Which one of you faggots did this?


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Very nice! If only we had the poster he used. That is some high intensity and high quality agitprop! Great work.

Learn it everyone, this is how you do a successful raid.
Here are the inevitable outcome from this:

1.People who fall for this shit will be outed as degenerate pedocuck supporters and will receive major backlash

2.People who don't fall for this will call this out as fake thus making it even more impossible for real gay faggots to organize their events.

So in theory, this is an excellent psyops, much like the bernie glowsticks, because after that meme exploded, every berniefaggot was afraid of going to bernie subreddits to get infographs because they were flooded with disinfo and couldn't tell which one was real or fake.

Holy fuck that is an awesome flyer. Notes taken.

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Also, Daily Reminder.

Gas all degenerate filth

I think we're at a point where this could be completely non-facetious, current year working in mysterious ways and all.

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We should plan to do this on a massive scale for next year's pride month

I hope his opsec was good.

Riiiiiight. Someone forgot this is clown world.

it was u

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Seems pretty good. Considering the whole 'printer dot' thing, you certainly can't use a home printer. If you can manage to disguise yourself enough, and make sure you don't have anything incriminating in the file itself, you should be good to go.


Hitlerdigits confirm.

You mean


and it is, we live in crazy retarded times.

Just get a printer from a thrift store.

Or a garage sale

Except it's probably real.

Maybe we can win this one.

Just kidding. Please nuke us, Kim.

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That's not bad, not bad at all.
Nothing written on it that would trigger any alarms on you average soy bred American.

Good job

This is probably real sadly. Leftists have been going at kids for a while and nobody stopped them when they started turning children trans. They wont stop here.

Look at the sponsors.

It has Zig Forums written all over it man, come on.



This is fucking genius.

My bad. Just overly jaded after seeing a family who turned their 4 fucking sons, who aren't even teenagers yet trans, give a talk and get applauded by an army of dipshits IRL.

medíocre print

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This is exactly the method to counter kike propaganda: make their agenda clear to see.

Watch color printing, those fucking tracking dots.

Fuck, there's a kike star and the bottom corner, this is a Zig Forumsack, goddamn genius.

Who cares.

Stop being so fucking put off by tracking. It makes it easier for them to find you so you can put an axe in their head for trespass.

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It's a double down.
Whatever they stand for, force it down their throats until they vomit blood and denounce it. In-fighting will begin.
You could do you this with multiculturalism, start bringing up shit about not having enough of pygmies, then when they change, yell at them for not having enough abbos.

Hold them up to their unobtainable standards, make sure you hand out their addresses to the subhumans they love so much.

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Don't demonize cannabis by linking it with faggotry.


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It was obviously the gay community.

Or maybe just use a monochrome laser like a man.


Whichever glorious faggot did this deserves some Zig Forumsgibs.

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No, they are also black and white. I have posted about this over the years
2nd pic you can see faint grey box to left an to right of page is blank white. Not the continued applications of dots?
This is easily seen at 10x mag.

Best way around it is using an old school ribbon printer in low resolution/single pass mode. Multi pass/high res mode it can be poz'd.

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>top-to-bottom memes

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The torah scroll was a nice touch.

not me I'm in eugene

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All I have the nuts to do is tear down posters of alt-right retards that don't know how to opsec that the local antifa put up on the poles.

More I see this the more I see it as a chink in their armour. Openly associating kikes to normalfags for being behind paedophilia, faggotry and degeneracy is a great memetic move.
More of this please. Bump.

Fantastic work. Everytime something like this is posted in any town the media will pick it up and report it. They love shit like this. The results will be that it will associate both gay pride and Judaism with pedophilia in people's minds subconsciously. It's a good way to start breaking their conditioning.

The right as a whole often times makes their enmies it to be weak instead of dehumanizing them. Things like Trump calling Mexicans animals or this poster calling fags and kikes pedophiles are good for drumming up support to stop the group you are going after.

Bad show.

Blame AWM

>not adding (((ADL))) and (((SPLC))) among the sponsors
Apart from that, great job.

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Get lost addict.

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Include the excerpts from the Torah about how Jews are allowed to have sex with 3 year olds as long as they are goyim.


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On point. Yoinked.

Bump for this to take place please.

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the kike star next to the pedo triangle and nambla logos. 10/10 death to all (((pedophiles)))


That's the Talmud you stupid fucking piece of shit. The Torah is basically the OId Based Testament in Hebrew and YHWE.

You are all retarded as well for not noticing.

dying is an even bigger degeneracy deterrent

My wife has cancer you turd burgling piece of shit.

This. It's right there in front of us.

Did you see that it was Milo Faggotopolus?

wasn't sure it was a joke until I got to the NAMBLA bit at the very end. still not completely sure.


You can as long as you buy it second hand anonymously.


you are clearly not familiar with the wonderful enrichment of bug chasers.

I moved too fast, it's actually the Talmud that says that trash, not the Torah.

