Why are 10k out of 12k kids at the boarder without a parent?


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Get out of my country you fuckhead kike.

Yes, only a kike would post sauce for child trafficking..

That's nice, didn't need a thread stating the obvious. They all have to go back.

at the
learn how to spell faggot

Yeah, respect arbitrary lines drawn across dirt that is meant to section off members of the same species in order to be ruled by rich people more efficiently

Fucking idiot, why don't YOU get out of my country (I'm Native America)

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go and make a fire idiot

Someone should hop the fence in your backyard and kick the shit out of you. Also, you lost this thing called a "War" or rather, multiple wars, to the point that you walked to your own little slice of land and to this day get trashed on Listerine.

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Native Americans don't have a country. You can't have a country without personal property rights. You are communist filth and always have been.

That is why you were so weak we were able to just roll right over you.

lotta shills in this thread going for the red herring
guess what it is

This is the same astroturfing trannypol user from who uses BNHA pics who just turns out to be a shitskin. Like pottery. Also your kind never believed in private property. You genocided your own tribes before the Europeans even came along. In a way, it's good that butthurt commies are here now because they can't stop us from calling them faggots. Also:

Truly, the pinnacle of leftist/shitskin intellectualism.

Hey shitskin tranny, the US bought the land via the Louisiana Purchase. The line was drawn for a good reason. It's because standards create a prosperous nation, not people.

Go home Chief Can'tgetjob, you're drunk

You lost the fight, pussy. Fuck off. Your kind never had the notion to establish boundaries so you perpetually warred until the ships arrived.

You and the sick leftists wish to throttle the planet into a global anarchy that will encounter its demise with disease, internal collapse, and violence.

Nations function because of law. The law must be respected or changed through the appropriate legislative process.

You're just posting the same shit in every thread.

Get the fuck out of mine.

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My people slaughtered you savages in droves and forced your ancestors to eat each other

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Look over here:

You're not on The Rez are you? I don't like the way those reservations are run because the elders get Casino rights and rake in the candy from old white people yet they wont fix up the damn reservation proper or get kids off drugs/alcohol. Don't worry though, we'll take care of it once we get rid of the (((Globalist Problem))).

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Thread derailment: successful

Why for the likes Rapefeast. They Rape the kids, then eat them. And the kikes need a lot of kids to make this months Rapefest worth while.


What an underutilized resource. Would go well with chipotle sauce I'm sure

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Because DACA, that's why


Whites are the real Native Americans.

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You do realize this is nothing but bait to derail the thread.

Exactly this. They think they can send their little shitskins north to "the land of opportunity". Fuck them, we need minefields and deportation trebuchet at the border. Because as soon as they hit 18 they will start squirting out the next generation of voters. Just according to plan.

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Are you saying you should have been completely eradicated?

probably the same reason there are so many "unaccompanied minor" asylum seekers arriving in europe, it's some sort of legal loophole that the NGOs use because it is easier to get them into the country and then later on pushing for (((family reunification)))

You might be on to something.
They probably need to make a huge sacrifice to get their plans back on track after things have started going a bit wrong for them lately.

I don't think the Kikes have many other reasons other than being sick fucks. Sure their could be a Sacrifice here or there but it all boils down to Kikes being rape crazed freaks at their absolute darkest. Then again 10K kids is a fuckload spiclets, are the kikes that hungry for Mexican?

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Learn to spell, fag.

Pretty sure you lost that war a long time ago, Chief Stinkybutt of the Neverwypum tribe.

That's where you are wrong kiddo.