Reminder fascism and "fascist like" doctrines such as National Socialism rely on unity of purpose and group cohesion...

Reminder fascism and "fascist like" doctrines such as National Socialism rely on unity of purpose and group cohesion even if NatSoc promotes individualism to some extent

Reminder there are only 2 sides and you have to pick one, or no one will protect you from either sides righteous vengeance when the time comes.

Reminder you either pick white genocide or dont be an antifascist. If you oppose National Socialism, if you countersignal it openly, If you come to a National Socialist board especially - you are a practicing antifascist. If you push lolberg ideology on Natsocs etc, youre an antifascist. If you spread bullshit arguments that have been debunked and are irrelevant in the name of opposing the far right and its control of the anti-white genocide movement, you are antifascist.

I cant, but we can. You have a simple choice, BE ONE OF US OR BE THE ENEMY OF WHITES. There is no middle ground. This is not a 3 way conflict. There are communists for white genocide, theres the irrelevant middle which wants hedonism and self enjoyment - complicity in white genocide - and then theres the real men who are united in uncompromising opposition of white genocide - fascist like people, Natsocs.

If you promote faggotry, youre antifa. If you promote based niggers, youre antifa. If you promote zionism and #NotAllKikes, youre antifa. Youre opposing the collectivist mindset required to stop white genocide, and by doing so are pushing white genocide.

There good news is theres still time, this is the internet, most people are anonymous. If you have been a race traitor antifa recently, no one will probably know when the race war breaks out. Id suggest you start adopting the ideas that faggotry is not okay, that niggers cant live among us and certainly shouldnt be deciding what happens in our governments and businesses etc. That no Jews can be allowed to remain, that no Jews can be trusted to be worked with. There are no good Jews.

You also better drop the kike psyop rhetoric about "National Socialism is leftist and socialism!". Youre a traitor to your race, if youre here, youre supposed to know the history. You know Hitler did nothing wrong. You know the Jews deserved it. You know the holohoax didnt happen. You know National Socialism is the only real and viable counter to white genocide, pushed by communism. If youre more interested in shekels than your race, or economic freedom to buy stocks - over your race - you dont deserve to live.. and you definitely dont deserve to stand among the actual pro-whites, as if youre not pushing our genocide for shekels yourself.

Its simple. Do you want whites to survive? Then drop the shekel grubbing capitalist rhetoric or whatever the fuck youre pushing. Either shut the fuck up about the far right, or join it. Those are your options. Remain silent, join, or be considered an enemy. Dont be an antifascist unless you want your race to die and for pro-whites to root you out before Jews, as traitors.

Attached: NatSoc22.jpg (404x538, 40.92K)

Other urls found in this thread: warfare&yearFrom=&yearTo=&language=&extension=&t=0


Attached: IMG_20180624_103422.jpg (736x736, 54.75K)

You appear to have it a bit wrong, my friend, because NSDAP was a fascism that practiced itself under the mechanisms and guide of national socialism. It was a national socialist fascism. Does that make sense? I recommend Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" for further reading on this subject.

No. I recommend you go beyond the book that was meant for the non-party to read and start listening to people like Goebbels in their private thoughts. Good luck finding pic related. I got lucky.

Attached: Goebbels-Secret-Conferences.jpg (1442x774 33.26 KB, 841.88K)

This world is empty and soulless. The good guys lost WW2. Shame. Damn shame.

Attached: 1528076585053.jpg (1280x1284, 128.49K)

The point is that NatSoc is not technically Fascism but antifas are "antifascists". The mean "Nazis", even if "Nazis" arent Fascist by definition. Its really semantics and irrelevant. I also shouldnt have said both sides were righteous, thats more indicative of how fast I wrote this off, not thinking about things carefully enough.
Opposing National Socialism or "Nazis" is antifascism even if its not fascist, thats what Im saying.

