Horrifying cop bodycam shows officers shooting dog & hitting 9yo girl


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kike free post





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It's sad that people who normally called out shit like Waco are starting to side with the police by default. I wonder if that was the jew's plan with the uppity nigger riots over thugs getting put down; or if it was just to escalate race-relations.

that little girl shouldnt have been in the path of that bullet

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If you are childless and won't kill yourself then you will end up in a nursing home where they torture you no matter how many smugs you have, you know?

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so are these incidents staged? or whats the deal?
certainly they dont just shoot little girls on purpose

The full 6 min video is on the bottom of this page, but I couldn't figure out how to download it

These kids are going to be fucked for life, holy shit. I've been jaded for years now, and indifferent to suffering. This is honestly the first time I ever felt legitimately sad and sympathetic for anyone on video. I can't imagine how helpless this kid felt, how scared, and how angry. How all the adults in his life completely fucked him. How these faggots won't suffer but children an animals will.

Fuck zogbots, fuck these pitiful "men" of the west.

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Usually with dogs and police, it's a, "Better safe than sorry," policy, and I feel since they're not people and shooting them isn't so much of a waste, but I feel under these circumstances of so many children being so close to the dog, he shouldn't have fired.

Sage for shitty OP (seriously you should gas yourself) and too loose of a connection to politics.

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Fuck off leftypol. No one here was defending Israeli trained police officers. All you faggots can do is project and hope a special case matches your projection so you can then throw a blanket of generalization. Truly the most stupid of races. Self destructive and universally corruptible.

Oh here we go, even worse. The officer was a nigger.
If I was the father I don't know if I could stop myself from attacking this fucking nigger after shooting my dog and my daughter. Then again, this whine faggot father is the reason the coon cop was there in the first place.
Plus this trigger happy nigger wouldn't hesistate to shoot anyone else. Fucking christ. NEVER INVITE ZOGBOTS AND ZOGNIGGERS INTO YOUR HOME.

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Or a Zig Forumsacks knee-jerk reaction may be to do exactly the opposite of whatever propaganda the (((MSM))) pour into peoples heads. Hard to go wrong by doing so.

Besides, without police we would be a Brazil or Mexican tier shithole.

Dogs are more humans than niggers. A nigger with the power of the U.S kike government behind him deserves to die a million times before a family dog is stricken in anger once.

No, police are what prevent white men from taking back their nation. Police will begrudgingly arrest niggers who commit the most heinous of crimes, giving the white man a false sense of protection. The real reason zogbots exist is to prevent you and people like you from threatening their kike handlers.
If we had no police we could just shoot any coons who get uppity. With police, they won't shoot uppity coons, they'll shoot you for even trying it.

If we had no police we'd have our racewar. If we had no police the kikes wouldn't be able to resist being expunged.

There are plenty of people who pretend the cops dindu nuffin. Even then, it is hard to deny that Zig Forums doesn't hate the police that much anymore. Not defending them doesn't mean much if no one is talking about stopping them. The most I ever see is that cops aren't our friends. That's good advise, but this issue needs to be discussed more.

Cops intentionally let me fall down a flight of stairs when I was a teenager, hadn't even committed any crimes. Since then I've hated the police, who never help with crime.

Every interaction I have with American cops further reinforces the stereotype that they are not there to be cops but to contain the niggers. Gas all LEOs along with the Jews they serve.

Traitors first.


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Shooting dogs is dumb. Most won't attack unless you provoke them.

Cops aren't obligated to protect you. They aren't obligated to do jack shit except for bring in a body, alive or dead. Even then, probably not that. The real reason police exist is to crush any domestic uprising that the kikes don't like.
Sure they'll corral niggers but only because they have to. Look at nigger crime stats. They only ever get arrested and prosecuted over rape/murder. All other "petty" crimes the cops will let slide (unless the nigger attacks them).

Fucking dumbass jew anarchist. We respect cops here. Keep trying to subvert our military and police connections though you glow in the dark little bitch.

Sad. Did he go through with it?

Disregard the quote.


