremely opposed to taxes then again I'm a natsoc
Taxes are fine as long as the government can deliver back what the citizens pay, ala 40s Germany and 50s Australian Labour Party

Perhaps some of the tax money would be used to pay the idiots to sterilise themselves in order to reduce dependent welfarists. No welfare for the unsterilised idiots.

OP would go to this school. Fucker was a normalfag that constantly doxxxed himself. Instashit, fuckbook, jewtube, you name it. There was no need to even do any footwork. That dumb shithead goldberger had given me all the information I needed. Looking down at the suitcase in my car, I smiled to myself. I'd use a classic weapon for this job - the venerable Hi-Point carbine, with a custom hardpoint up front for increased firing accuracy. OP's school came up, and I drove into the parking lot, and looked over my disguise. Perfect - I looked exactly like one of those vapid chads the Deep State used as hired muscle. Years of secret innawoods training and constant wear of weighted long-sleeved shirts and trousers had given me a physical edge over these lazy, smartphone addicted normalfags. As I settled into the part, I discreetly locked up the main gates and chatted up a stacy who was clearly looking for a paypig, I spotted OP step onto the hall, surrounded by a pack of pedophiles and niggerboons eager for fresh meat and gibs. I smiled and waved him past the secure doors, playing the part of the chad normalfag enforcer perfectly… then as his back turned, I pulled out my carbine and with an aim perfected over months of deepwoods hunting, I put three rounds in the back of his skull - grinning with satisfaction as his head exploded, and one of the eyeballs fell into a bowl of fruit.

The school fell to chaos, with one soyboy screaming 'this is a no guns allowed zone!'. Amused by the prospect of making those his last words, I shot him in right between the eyes, his skull exploding behind the impact point and splattering a pair of tumblrinas with much-unused gray matter.

The carnage continued, and like sheep to the slaughter they cried, screamed and died. Some chose suicide, and jumped out of the windows, smashing their bodies on the concrete in beatific, splendid pieces of art. Others would beg. Others would pray to their non-existent gods. The police had been alerted, and by the time the zogbots managed to saw through the school gates, the damage was done - the high score was beaten, and Pedohigh Kikeberg High School's halls ran red with blood. As the federal thugs turned the corner, I put down the gun and raised my hands up.

Excited at the prospect of having a white male to demonize before the media, they quickly put the cuffs on me and escorted me out of the school under heavy guard. That was when the timer I had set ran out. I didn't feel any pain as the internal explosives planted into my chest cavity went off - followed by a blue screen with green lettering; signal lost.

I stood up with a start and tore off the VR goggles. And as I heard the ambulances speed towards Pedohigh Kikeberg High School, I smiled… as my body felt the double-tap explosions set off by the mines I had hidden in the courtyard. Later that day, I would learn that the blasts tore apart the few survivors that were being helped onto the ambulances. I saluted quietly in the room; he was a true patriot. Constructing another would take time, but it would be worth it.

Yeah, definately.

Taxation is theft.

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You should try killing yourself for making a shitty thread, OP

I look forward to the sequel

only a jew could come up with something this unfunny and not clever
gas yourself

Welfare should only be used as a safety net and not as a dependency

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OP will hang on DOTR

Yup We need a small government with direct democracy controlled by the white people only so they don't pose a threat to the citizens within their homeland.

Do you have a better solution than mine solution to sterilise the idiots peacefully?

That is a very good story.