Post mp4s and webms of speeches, songs, films, documentaries, etc..

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That bourgeois propaganda film your clip is from can hardly be described as "lefty".

yeah,, but fuck beria tbh. i've also seen a lot of socialists saying it wasnt that bad

I saw this clip before, what movie is it from ?

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Finnbol would be a lot better if he 1) had short hair 2) stopped talking with the monotonous autism drone voice and 3) lost a few pounds

This was made by Nina Paley, who's pretty cool. She hates copyright law and is a TERF.

>and is a *.
Mind your manners and don't use slurs.

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This song has been stuck in my head for ages and it makes me think of how the modern youth are becoming isolated from their heritage by the nature of capitalism.
Song is Degenerations by Mes Aieux which are a left-wing Quebecois folk band.

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Sounds like primitivist/conservative nonsense.

nice glorifying colonialism

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Sauce on first video?

Death of Stalin (2017)


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The lyrics about the girl having multiple sexual partners instead of a big family sounds conservative. Note sure about the other claims.

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For me that line is more of a point about the aimlessness and lack of interconnection (in this case, romantic) of the contemporary youth, not necessarily a condemnation of sexual promiscuity. It never really struck me as "conservative"

Y'all got any Propaganda videos?
USSR preferred

Only got american, sorry

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Can someone please post the webm of a soldier talking about his time in a middle eastern Guantanamo-like terrorist prison and how the guards made money pimping an inmate who later killed herself.
It stood out to me, that's what the whole project was.

I've never heard of this film. Like Reefer Madness levels of bad. Now I know where Negativeland got the sample


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Are the retired counter-revolutionaries in every country?

What's happening here? Are those Stalinists going crazy over a Trotsky picture? Did Stalin's cult somehow rebuild itself several decades after Khrushchev revealed his crimes?

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The Stalinist Boomer vs the Trotskyist Zoomer
But for real, these boomers are mad not for political reasons but because Trotsky wasn’t part or in favor of their nostalgia system.

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I'm pretty sure Khrushchev and Brezhnev supporters aren't fans of Trotsky either
t. Khrushchev in his speech to the 20th Party Congress

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What the fuck seriously. Is there any hope for Russia?

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breddy gud

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Best part of The Ugly American, too bad they pulled their punches with the film's ending where the Communist bloc does take over and make everything worse.

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This video is heavily edited, the original is much more careful and socdem

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This video has some misleading facts on purpose, to prove propaganda.

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Clip from Man:The Polluter (1973)

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I am 16: the post.

Where is this from?

Other leftpol slurs :
…shit. We could build a camp.

That corn distributing retard.

You forgot

Ty. Managed to find just the vid of him talking a few weeks ago. The YT vid is called 'Army soldier testifies to r*** & torture'. That along with the fact that hospitals stank of gasoline because there was an economic blockade on cleaner and other humanitarian supplies are the two images that stick with me.

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guys, please stop with the 10mb webms, you might as well just link youtube videos,

If your webm can't be uploaded to a website like halfchan's gif then reconsider the length

Is that Patrick Stewart?
Love it!

wtf, I love Juche now?!

< anti-fashion consumerism video is best video

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Holy shit is that a game, what is the name?

Anthology of animated short films Love Death and Robots

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Sauce: youtu.be/4PDTaS26s4Y

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