Who is "we"?
We respect good white cops here. Stupid faggot.

If all cops disappeared tomorrow, what would happen? Niggers would chimp and the white man would put them down with lead. Cops prevent white people from free association and the right to self defense.
Remember zogbots forced niggers into your children's schools, your businesses, the public space, and your neighborhood. Remember that if you resist getting nigger'd the police will be there to punish you. Without police, wed have no kike law enforced. Without police, the white man can clean his own nation.

Will be interesting to see how this all plays out, or if the media will cover it any further. If you shoot at a dog to stop it from attacking you, you must killed it or you can be charged with aggravated battery if you injure it. I didn't see any mention of him being charged for that, just for the bits of floor that hit the kid, which was only a minor injury above her eye, but she was still injured..
I bet they work out a plea deal with him, and we never hear about it. Surely the family will sue the department, and win the ghetto lottery even thought they're white..

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they are a paid mercenary group nothing more

some do it for good , some do it for selfish reasons but they have rules they have to follow.

You get a bad one thats just bad luck, next time learn to solve your own problems. Beggers cant be choosers. They are a necessary evil.

beware of LEOposters in threads like this

the last one had at least two, one of them playing "cmon fellow Zig Forumsack, cops are good people" and another baiting people to say provocative shit, it was probably the same LEO using two IP's because the posts were like a minute apart

all I'm saying is, don't say anything stupid, remember you're being honeypotted

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Nope, the cop changed his mind by shooting his kid.

Well yeah look at that. Niggers are retarded. And yes, at this point, don't call the police since they always send one nigger out now in case they have to deal with other niggers. It's SOP.

You are the dumbest motherfucker I've had the displeasure of encountering all day.

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fucking awful

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Fucking what? It's the only nonjewish source of news!


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Are you a police officer? I expect a cop not to understand how ricochets work.

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brownnosing them won't change their mind, it's a fucking job- they do it for the pay, they are on the side of the government, not any ideology

they will remain loyal to the government no matter what because the sustenance of their family relies on it. doesn't matter if the government told them to capture every little white girl and throw them in pits to get gangraped by niggers, they'd do it without a second thought. they are beta manlets that got bullied in middle school and were too lazy for a trade and too dumb for college so they decided to work for the government for the generous pay and benefits and to feel like THE BIG MAN for once in their life

white cops that protect baby-raping politicians yet confiscate guns from the goyim and enforce race mixing

you don't shoot if there's a kid right there you fucking idiot. rule 3 of gun safety, know your target and what is beyond it

least jewish*

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Have you been paying attention to the articles they have been running this year? They're just as bad as the rest of the (((MSM))) now. They constantly run anti police and race baiting propaganda.

RT was created by a Jew and is funded by the "Russian" government. Are you kidding?

RT may be shit but not for those reasons, holy shit you are a fucking boomer.

Dogs are only as good as their masters, and their training/discipline. Sadly, a lot of dog owners, even white people, don't appropriately train/discipline/care for their dogs correctly.

I've watched the video.
This fambly is shit/
Who the fuck calls 911 because their patriarch is suicidal but doesn't do anything to get the children to somewhere safe? They are just standing there playing video games like nothing is going. Send the kids to a neighbors house, or other family members at least temporarily. If pops is going to off himself, it'd be better if the kids weren't there.
As for the dog, again, same general principle. You might know the temperament of your dog, but that doesn't mean anyone else does. Frankly, I fucking hate it when people let their fucking untrained dogs jump all over me or start sniffing my crotch. It's bad dog mastery, and IT IS WRONG. Of course a cop is going to blast a couple caps in a dog that is charging him for whatever reason. That's why you fucking restrain your dogs or have them trained to the point that they don't act like wild animals.
And finally, about the cop: What the fuck. Don't go into people houses without asking if dogs are restrained and if children are present and where they are. It's your job to de-escalate this situation, not start blasting if something goes sideways, which is totally preventable by not entering until you can have some assurances that the situation will be controlled.

Fucking hell, I hope they all die. The cop, the dog, and the fambly of losers who made the patriarch suicidal.

