Druid/pol/ #0021 Midsummer/ANTI-SLIDING edition

I greet you all in the manner to which we have become accustomed and bid you a very warm welcome to our most portentous VICESIMA PRIMA thread. Having just passed the Summer Solstice, we now settle in and prepare for a summer of auspicious events.
The druids continue to man the homefront, busying ourselves with personal rites, rituals and the mundane acts of every day living.
This year is a landmark year. It is a time where the mask has finally slipped from the traitor class and overt nanny state fuckery has morphed into outright totalitarian tyranny. Off came the velvet glove only to reveal a rusty old communist knuckleduster!
Tough times but take heart lads. We all know it has to get worse before it gets better and great swathes of our folk, who were asleep are now starting to wake up. And they are very fucking ANGRY….Marches are becoming a thing. Impotent maybe but they are a good sign that the working class and the silent majority are getting increasingly fed up with the dictats and perfidity of the traitor class. We must remember that while we have been redpilled for years now, some of our kinsmen have only just begun their redpill journey. Their once closed minds are now open to new information and it is our job to guide them to the incontrovertible truths we have come to learn ourselves. This task requires patience and tact. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar if you take my meaning…
In an era of ever increasing madness and degeneracy, the Druids stand firm and resolute, a guerilla bulwark against the encroachment of post-modern entropy.
As Morgoth said - we have lessons to learn from the vietcong.
On the homefront the druids continue with the individual tasks they have chosen for themselves. Meetups are being arranged, friendships forged, activism planned and communications sent. The grove is a hive of activity as the lodge members busy themselves, preparing to face this Age of Tribulation head on. While the odds can seem stacked against us, remember that truth, nature and the Gods themselves are on our side in this fundamental battle between good and evil.
I am confident that our victory is preordained.
This thread's Arcana is XXI - The World card.
The World (XXI) is a trump or Major Arcana card in the tarot deck. It is usually the final card of the Major Arcana or tarot trump sequence and depicts a naked woman who hovers or dances above the earth holding a staff in each hand, surrounded by a green wreath, being watched by various creatures. The World represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning with the fool. It is an indicator of a major and inexorable change, of tectonic breadth.
The reversal of this card symbolises delayed success, lack of completion, stagnation and failed plans so be aware of this in your day to day dealings under this particular card.
This threads element is that of Earth and the ruling heavenly body is Saturn.
As ever, the topical newslinks are presented for the readers perusal and delectation
Useful resources are now included as well as relevant news topics
Thats it for now lads. Remember to tolerate no tomfoolery, observe the portents, thank the Based Druids and suffer not the alien, heretic or traitor.

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Looks like we got slid off the board last night. An ill portent there.
Lets see if we can keep this one up ok lads.


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Excellent job lad, lets hope things go more smoothly this time

>2 (((Druid))) Zig Forums threads
>2 (((Esoteric))) threads

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Keeping talking to yourself, kike.

Also remember every post of information you make that is (((useful))) well then be turned into videos and books that are used to turn whites into occultists and destroy their sanity.


"So where is the real Druidism?", you might ask.

It doesn't exist. It hasn't had people dedicated enough to actually dig through the dirt of ancient cultures. Instead the name was stolen by people like Alestor Crowley and occult Christian-Jew spin-offs who hated their culture and wanted a reason to behave in insane ways – they "esoterically" or 'hidden'. They only way a Druid might understand his culture was to learn it from others, to study nature. They took decades to become a Druid, an oral tradition, often studying or meditating on issues in caves. They were judges, market leaders, officals over marriage and holiday rituals, natural philosophers, and executions of criminals, warlords against the enemy's of their people. They served and studies just as the Brahma of Aryan cultures did. Cesar had great respect for them because of this and said they may be the origin of Egyptian culture.

They did not spend their time talking to DMT faires and larping with Chritian occult memes.

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Spot the kikes.

It's literally recorded in history.

Mind you that (((Robert))) is lying. He has been bumping this thread 5 times a day and stays up late because he lives in Los Angeles and does not sleep or work. He simply makes Zig Forums threads, steals what research he can, and the uses it to promote the occult on his channels and books.

