Once you go black - you never go back (because you're dead)

Once you go black - you never go back (because you're dead)

Romanian prostitute strangled for muh cummies and fiddy bux by apefrican rapefugee who was wanted back home in apefrica for his involvement in an accident.


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Also a common situation in Germany these days:

The guy gave a fake name and fake country of origin and nobody knew who he really was.

This is why the alt-right will never win

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NatSoc isn't the alt-right

Oy veeyyyy! it's all isolated incidents goy! you can't draw conclusions from one incident!! [spoiler] even if said incident is part and parcel of livn=ing in a big city in which the same and very similar isolated incidents happen every day, under similar citizens by people we now know commit these isolated incidents and have been doing so for many years [s[poilers]

In summary, whatever nigger


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Neck yourself, kike.
It's one incident, after another, after a-fucking-nother.

Nice meme, fag. Here's your (((you)))

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You're going to have to troll a lot harder than this if you're gonna last here.

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I have zero problems with the coal burners being dead and get to jail/kill the nigger.

hahaha nice meme take your fucking (You)

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1400 isolated incidents :^)

This isn't cuckchan cunt, fuck off

This faggot i swear…
The absolute state of shills

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Sounds like a win win.

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Except I don't believe in the word "isolated". And I don't believe in coincidences either.

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Homosex and jews are why the alt-right will never win.

These niggers are niggering out every single fucking day.
>still trying to brand every dissident as an (((altrighter)))
Oh its a jew. shoo shoo

very humorous description cheers user

Neither do i Triptler. Too bad it's summerfag central on the weekend here.

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He's getting put in prison on tax bux instead of getting hanged for free

In the US, blacks are 13% of the population but responsible for over 50% of murders and robberies. This shit isn't isolated faggot.