The ultimate objective is for you to look like pic related.

How to better yourself:

Go to the gym and don't be afraid to cardio or lift more than one hour.
These chad workout mixes will help:

Stop believing in memes like "lose all ur gainz after 60 minutes of gym". Not even close to true. Look at all the greatest bodybuilders.

Stop listening to degeneracy.


Arditi - Unbroken Tradition

World War 3 Mix

Triangular Ascension - Honor

Triarii - Legion VI

Stop consuming too much carbs and fast food. Have a glass of good wine, no more cheap shit. Eat fruit. Eat fish. DO NOT EAT PORK IT DESTROYS YOUR STOMACH LINING AND INTESTINE WALLS. Don't eat feminized products. Don't breed with roasties. Find a wholesome waifu. Do cardio. Go running. Stockpile food and buy a truck/SUV to survive The Coming Ice Age. Don't do ignorant nigger things like stealing and acting like a monkey. Respect yourself and your race. Don't humiliate your women with the degenerate feminism.

Reading List: Brave New World, 1984, The Prince, Crippled America, Bitcoin 4 Dummies, Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance. Add more.

Stop consuming as much pornography and even try the NoFap challenge to boost test levels. Get off the internet for at least five minutes a day. Stop smoking cigs. Don't do drugs, folks. Don't watch degenerate media and read some books. Invest in cryptocurrency for your retirement. BITCOIN WILL REACH $500,000 ONE DAY, MARK MY FUCKING WORDS. Brush off the haters and jealous cucks. This is your life now. Welcome to /SIG/ 2018.

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This OP is a fucking joke.

How about no? You already missed the boat on that one by several years. Now you're at the bottom of the pyramid.

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Made a board if your interested >>>/perfection/. It's similar to this except it's trying to unlock the white man's full potential.
Onto the topic I believe it is best to make money buy making new buisnesses. Doesn't even have to be some grand spectacle. Even as something as simple as a tea store can make good money if you play your cards right.

I think trade jobs are an effective way of making money because not only are you getting a decent pay but you are also learning some valuable skills that can come in handy for the future. You have a hand of cards use it efficiently.

As for me in the future I may go hermit mode and spread much of the things I have learned for a future generation. Of course we need to stop the Jews before this or we may not have a future generation but I would like to go out knowing that I helped some people see the error of their ways.

What I am saying is their are a plethora of options out there and we have only scratched the surface. Also mind if I request some quotes from philosophers. The more we can spread awareness the better the world becomes.

Actually, it's still very early. Source: Not the year 2030 yet.

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Pro tip faggot : The best you can be is what you are, not German. A Frenchman larping as a German is no less revolting than an African larping as a European. They're unique ethnic groups and you're being a faggot if you can't see this.

They are stillwhite sc

*They are still white

White is not a group faggot. Stop being an Amerimutt and learn the different European cultures. Having 1 universal "white" culture is as big a destruction of European as having it taken over by Africans and Muslims. Each nation is unique, each has it's own culture and genetic group. We can work together but we fight under different banners.

90% of American white supremacists are Micks LARPing as Germanic Nazis.

Nobody asked for your opinion, Shlomo.

wew /sig/

Deny the blackpill lads, it's never too late. Start working out NOW. Stop eating junk NOW. Stop wasting your time and start doing the thing you always wanted to do RIGHT NOW. It's not going to happen tomorrow. It's not going to happen in a week, or a month, or when you get paid next, or when you get some time off. You need to decide that it starts HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

It's a cliched as fuck saying but it's not wrong, that the first step you make is the hardest. You're gonna fall over. maybe more than once, just pull yourself back up by the bootstraps and keep going. Success is a decision that YOU HAVE TO MAKE. Not an outcome. Every time you make the decision it gets easier to make again.

Also don't touch your dick every fucking day.

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More like ten years.

Doesn't matter what they are mate. I don't appreciate European cultures being destroyed by mutts who have been removed from their culture for hundreds of years. It's like moving home then sending a letter to the next owners great grandchildren telling them what colour to paint the kitchen. You can all fuck right off.


I suggest taking a look at the Armstrong Pullup program.
Done it for a longer while, I can guarantee it works. Need no gym, no expenses, only effort and a pullup bar (or a tree branch, whatever).