If you are so concerned, buy an old printer off craigslist. Older HP laser printers and newer brother printers (inkjet or laser) will go forever.

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the torahn is still garbage you christ cuck.

It's legit


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Oh look, it's this thread again.
And look, wow, amazing coincidence, another Zig Forumsack just happens to walk past in time to take a picture.
Fuck off.
Notice these threads NEVER show background for context as to where the supposed poster has been placed? (although they will always say it was done in a super-public place and 'I'm surrounded by screaming leftists who can't believe what's happened' etc).
tl;dr formulaic bullshit designed to get unwitting young men committing felonies.


What felony is that? Sounds more like
BTW your write like trash and greedily use spaces.

You kikes really are trying to get people to filter actual TORfags out huh chaim? Attach a concrete block to your feet and swandive off a bridge with it.

< solution

The only good solution is to use a homemade plotter. Some (including the cheap ones) 3D printers can be used as plotters. pic related.

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This is so amazing. Literally just some fucker pamphleteering and it makes the news. This is an awesome time to be living in.

^ kike


Best Pepe Ever

Looks jewish

This thread is one spicy meatball.

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No, it's the Talmud. Torah is just what the Jews call the OT.

Yeah, man. They're going to track you down with the dots and FUCKING KILL YOU BECAUSE FUNPOSTING. Grow up, faggot.

This is a great idea. Gas the kikes.

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They had sex with little kids in the Torah as well…you are the ignorant one for not knowing this.

17 So now, kill all the boys, and kill every woman who has had relations with a man, 18 but spare for YOURSELVES EVERY GIRL (not every woman…just infant and little girls) who has never had relations with a man. 19 All of you who have killed a person or touched the dead are to remain outside the camp for seven days. On the third day and the seventh day you are to purify both yourselves and your CAPTIVES (aka the little girls you are preparing to rape in my honor after you slaughtered their fathers, brothers, mothers and sisters in front of them…because nothing turns on an infant sexually like being raped by the murderer of their entire family)…yeah…I don't even want to imagine the SUFFERING, PAIN and HORROR inside the 'camps of israel' while they are 'worshiping after their gods instructions'.

This is hardly the only instance of this in the Torah…it is FUCKING FULL OF THE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY…every disgusting perversion of morality known to MAN.

Are you going to make me mention that FUCKING INCESTUOUS PEDOPHILE 'LOT' as well…since he is 'so righteous' according to god.

Use your brain, these anons are true and sensible, and the naysayers replying are not, as evidenced by their "lol who cares XD" attitude, which may very well be some three-letter agent trying to trick less intelligent folk on this board.

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Zig Forums there's a super cute white girl working at Lowe's, but she has arm tattoos. There's also a nigger working there and she didn't seem to mind communicating with the sub-human. What do? She was very attentive and good at her job and went out of her way to help me, but she doesn't hate niggers and has tattoos. Disregard her as a sub-human?

I don't think I would be surprised if I learned that they were all ZIONIST PEDO MONGREL TRASH, would you? I think only Scalia had a backbone…{sad} RIP Scalia for thwarting the Homosexual Agenda and protecting our boys until they murdered you.

They all had to pass the BAR…amirite? I'm right!

Scalia on the Homosexual Agenda


These remarks hail from Scalia’s scathing dissent in the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges which effectively legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. Scalia had many other notable soundbites from his dissent including:


Scalia’s dissent in Lawrence v. Texas, which struck down Texas’ ban on sodomy as unconstitutional, had many anti-gay barbs. Not only did he compare gay sodomy to prostitution, heroin use, and labor law violations (of all things), he also compared it to bestiality and incest, writing:

And you can use this to strip tags and obscure their fingerprint as well as hide stego junk in them for the spooks to waste their time trying to find.

Humans analyze images for meaning. The checksum of image is put in database. Human ops can scan for posts about certain things. But this fucks with that.


I made one using 3 cd drives and scrap components (I wanted to learn G-code). And the result doesn't have the ugly lines that Ultimaker one has. You need to make the pen lift up between each line! Vid related.

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I'm seeing an opening for pre-dotted blank paper sales.

this is great and clever etc. but still stupid. When they come a knocking, that's when they take your printer, to see if it was used in the creation of whatever media they object to.
Therefore, your home made plotter becomes legit evidence against you.
Better to walk to a print shop with a fake nose on and print out there.

Why would they? The results of a pen plotter can't be traced, other than the paper and pen you might use (both of which are easy to anonymize).
Also, you can have a CNC for many reasons other than a pen plotter. It doesn't even need to be a pen plotter most of the time (milling PCBs, laser etching, 3D-printing, CNC routing, etc).

Only con of pen plotters is quality.

It's from a Portland tv station you fucktard

One about 100 miles from your home too.

The absolute state of Zig Forums meme terrorism


Garage sale printer with a garage sale computer that is never connected to the internet. 40-50 bucks MAX. 10-20 if you're just looking for a printer.

Only laser printers do that, inkjet is still good to go.