(((Owen Jones))): "Hungary is making a mockery of ‘EU values’. It’s time to kick it out"

(((Owen Jones))): "Hungary is making a mockery of ‘EU values’. It’s time to kick it out"

Criminalising help for refugees is a sign of Viktor Orbán’s growing authoritarianism. Europe cannot afford to ignore it


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Man, life is good. Remember when, back in late 2014, it felt like the pendulum was already swinging back to the left? Now we have anti-migrant parties in power in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia. With a growing anti-migrant bloc in the EU, other member states with more pozzed governments won't be able to enforce sanctions on the countries that "refuse" to take in more migrants.

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Love this timeline.

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Even Sweden is starting to pull that cock out of their arse slowly

Didn't someone recently say there's a low-intensity civil war going on right now?

actually i heard it's only against helping illegals, whom, being ILLEGALS, would not and should not receive any protection from and by the law.

top lel

I wonder what the kvetchometer will read at when they start kicking out former migrants going back a generation or two or even all generations

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>mockery of the (((EU)))
As they should.

Oven Jones?!? Hahaha! Any links on its ancestry?

< Pol, we are being invaded by HIDF shills! Hungarians are not White, they are Turk and Gypsies! Inkampfy was Hungarian!

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Just don't forget that Orbán is a gypsy and his party is full of jews. Fidesz and Likud are quite close. That they are so anti-immigrant is because this is how they ensure that actual fascist parties won't get into power.

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The only people waging a civil war in Sweden right now are rapey niggers throwing grenades and raping children.

Any anons here from these countries? Was thinking they can translate news, articles from English to Hungarian, Polish, Italian and Slovenian. Help increase public awarness about events in Canada/UK/France/Germany/Sweden even further.

Eventually. there will need to be a campaign for sanctions against the regimes in Paris, London and Berlin on both sides of the Atlantic.

Know how the Soviet gov dealt with those events in Czecholsovakia nearly 50 years ago? That's what needs to happen again, against pozzed regimes. Not a single (((controlled))) government must remain.
Just the same, London/Paris/Berlin are plotting regime change, including with force if necessary.

Orban is a lefty socialist to most hungarians… his successor will make vlad the impaler look like an ice cream man

(((Jones))) is making a mockery of your values. It's time to kick it in"

Any rearmament policy to prevent a repeat of 1956?

those dubs make me hope you are right.

>(((EU vlaues)))
You mean refusing to lay down and get genocided?

In all likelihood, other Visegrad nations will follow, instead of being cowed into submission.

Like that bastion of democracy and freedom, the EU?

When will he chill again? ;^)

Two posts down
3, 2, 1…..

Like clockwork.
Pathetic, shills, just pathetic.

Here's the thing, user; the core value of the (((EU))) is White genocide, so…..
After all, they have Kalergi's portrait in the EU headquarters in Brussels prominently displayed. He is described as one of the founders of the EU. His other famous creation is the Kalergi plan to turn Europe into a brown favela shithole ruled over by jews.
So, yes, opposing White genocide is opposing "EU values" because the EU wants Whites extinguished from this world.

Vlad the ice cream man.
Enjoy your cone while he removes kebab.
Double the refreshment.


>white people don't want to continue willingly being wipe out but (((us)))

lige glogwerg :DDDD shells :D
Do you have any connections to Hungary?
Because I'm an actual Hungarian man who has to suffer from the knowledge that there are less and less Hungarians and more and more gypsies living in this country with every passing year, and I can't do anything, because one of them is the prime minister.


The EU is so fucking deluded it thinks it carries some level of prestige to be a member of it. Sorry sweetie, nobody cares when you let in Greece and Britain is on its way out. I'm sure it will bother the exactly 10 Hungarians who actually care and maybe Soros

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Majd a krematórium lángjai eloszlatják minden kétségedet.

group shot of soft and tubby, reminder to stay toned and retain muscle.


A kétség fokozódik.

But not the EU's authoritarianism?

The UK is out, Italy is going to soon enough, France might depending on the Jupiter phase, and then Hungary and what else? Let it all come falling down falling down falling down

Is (((Owen Jones))) the next (((Alan Berg)))?

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Staying toned and retaining muscle is for peasants who work the fields all day. Being able to afford being fat is nobility tier. Quiet down wagie.

Like the EU can afford to start kicking countries out, just shows how delusional Owen is.
Somewhere there is a tree & a rope with his name on it.

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Sweden uncucking its self? I never expected to say those words in the same sentence.

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Read this:!!!


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Oh no, thay would be oppression and totalitarianism!.

Commies were right - thats how you stop movements like that. No mass migrations then, secure borders, no culture mixing,etc

"Mr. Gorbatchiev, tear down that wall!" you sucker

Unlike Britcucks. I swear, the eternal anglos are the biggest cucks in existence. Must but their blood looking at Canada.


