Bad Jew Bernie Sanders and 12 democratic senators signed letter chastising Israel

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This may come as a shock, but young liberals hate Israel. I have a Jewish gf only because her and her friends are anti-zionist.

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4 posts only and you've already outed yourself. Sage and report.

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I guess he's bilking publishers now.
No Refunds 2: Electric Jewgaloo

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Commit murder suicide for sake of better world

You dumb niggers on here discuss gassing kikes like that will ever happen. The way to defeat the jews is to convert them.

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Kill yourself Avi. I can smell your unwashed jew-fro from here, filthy kike

Mate you can't "convert" a Jew
A Jew is hardwired genetically to be a subversive

This, then once that garners attention switch to Jews being behind slavery for maximum wews


Can you convert ring worms?
There's your answer, now kill yourself

Yeah, converting them into ash.

Posts like these are jews' way of admitting that we've defeated all future propects for zionism and they now feel the need to carve their new niche into what they recognize as the next supreme cause in the world. It'll be funny to see how they react when they realize its entirely too late to reconcile in any capacity.

And inbetween my suggestion and yours


is this person a jew, stupid or on a level of christcuckery I can't understand??

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(((our yid)))?
More like a case of 'who's jewing who.'

Are you retarded?
You don't 'convert' the equivalent of intestinal parasites. You take the bad medicine and shit the fuckers out, then flush them.

Israel is a red herring, I doubt most kikes even care about it. They're a cosmopolitan worldwide infestation. Many leftists, including kikes speak out against Israel.

Our cause can only succeed through non violent means.

good point

Fuck off to cuckchan.

This isn't them being jew wise this is simply their typical behavior, ie siding with whatever side they consider to be least white.


It's all for show, he's a zionist. He booted pro-Palestine protesters out of one of his events during the election.

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anyone got the video of him arguing with a nog?

Israel is just a place for jews to run away and hide to if things get to hot in one particular situation or many, and for them to operate whatever dirty business they run in league with good goys, such as human trafficking.


The Darwin Awards are a tongue-in-cheek honor, originating in Usenet newsgroup discussions around 1985. They recognize individuals who have supposedly contributed to human evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool via death or sterilization by their own actions.

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It may not seem like it, to those elbow deep in the works of the kike all day, but stuff like this are great redpills for normies.
First of course they should know what's going on in palestine. Too many people assume that pissrael is from the bible, and not an invasion/prison camp created by britain fairly recently. And still these cunts can't stop kvetching.
Defending the actions of pissrael for no other reason than it being pissrael shows to bewildered normies that nothing the jews can do, no matter how savage, will ever be wrong in their own eyes.

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Freezing you to death or throwing you into prison for life or even just plain old deporting you seems better. Fuck your gay prophecies schlomo.

You jews can join the struggle, but don't expect any sort of amicability for the future. You lost that privilege with your Morgenthau and Kalergi plans. Hitler gave you the Haavara agreement. You should have left while you had the chance. It is too late to apologize. Even the mildest and kindest of us want to see your leadership dead and if that means your personal kin then tough fucking luck you evil cunt.

The kikes will get to your grand kids and go "oy vey, your grandmother was a kike, don't you hate those evil anti-semites who hate your grandmother?" and congratulations, you just brought some new parasites in.

Reminder that the jews are like fucking rats. As soon as we start winning they try to join our movement only to kike around and subvert it from the inside.


This overt kike propaganda right here.

For all your money and influence you kikes are really nothing but a big disappointment.
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Doesn't sound like you belong here.

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holy shit

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God bless that spic. His laughter will be ringing in my ears filling me with childish joy until the day I die. Bamp because jews fucking suck at shilling and it is almost a form of entertainment lul Kike shills get blood eagle torture though, that part isn't entertainment…

Kill yourself kike.

You know jewish girls fetishize polygamy and she will either cuck you or cuck you later in marriage and divorce you for benefits?

Fake outrage just like the UN and Western Europe.
Bernie is a kike. Period.

based, clearly 4d chess

I agree 100% we need to keep voting and donating money to politicians instead of that silly "larping" and fighting back nonsense the shills keep peddling.

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user, look at what happened to Brendan Fraiser, you are going to have your own thread on >>>/just/ pretty soon, if you make the same mistake.

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What you shariablue shills don't realize is that this is all apart of Trump's plan. He has been working within congress (and bernie and these other senators are in that congress) to get rid of Israel. Remember the embassy and his moves in the UN? Unparalleled chess, that has only gotten hate for Israel worldwide and this move signifies that its WORKING and there is NOTHING you kikes can do about it.

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Heres your (you).

Woah, a jew knows about jewish atrocities?

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kek'd. now gtfo.

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jews vs jews vs jews

Jews always play both sides.

Trust not the two faces of two-faced jewry.

No you don't. The fact that you posted an image of what is undoubtedly your own post is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Pic related as regards the reality of Jewry.

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Oh wow and now I see the whole deal.

There are no good Jews, and no good philosemites.

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Jews are who they are because of their genetics. They only know subversion. You are either a jew yourself or fucking up big time hooking up with a parasite in human form.

kek'd & check'd
Best post ITT

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Am I high or does he look just like that frog autist, JF Garepy?


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It's time to stop posting living

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stop calling everyone you don't like, but who happens to agree with you on an issue, "controlled opposition." That's not what that term means, dipshit

Is Boogie dead yet? That gelatinous blob of shit is wasting good oxygen and taking up way too much space.