This of course seems like he is funded by someone. I wonder who would fund a full time shill who does things like this?

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Thanks lad. Lets keep an eye on the thread to make sure it stays up. Looks like the (((schizoposter))) is back.

Do you think the schizoposter and the mlp poster are perhaps the same person? Iv never seen them post at the same time - its always one or the other.

t. (((Robert))) the (((Druid)))

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Absolute STATE of the schizophrenic mind

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Nice to see schizio poster has come to bother us some more

It's plausible but I don't really think so tbh, schizio genuinely seems to think we're all the same guy out to cause harm whilst the mlp poster just wanted to fag it up

2 IPs, switching back and forth and trying to consenus crack

Are you going to post more black 1990s RB songs and gay club music in this thread like the last one to go with your (((esoteric))) Crowley shit threads, (((BOB)))?

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kek, he cant keep away can he. He has an obsession with us.

Its literally two different people you spastic.

We post 90s classic house you schizoid dunce.

Well I just hope he realises we aren't going anywhere

This. We are an immovable bulwark. Just popping to the beach for a bit lad. Keep an eye on the thread if you can, make sure we dont get slid again and ill be back around teatime. Hopefully the other regulars will have checked in by then too.

Will do lad

hey 40k, did you see my post last night before the thread was deleted?
gone back to somerset for now after meeting some sort of cult, Adidam of Avatar Adi Da Samraj (Franklin Albert Jones), lol.

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Just seen it now lad. We will catch up another time. End of the festival today so travel over the water would have been a nightmare anyway.
Whats the deal with this wacky cult? Is it some indian thing?

absolute madman did loads of drugs, declared himself the avatar of god and that he is the sole object of worship, went full guru etc
wikiped article is pretty comprehensive

Didnt know thay had a wiki, ill check it now.
Some english folk seem very susceptible to these indian guru cults. Theres a woman who lives near me who is totally devoted to sai baba (who she believes was an avatar of god) Shes in her 80s, shaves her head and only wears orange robes. She looks like a hare krishna. Shes pretty nice tbh if a bit nutty. I keep an eye out for her because kids sometimes chuck eggs at her windows and shit.

holdovers from the 70s
did loads of drugs, told there's no LOCAL spirituality, turned into religious tourists who for the most part use "faith" as a crutch to ignore anything bad, toe the line and feel good and civic

Yeah you pretty much nailed it. Most of them are good people too but thats what happens when people are robbed of tangible spiritual roots. They are far gone though - especially the boomer ones and you will never snap them out of that mindset. The mindset will die off with the boomers though.

Late night bump lads.

Sheep shall eat men, men will eat sheep, the black rain will eat all things; in the end old men shall return from new lands.’ 

Then after the battle was won and the slaughter had been cleared away, the Morrigan, the daughter of Ernmas, proceeded to announce the battle and the great victory which had occurred there to the royal heights of Ireland and to its sid-hosts, to its chief waters and to its rivermouths. And that is the reason Badb still relates great deeds. "Have you any news?" everyone asked her then.
Something seen is a world that shall not be pleasing summer deprived of flowers, 
cows deprived of milk; women deprived of modesty, men deprived of valor. 
Conquests without a king, 
pointed, bearded, mouths of many-oaths,
sorrow, a lord without judgments*. 
Sea without profit. Multitude of storms, 
excessively tonsured, forts, barren of structures, hollow, a stronghold coming from mistakesa devastated time, 
many homeless, an excess of lords,
joy in evil, a cry against traditions, 
bearded faces. Equipment decaying, 
numerous exploits,finding battles, 
silent towards a spurred horse, 
numerous assemblies,
treachery of lord's sons, covered in sorrow, crooked judgement of old men.
False precedents of judges, 
a betrayer every man. A reaver every son. 
The son will go lay down instead of his father. The father will go lay down instead of his son. In-law each to his own kinsman.A person will not seek women out of his house. 
A long enduring evil period of time will be generated, a son betrays his father,
a daughter betrays her mother

Morning druids hope the day finds you in good spirits. Slept like shit last night (4am-7:45am) and got woken up every hour. Part of me wants to go back to bed but the more disciplined aspect says I should stay up and do something productive. I believe ill prune my tomato plants (as they are in dire need) and see how I feel after that. I feel this music adequately encapsulates my current state of mind.

