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Social media giants are inciting aggression against right-wing figures

Recent events:

Why is this happening? Could it be that Twitter are facilitating an environment that's hostile to conservatives? In all of the above instances, Twitter immediately begins trending with anti-conservative hash tags and key words where mobs of leftists snarl and gnash their teeth in pure, seething vitriol. This, in turn, encourages other leftist act out their pent-up angst in the form of aggression that transcends the monitor and keyboard and manifests in the physical world.

This is all part of Jack's plan. He's already acklowledged that the only way forward is for one political party to attain dominance [1]. There's also his ominous, foreshadowed tweet from Feb 2018 where he says "2018 is going to be a great year". He knows exactly what he's doing, and it should be obvious: He feels fully complicit in the current state of the political climate. After all, he allowed his social media service to become a massive battleground that lead to the rise of GamerGate and dank frog memes that helped usher Donald Trump into the White House. Hindsight's always 20/20, and he's now doing everything he can to reverse the damage that occurred on his watch. This is the reason for the new algorithms that suppress conservative speech. Without our ability to reach the masses like we did as we ramped up to the 2016 election, we can no longer spread dank memes and kick off trends that last longer than five minutes.

Twitter is gradually tightenting the noose around our necks the closer we approach the midterms. This is why I've said numerous times that social media must be reined in now via executive order from the president. With leftists fully energized and invigorated to vote in November, we need a few solid months to reverse as much damage that has been done to us. We need to meme. We need to trend. If we can't, we may as well just throw in the towel.


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Why are you whining about it instead of fighting back physically, in real life, if you don't like it? Why aren't the targets fighting back? If you don't like what twitter is doing, well I don't think their HQ location or employees are top secret.

Legitimately surprised Jack hasn't died of AIDS or been beaten to death yet. One way or another the man is on seriously borrowed time.

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I am fine with this. It gives us an excuse to fight back. I will relish my first politically driven fist fight. So far I have a clean record. I seek to change that by drawing commie jew blood.

This. Man up faggots. Next time you see an SJW screaming and trying to start a fight in public clock them in the head.

Don't forget that was in the sentence immediately after encouraging her to seduce her father to get him to change his policies. The kikes literally can't stop pushing the incest agenda. They even asked Don Jr. if he ever wanted to bang his mom when he was younger in a public interview.

You should also add Nick Di Paolo (comedian) to your list. He was punched in the eye by some woman at one of his gigs last week.

jew drama mate , no one cares

really you mention Tomi Lahren …. that fucking bimbo has sucked off glen beck so many times.

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Those people all suck and ones Jew who cares?

IMO Twitter and its ilk are doomed.
a Fatal Disease for any Social Media
Have you ever been a user of Steemit_com?
"Steemit is a social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content. It leverages a robust digital points system (Steem) for digital currency."

In other words, users earn points for posting, and also for up-voting other users' posts. The points you earn can be converted to blockchain type digital currency.

Now the amount a user gets is tiny - some small fraction of a penny. The small amounts mean nothing to a 1st World citizen - BUT THE MONEY MEANS A LOT TO 3rd WORLDERS.

So every friggin post you make is instantly up-voted and graced with all kinds of praise about how right you are. This praise comes from Baluchistan or Nigeria or the Marshall Islands, etc, & from people whose first language isn't English.

The result is that the place is a sugary sweet hug box with almost ZERO CRITICISM of any point of view, and with FLOODS OF AGREEMENT to almost anything you say.

Sites like that Suck
Bottom line -→ Steemit SUCKS. I used the site two or three times and fucked off forever.

Point being - sites like Twitter, as a result of kikes that whine and insist Dorsey and his peers let the ADL censor free speech - have now become echo chambers for the Left, and grow more similar to Steemit with each passing day.

No Fun Victims of Kikery
Without controversy and argument, social media sites are no fun whatsoever. Dorsey's flagship site is now doomed.

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Would bang though

Twitter will never die because almost 100% of celebrities and prominent figures use it to voice their dumbass opinions. As long as celebrities use it so will the endless hoards of dipshits.

I just find it funny that twittergate/i.e. jack allowing cp all over his site, was memoryholed.

And the cancer declares itself.

Dead celebrities can't Tweet gommunism

Yep. (((Celebrities))) need to be decapitated in the streets.