Not at all. We "leave" next year, but are technically still in until 2023 I think.

You can pass down your wealth before you die, retard.

Orban is a self admitted gypsy, this came out after the opposition accused him of being a biological jew in parliament so he prodroced papers that shown one side of his family are gypsy (i.e. - no conclusive proof he isn't part jew), no nationalists in Hungary support Orban only fashy based Anglo-American NeoCon cheerleading aut-kikeistes so, he is basically Bibi's 2nd best mate after Trump.

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While Polish government thankfully isn't allowing human waste from Africa and the Middle East to come here, they are fine with """skilled labourers""" coming from pajeetland and Ukraine to do work for a fraction of the cost of a native worker, all while saying they want to give incentives for Poles to come back from western European countries like the UK and Ireland, not sure how that's meant to work when you won't be able to get a blue collar job because Pajeet or Ivan is doing it for 10zł an hour while you will have to be paid around 15zł an hour
A lot of young people can speak English here now and others just use jewgle translate or something to read foreign news, besides our media is usually pretty decent unless it's (((German owned))) like TVN or Gazeta Wyborcza

I can only hope and pray that pic related will one day be reenacted with Swedish flags.

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Being fat and weak is for peasants who work the cubicles all day and eat processed soy trash. Having the time and resources to exercise and eat well is nobility tier. Quiet down wagie.

kek, their threats are completely empty, it merely sets a precedent for a Confederacy of European nations that will leave the EU and begin partnerships specifically in trade and not open border policies or enforced tyrannical edicts.

This isn't the stone age, plebeian. There is food abundance now, especially of the malnutritional variety.

See I'm thinking that's exactly what they want them to do.

My country is shit. You guys are uncucking yourselves. Meanwhile on this god forsaken rock immigrants are busy Raping children while the police are arresting people who want to save them. I hope this place becomes the next atlantis.

You poles either have zero self awareness or god tier self confidence either way yer cunts

Exactly what Hungary wanted all along. This is the same reason Salvini toned down his anti EU stance. Stay inside and keep demanding until it isn't feasible to keep them in.

Yes pls kick us out so we don't have to play a shitload of money like Britain.

He rose to keep the real nationalists from rising to power. Problem is he has to keep up appearances to prevent that from happening in the future.

We know you're afraid.

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isn't this guy a british homosexual and known alcoholic and drug addict? why is anyone paying him to write articles anymore? also,

if hungary goes, then probably the whole E Euro bloc goes, and Italy probably goes with them. that's like 1/3 of the remaining EU economy. the EU would be done

Your employer will pay 15 zł, you'll get 8 thanks to taxation.
but if you work until death, your pension prospects will be stellar (^:
if you die your pension is seized by the government

That is the entirety of the (((media))). Whites always assume that leadership and elites are there due to competency and that laws are some holy scripture which cause everything to run smoothly. That is the biggest lie of the past 70 years. As that tranny faggot famously sang: "everybody knows shit's fucked."

Stephen Paul Taylor was his name

Isn't this Oven Jones a faggot? I was not aware he is a kike too.

His family is all commie shit too.

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skeletal is the true NEET body shape fit for a man unbothered by anything that doesn't instantly entertain him. NEETs are modern day scribes, not wagies who slave for no payment. You're below a wagie.


Daily reminder that Poles and Hungaryans are so hard-charging to the right that their governments are the left. Once their "conservatives" get into power we're going to remember Hitler as a milquetoast moderate.

As a hohol in clapistan, i lol at you

Owen Jones is such a faggot, but I agree with him for the wrong reasons. The V4 countries should just leave the EU and do their own thing. But I'm pretty sure they're still kike-run republics, even if they aren't going out of their way to genocide the whites there.


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This faggot is a walking stereotype:
Can't make this shit up

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You're a jobbik shill faggot is what you are. Jobbik is dead and good riddance.

Is that a real quote?! Holy shit!

Don't pretend your sporadic googling makes you an intellectual able to grasp politics from a tongue that is so fucking confusing to understand. Orban is practically what we'd consider in our area a deceiving neo-con. He forces division among National Socialist-liken people making them subscribe to some more "pc" form of Hungarists. Perhaps that is a good thing for between-the-lines national socialism movement proceeding for once it still means Orban is playing the exact same game Poland is playing, which is appeasement and not hard-line stances. Italy, Italy is going to be the one surprise us, if it hasn't you already. Roll your fat off the chair and gain more social skills or at least get rid of the internet argument chalkboard and rub neurons together.

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They aren't even trying to hide it

What a waste of oxygen.
Couldn‘t he reduce his carbon footprint and off themself?