Whats this lad? Is it a quote? Whats its from? Is it a prophecy? If it is, care to expand on its origins for us and how it came to you?

I'm going to bump just to piss-off the neanderkike schizo.

Seconding what is this lad?

Careful, he'll accuse you of being (((Robert)))

hello fellow brothers of wotan, lets teach these christ-cucks a lesson!
Zig Forums is not a christian board anymore!

Nice numerals lad

Portentous morning lad. Not seen the (((schizoposter))) since yesterday. He'll make an appearance at some point though, im sure of it. If nothing else, hes a persistent bugger. He was posting via TOR yesterday IIRC.
At least the mlp poster seems to have gone knock on wood

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D&C poster leave


What said fuck off shill

Maybe I'm being a bit harsh tbh, nice dubs I guess

This one is the prophecy of the Graham seer

This one is the prophecy the morrigan gives after the Tuatha Dé Danann defeat the evil firbolg.
This site has the text and a translation.

what would be the best way to start a UK, paramilitary?
Financial ideas welcome

excuse the random comma


Gather up your mates and crowdfund. For bonus points don't post about it on a website crawling with Intelligence agents This is hypothetical LARP GCHQ, don't get your knickers in a twist





Feminist occult esoteric faggot threads run by one kike (some which are duplicates) = A OK NO PROBLEM ON Zig Forums

Totally normal goys. Just let (((robert))) tell you that you need to move your threads here like the mods do with their edits right before it's anchored. Totally normal.

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Right on cue….


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Awful news lads, Pagan Pathway has been shoa'd again. Will let you know when it's been restored

I don't know what you are trying to do but by disrupting these threads you're turning the people who you want to reach off. Personally I am willing to listen - so present your case in a reasoned and calm manner and I I will judge it on its own merit are you willing to do this?

please do lad


You guys got a list of actual tenets I can refer to? Currently in a relationship-damaging argument with an extremely dear friend because they sympathize with Paganism but my religion forbids divination of any sort.

You will be sorely disappointed. It will devolve into (((robert))) accusations and multiple posts of annoying, disjointed spam.

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Codex Druidicvs. Due for a bi-annual review soon.

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give me a second
a roll a dice to decide if i'll help



what colours are the numbers?

Notice it is a very broad definition. Nothing concrete is necessarily required -You could technically fulfil the tenet requirement by "divination" via flipping a coin, dice (or by some symbolic act of ones choosing) Doesn't mean you have to dive balls deep into the tarot or start scrying sheep entrails or something.

the tide is in the morning and at night

I appreciate you trying, but the act as a whole is forbidden. Method is immaterial.


The builders of Britain’s ancient stone circles like Stonehenge were using Pythagoras' theorem 2,000 years before the Greek philosopher was born, experts have claimed.

A new book, Megalith, has re-examined the ancient geometry of Neolithic monuments and concluded they were constructed by sophisticated astronomers who understood lengthy lunar, solar and eclipse cycles and built huge stone calendars using complex geometry

One contributor, megalithic expert Robin Heath has even proposed that there exists a great Pythagorean triangle in the British landscape linking Stonehenge, the site from which the Preseli bluestones were cut in Wales, and Lundy Island, an important prehistoric site.

Contributor and editor John Matineau, said: “People often think of our ancestors as rough cavemen but they were also sophisticated astronomers.

“They were applying Pythagorean geometry over 2000 years before Pythagoras was born.

“We see triangles and double squares used which are simple versions of pythagorean geometry. And then we have this synthesis on different sites of solar and lunar numbers.

The authors believe that much of the knowledge was lost following the rise of Christianity in Britain.

Celts win again.

Wew lad.

