Sweden is fighting a low-level civil war



Why did you leave the Sweden Democrats?

Everyone could see it was nonsense. It just proved that the Sweden Democrats used the same politically correct terminology towards their own youth league, that the liberal parties had done towards the Sweden Democrats for years and years."

-How bad are things in Sweden?

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>That’s good, but it is not enough – they have become more and more passive, politically correct and similar to the established parties. Sweden needs a new force in the parliament, a party that makes sure that the Sweden Democrats get back to their oppositional role towards the olds parties. The only party that can do this is Alternative for Sweden.

-A lot of people think Sweden is lost, what would you say to them?

>I completely disagree. No country is ever lost if there are people within that country ready to provide resistance and offer another way forward. The truth is that many Swedes are just starting to realise what is going on in their country.

>Swedes and other European peoples should look to the past for inspiration. We have always faced great dangers and obstacles throughout our history. Europeans of the past who said “it is lost” when Arabs occupied much of modern day Spain or when Turks besieged Vienna or when Mongols controlled most of eastern Europe where not the ones who came to define our history. They were wrong in the past and they are wrong today.

>>Most Europeans are only now becoming aware of what is going on. Far from being lost, our struggle, our “Reconquista”, has only just begun. And those who are “black-pilling” and claiming everything is lost before the game has even started should step aside and make way for those of us who know better.

>The Swedish elections later this year is not the “last chance” to save Sweden. It is the first chance! The fight for Sweden and for Europe is now starting. Let me refer to the Polish National anthem with its famous first words: “Poland is not yet lost!” – that is exactly the mentality we need: Sweden is not yet lost, so long as we still live!

-What do you hope as result for the next election in September? (and what is realistic to hope?)

>Our goal is to reach the four per cent threshold that is needed to enter the Swedish parliament. It’s a very tough challenge since the (((established parties))) have rigged the whole political system in favour of themselves – but it’s far from impossible.

Hakkaa päälle!

För Fäderneslandet, gå på, Hurra!

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Not really.

Whites is sweden is being systematically discriminated by the state.
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Absolutely inspiring, this man is a leader. Step aside traitors, quislings and nihilists, we have nations to reconquer and rebuild. Our names will be etched into history for all of eternity in one final struggle for apotheosis that will extend far beyond this world or distant galaxies.


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Yet he wont kick out shitskins. He's a civic nationalist. Only the shitskins who came within the last 10 years will have their citizenship retried, and if they can pass a test, they get to stay.

Sorry user, can't get excited about that guy.

Is that what you call it when only one side is fighting?

Gustav Kasselstrand

This man needs some Zig Forums love. We need to share his gospel and spread his face and party across Europe. Force it into the collective consciousness.

Unless Whites are killing kikes, then it's a slaughter, not a war.

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So what? Is Salvini deporting all the niggers? Do you think this is a video game? This takes time, sweat and blood. The struggle is eternal.

Goebbels number 1 rule: DO NOT DESPAIR!

Sweden Old & New

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You're a LARP. Unless you are killing kikes, then you've already surrendered.

You have no insight into his true thoughts, he could be a commie, he could be the next Hitler. What matters is whether his actions benefit whites more than the current status quo, as long as we continue to push and edge ever forward without becoming complacent over past victories we will win.

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A civil war would imply two sides are fighting each other. Not one side doing all the rapping and killing while the other bitches about it on twitter and in the media.

It's ok to cry shill. We will dry those tears with high wattage laser guns.

This is what fear looks like anons. Remember that they are weak and we are strong! HAIL VICTORY!

Dude, the swedish government pays employers 80% of the salary if they employ immigrants.

The swedish youth can barely compete unless it's skills that require more than basic iq-level. So all of them are forced into university, which in turn hides the unemployment-statistics.

This. That's a overused term to describe whats going on. Technically you can say America has been fighting a low intensity civil war since blacks were freed or since the 60's when mass immigration happened.

When I think of "low intensity" my immediate thoughts go toward Chechnya or the IRA. Not media covering up non-white crime.


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Should we consider Swedish people DACApedes?

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It has come out several times that the immigrants are there to "take over" the country. How they will rule the country when swedes are a minority and whatnot. There's definately groups out there fighting against swedes and has been for a long time.

Of course, they are all supported by (((them))).

I am willing to bet more American Whites have been killed by american niggers than Russians by Chechens.