National socialist states still alive in antarctica. And other related stuff

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We know of 2 operations which were made during the national socialist era of Germany and had to do with the poles. One was Swabia taking place somewhere in the north pole or close to it.
The cause of the expedition was for whale oil and other related stuff while also making the foundations for colonialization of the area. This expedition has been proven to be true.

But there was another expedition this time taking place in Antarctica. The theories talk about 100K of Germany's finest men and women going to Antarctica, on a one-way trip. Now the theories start to get foggy after that some talk about the hollow earth theory which is not impossible (many ancient civilizations talk about it), other talk about the colonialization of Antarctica and this having something to do with UFO's.Theories range but I want to see what anons know about this theory and what they think about it. Whoever says this is a conspiracy theory remember what happened the first time you learned about the holohoax and 9/11.

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cool setting for the next call of duty.
evil ice bases rule. i like the cold war bases by america in the northern glaciers.

building tunnels is not possible in ice though, since it slowly (over years) flows. so, to remain hidden, they would have to go fully underground, and that is simply not possible.

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Guess you need a submarine or airplane to know the truth.

It is.

>Ice Flows
Try again

Prove it. It talks about operations taken during the national socialist era that can actually have an impact in today's world

you talkin bout colonization OP?


Wasn't it orphans and destitutes? It was a while since I was looking into this shit, but I remember the criteria being something along the lines of, if there's anyone who will miss you, you're not going.
Also, where did all the flatearthers go? They used to shill their shit here constantly, and they liked to attach neuschwabenland to it and make threads like these.
I have nothing to add, I just like these threads, have a bump.

second seems more plausible to me.

NWO time is up we are on your trace nazi!

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so they be livin' on a submarine the whole time?
have their own little seafloor oil rig to keep that diesel going?
There was a mission in blazing angels

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If they are still alive I am sure they have made superior fuel. I am sure they have also made bunkers that cannot melt snow and if we believe the last national socialists escaped to Argentina in submarines they may have some and upgraded them with top tier technology.

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Can't handle well done picture about your scam. Nazi your time is up!

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Why am i not surprised?

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While I wish this to be true, it is a false hope to make us not do anything

There was already a Nazi base in the north pole in Black Ops

could be. could be not.
didnt the nazis escape through the vatican or something? I mean, ├╝ber subs are not confirmed. and when you look at germany in the war, they could not spend the resources on some more stupid shit like v2

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Cool. Shame it hasn't ever been true and this is OC from Tel Aviv.

Suggest this thread be locked and those interested go to >>>/sudpol/

I accept your defeat.

We shall remain until some user fucking tells me what the fuck is going on in Antarctica and if I can join in on the fun.