The theorem is really only accredited to Pythagoras because it was made public to mundanes by the slaughter of his mystery school and then later spread rightfully so by Plato and his students. Pythagoras spent about 50 years of his life studying in Egyptian, Assyrian, and Chaldean(Babylon) mystery schools who likely learned astronomy and geometry from the PIA or Hyperboreans as the prehistoric Celts did. In either case geometry is should be the foundation of any esoteric polymath's pyramid. The link below is a 23 part series I recommend. It shows alignments and portentous ratios between global sacred sites from multiple cultures supposedly not having had contactthough they all had white gods.


tide's not for a bit

i made the thread on 4chan


Fagans love sucking cock.

You don't need to practice divination to be pagan, although it was one of the tools in the druid's repertoire for interpreting the will of the gods.
At the most basic level pagan ritual requires a sacrifice and a request, rather like monotheistic prayer, except that the sacrifice is not merely of time for 5-times-a-day-prayer or sunday mass, rather the relinquishing of something material.
The more precious to you the sacrifice, no matter what it really is, the more power the request is granted.

For example, our ancestors would break expensive ornamental weaponry and cast it into lakes and rivers to pray for success in battle, or when things got really dire they may have taken the life of a slave in offering.

The mass ritual suicide of Druids at Anglesy was probably the greatest example of sacrifice ever seen, a literal holocaust consuming the immeasurable wealth of life and knowledge of the Druids and their families.

>Totally normal goys. Just let (((robert))) tell you that you need to move your threads here like the mods do with their edits right before it's anchored. Totally normal.

user was right. And the fact that this thread was being bumped over and over as soon as the thread in pick that is no anchored after a few replies shows you that he was right.

(((Zig Forums))) is not worth using anymore. You can keep your feminist Druid kike threads and CNN tweets. Imkikey is still the board OP and wants it this way. NO CHANGE, no growth, no culture, just smut psy-op and fear.

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"Kill yourselves goy, the Druids did."


fresh nostalgikipper

for fucks sake you mong
at least do the minimum of research and understand the topic you're trying to gaslight.
The sacrifice at Anglesy was a last resort, after all other methods to repel the Roman invaders had failed. The druids waited until they were about to be killed by the legions to perform the sacrifice, spiting their enemies and honouring their gods, obtaining the best possible outcome in a situation of unavoidable death.

>(((gmail))) puts leave.eu newsletter into the spam category automatically

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Another Jewish lie by the kike OP who makes thes shitty esoteric threads and the Jewish mods now anchor all other threads expect his. It's literally lifted from the Hannuka story. You're a fucking faggot and a child molester.

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I'm out.

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You fucking wish queer

Alright guys, fresh discord server is up


thanks lad

(tentatively observed)

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Not hanukka faggot that's a different holiday though I forget atm. Hanukka is about kikes slaughtering Greeks.

Try on /polk/; maybe if the first line in your OP had a semicolon, it wouldn't have been anchored you illiterate fag.

How are we this afternoon lads? Proper scorching here today. Looking forward to the cool evening air once the sun fucks off tbh

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it is a bit melty innit
high of 28c here
makes it hard to do much smh, day's nearly over and I haven't done a thing
quite understandable that the southern europeans are so lazy when their weather is like this most of the time

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Indeed. The dagos have a siesta mid afternoon. I can fucking understand (and truly appreciate) why.
Us brits are not really built for heat. We can acclimatise to it over time perfectly well (as our colonial empires are testament to) but hot summers here are always a bit of a shock to the system. Went to the beach sunday and the sea was actually warm. Thats doesnt happen often here. It rarely hot for long enough to actually warm it up. Suppose we should make the most of it.

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t. Aus

Vid from londonistan a few days ago. Attempted kidnapping in broad daylight. Lucky the scaffolding lads were there to give chase.

You have acclimatised to it over generations though rolf. You are used to it.

Maybe…..just maybe, your threads get consistently anchored because they are shit, disjointedly schizophrenic, annoying and rife with spurious accusations that are thrown out willy nilly with absolutely no evidence provided to back them up.
Just a thought.

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Your thread is babbling prose of the worst kind of writing that only a crazy kike could of mangled together. I wouldn't brag about your writing ability because it's obvious that you have no natural talent. The mellow dramatic rambling has nothing to do with anything in particular and reads like a teenage girl who thinks she'll develop into a writer someday by spewing on her tumblr.