Mind you, that sort mental ill personalities are govern out countries.

No wonder the situation is as it is.
We let that happen. We need to stop those crazies, pronto!

Jó tudni, hogy más magyar is van itt, aki nem veszi be az egész " based Orbán " baromságot.

UKIP was the poster child of controlled opposition.

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I'm not even sure this qualifies as bisexuality if a woman's role in your sex life is simply there for the male body you are admiring to have sex with. This would be like saying heterosexuals watching pornography are bisexual for watching heterosexual intercourse instead of exclusive lesbianism.

I think even cuckold groups would find this guy pathetic and pitiable. There's a big difference between actively agreeing with a woman she is allowed to fuck other guys and simply rolling over and accepting it when she cheats on you and fetishizing it as a coping mechanism. Cuckold communities are generally named so in an IRONIC sense. Since they actively want other guys to fuck their women it's not cuckolding in the traditional sense of a man being unaware of providing for another man's children. We can still consider it as pathetic but it's less pathetic than letting your morals be shaped by things done without your consent. It's like turning gay because you got raped in the ass instead of being gay to begin with and consensually seeking out guys to sodomize you.

I'm somewhat of a degenerate in that I'm gay for Bridget (what's that, heteroflexible?) but I' disgusted by this guy and his outlook that somehow it's sexy for someone to violate your trust like this. I mean it's one thing if a girl tries to murder you in your sleep and you wake up and hate-fuck the murderousness out of her (that's James Bond tier) but this is a different kind of betrayal which ruins them in my eyes.

Is he really a kike too? I thought he was just some faggy good goy golem for the kikes?

fake and homosexual

They also ruled that being homeless is illegal. Well have fun enforcing it. Btw Hungary's economy is now in worse shape than Romania was 8 years ago. It's all a farce to cover up the biggest issues they can't fix.


If these people hold even one tenth of the power you think they do, any type of lasting victory is going to be a bloody (figuratively and literally) struggle.

You think these billionaires are going to sit back while everything they've built is dismantled? Shit that has taken decades of deals, corruption, and slaughter for them to slowly reconcile? The question no one is asking is, how much more white blood are they willing to spill to get what they want? Do you think that any number is high enough? These people, RIGHT NOW, eat popcorn watching British girls getting raped. How much restraint are you willing to show?

War after war after war, millions on top of millions in graves, and you think revolutionary change is going to come through Congressional representatives? High-minded, "rational" campus debates? Supreme court decisions?

You're going to have to deal with people who have known ZERO truths throughout their entire lives. People whom have been lied to since pre-school. Indoctrination that dystopian movies would make billions depicting. How do you think these low-minded, brown masses are going to react to your wrongthink? With Jared Taylor-like patience and thoughtfulness?

The EU may as well admit it's worthless if its solution to defiant nations is to kick them out. All the disgruntled nations could form their own agreements and then tell the EU to go fuck themselves. They can't afford to kick anyone out because it risks triggering a domino effect.

Only post that understands. The reason viktor orbans corrupt and inept party is doing this is to draw everyone attention away from how shit they are

Owen doesn't look so tough to me.

Az a legdurvább, hogy Orbánék semennyire nem értenek a nemzetgazdasághoz és annak felvirágoztatásához, de még így is azt kell mondjam örülök, hogy nem valami posztkomcsi faszfej irányítja az országot. Még ha utálom is Orbánt, mivel tudjuk, hogy lehetne jobb kormány, de látva a külpolitikai őrületet, amit keltenek nyugaton mégiscsak jó a gondolkodásmódjuk, csak a kivitelezés kritikán aluli. Már rég ki kellett volna lépjünk az EU-ból A Jobbik vállán másznak a nemzetközi hírnév szintjére. És ezt mind elnézném, ha szorulna beléjük annyi erkölcs, hogy ne lopják szét a nép vagyonát a saját gyarapodásukhoz.

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Well that bong is going to prison or getting fined or maybe banned by the (((admin))) from public shitposting.

1 EUR = 261HUF on 19 Mar 2010
1 EUR = 329HUF on 30 Jun 2018
Orbán is leading Hungary with an absolute majority since 2010.

Az MSZP-nél még szarabb volt a helyzet szóval most mi legyen? Amúgy meg direkt gyengítették a pénzt a rohadékok.

>.don't listen to stats and numbers, my (((educated))) opinions have more credence
Oh gee, someone down in tel aviv sure is upset.

Good night EU. Hang the traitors from lampposts!

Fucking Lysenkoist cunt bastards

If you genuinely believed this and were not a bored fed desperate for some action, you would arm yourself and go from door to door to start that revolution yourself not sit around on Zig Forums and ask others to do it for you.