A free man chooses, a slave obeys.

it's actually both simple and hard to stop white genocide and world destruction.
Simply have a user create a post in which members are encouraged to meet in person and talk. We cannot hide any longer. We would wear one item of clothing of a certain color to indicate we are all on the same page.
After a few successful meets, we delegate a leader in our area out of the meets, and coordinate a place for multiple leaders from other areas to meet so that we maintain cohesion. Then we expand. It's that simple.
The problem is always those who wish to either (1) perform nefarious or illegal actions to undermine and discredit our movement, such as government and Jewish infiltrators (or individual actors like lefties) or (2) to actively create dissent to divide members and ruin the entire idea.
This means we have to work on some form of method to ENSURE those who follow and believe in us are true in intentions and aren't fake. Anyone can claim they follow the Path Of Light but anyone can lie. I will work on an answer for this and report back when the time is right.

Attached: 0a6bfbad802fe567a9f28db0e4d32aa95b0477e57ffb9b92827cc34561f20b3a.jpeg (1920x1080, 441.42K)

So choose to be pro-white or choose death you sophist.

Read Siege. Organization comes after system collapse.

some street?

some trees on fire?

some eastern european model?

the american space program?

the vatican?


i really doubt that is a workable plan

also i am against the general notion of making an enemy of everyone who is not on your side
it is very germanic to want to test your luck against the world but make it easy on yourselves and genocide one opponent at a time

lets say you kill all the kikes in one country and then stop to recharge
what could the response be?
do they destroy the country for allowing the death of so many kikes in their border? boom, easy reqruitment grounds
rinse and repeat

Also reminder the whole spies and infiltrators thing is overblown, even if it used on the grandest scale in places like America. Al-Qaeda (and I know its mossad/CIA anyways so bad example I guess) had 12 different groups which all had to be infiltrated by spies for the 9/11 plot to be averted, says a former British spy who was in the group in the 90s and had access to their nuclear weapons programs information. They had a handful of spies, he said 2 but I dont know if he meant just in the AQ leadership, surely there must have been more around in the country.

Attached: CIA-niggery.PNG (627x1011 830.74 KB, 75.18K)

Again with the false ditchomery, there were neutral countries in WW2.

Do you really think this is an argument? Do I really need to point out the stark differences between the original National Socialists rise to power, their goals and intentions, the threats they faced and why European countries were fighting with Europeans for example? Just a braindead addition to the thread, go sit in a corner with a dunce hat on.

Indeed. Those anitfa vermin don't realize that NatSoc isn't fascist organization, but it's own entity. Needless to say, they should be put to sleep any time they come out to play.

Blah blah blah, not an argument.

The point is to sway in supporters, not to force everyone to make a choice.

Don't be like the feminist.

The point is to stop white genocide and the people opposing National Socialism are doing our race a detriment, not a service. Yes, the point is to bully them into being pro-white or tell them they cant be included. People dont just stop caring about their race, but they also dont want to be left out in the cold in lolberg stock investing freedom land. YOU are the problem, not fascism.

Stock markets and speculation, headless corporations with no ceos and lax regulatory policy all need to be tossed the fuck out for the benefit of our race. Those who would oppose National Socialism for its economic policy, or our uncompromising views on niggers, faggots and Jews - is not helping our race. Alex Jewns for example is not our friend, even if some of the things he says are true and good and helpful. The other things he says are cancer, in his case intentionally cancer, but the point is that you cant go around pushing faggots, niggers and jews - and still say youre pro-white. WE will not accept that, and if you dont like it, youre antifascist. Its simple. Dont like fascism? Dont like being told what to do by whites who want their race to survive? Then go fuck yourself. Welcome to the real world, nature isnt fair and it doesnt care what you personally think. Our race is dying, drastic times call for drastic measures.

As always, when you force people into something, they will dislike it.

Present it as a worthwhile option, and do not force them.

This is a battle of will, and forced will lacks strength.

I really dont give two flying fucks about the people who dislike the whites prepared to die to save their race. Youre not prepared to die, I think I can safely say that. Your opinion is irrelevant. Theres 2 sides, if you dont like fascism then maybe you should go join antifa and push for open borders and oppose racism.

Pick the middle and youre a fence sitter targeted by BOTH sides, welcome to the real world.

I am a monarchist, but I'm sympathetic to fascism considering fascist movements supported/were supported by monarchists.