Let's go over the (((esoteric))) hidden stylized messaging in OP

Some (((Alt-Kike))) CIA shit:

Some (((Pedophile Occultism)))

Some random Brexit news that has nothing to do with the thread's intended subject. I guess you're posing as Brit/pol/ now to introduce your pedo faggot Crowley occultism but it's all so mired in shit-tier writing it's hard to tell what any of these threads are about. And of course you can look at the duplicate thread still up and realize the other had no subject matter but a lot of stupid crap and bad music.
Meanwhile the mods are sinking everything having to do with culture/history/race outside of weeby dumb shit that is void of meaning.

More dramatized larping hints are creating white terrorism – Spencer eat your heart out.

Some dopey tarrot card reading any $10 gypsy or coked up wicca skank could give you off the street.

Some Freshman Marxist epiphanies.

The rest of the threads are always you talking to you. Nobody is in them except to shitpost and laugh at you. Every fucking sentence you write is so painfully obvious that it's your voice. A talentless voice making up for it with this try-hard writing style. And then you give some cheap editing advice lol

Let's me teach you something about (((Bob))). You're a bad writer, poor researcher, and your whit suffers from dishonest intent. A Zig Forums thread doesn't have to be edited to perfection. In fact the rawness of chan style speak has more appeal because we're suppose to phone-post or do a quick jump in and jump out without consideration of how we appear to normie standards of diction and spelling. It's not a fucking blog. You don't need unrelated news sources or constant self-bump posts to justify these empty meaningless threads. (nb4 it was real in my mind).

Your esoteric hitler threads are a collection of the same fucking posts, fake Q&A, and tired memes for 2yrs now ("tell me about Serrano. "Tell me more about this black sun I keep hearing about") . They're boring and they're false. You're a failure at meme magic. You're a bad black magic psy-op wannabe. Your youtube shit is barely watchable half-hearted attempt, stolen from other youtubers. LOL, sometimes stolen from your own older ones.

You've never been on our level.
You've just been insanely persistent and had the support of the (((mods))). But it's not working. Your threads are dead and sink without your constant weather forecasts and "I'm having a nice day to day, lads!" bumps. It's sad and lonely in here. And all you have to blame is yourself for choosing bad research, fantasy history, and being dishonest as fuck. If you were good at any of this you wouldn't be copying Imkikey's pathetic style of shitposting all the time like a 10yr old jewish boy. You're void of creativity. And that's typical of you modern hipster occultists and LA kikes.

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Whenever someone puts jew curves around the word "esoteric" I instantly know they're a retard.

>virgin (((esoteric)))

incel = (((esoteric)))
feminist = OCCULT
Chad = Philosphy

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Someone plz make this a meme.

Philosophy is reddit.


Fucking state of the tinfoil delusions on this mong.

Its almost like you actually know nothing about us and havent bothered to read the archives which are posted every thread. No, lets get this straight - apparently - according to you, all threads are made by one (allegedly) jewish flat earther from LA. And all replies too.
So you are insinuating that, for over two years, one single person (who no one had even heard of until you started spamming him) has created and maintained thousands of posts, day in day out replying to himself and it is all part of some grandiose conspiracy that the mods are involved with and everybody is (((robert))) and (((robert))) is out to get you by anchoring you, replying to himself and making uk themed druid threads.

You see why you have earned the moniker (((schizoposter)))?

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You just know anything esoteric is icky to the redditor but "philosophy" makes them feel smart and sophisticated.

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Its that time again…
Druid/pol/ 90's house/trance/techno/ambient/industrial classic beats night
Post choons. This particular tradition seems to annoy the schizoposter too so thats a double bonus.

This one goes out to the schizoposter



Then he'll attack the "Shills"

couldnt you finish your first boring thread?

(((Bob))) 2

(((Bob))) b

all (((Bob))) all day!

Wew lads. Schizoposter seems particularly determined tonight with all the rampant and obvious ID hopping samefaggotry.
More 90s gold to countenance the cancer.

Zig Forums neeeds more (((bob)))