Anglo's prove you wrong on this.

Touching your dick is fine, it’s pornography that’s pure psychological poison.
Every day, maybe is excessive unless you’re really high test but there is nothing wrong with jerking off unless you’re doing it to porn or doing it excessively

I have no idea why I feel so good after years of morally and physically self-destructive behavior and activity. Must be nothing more than a mere (((coincidence))).

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You should eat meat though. Things like fish and beef are great for your body. We are omnivorous that means both meat and fruit and vegetables are both good for our bodies just don't eat shit like soy and you'll be fine.

I do still eat meat, it's just that I've made it less a main part of my diet as it used to be with veggies and fruits basically being more of a thing that was there rather than a important part of my diet. I've definitely shifted more to eating chicken and fish rather than red meats, though I still do enjoy getting to eat a good steak or burger.

Carbs aren't bad for you. Ignore the meme soccer mom diets and eat properly.

Well, to be fair, Anglos are the most kiked of all Euro ethnicities by far.

This. Have to be good carbs though. Oats for the win. One big bowl of oatmeal every morning, with nuts, berries and some micellar protein added.

yes goyim eat our all new offer of bread and bagels, fill your body with up with delicious carbohydrates. don't listen to these fools, they're just trying to make you miss out on a good meal!

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Feels breddy gud.

I've been tempted to try doing the paleo diet but I don't know if it's just a meme or not.

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You are completely incapable of seeing the big picture.

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Oh alright. Probably just assumed you were a vegetarian because you didn't mention meat at all that was my bad.

>>>/gaschamber/ or maybe you like plurals. In which case >>>/gaschambers/
Bet you also think soy is good for you

Does anyone have a guide to doing exercises at home with ghetto equipment. I was able to find some via googling but they were short and lacked any real detail.

I have a pullup bar as well.

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Someone post the black monk pdf
Also do calisthenics

Fat also isn't bad for you, "low fat" is just a meme pushed by food companies that want to appear healthy whilst still loading up their yoghurts or whatever with (((sugar))). High fat is high test.

Paleo diet is genuinely good but hard to adhere to.
The whole point is to adhere to your nature.

You don't really need much equipment for a decent workout. For cardio, just get outside and run. Control your pace. Don't try starting off at a sprint. You want to pace yourself so you can get some distance in. If your cardio sucks you will have to start off doing a run/walk. Shoot for building up to doing a 5k.

For upper body, pushups are king. Toss in pullups since you have the bar. You can do dips for your triceps with a chair or bench. You can get a few dumbbells at walmart for curls and shoulder press.

For legs, one legged squat lunges as well as dumbbell squats work great. You don't have to have a rack or a full olympic bar and plates.

Slide your feet under the dumbbells to hold your legs down and you can do situps. Combine that with leg lifts to work upper and lower abs.

You can do calf extensions off a step. You just need to be able to let your heels hang down then extend up on your toes. Your calfs are mainly slow twitch muscle fiber so they respond better to high reps. I do 3 sets of 40 calf extensions.

If you aren't conditioned at all, the first two weeks are murder when you start working out. Your muscles will HURT from the lactic acid buildup. This conditioning process only takes about two weeks of working out to push through though. On the flip side, if you stop working out, it only takes two weeks of not working out to begin de-conditioning as well.

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Yoga. It sounds faggoty but it's not what it seems on the surface. You're using the heavy lifting muscles but instead of pushing all the strength outward you're using some of it against yourself. Instead of pushing out with your legs you're tensing inwards as you try to push against them. This causes a similar less of work on the muscles and gives you a good work out because of it.

DDP yoga is a pretty good work out used by a lot of pro wrestlers when they can't hit the gym. It builds core strength while allowing them to avoid damaged areas until healed.

This faggots correct. All of the shit he lists are part of a yoga work out but just put into a routine. Instead of trying to do 50 push ups in a row you do 10 push ups, then switch to working your legs, then back to your arms so your heart rate stays high but you're not putting excess pressure on any area. Same exercise but spread over a longer time period.