My point is that as always, present people with options, do not force them.

The point that matters is the result of Fascism is pro-white and its the farthest right ideology. Its based on uncompromising truth and rejection of all forms of degeneracy. Stoicism, embracing the struggle, exactly what we need. A unified force, the more we unite behind it, the stronger a fist we present to the enemy.
Id also say this is not a battle of "wills" or an argument. The time for discussion is over, the time for action is now. We will physically stop white genocide, not through words or through votes. Those who refuse to lock arms and join our ranks refuse to stand against white genocide uncompromisingly. They want to suck cock, their brother is a nigger, they have some kike friends, whatever. Their loyalty is to sucking cock, not those opposed to white genocide who stand for racial survival.

Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

Only a larper uses kike propaganda movies in their discussions.

Oh, i'm sorry, i thought this is an LARP board.
Well, in this chase, how about you fuck yourself instead of threaten whites with death into following your little ideology?

You must have taken a wrong turn at cuckchan, be sure to call me edgy on your way out, kiddo.

Not giving you ammo for that mistake.

Too late, damn. I just call you a moron. Ethno nationalism does not require fascism to work, and if you have to threaten people on a image board to join your club, i'm not sure you are good company.

Excess individualism is cancerous and leads to overt narcissism and nihilism.

Rhodesia is the fate of lolbergs like you. We will united and if you oppose that, youre the enemy. You can stand on the sidelines all you want, but no one will forget you were antifascist for directly countersignalling pro-whites.




That's true today, because our culture has been subverted and people are no longer thought to live by the right ideals. Instead people are indoctrinated to oppose all established norms and structures that are vital for our society and replace them with degeneracy. But this is an external problem, created by Jews and other foreigners. An ethno state would not allow such interference. On their own, white people would eventually balance out like they did throughout the history. Even among whites degenerates are common, but without the media they would stay a irrelevant minority.
The instinctual behavior of whites did not evolve by force, but by choices made by individuals.

You never lived under Hitler´s rule. Just watch interviews with people who lived in Nazi Germany before you drop this shit. The National Socialist German Workers' Party was leftist, not even centre-right. They had free healthcare, guns were not legal, businesses were often regulated, if they did not survive, they became state company. Also education, radio, and press were nationalized and went completely under Nazi party´s command. All money was going to military, so Germans were overall happier, but not much richer than in Weimar republic.
Nazies are literally Democrats in 20th century.

None of that is leftist and most of it is bullshit, this is why we had bans before, youre not interested in truth even when presented with it, you just want to spread your antifascist garbage and countersignal opposing white genocide viably. You want hedonism, you said it yourself, you want FREE MARKETS - UNREGULATED BUSINESS. You deserve to die, you sold out your race for some trinkets.

Attached: Living-In-National-Socialist-Germany.png (2300x940, 492.82K)

Not exactly true but close. Still do you really need to be richer to be happier? I don't get why you add money into the mix. Being rich doesn't mean having a big shekel account or having more houses than kids. It means having more knowledge about the world and the people around you. Understanding issues and being able to solve them that's what a rich man is capable of a shekel goy will just bring 100 braindead college faggots to do the job 1 national socialists would do for no cost

BTW if you oppose National Socialists controlling CNN instead of Jews, or controlling the radio instead of NPR, or controlling foreign broadcasts that enter the country like the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation in the name of free press.. youre antifascist.

Go read Goebbels diaries, even ministers were banned from foreign broadcasts, it was seen as disgusting when the education minister asked to hear them so he could effectively create a counter-narrative. You dont need to hear foreign lies, anyone who wants to clearly has divided loyalties. When the BBC stops being able to broadcast in America, it will be a victory for whites.


how is that the case, this dogma is so profoundly vague "enemy" , "whites" … what is this a nation? Do you have an army? This seems to be a threat but you have now real show of force to back it up. How do we even know this is a official message from the group.

Two choices, now how is that the case that there are only two choices? Im not even sure what joining your group officially means? Is there a place to sign up? Is it just saying "ok im with you know"? That seems so fucking weak. You only have worlds, this is jewish sorcery.

