Cynthia Nixon: ICE a ‘Terrorist Organization’ Led By ‘Egomaniacal’ Donald Trump

Behold New York future Governor. An ugly feminist slut who got famous by farting on Television is perfect for the state of Jew York?


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Noticed the only cute girl on sex and city who isnt played by jew was made the jewish girl? really makes you think.

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That not a elf. That a Midget wingless fairy..

Why in the merry dogbollocks do these fucking pieces of shit think we care about their opinions?
You're famous for playing a mannish slut. Shut up.

She perfect for new york to be honest

Yeah, and a failed businessman who was caught and physically thrown out of a locker room by HIS OWN BODYGUARDS for spying on teenaged girls getting changed is perfect for the Presidency of the United States, right shithead?

He didn't spy on girls nor did he fail businesses, tranny shitskin.

Behold, this is a thread and a topic that was completely wasted by a shitty OP.

Oh how I wish we lived in some alternate universe where she was Richard Nixon's daughter running for governor of New York openly red pilling the public about the kikes.

Did he fail by making lots of money?

Behold the gayest newfag OP with the niggerest of formatting. Lurk the fuck moar.

That's pretty similar to how Obama failed to be born in the U.S. take your made up Kike fantasies somewhere else, faggots.

Why are you leftygag faggots and trumpniggers constantly in a cringe arms race?
No one cares about your tabloid drama.

Because they're paid to keep the goyim engaged in the fake political theatrics, that's why.

And celebrities, a mafia which condemns segregation than let's nobody but the best slave service workers near them at any times are saints!

"If you are going to call out fucktards, you should probably not be a fucktard yourself. Otherwise all you will succeed at doing is looking like a fucking retard." - Cho Seung-Hui, Medal of Honor Recipient

Reminds of those faggot music celebrities who get on the stage at festivals and go "yo man, fuck all these fucking Nazis and their superiority complex. We are all one! Everyone needs included! Fuck people who exclude people!"

And then they only let spoiled brats who pay 5000 on their corporate scum father who cheats his workers credit card into the VIP area.

This world is beyond fucking retarded. The rule is and always was the moment you are called out as a hypocrite you have to shut the fuck up for eternity. There is no value to this species. Cancer, murder, rape, theft, aids, toxic waste, and war are actually badass because they cause pain to evil humans.

This disgusting twat also has a sideshow freak for a child, a female-to-male tranny that looks like a four-eyed potato.

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im a simple serb who never even saw a minority but why cant you people make it like this:
those faggot cunts who want the animals in and see the heads rolling, they can invite them EXCLUSIVELY in their own neighborhood
those who dont want them, can remain feral shitskin free
how does this not solve everything?

tell a socialist to be a socialist with his own money, and he's out

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How do you feel about this?

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the whole thing was a little bit silly, and ultimately extremely tragic for the serbs
if we simply waited 9/11 and for russia to form (soviet union collapsed in 93 and couldnt counteract nato), there would be no bosnia, croatia, kosovo, montenegro or albania on the map just like historically these places never existed
the prince should have accepted london offer after ww1 and form the greater serbia instead of multiculti yugoslavia bullshit

as soon as nato goes to shit and we secure support such as russia, i would be ready to volunteer to finish the job permanently

Her son has down syndrome or something?

I've been told by many, many Serbs that as soon as NATO is no more Serbia is ready to blitzkrieg the fuck out of its neighbors. Revenge is never forgotten.

You will have support from here as well if we Americans can get a new revolution going. Saving West and East Europe is the same as helping ourselves.

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You mean when he bought casinos that were already in a death spiral, couldn't pull them out, and gained their assets while making biillions of dollars? Oh (((you))).

Fuck off (((MGTOW))), she has the right to make her Aryan opinions be known!

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don't take obvious bait

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