Walking, jogging and running are also excellent exercising and I'd recommend switching between the two. If you go Yoga on a Monday then go for a walk on a Tuesday. Add a bit more jogging in each time you get comfortable walking. Then you will be jogging the entire distance and can step it up to some running.



don't fall for the jogging meme, it puts more pressure on your joints whilst achieving very little. sprinting is the way to go, even if you can only do it for a very short amount of time [short bursts of running is how we're meant to run anyway.] jogging is for middle aged women, sprinting is for chads. sprinting will build muscle and is actually useful in a survival situation whilst also improving cardiovascular fitness whereas jogging just wears you out.

just to add to this: just set yourself a short distance to sprint, and keep it the same every time you do it. just focus on increasing the speed; once you feel like you can't go any faster, then increase the distance

Sprinting is bad exercise because you can't maintain it for any distance. That's why jogging is better, you're not going full out so you don't exhaust yourself immediately and end up having to stop.

We literally have a traditional tale about this. The rabbit runs like a faggot and has to stop and rest. The turtle keeps going at a slower pace but wins because he isn't stopping to rest. Unless you're competing at short distance there is no reason to sprint as a form of exercise. You work it into your jogs to keep pressure on yourself not as a single form of exercise.

But you don't need to maintain it for any distance. that's not the point.
The point is that humans, like many other mammals, are designed to run in short bursts, at high speed. This is what allowed our ancestors to escape predators and likewise catch prey.
The idea that humans are special because of their 'endurance' is kind of a myth: we do have good endurance, yes, but not because we womp along slower than some people can walk and tell ourselves that's somehow a useful trait.

You can't maintain a 200lb deadlift for any 'distance' or do more than 3 reps of some other incredible heavy weight on a curl, does that mean they're bad exercises? No, it's just incomparable.

Also, the tortoise and the hare is more about life in general than actual running. Don't take old folk tales at such face value.

You know nothing you pleb. No one says to sprint for exercise, you don't burn any where near as many calories as you do jogging or walking because you have to stop.

You really don't know what you're talking about.

again, read the links I posted.

No, they didn't. But they also didn't evolve to masturbate to themselves in the mirror for carrying heavy stuff for an hour a week. Using evolution to argue on how to live in an environment completely different to where our ancestors lived is insane.

you need to be able to both sprint and to run at a pace for 20 mins
all military fitness requires some form of distance running
got to be able to run a mile brah
and hike a full day with a pack
just bare minimum shit to be effective in a non sedentary lifestyle

Your body works best when it does what it's designed to do. It's not rocket science.

If long distance running burns more calories for the same amount of distance covered then WHY on earth would we have evolved to do things the less efficient way? Conservation of calories in a survival environment is the difference between life and death. The fact that sprinting uses less calories is proof that that's how we are meant to run, and thus will give us the most benefit.

If you don't believe Nature is the highest truth then you don't belong on Zig Forums.

here you go

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Carnivore dude here.

Been eating mainly beef, pork and eggs every days now, feeling less hungry, and I lost 3 kilograms.

Good shit amigo, I didn't know it would be this effective.

Don't let Marxists or liberals deter you from improving yourself. No matter who you are, you can improve and you can build up. Every man, no matter his inabilities and insecurities can be a leader, only it is up to him to train and to study, as well as to prove himself in his social circles as a productive member of society.

Do you think your coworkers will take your political perspectives seriously if you're a fat lazy fuck who plays vidya all night? Of course not. Outperform the rest in your workplace, being known for being kind and humble. Be involved in union meetings and even consider running for positions as you gain the trust and respect of your coworkers.

Get fit and study. Read as much as you can as often as you can; read on leadership, on education, read the basic tenants of Fascism and learn to explain them to an audience hostile to the very word and who have little education.

you'll be spearhunting in no time

Pork destroys intestine walls

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want to lose weight? eat with a CALORIC DEFICIT.
want to gain weight? eat with a CALORIC SURPLUS.

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Could you link some sources?

OP is a fantastic post but follow this proverb too:

"When eating an elephant take one bite at a time." - Creighton Adams


Diets are a scam for the weak of mind. Simply refuse to snack. Have one big meal per day or two medium sized ones depending on the intensity of your job. IGNORE YOUR HUNGER. Your stomache will shrink and you will adjust to your new caloric regime. Be sure TO STOP WHEN YOU REACH YOUR TARGET WEIGHT! After that point work out as much as you like. No need to go overboard.

