Non-white allies

The ultimate goal of international Jewry is not merely to dominate the gentile races, but it is to erase the memory of any faith that the form of society proceeds from a transcendent source of order. In order to do this, not only must the revolution attack the race responsible for carrying this memory into the present, but critical theory must undermine the memory itself, replacing it with a belief in an immanent creator: the Hermetic/Kabbalistic Ein Sof whose fundamental nature is self-nihilation. This nature finds expression in several new orders being imposed upon humanity:

1. In the order of knowledge is the rejection of classical dialectics by the affirmation of contradiction itself as a logical and metaphysical principle, e.g., Hegelianism, postmodernism.
2. In the order of morality is relativism and situation ethics where virtues are redefined in reference to man's sensual nature rather than his reason.
3. In the order of religion is modernist ecumenism in which faith is defined not as belief in objective divine revelation but the outward expression of man's subjective religious sense.
4. In the order of politics is multiculturalism and the rejection of all forms of nationalism or racial loyalty as logocentric and therefore totalitarian.
5. And in the order of race itself is of course white genocide, the white race being the genetic carrier of the transcendent order meme.

The Axis powers were more diverse than the Allies precisely because each nation in the Axis realized that ultimately their right to exist as separate nations and races was at stake. In order to protect their own identities, they embraced the necessity of allying with European identity. But today, matters are much worse. Identity politics has been turned to a self-destructive program that terminates in the end of all racial and national identities. If non-white ethnic nationalists could be redpilled on this fact, then the advantage in this war would shift considerably.

tl;dr Zig Forums needs educated non-whites to infiltrate their own communities and spread the message of white benevolence. Make it clear that the "authoritarian personality" they oppose is in fact the guarantee of the memory of their own tradition and their future existence.

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plz go away

Opinion discarded faggot

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Do you really think you will ever get non whites to support an ideology that wants to deport them? Those soldiers you posted were never allowed into the reich, they were fighting for their own countries.

fuck off kike

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fuck off newfag

The land where you live is just a part of the overall traditions that you want to transmit to the next generation. If the whole identity is at stake, then a reasonable person will sacrifice the land for it. I'm not saying that all non-whites will go for it, but the more the better. If the leaders in those communities can be turned, then that is enough to win the majority. Cf. the 3% meme.


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Never given citizenship rights or allowed entry to the Reich. Fodder used in foreign countries. No niggers can live among us, youre a race traitor.

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The racists here refuse to accept that Hitler and his movement are more popular in the "third world" than anywhere else at this point. Our strongest allies against the Zionist empire come from the east and the south.

TRS is going to be executed, every last one of them because people like you astroturfing white genocide rhetoric on our board. You want to marry your daughter to a nigger, move to Africa where you belong.

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Youre a civic nationalist. Stop pretending youre talking about Palestine, youre saying niggers in Europe are our friends and should be allowed to stay.

Hey, Stop being a disgustingly racist, purity spiraling 1488er!!!!!!1! We need our based black,brown,and yellow allies to set up our fashy neocon paradise!!

I didnt even realize he used the word racist too. Reminder THIS is whos shilling civnat bullshit about based nogs.

Negros and mestizos have no tradition worth preserving. There are no downsides to white genocide for the brown hordes. Engaging with them at this point is futile, they leave or they die. What the other races of man do is their own business

How many of you here have actually had problems with black people? Real life problems that is.

I live in the south. They've stolen my bike and jumped my friends. Theyre a fucking problem you piece of shit race traitor

pay attention folks, here we have some salty khazars trying to d&c every movement that threatens their position of power. You don't have to suckle nigger dick or let them fuck your daughter to realise we need as much manpower as we can get. Once the khazars are out we can go our separate ways

Vid related

Is that what negros and mestizos think?
If not, then what obstacle does this pose to using them as leverage?

Don't really care what they do so long as it's not in my country

Kill yourself TRS faggot

Black people have been in Europe since forever. Its only at this point where people are bitching about it.

Unironically kill yourself






no u, useful idiot. Polite sage for offtopic

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Hitler didn't hate black people, neither should you guys.

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Let me guess, you have a nigger in the woodpile, and trying to get on whitey's good side?