Show me action mate, show we a fortress, show me 1000 men strong, show me your leader. Ill make a decision based on fact.

Are you the US Navy, Air force , Army??? Im on their side , you cant fuck with them, you are our enemy and you will lose.

Show a pic that can even match the pic I show. And not just dumb symbols, the army and america have flags and crests too. But we can back it up with might.

What are your words backed up with? You are either with US or you are a loser.

Attached: 1200px-F-117_Nighthawk_Front.jpg (1200x800, 181.59K)

ok tommy robinson … go back to your cell


Attached: leftists-believe-jets-can-arrest-people.png (600x450, 212.16K)

Enjoy being ZOGed glow in the dark MILINT shill.

MUH MURICA! What the fuck is America hmm? It sure as fuck is not a dystopian jewish Kalergi zone where jew vultures commit white genocide and psych warfare on their own citizens. Is that what you are fighting for? Is that the US you want? A dystopian shithole governed by unelected kike criminals and LGBTQWTFBBQ balkanized clown people forcing their literal insanity on you? A communist Lysenkoist hellscape where every move you make is plotted out and a central AI drone strikes your ass for divergent thinking?

Actually Ill go one step further. I cant wait until people like you have their salaries cut off and people like fascists hang you for race treason. Cant fly jets without fuel, cant fly jets without pilots, cant have pilots with pay, cant have pay without an economy.

Reminder the system has to come down so these kikes lose.

>tommy (((robinstein)))
You sure offended us chaim! We totally will jump in and defend your controlled opposition now for half the thread! Awesome misdirection and sliding. Good job! Promotion granted! BONUS SHEKELS!! Yaaayyyyy
Cpap mask + helium tank right now faggot

Schmidt was member of Waffen-SS, not average German worker. In totalitarian state there is big difference between these two.
If you´ll ask former soviet officer about life in USSR, he would tell you how he had big house, lot of food, how everyone was happy, etc.

Reminder we could ban kikes like this before instead of being forced to pay a mental tax and be subjected to their obvious kikery.

I thought you jews said race is a social construct? Guess the Morgenthau+Kalergi Plan cat is out of the bag so now race is suddenly a national question again hmmmm?

You despicable elitist soft fucking faggot jew worm. I will wring your neck until the life leeches out of you.

agree , so how the fuck are you and your team (cant even call you guys a nation or organization because you are so fucking vapor ware) gonna make that happen. You fucking try to take shit down, army steps in. Game fucking over.

Again more words , but no real might to show for it. You try to hang me in the streets the tanks will be rolling down those streets any minute and youll be in a cage. You are losing mate, what the fuck are you going to do, post more threads? You are going to die old with nothing cause you decided to be part of a losing team.

Any picture of force would do … do you guys even have guns?

marginalization and endless loss for you idiot. Never going to get your world, you dont deserve it

Alright so I was reading into the kike idiocy too much. Forget about it. Hilarious how kikes have military draft and even allow goyim to worship their military yet somehow they find a way to criticize the positive weltanschauung of SS members.

Truth is jew nihilist rat like behavior is satanist death cultism while we have the black sun and life! We are NS because we are idealists. We find drive not in exploitation and power but in service and cooperation. NS is about struggle to be better and that is what drives the kikes insane since they refuse to improve (they think they are perfect chosenites but in fact they are vain egotistical cunts who only steal, besmirch and moneygrub).

Unironically kill yourself patriotard boomer.

Stay salty yid! We will annihilate you eternal jew destroyers!


