Why shouldn't I be allowed to be a degenerate if I'm not hurting or even inconveniencing anyone else?

Why shouldn't I be allowed to be a degenerate if I'm not hurting or even inconveniencing anyone else?

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Because it hurts you faggot. Whoever said you had a right to destroy your life?
Sage for b-tier thread.

The very definition of "degenerate" means that you cause societal damage from your actions.

Because you do not exist in a vaccuum, and your being a degenerate DOES hurt and inconvenience others.

More than that, you have a duty, to yourself, your people, your nation and your kin, to not be a degenerate.

There is never a scenario in which you degenerates do not harm someone else. Even you making this thread bumped a more important one off of the board.

The mentality of degeneracy isn't relegated to the vices you like to indulge in.
Like a virus, degeneracy infects all aspects of your life, and takes you down a destructive path of never-ending pleasure-seeking.
If you live your life for immediate gratification, instead of simply contentment, then you'll never be truly content, let alone happy.
You'll always be chasing that next rush of pleasure.
That thought process will influence everything else about you, too.
Degeneracy doesn't just effect you, it effects the society around you.
It's not upstanding, working folks that want to flood the nation with infinity niggers and beaners, it's degenerates who have no interest in their community or their people's well-being, they only care about their pleasure-seeking.
It's also why they're so susceptible to emotional manipulation.

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if you're non-white or white but your genes are trash, go ahead. destroy yourself as quietly as possible. I don't give a fuck. not every one of us is cut out to uphold the future of the white race. quietly is the key though. kill yourself before you end up on the street so we won't have to see you.

You obviously don't have the willpower to make yourself better so other people will have to

Maybe my concept of "better" is different from yours.

Sounds like you're just a lazy fuck

I don't see why I should let people like you decide how I live my life.

The ultimate form of hedonism is to kill yourself


Press f to kill op

Do you have 1 million dollars, no debt and a plan to live off 15000 a year? If not, inevitably you will inconvenience somebody unless you innawoods.

Your very existence is POZ

Then don't continue doing what you're doing and let yourself slowly kill your body.

So basically, you're a filthy moral relativist.
You must be alright with the Jews and Arabs regularly raping children, then.
After all, it's morally okay to them.

Just because you're too busy jacking off to understand objective quality doesn't mean you should waste away the rest of your life on bullshit, if that doesn't make any sense to you then you should kill yourself for the rest of us.

because we humans need to conquer space and your fat ass is sitting here sucking up my air, either join the human race or get a bullet through your head fucking queer


Even if he did that, he still clog the medical cost of being a degenerate


Came here to post something similar to this. It's not that having a joint or some casual sex is going to knock down society instantly but over time when it culminates you get an individual who's a wreck morally and often physically. Degeneracy leads to people who are old, unhappy and alone having wasted their lives pursuing something unattainable: meaning from hedonism.
When many people in society do this you get a society reflective of the degeneracy that they take part in, it manifests in broader ways than just as one oddball. Such influence makes men weaker and a nation susceptible to outside pressure. See the fall of rome as a great example.

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Being an moral objectivist is the opposite of utopian, you retard.
It goes in line with nature.
Your comments are beyond stupid.
What thread are you trying to slide, faggot?
I'm done with this gay bait thread.
kys OP.

The same way you can jump off a bridge and cover your mouth.

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Your parents made you. Your ancestors struggled for thousands of years for them to be able to do that. The fucking stars made the carbon in your cells. You are given a temporary stewardship of your life at best. Either do your job or give up your elements to be recycled faggot.

Liberals and your damn biopower.

Yeah, your body was nourished by the state comrade. Time to pay up.

Seriously neck yourself.