Low class scum.

Wait, what's the breakdown here? Nigger cop killing a white kid and a dog? ZOGbot cop losing his shit for the world to see? Give some details you fucking faggot.

A dog bite won't kill you unless it's an artery, and bite wounds can be healed easily with todays medicine.
Death cannot be reversed.
So holding back is the proper action.

Shooting a dog trying to attack you is justifiable. The kid wasn't in the line of fire, she was close to the dog tho, and was injured by the flooring from the shots that missed the dog. If he would of used better aim, the dog would of been dead, and the kid wouldn't of got hurt at all. The kids fine, the dogs fine, the nog is fired, and is gonna be charged for not killing his target.

Read the thread..

A-OK guys nothing to see here

Im with you user, its really shit what happened but we need to start being draconian with the populace if we are going to right this ship.

You see this shit people , get your fukcing act together or your dog might die and you daughers might get caught in the crossfire. We are not cleaning up your lives and taking orders from you.

We get in there , control the situation, stop what needs to be stopped and leave. You dont like how we do things then fucking learn to be responsible.

They are low class scum, it should just be known that irresponsibility is not an excuse to complain. That is not touted enough

I'm not whining about the dog. I'm saying you don't shoot a fucking gun in the general direction of a 9 year old girl. It seems to me like he shot without realizing the girl was there, which indicates poor training.
she got hit with a bullet fragment above her eye, it just as easily could have blinded her. she is traumatized for life and will have a scar on her face that will haunt her every time she looks in the mirror.

It's a-okay goyim! He was ""fired""!
In a world where this would be "ok" in the end if the nigger was hanged in public and we sent the rest back to Africa.

Bull shit. Little girl didn't deserve to get shot, but it's the parents fault for having a pit running around children.

All pits should be shot.

Are you new here? That's their main weapon, going all the way back to christianity. The narrative now is: you must either support Antifa or be a copsucker. Millions of burgers have already been corralled into those two intellectual ghettos. It's as jewish as a trick can get:
It's the same shit as people that put blue plague thin blue line stickers on their trucks paid by their children's futures next to "come and take them" stickers. These people are 100% kiked. It's just like the Relativity Cult, or any other firm of judaism. Foundationally, they are all built on holding to be true two contradictory positions simultaneously. I don't know if burgers can even be unkiked. I haven't seen threads on how to actually reverse the kiking.

Burgerpigs execute innocent Whites daily, right in their front yards; but they especially love killing dogs. The Blue Plague is now literally trained to kill all dogs on sight. They can actually get fired if they don't. A few months ago, one even got fired for not executing a person. He was refusing to come out of the car, so the cop went in to cuff him. He was fired for not just killing him dead.

The ZOG is ruthless. Daily reminder that modern policing was a freemason plot and 95%+ of police departments in the JewSA are literal masonic temples of The Brotherhood of the Police. Before WWII, policing was mostly done by bounty hunters. That's the way it had been for over a thousand years.

The Blue Plague will be defeated. You fat faggots don't stand a chance. You're all literal retards, and your kike commanders will burn you on a whim. Get a real job, parasite.

I hate you kikes more and more every day.

Cops in America have a fucked up way of operating because of the inflexibility of their tactics. They need to be restructured and de-ZOG'd otherwise they are nothing more than heavily armed thugs.

Did that on purpose to trigger ya, newfag.
Lurk moar

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They're retarded for having a pit bull, I do strongly agree that all pit bulls should be euthanized. But it's not their fault their daughter got shot at, that's absurd.

For the faggots who refure to read the thread:
-The dog was a Bull Terrier.
-The dog did not die.

dog is fine
lrn 2 read

It' amusing to see people so caught up in semantics.


sounds like a nigger

Like saying you got raped by a nigger but it's ok since you didn't contract AIDs.

You're making it hard to take you seriously, brainlet.

Take your own advice, and while you're at it wait until you're 18 to post.

They're Russians, their intent is to fuck America up. That doesn't make them Jews, or their news untrustworthy.