Attached: see how far apart they are.png (2000x1700, 1.26M)


Attached: Merkel is hitler daughter.jpg (1062x1200 125.23 KB, 234.36K)

Well I won't fault you jews for creativity I will, this is fucking retarded and unoriginal. I assume when she was part of the Communist party that was her going into deep cover right? Top kek! Who are you trying to fool! I sure hope you didn't pay the kikeologist consultant faggot who designed these much.


the constant shill sliding of snitch jacketing accuasations to D&C any attempts by NS to meet & greet on a local level is a massively over hyped fear to trick you into continuing to do nothing while the tank treads of White Genocide continue to crush is.

well guess what.

i don't fear informants and neither should you.

in fact, i ENOURAGE you to VOLUNTEER to become informers for NSAFBICIA glow in the dark niggers.

because informers are a direct line to infiltrate the Secret Police and sabotage them and even hijack them to use their awesome lawless powers for our ends.

look at the case of Humam al-Bilawi, the triple agent who was Al Qaida's mole inside CIA.

just look at how ineffective informers are. 99% of the time, it HELPS you because when the Feds shield you with their umbrella, nobody else can touch you. And if anyone does try, like the ADL or the JIDF or some local politician or sheriff, they recieve a phone call on their Batphone where a Deep State bureaucrat orders them "back off, we got this under control, this is /ourguy/, if you mess with him then you're obstructing justice by interfering with a Federal operation."

being moled up by Glow in the Darks is the best thing you can hope for as a counter revolutionary movement. think of it as a Get Out Of Jail Free Card.

and if you play your cards right, you can feed the Feds bullshit to keep them salivating, while earning your Bona Fides, which puts you into a position to help NS a helkuva lot more than some faggot e-celeb.

and if you can rope the Feds into HELPING you, then you're golden, because they will never reveal any info about you because it would make the public think they were behind everything you do.

just look at the FBI faggots who ran the ISIS killer in Garland, Texas. FBI faggots were literally holding his hand every step of the way up to sitting in their white vans watching him start shooting with guns they gave to him.

just look at the disinfo blackhole coverup for Paddock and the Vegas Massacre.

now im not saying you should be plotting violence, but those are just extreme examples to learn from.

be creative. the better you can counter entrap FBI to help you, the more false flags points you score by making hysterical shitlibs believe "well what the fuck, man, the FBI is helping the Nazis", which accelerates the inevitable end of the FBI by tearing apart their loyalty to each other.

Attached: jail_1491057053736_9100479_ver1.0.jpg (182x277 43.28 KB, 9.45K)

Top Jej.

Attached: Nordic world order (2) warfare&yearFrom=&yearTo=&language=&extension=&t=0

there you go Chair Force Semen faggot. there is one pic that turns all of your billion dollar space age toy tech "Beautiful Armaments" into rubber duckies.

"well, not everyone can get their hands on a Khibiny radar jammer pod mounted on a Sukhoi-24 (Su-24)", i can hear you say from your shit poasting station in the Ft Meade Star Ship Enterprise bridge while looking at Zig Forums on the Jumbotron.

well i have some bad news for you traitor.

you know how hackers are always ingeniously upping the ante and accelerating the arms race by cleverly figuring out how to clone nextgen weapons system identical to milspec but using repurposed COTS gear?

i give it 5 years until any Sperg in the garage can down an F-35 using SDR parts bought off to clone a Khibiny.

the day USAF lose "Full Spectrum Dominance" over the air because any hacker with a backpack Khibiny can fuck your world is the day your EMPIRE crumbles.

Attached: wonderfultoys.gif (768x439 29.85 KB, 156.11K)


What is this even criticizing?

So the "sekrit nahtzees" (who somehow are mostly jewish, despite the Nazis specifically opposing jews and talmudism) are working to bring about the genocide of White people despite the entire POINT of the "Nazi" ideology being to preserve the blood, culture, territory, and genetic distinctiveness of the Volk (ie race or, more specifically, ethnicity).
So the "sekrit nahtzees" will ensure the victory of Naziism by destroying everything that the Nazi's cared about.
So they will ensure the sekrit victory of the sekrit nahtzees by doing exactly what the kikes would do if the "sekrit nahtzees" were actually kikes?
OR MAYBE it's the vastly more plausible and sound theory that it is the jews and their loyal shabbos goyim destroying the world for shekels and to eliminate threats to their power (ie, Whites).
You people are so retarded.
Or you are shills.


ha … you need me to kill myself cause you are actually too weak to do it

this is what im talking about all fucking talk and no ability to do anything can even kill a single person. How the fuck are you going to take down the industry of the US?

you sound like the jew with your symbolism

I see you guys still losing still making shit bait threads, forever being useless. I just enjoy taking in the meaningless of your lives. Its better than most youtube channels.