I met this guy from Venezuela that looks exactly like him.

Wrong. We are obligate carnivores.

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Yeah, we're obligate carnivores in that we're obligated to at the very least supplement out diet with meat on a regular basis. The human body requires proteins it cannot get from anywhere other than meat. Gorillas don't have a problem because their bodies synthesize proteins from the plants they eat; ours don't. We need them from external sources.

And all the plants in the world do not even approach the protein profile you'd get from a steak or fish. There is no substitute. You're also weak as fuck without eating plenty of calories, and a lot of those need to be protein.

t. /fit/fag

Not really.

Francia and Germany were once a single realm. The only real blood divide is between the saxons/normans in the north, central germans/french, and gascons/provincials - even these groups are all PIE/cromagnon hybrids with the same haplogroups making up their stock in slightly different %s.

Humans are evolved for long distance running. Early humans hunted by chasing prey to exhaustion and harassing it until it had to keep running away from them again.

I've been running since I lost weight in about 2005. Before I lost the weight I had problems with my back hurting all the time and my knees hurting. Once I had the weight off and got built up to where I could run 5+ miles, the knees and back toughened up and now feel MUCH better.

At my best conditioning I could run 10 miles at a 10 minute pace and I would feel fine. Nothing would hurt, I would just feel a little tired. Running at a comfortable pace is MUCH better then doing sprints. It's easier on your body and you get a better workout running for 50 minutes then you would doing sprints for 15 minutes. Sprints are something you do to increase your run time. If you want to shave time off your 5k speed, you do sprints. That's mainly what they are for.

I'm not racking up the same amount of miles now and my pace is a bit slower, but I'm in my forties now, not my late twenties. I can say with some authority that the "don't jog it's bad for your joints" thing is just a meme. Jogging has been the best thing I've ever done for my joints.

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If you wanted to get your protein sources from non-meat you'd have a choice between cheese, eggs and milk. You'd have to either drink 3/4 of a gallon of milk, eat a dozen eggs, or eat 10oz of hard cheese to reach a minimum protein amount needed daily of around 100g.

That's exactly the myth that the articles I posted have debunked.

I'm glad it's worked great for you, but sprinters are objectively healthier than long distance runners.

Jogging actually raises cortisol and makes you fat from estrogen.

Sprinting is better than long-distance running to an extent if you're going to do cardio.

I've been running and working out for nearly 20 years now. I've known a lot of other runners/cyclists/athletes. I can say with a HIGH degree of confidence that running does not make you fat.

Just out of curiosity, do you run/workout? There is a pretty big difference between doing this stuff and reading about it on the internet.

I can say with a high degree of confidence that you're full of shit since I've seen other people that jogged regularly get a lot of stomach fat, it's not healthy.

Internet Athletes lol

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explain, i need help, about to start lurking /fit/ or some shit



hey guys

I love this thread

I want to get into urban hunting and eat and butcher my own meat.
I bought a small cross bow which is legal in my country, and want to hunt rabits in secluded areas / forests.
youtube taught me how to butcher them.

free biological meet.

if you can't butcher yourself, you should become a vegetarian.

also be careful when you hunt. it's not socially acceptable and illegal without a permit.

it's not bad for the environment, we are hunters after all. just don't get caught and try not to be seen.

Did you know that a certain molecular compound naturally found in apples is used in the synthesis of a certain chemical weapon?! Therefore eating apples kills you. Also don't forget that they used hydrogen in nuclear bombs! Stay away from water!

Seriously though. Read up on how Pork damages your DNA, your intestines, and your sperm.

quick and dirty calculations:
take your body weight and multiple it by 11. This gives you the calories needed to maintain the weight you are presently at.

Let's just say you weight 250 pounds, that means to stay at 250 pounds you are consuming around 250*11= 2750 calories a day.

Now lets say you start jogging. If you get to where you are jogging 3 miles a day you can safely assume you are burning 100 calories a mile so that's another 300 added to your 2750, so now you are at 3050 calories to say the same weight at 250 pounds.