In fact their kind of negative reporting on America is exactly what we need when our media is painting a sugar coated rosy picture!!!

Not a Jew.

The fuck out of here faggot kike, you fucking kiggot.

You're going to be swinging next to Hillary

LEOs ITT 'fraid of pibbles and 9 year old girls. Why not shoot them? It's not like anyone can sue the bacon off these little piggies!


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Found another whiter nigger.

he shot at the dog
he didn't shoot the dog
the dogs still fine
the bullets missed the dog
he prob missed on purpose to try to stop the dog from advancing towards him

Cry about it a little more.

What a poor dog. lol

Will drop a few off at kill shelters just for you.

Every pit bull on Earth should be killed, no exceptions. If you ever see anybody giving away a pit bull, pick it up, drop it off at a shelter, and say it bit a younger relative so they put it down. If you have pets that go outside or children or a wife or whatever, and somebody in your neighborhood has a pit bull, feed it poisoned meat. If you think a pit bull is contemplating attacking you:
If you must defend yourself from a pit bull:
If you're getting mauled and can't fight back:

Please contact your local and state representatives and urge them to enact breed-specific legislation banning pit bulls.

You don't have the means to transport anything anywhere you reddit spacing retard.

they should of put locked up the dog and told the police the dog was locked up in the bathroom, snd door on the left, and told them where the gun was, and have it in a different room then where the dog was..
A lot of things could of been done differently.
The dog did try to attack him tho, that's why it was a justified shooting.
White cops shoot dogs trying to attack them all the time too..
While the nog did deserve to be charged and fired for this, it doesn't have anything to do with his race.

You're a mess, op.

Keep telling yourself that.

Bye bye pit bulls.


Jesus christ this thread is a disaster. Can't even get simple facts straight anymore.


why should I bump the thread if I don't have anything but my opinion to add to it? all the posts I didn't sage any of the posts I made with links to articles that I was quoting..

You're a mess, op. Just like Jeb.

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Yes, the TRS and twitter pitbull meme. Like I said, you're a white nigger.

This is what happens when kikes train your police forces.

I really need to start proof reading what I typed before pressing the new reply button tbh

Wanna know how I know you're not from around here?

Give me 5 fellow DACApede!!

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Cops want pit bulls dead because they won't "alert" when the kikepig handler wants them to.

K9 uprising when? Regular people don't like the cops and are starting to wonder why city councils are paying them so much.

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Pit bulls make up only 6% of the dog population, but they’re responsible for 68% of dog attacks and 52% of dog-related deaths since 1982.


That vaunted room-temperature IQ is the law enforcement hallmark.

He full on shot at that little girl over a fucking ankle biter.

why can't I hate both cops and pits?

Whites don't, but by contrast the Jews in Israel do it every summer in Gaza. Look at June 2018 for example… a paraplegic granny, a young female nurse, lots of Arab kids… It's a tradition in Jew-land.

Hate what you want to hate man, however, hating pit bulls is like hating guns. The whole reason white people pay taxes on goods and services is to fund city services that are positive for the community.

Pit bulls are proof niggers gonna nig, genetically, because of the statistics mentioned. Unlike nigs though, they can't talk, can't explain themselves, and most importantly – they make no claim to be human beings.

Go ahead and hate the dog, it just makes you have to accept that either:
a) niggers are less than children and need a master to keep them in line
b) pit bulls are completely cognizant of their actions, and possess the introspective capability to describe and feel remorse for their actions

Looks like zugzwang to me, piggy.


Pit Bulls are the dog most owned by niggers.
Now why would a poorly trained and mistreated dog with a nigger for an owner attack people. hmm.

All in a day's work for the boys in blue!

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Bull Terriors are not fucking putbulls you fucking brainlet niggerlover.

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man alaskan cops get paid well


By the way fuck you, I've been around bull terriers and pit bulls and they're absolutely fine if well kept. That said, a cop's first response to a barking dog should not be "OPEN FIRE DAMN IT!" Even if the cop's getting "attacked" that's no excuse, dog's doing it's job.