Trump: Abolish the Courts

We cannot allow all of these people to invade our Country. When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came. Our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and Law and Order. Most children come without parents…

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Invaders get summary removal, like other enemies in a time of emergency.

what protections, benefits, services and rights does a country owe non-citizens ? should be none.

I believe the SCOTUS has ruled that they are not afforded due process, so that should suggest that they have no real protected rights at all.

They did. They can be held literally indefinitely with no charge. That isn't libshit exageration, that's an actual ruling by SCOTUS.


post yfw when the Mexican genocide begins with a tweet from a reality TV star POTUS

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The summer is kicking off nicely.

Good, he's said something, let's see if he'll act on it.



Waiting for somebody to say hes Hotlor again like kikess Silverman.

That bitch needs to just delete her Twatter account. She asked the military to overthrow Drumpf, and then later she asked the country's fed-up, pissed-off Whites to plz be nice guys, we love you :) really. I know Hollywood types (or Jews in general) are usually stuck in their neurotic bubbles where they never have to talk to or hear from people outside of their ideological group, but god damn is that bitch clueless.

He has the power to declare martial law so if he wants to do it, he can just do it instead of talking about it. Of course, that means actual action and not portraying himself [and his supporters by proxy, who he never stands up for when it really matters – like when they are beaten and pelted with garbage while the police look on and laugh] as the victim in order to farm votes.


All tweets, no action. Still no fucking wall.

That's a nice tweet, let me know when he actually puts his money where his mouth is and does something definitive.
Talk is cheap and a promise is comfort only to a fool.

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And the military's still at Syria killing for Israel.

We call them what they are while cucks in the media refuse to. Invader should be their moniker. Take the watered-down politically-correct newspeak and throw it into the trash replacing it with factually correct terms. When Mexicans are invading the U.S. they're invaders and must be named as such. Doesn't matter if they're armed or not. Invasion is invasion.

and he'll probably give in to amnesty like Reagan

Absolute disgrace to the show's memory tbh, he should probably declare martial law and have all of his political opponents killed by the marines tbh.

But the ones who are here legally are fine
Also all the ones currently here get amnesty
White Genocide never looked so based

Just more worthless whining from Trump. Less talk, more action.

The term they use now is unauthorized immigrants… I've even heard them compare invaders to "running a stop sign at 4am except they contribute generations of tax revenue"…

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You guys are really getting desperate.

There's no real evidence that he won't. He could have had half the 50 million deported by now; he hasn't done a single fucking thing to deport.

Hell yes boys. Dope as fuck.

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So where are the deportations, shlomo?

It would be suicide for him to do that during his first term. If he's reelected in 2020, then I could see him do full amnesty in 2021 sometime. Remember, Reagan signed Simpson–Mazzoli in 1986 during his second term.

The storm is already rising, I'm not going to waste time arguing with a shill. You get paid to pretend to be a WN causing infighting. You're blocked, and since you ARE a shill and get paid per post you will reply to this despite me not being able to see it… because a sheckle is a sheckle.

why would we send them back theyre the best and brightest so net gain

Thanks to precedent (Andrew Jackson, Lincoln, FDR, etc), Trump can do exactly that.


Back to TRS, trumpnigger. This isn’t reddit where we all have to be on the same page and bend over for Zionism

But he won't. Because he's a Jew puppet

Well, he's surprised people more than once. He can be a puppet sure but he has a gigantic ego too.

wtf??!!? After all that trump has done for you and Americans. Yup I said Americans because this is NOT a racist board. Even those immigrant children are human beings so you need to show some respect.


Ironic shitposting = shitposting. Get the fuck out.

I'll say the one negative thing about kikey getting ovened is you Qniggers have free reign to allude to your David Wilcock rehash.

who the hell do you think you are kid?lol back in the day I'd probably beat your fuckin ass but I'm too old for that and you ain't worth my time. Anyway if anyone wants to get a hold of me to discuss Q's latest prediction shoot me an email at [email protected]

Ironic shitposting = shitposting. Fuck off back to reddit.

Yah, you're a paid jewish shill. Go away.

Not at all.

I'd like for him to start arresting some of these (((justices))) the way Lincoln did. They don't have the authority to be legislating yet they seem to function as a higher legislative branch. It is fully within Trumps power to let the hammer drop on these appointed tyrants. It's probably wishful thinking though since he cares too much about appearances and suddenly arresting control away from the courts looks too fascist. I know we don't care but the boomers and libs certainly do. Even still, the boomers will get over it and everyone would live better lives if they just ignored liberal whining.

Really we just need a good system purge and restructuring. The worst that could happen is the liberals get uppity and try to start a revolution only to get the shit cataclysmically slapped out of them since half the country hates them and nearly everything important from agriculture, to infrastructure, to the military and armaments ownership is overwhelmingly dominated by the right. He just needs to trigger the civil war and be done with it but if he's even considering the prospect then it won't be until the end of his second term.

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Trump is too cucked to ram through EOs, theres no way in hell he would do anything like this.

thats why he is where he is , and you are where your are

youd let "the hammer drop" because youre fucking emotional and knee jerk

He will let the hammer drop when it will make the most impact. The end goal is simple but the path is very complex


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What a great idea. If only Trump had some power. He should run for president.

Oh, wait. Did anybody tell him he is no longer the star of TV show? That he is in charge of a military that could do things besides shoot muslims to entertain Rothschilds?