Hitler blew his head off 75 years ago.
His methods failed. He was too nice.

I take that as your confession that you racists are the ones being divided and conquered, not the civnats, because you have given up on your principle before they have. Empathy is what separates nobles (aryans) from the kikes.

They have much higher rates of miscegenation which would suggest that they don't think their genes are worth preserving.
We can't use them as leverage because white genocide benefits nonwhites in the short term atleast just as much as it benefits jews

You obviously don't belong here, try harder jidf

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Reminder advocating crimes against humanity would get you executed or at least camped in Germany. Niggers are not welcome and youre an obvious kike subversive, youre trying to trick whites into mixed race society, thats punishable by death.

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Shotgun in the ribs.

I agree actually. Having spent a few years in a majority black and Latino town, the majority don't seem to care at all. Their leaders talk a lot about racial loyalty but really have none. What Yuri said about labor unions and strikes applies word for word to Black Lives Matter and their protests. But if a few blacks or Latinos reading this wanted to try to change that, I think we should encourage it.

Reminder youre liable to have your ribs blown off if you try to speak on behalf of pro-whites while saying they should accept living with niggers. Not one nigger is going to support his own political disenfranchisement and so all based nigger talk is antifascist.

And what makes you think that there are die hard NatSoc brown anons here who wants to kill the Jews with the same intensity as you Europeans?

we dont hate black people we hate niggers , learn the difference

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Do you really think that America or the Europe is the only place that has non white population and other non whites who are in their own country are not victim of this Jewish influence?

Kike. All blacks are niggers.

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again not black people niggers … fucking learn the difference

see the chimp on the right doesnt have a gun and is not wearing pink , important distinction


Niggerized sadist.

If there are none, then I have wasted very little by posting OP. On the other hand, if there are some, then the benefits would easily outweigh the cost of writing.

Yes all niggers, youre a leftist. Any trace of marxist bullshit diversity propaganda instantly makes you left.

This looks like something a jew intern threw together in a hurry? Are there really that many black NS that it is now a D&C topic?

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The tooth must be removed, the germs killed. The tooth is not an ally against the germs and if you only want antibiotics but not to remove the abscess, youre part of the problem and have to also be removed. Youre stopping us from solving the problem every time you shill against pulling the tooth out.

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This is what I've been saying you dummy

The meme says they are all apes. Apes with guns are no different from apes without guns. Its a meme thats supposed to be attacking their ideology but they are communists so it went over their head.

Based blacks are not allowed to stay (first ZOG must be removed). They must be sent over to clean up Africa and build their goddamned wakanda.



Ohhhhhhhh I get it. Yeah fair enough. It seems slightly overblown. Pic relateds is far better imo.

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Well lets just say I am related to this Gentlemen, and fate has led me via the power of shitposting to unravel the deep and dark mystery of Humanity.

Non-whites will never defeat the Jews, and anyone who accepts non-white help to fight the Jews will suffer for it. All Jews, and all other non-whites, must be completely exterminated with absolutely no exception, along with all racial mongrels and racemixers

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Forgot to mention he was in third reich as Gobbels for Indian legion

get the fuck out


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I actually know a black African (who would never move to a white nation) who is legit high-IQ and basically a white supremacist and loathes Jews. He's a one in a billion outlier, and he knows it. He knows the survival of the white race is ultimately the best thing for non-whites if we can be convinced to let them live, given that we otherwise raise their standard of living. He's perfectly welcome to try to convince other blacks of these ideas, but we both know most niggers are too stupid for it to be worth much effort. Wowie, one guy…who came to his own conclusions on his own power because he's actually a 99th-percentile type who can do his own research and didn't need any "outreach." Highly intelligent non-whites who support us will get to those ideas on their own, and the rest aren't worth bothering with because they won't ever understand.

And the fact that you use the word "racist" unironically the way the left does just makes me want to see you curb-stomped.

Hitler still never hated black people, but Jews do.

Interesting that france was trying to force multicult on germany back then but not surprising seeing as france was full of jews post revolution
wherever there is revolution, there are jews
wherever there is anti-monarchy agitation, there are jews
wherever there is pushing for multicult, there are jews
it's almost as though kikes have only one playbook, when you look at history it's the same shit over and over
once we have dealt with them, we need to ensure our descendents know to never allow jews into our countries ever again if there are any left

Fuck off back to twitter. That shit is the prime term SJW and leftycucks use to promote their virtue signaling.