So if you want to start losing weight you make sure you are BELOW that 3050 calories. Cut your calories by 500 a day, instead of eating 3050, eat 2550 calories. It takes 3500 calories to make a pound of fat, so if you run a 500 calorie deficit each day, that puts you at 3500 a week or one pound lost a week.

The reverse of this is true as well. If you are consuming more calories then you need to maintain your current weight, you will increase weight at the same speed. Every additional 3500 calories over your daily requirement will add a pound of fat.

Keep in mind that these numbers are approximations and they will not be accurate to the single digits. So if you are trying to lose weight but you are only cutting 50 calories below what you've calculate your current calorie threshold is, you are probably screwing yourself. You want to cut by at least 400 to make sure you are in the negative.

Protip: Soda pop is a killer, it's nearly 200 calories a shot so just drinking 5 sodas a day will spike your calories by nearly 1000. If you want to drop weight and you drink soda, this is the easiest calories for you to cut.

>I've seen other people that jogged regularly get a lot of stomach fat, it's not healthy.
Have you not been to a 10k or a Marathon ? Nearly half of the people who apply to run are fat as fuck.

Isn't that mostly jew and mudslime propaganda? Quote the relevant studies here and let us peer review them to check for statistical significance and research methodology. Otherwise STFU!

Pork MAY affect you negatively if you are allergic to an antigen in it. They just discovered a link between an antigen found in red meat and heart disease. Basically if you are allergic to this antigen, you have like a 30% increase in cardiovascular disease if you eat a lot of red meat. If you aren't allergic to it, well you're fine then. The really shitty thing is that the allergy can apparently be spread by tick bites.

You say "Read up on" but you have yet to post any sources and my internet search efforts showed no such evidence, only that pork is more likely to have more toxins in the fat and more likely to have viruses/parasites if not properly prepared. That's not the same as it in itself "damaging DNA, intestines and sperm".

You know how many fat people swarm my gym after New Year's? You know that isn't how "proof" works right? Those people aren't fat because they're runners, and your retarded anecdotal evidence is nowhere close to being solid enough for a convincing statement of truth.
You try to go outside and talk to any regular joe. Tell them running makes you fat. And when you get angry after they laugh in your face, make sure to come back here and fight the good fight through gritted teeth because you know you're right goddammit, any evidence to the contrary be damned.

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OP. thank you for this thread.

I have had a pretty rough patch lately:

But I promise you this OP, I got back into the gym 1 month ago with a 4 days a week regimen.
I got unsuspended from my university 6 months ago and I will graduate as a dentist
I don't do drugs/alcohol/tobacco
I work on my regular sleep pattern


I am starting a business to fight poverty.
and I will eat clean.

I'm restoring my honor.

Oh and I have a date lined up for next thursday with a really hot girl
and I am already dating an 18 year old.

Si vis pacem, para bellum.

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I bet you believe in Out-of-Africa, too.

Sprinting is an awesome exercise that most could benefit from. It doesn't burn many calories during the actual exercise, but it boosts basal metabolic rate for many hours afterwards, stimulates T production, and lowers baseline cortisol. It's very effective for fat loss in most cases if done 3 times per week. Fuck jogging. Sprinting is better in every way and more fun.

Fucking burns calories too.

If you made 4M off crypto then you've only lost 2M since the start of the year and will gain 814M by 2030. Calm your tits.

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So I am safe to eat my 2 eggs and bacon for breakfast? I eat it every day and don't want to give up the bacon!


Over the course of a week or so I lost 3.3kg. Feels good. Continueing strong still. All of my meals are home made or snacks of veggies and fruit. Going to the gym every day and in the afternoons I get pretty agressive which the workouts help with. Week long nofaps too.
Feels good so far. Only ever get hungry around gym time so working out untill I start feeling too weak to continue.

I do not do it everyday but it depends on what you eat the rest of the day imo. I try not to limit what I heat but how much calories I intake

Probably depends on how much exercise you're getting and much you're eating. Bacon in particular is pretty fatty and usually fried. Animal fats are good and important for your health, but too much of a good thing, ect.