Isnt Volk philosophy based on natural selection. Seems like Hitler was wrong, that the underpinnings of the philosophy are correct but its not the white Germans that will be the top of the hierarchy instead itll be a Native American / British / Chinese / Japanese mix.

You pure breeds are defective just like dogs
(excuse the huffpost image, im not going to search more just to not be considered a shill, will probably be called a faggot nigger anyways)

Attached: PUGS3.jpg (1250x873, 404.9K)

Schlomo promoting Nadsees again.

Attached: Lelf.png (210x195, 100.71K)

haha what

You're play Nadsees on the internet for the Jews. And the reason that anytime Whites associate they are called knotseeS!

Kill yourself.

No I dont , there is no example of anyone being able to create such a thing themselves. The materials the knowledge and plus the gas to do it.

Also what is this good for a one time hit. You need a legion air , ground. You gave a picture of what you are not.

Or are you saying NatSoc is just the russian ISIS trying to enforce white shria. Well kick your ass too mate. Any day you want to go we can do this.


Yea, Nadsees are going to save the White race on /pol.

Hitler was a Jew that killed 100 million Whites.

Jews won WWll. Because stupid Whites followed him.

The Jedi fucking brainwash people to get what they want, you dumb shit.
Kill yourself.

So what is it faggot? Does the ethnostate correct its people or not?
These subhuman lolbergs can't even or don't even want to accept the most basic facts of life, much less higher logic.

Every single time.
Every single fucking day.
And they ask themselves why many Zig Forums users don't feel the need to be civilized to the lying subhumans anymore.

Keep asking yourself why people want to skin you alive, you lying, shameless jew rat.

At least you are honest and you have accepted that you are a subhuman mutt without culture, heritage and lineage. I can respect that, like all the leftists that died at the hands of their shitskin pets.

I'm not sure what is worse, that these arrogant genocidal kikes are in power or that their incompetent idiotic shills are the best they have.

Angela Ferkel is a polish jew.
Theresa May is no way nordic. Whole lineage has always been on the monkey island that is "Britain".

And a Lithuanian lady as nordic?
You are so lazy it is sad.

Goyim are too fucking stupid. Soon we will have to come to terms like Hitler and friends did, that the average hwhite and euro is as soulless and dumb, hiveminded as the chinks and gooks. And that the best societies have always been ones that have a digilent, non degenerate population led by geniuses. The same story through out the entire world.

jews are inbred

We will literally kill you. Special tortures will be invented for your kind. Better run while you still can you fat fucking faggot jew.

What is next? Democracy is good and can be saved because it is inherently good?

Attached: Hitler lächt.jpg (1521x2048 61.27 KB, 1.76M)

And yes. Jews are inbred, left leaning parasitic subhumans.
Pretty much any sane human capable of indepedent thoughts thinks the same thing.

This is politically incorrect, not /natsoc/. I came to this board to leave the unquestioning loyalty of the mainstream and normalfags. So don't ask me to be lockstep just because you've stumbled upon the JQ. You're post is driven by emotion.

tbh it wouldn't have come to this point if the shills can actually use the methodical "arguments" the elder kikes used to rally goyim, rather than just blatantly lie and piss people off, like this one

But that is why the fire will rise :^)

Lurk more you cretin. Actually read about the Morgenthau and Kalergi plan then consider what you are doing by being an emasculated little fucking white genocide enabling swine.
>inb4 muh March of Tyranny democracy!!

Research what life was ACTUALLY like in NS/Fascist countries. People do not magically turn into ebil monsters if they are told to not serve internationalist jew bankers and their usury scams. In fact NS is a positive philosophy which gives people financial indpendence and freedom with protection against outside forces. Money is a scam. Banking is a scam. Materialist nihilism is a superscam. You have been lied to since the day you were born.



Was almost going to save this, but that's a blatant fucking lie.
Makes me really not trust the rest of text. Fuck the Germans.