Anons sage this thread.
Anons report this thread.
Anons filter this thread.

And Hitler got conned by the same fucking shit that this thread and (((you))) are trying to use.

Its too much hard to explain people in India that there is a death cult which is responsible for propagation of literally every kind of usury and promiscuity in this country, and people are too coward here or lets just say too dumb to even acknowledge the existence of Jewery, given the time I spent on convincing them about Jews it felt like they are Jews themselves resorting with cognitive dissonance and sometimes ad hominem.

People think I am crazy and I can't stop to switch to Jewish subject in third or fourth line of conversation.

My grandmother used to tell me that this is Kaliyuga, I used to laugh, now I am crying.

I'm a racist and you're a faggot

I (OP) agree. Outreach is a waste of time. Your black acquaintance is the kind of person who would find Zig Forums on his own. My proposal is that these such individuals attempt to influence their own communities in a pro-white, anti-multicultural direction, from a motive of long-term racial self-interest. To promote geographical separation and cultural and economic self-sufficiency for non-whites is to promote the same for whites.

I never used that word, you have me confused with a civnat who has been posting in this thread.

I've been saying this for years. In order to fight identity politics as pushed by the left and to expose leftists for the progressive stack game they play, blacks and hispanics who support right wing ideology need to be the ones to do it. Anything a white person says is disregarded automatically. If a bunch of right wing minorities were bussed into places like Berkeley and Charlottesville, the Left would have no narrative to push

The left and the Jews are going to push a narrative no matter how much you suck nigger dick

And this is the defeatist attitude that gets nothing done. Because the all powerful Jews will swoop in and stop it, right? I remember when the term "defeatist shill" was thrown around here about 2 years ago.

Look at this fucking cuck. Heres a tip, were not voting and we dont need those whites, especially not fucking niggers. We have 10%, side with us or die.

Youre the defeatist saying we have to work with niggers and give up on truth and a white country. Youre the one who needs to be purged. Were whitepilled, armed struggle is the future for whites and with a majority, we can win. Youre the one who wants a white minority.

By limiting the aspects of warfare to force of arms alone, you seriously affect your chances of winning. Every army looks for defectors from the enemy, and when it finds them, it doesn't say "we don't need you" even if that is true. An advantage is an advantage.

Are you retarded?


White nationalism
Deport all non-Whites
No allies among the enemies

Supporting the ongoing genocide of White people by defending non-Whites continuing to live in White homelands is not empathy.
It is being a traitorous faggot.


Gas yourself.
You are supporting White genocide.
You ARE the enemy.

It's not about hate.
It's about White nationalism.
Deport the worst blacks.
Deport the best blacks.
Deport all the blacks.
Deport all non-Whites.
White nationalism means SEPARATION.

Then they can fight them on their own ground.
We can even be allies.

But, they won't ever support that.
A TINY fraction might, but the vast majority of blacks will NEVER willingly leave the US.
They will have to be forced out, or possibly bribed to leave after we turn off the gibs.
As much as they deny it they know how inferior they are. They want access to White civilization. They know that only mud huts await them in Africa.
Deport them anyway.

As long as he stays out of White countries, there is no reason to be enemies.
Also, the term "racist" must be rehabilitated.
Racism simply means recognizing the reality of race and the meaningful differences thereof.

It's not about hate. It's about separation.

The thing is that most blacks are too stupid to understand any of it, and too selfish to give a damn. They want gibs and "reparations" from White people. They think that civilization is "magic" and that the White people "stole all of the magic" and that that is why black's are poor.
Never forget that the average IQ in sub saharan Africa is about 70. They are LITERALLY retarded. This is why ZOG is flooding them into White countries. They are biological weapons of retardation and violence. It is a mistake to "humanize" them. They are not even the same species as Whites.


You are the defeatist.
You would surrender the future to blacks and browns.
What would be the point, then?
That is where we are heading now, so why fight for a slightly different shade of White genocide?
White nationalism. White countries for White people and only White people. And no jews.
That is a future worth fighting for.