Since right-wing figures aren't standing up for themselves, it encourages leftists to harm them too.

They need to either clock them or do the opposite of what the left demands.

This. I went through 2015 and 16 on Twitter fine but sometime late last year Tim Wise made a tweet which he hasn't done a lot since the election. It was something, "you're not dead yet. Soon, hopefully." He replied with, I hope you enjoy twitter grave yard. Bam. Suspended. My appeals don't even get a response lol. All tge shit I have said on Twitter an I get it for directly talking to some yid.

Faggots don't get beaten to death in Weimerica.

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Why are you defending these cuckservative faggots OP? Could it be because you're from reddit?

gee, i wonder…

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Employees shouldn't be the ones to take all of the blame, you need to find out who the major shareholders are.

such a good goyim you are. you realize reddit is the one that disseminate content to the wider internet, right? of course you d&c kikes would try and stop Zig Forums from spreading influence. you're either a kike or you're a dumb animal who is falling for kike tricks


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He wants violence?

Why no one put a bullet in this cunt yet?

Him and his whole family.

Sweet. Good luck , knock their fuckin teeth in man

He's also a cannibal and wears red leather shoes

I went to a few of those twitter hashtags and nearly (if not all) of the accounts that posted to them as sources (not replies etc.) were extremely new accounts.
It leads me to believe that the underage girls posting in a few of them aren't actually the people posting to the accounts.

You should kill the faggot, OP.

How many abducted children are done so by finding them online (Facebook and online games are involved) first then reusing their social media pics in the right Shitter hashtags to put them up for sale?

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Do you think leftists differentiate between the various factions of the right? They don't. Anything from the center onward is just Nazis and Hitler to them, which is why they've been acting completely insane for almost two solid years now.


Twitter will never die because it's part of the government's control system. It's their digital mouth piece for propaganda and has been since Obama used it to appeal to voters in the digital age.

Twitter was never popular with normies, it was pushed by the mainstream media and then people saw celebs on it. Until then no one used it or gave a fuck. It was a second fiddle to Facebook which no one cared about either.

sa (later ss) formed out of a need to protect party officials from harassment
cuckservatives have no one but themselves to blame for not forming one, and really same goes for pol
you are not naturally entitled to non-aggression, no one is, if you cant defend yourself you dont automatically deserve to be left in peace just because you are pathetic

my advice? you gotta leave the zog areas such as cities, take over some remote place, arm the fuck up, and come back in force once armed, organized and regrouped
you cant do shit from the inside, the zog runs all big places

And that means cuckservatives our allies? No. Cuckservatives being beaten and harassed by the left is good.

They don't differentiate, they don't care and they double down. Victim status only works with leftists, if you're true right-wing or third option and try to highlight and exploit your victimhood (and only your victimhood) for points you'll get nowhere. The leftists, as I said before, won't give a fuck and those on the right will see you as weak.

What do cuckservatives do in the face of intolerance and sheer hate of their race? They say shit like
They do not understand there is no such thing as a bipartisan solution and yet they still punch to the right. Like said, it's good they're getting harassed. The ones who'll come around will do so and the ones who won't? The truth could hammer them right in the head and they'll still be cucks.

Who is the faggot in OP's picture?
Nice slide thread by the way. On top of David Brock's two cents you get a sage

not only against right wing

This is something everyone needs to understand, of course it affects first the right wing side but consider the following; everything that goes against the think tank which is builded on the left, is aggressivly being put down, censored and what not.

If you are a free thinker who has an opinion who goes against the left leaning folks, consider yourself been shadowbanned. You don't have to be part of any side on the politcal scope, to go against the ism of the left bubble.

jack, owner of twatter

Not sure as to the verocity of either related pic or link

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It would be great if you advertised their houses to illegal immigrants.

Hows this. It Its says
If you are homeless or an Immigrant you can find free food, sleep and shelter at this address "

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Would be perfect.

Right wing figures are generally terrible people so… whatever

They're better left-wing figures who endorse the falsehood of transgenderism and illegal immigration, cowardly torfag.

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kys faggot

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Good, this makes whites support us more. Pour gas on the fire, push them further.

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I'd love to hear your stories of physically assaulting strangers in public, Mr. FBI man.

Utter retarded FBI honeypot shills stand out like a MILE away, you feckless cunts.