The Last World War II U-Boat Commander Has Died at 105

The Last World War II U-Boat Commander Has Died at 105

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What incredible lives these people have led. One day we might live to be worthy of even the past. Good luck boys

Last of the feared hunters of the Atlantic. RIP, Kapitanleutnant.

May he ride with Valkyries.

BTW, the book Iron Coffins is a fascinating account of the war as experienced from inside of a U-boat, written by a captain who survived WWII. It is a great read.

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Good. Burn in hell like a good Nazi now.

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You commie fucks don't even have a concept of heaven or hell.

reminder: all the navy pledged it's allegiance to the tenants of national socialism and not to hitler

Fucking dropped. Even if he was just damage controlling his support of National Socialism, like C.G. Jung, it invalidates the impressiveness of being a U-boat commander. Degrelle did it perfectly.




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Of course it's illiterate as well as retarded.

I would claim that if i couldnt die in war. It's a good way to simply avoid death/jail. Eichmann used that strategy and the dumb kikess Arendt believed him.



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Dismissing a man like that for saying that after the war is foolish, what has happened has happened. What authority do you think you have to judge him?

Rest in peace Reinhard Hardegen.


I got into uboats a few months ago and learned that he was alive, sad to see him passing, he led a long and interesting life

This. Besides, it is a legitimate position for any soldier, at any time. Soldiers are not required to have political opinions. They are required to destroy the enemy, and destroy the enemy is what he did. He wasn't just "a U-Boat Commander", but one of the Aces.





Well, you can't fault the guy. They'll lock you up for being a radioman in the SS. So, you've got to be careful what you say.


Panzer crews were executed for having the "death's head" on their uniforms, mistaken for being SS.
It was a brutal war.