You are wrong.
"Defectors" cannot be trusted.
Most successful armies in history would NEVER allow defectors to fight with them.
You understand nothing.
You would invite the enemy into our ranks.
You are a traitor.

>And Hitler got conned by the same fucking shit that this thread and (((you))) are trying to use.

would National Socialist Germany exist today if Hitler never allied with the japanese?


It always annoys me when I hear criticism of Hegelianism- not necessarily because it's wrong but because I know without a shadow of a doubt that the person doing the criticizing has absolutely no idea what Hegelianism is and they are actually criticizing Marx' dialectic materialism. Academics abandoned the study of Hegel's work over 100 years ago and none of them have picked it up again because its complexity is to great for postmodernists to develop even a basic understanding. The People that have criticized Hegel, like Karl Popper and Nietzsche never even developed an understanding before writing their critique.

Revolutionary politics requires rejection of election politics. Youre obsolete, irrelevant, in the way. You will NEVER vote to stop white genocide and that only leaves on option.

"For all practical purposes we are living like a conquered people under an enemy occupation government." - W.L.P Reminder whites must use methods traditionally used in non-democratic societies if they are to achieve their goal of racial survival. Democracy is an illusion, we are occupied and we must physically remove the occupiers, every last one.

The fire is really rising when this videos already posted.
TRS cucks BTFO.

ethnic "nationalism" only ever started once Rockwell was assassinated. Before that nationalism was always at least civic. Racism is a very new form of tribalism. In the middle ages no one cared about skin color.

You guys need to watch more anime, the good guys always win because they have to unite with their supposed "enemies" against the real enemies, because it makes sense.

In the middle ages Europe was 100% white you fucking kike. Someone mail codenigger 100x so we can ban these fucks again.

Shut up brainlet moron. Your opinion is not valued here.

They are ALL niggers, fuck off with your civnat faggotry.

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at least he has good trigger discipline.

I mean white people pose with guns in pictures all the time.

You're a Jewish shill trying to convince us to go the route of the alt-lite. Compromising on your morals and accepting non-whites is a slippery slope, and it leads to accepting Jews and degenerating into a conservacuck movement that ultimately is just another head of the cuck coin. You, your based niggers, your based fags, and your good Jews can sing koombya and hold hands together in the gas chambers

Niggers are not us, they are already divided from us

I wager that all these pussy-footed nigger-lovering chessmasters in this threads are mulatoos themselves trying to subvert us so we accept them. This is exactly how the alt-right became the alt-lite, with them accepting Jewish homosexuals like Milo, and based niggers, people who have nothing to gain and everything to lose from our real goals. This is how the Jew squashes threats to itself, by subverting and derailing movements, and convincing them to compromise on their beliefs by calling them racist bigots. I'm a racist, and anyone who is afraid of that word is not one of us, and is a pussy cuck in the end. I'm glad these fags have been goaded out of the woodwork itt. 1488, gas the kikes race war now

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If they are stupid, then they are easily manipulated. It's up to their leaders to figure out how to take advantage of that – which they already do, for the enemy.

It's just a myth, so it can change.

I never said anything about trust.

The white interest is counterrevolutionary not revolutionary. Nevertheless I never mooted electoral politics. Have you read Sun Tzu?

Is Charles Taylor a real Hegelian?

I meant that you have nigger ancestry.

In the middle ages people had divisions between religion, not skin color.

I'm a realist and a diplomat. Allies are useful. Do you think we can just remove ZOG without violence? jews will contingency plan us into war somehow.

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Fucking sad M8. Tell your jew boss to give you a new script.

This is false. The wars of religion occurred around the time of the Renaissance. During the Middle Ages most wars were fought over blood.

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You got the Notorious KKK?

the crusades were politically, not ethnically, motivated on both sides. It was mostly because the Byzantines wanted to maintain political control of the Mideast.

This is a board for National Socialists. You are of TRS. When you post here, not identifying yourself as a TRS shill, youre committing race treason on behalf of TRS which we know is also supportive of this sort of thing. You people are going to learn the very, very hard way not to be antifascist race traitors, because you know enough but are still anti-white.