Attached: Bundesarchiv_Bild_146-2007-0074,_IG-Farbenwerke_Auschwitz.jpg (800x496, 54.42K)

given that (((CIA))) traitors and SOCOM pussies who think they're Rambo but who are really just the biggest coddled cry-baby welfare queens who wouldn't last 5 minutes versus a Scharführer of the Waffen SS, and given that CIA and SOCOM purchased over $1.2 BILLION in weapons from the Eastern Bloc and then covertly shipped them to Tel Aviv, Saudi Barbaria and Qatar, who then smuggled them into Syria to give them to ISIS and al-Nusra, all of which has been proven as rock solid FACT by the Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, who recieved and published leaked dox about the Silk Way ratline arming ISIS–given all of that, i think it would be a very rational, proportionate and justified retaliation for Putin to begin doing the same thing by funding and arming American Nazi militias.

how do you like them apples private?

Attached: 2015-11-15 12-13-49.JPG (1100x706 38.3 KB, 250.48K)

Top jew!

The tanks need people to operate them.
Tanks and mechanized units are only good for destroying proper armies.
At the end of the day people police people, door to door.
But you won't get this anyway.

This post is gold.

Magdalena Sierocińska (2016). "Eksterminacja "niewartościowych rasowo" dzieci polskich robotnic przymusowych na terenie III Rzeszy w świetle postępowań prowadzonych przez Oddziałową Komisję Ścigania Zbrodni przeciwko Narodowi Polskiemu w Poznaniu" [Extermination of "racially worthless" children of enslaved Polish women in the territory of Nazi Germany from the IPN documents in Poznań]. Bibliography: R. Hrabar, N. Szuman; Cz. Łuczak; W. Rusiński. Warsaw, Poland: Institute of National Remembrance.
Lynn H. Nicholas (2009). "Arbeit Macht Frei: Forced Labour". Cruel World: The Children of Europe in the Nazi Web. Knopf Doubleday Publishing. p. 401. ISBN 0-679-77663-X.
23rd and 24th sources.
ALL published post 2000s.

Even if it were true, then fuck you subhuman poles (^:)

Murdering, raping and plundering, that is the handiwork of the German. How many artworks did the Russian steal?
National Socialism is a great idea, but the German is a brute without a shred of morality, thank God he was put down.

Attached: German-loot-in-church-770x615.jpg (770x615, 98.91K)

Nah, the poles and slav(e)s are the real subhumans here.
Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, Otto, Diesel, and pic related and uncountable others.
Try harder.

Attached: smug 3.jpg (630x630 8.08 KB, 70.49K)


Tell me of the achievements of your "people" :^)

Attached: smug 2.png (720x679 91.04 KB, 602.84K)

I couldn't care less about your opinion.

nigger, the Overton window has moved so far left that NS is the only real Zig Forums left. Everything else is either cowardice, compromise, or controlled opposition.

Opinion? I posted facts.
Just tell us what your people have achieved. If you were really better, then you could call the krauts "hun" and nobody here would bat an eye. Yet you cant.

Attached: smug 6.jpg (252x352 89.38 KB, 131.16K)

Ade, mein liebes Schätzelein,
Ade, ade, ade,
Es muß, es muß geschieden sein
Ade, ade, ade,
Es geht um Deutschlands Gloria,
Gloria, Gloria,
Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Viktoria!
Sieg Heil! Viktoria!

Visier und Ziel sind eingestellt
Ade, ade, ade,
Auf Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt,
Ade, ade, ade,
Es geht um Deutschlands Gloria,
Gloria, Gloria,
Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Viktoria!
Sieg Heil! Viktoria!

Wir ruhen und wir rasten nicht
Ade, ade, ade,
Bis daß die Satansbrut zerbricht,
Ade, ade, ade,
Es geht um Deutschlands Gloria,
Gloria, Gloria,
Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Viktoria!
Sieg Heil! Viktoria!

Reich mir die Hand zum Scheidegruß
Ade, ade, ade,
Und deinen Mund zum Abschiedskuß
Ade, ade, ade,
Es geht um Deutschlands Gloria,
Gloria, Gloria,
Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Viktoria!
Sieg Heil! Viktoria!