Revving up the Redsticks

I'm Whizzly, but can't tripfag anymore on this board to prove it
Creating the ultimate redpill, packaged in digital form to distribute in different ways (USB-drive, SD-card, Piratebox, hosted as a website)

What it contains: Information needed for normies to break the lies of our nosy friends, by rising up from the shadows to the real world and bringing truth to the masses. Without any PR/marketing, cicada3301-style.

An attempt was made by an user, but this package is not normie-friendly enough.

I'm have been making another version for some time, I keep the code to myself.
I worked only eat the design at first, but saw that no-one picked it up further so I worked on it when I had the time.
I'll give more details if asked, just reply to this thread then.

The barebones are there (codewise), I just need more content that has been screened by a human WITH CREDIBLE SOURCES.
I can just shitpost but this will not convince normies, I work with existing (archived) sources.
1) to be credible / prove our claims
2) to entertain, normies don't swallow when bored
3) to be used as a source when (enlightened) normies want to help spread the truth, they'll have good sources to share and won't be shut down for sharing links to controlled-op like the lord of filters

1) Posting examples of the media trying to jew the public with clear examples, see pics as examples
Other threads for other topics will follow, so let's keep this organised and keep tis one to obvious media-bullshit
2) Discussing the redstick-operation for newfags.
Most things have been covered in the past already, but with all the newfags here I'll put in some efford to do some Q&A this time. Next threads will only be for content-gathering


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So you're a mutt from new jersey? Your last thread had under 20 posts and fell off the board. This idea sucked when you first posted it, and it still does.

fuck off attention whore

theres actually a propoganda effort at my college telling people not to use usb sticks they find laying around, so youve basically already lost

I'm white as fuck from Europe, you fucking assstretching nigger
"my last thread" Which one? I don't only post about redsticks.

holy shit I'm going to shut up now, thank you for showing me the light schlomo this really helps

Improvise, adapt, overcome you massive faggot.
You're cucking yourself by giving up, there is a reason why Hitler banned the niggerpill.
Lurk moar nigger

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Also, pics or it didn't happen.
If they really do that we can come up with a response instead of cowering in a corner.
I find it hard to believe they really do that, and if they did we can turn it into our advantage.
There are other options than dropping it on campus you know.

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You find it hard to believe that public locations practice standard OPSEC? Then you’re retarded. Most workplaces have these regulations in place regardless of the content they expect to find.

Yes I find that hard to believe you illiterate fuck

Normies put their whole fucking life online, you're trying to tell me they will hesitate when they find a free USB-drive? Get a fucking life man"

I find it hard to believe poor collegefags are going to follow that advice to the letter. If I found a usb stick lying around at my college, I took it to the library and plugged it into one of their computers to see what was on it. If there was nothing on it that identified the owner well enough for me to return it to them, hey, free usb stick.

I mean seriously. What sort of a spy novel do people believe real life is? People are way more ignorant than you think. USBs are only used for corporate espionage sometimes, hardly a pressing concern for 99.99% of normies.

I think the Redstick Project is a potentially vital means of engaging with those in the public with some promise for awareness. So as one of the workshoppers on this project, you may be able to answer some questions I've had about it.

Are there efforts in the project to utilize QR Codes or other non-digital means of attracting viewers to the material provided, or is there a technical reason why it is only being transmitted through USB's and CD's? The user mentioning the efforts to tell people not to put shit into their computers is basic IT safety and would be something most tech-savvy people would do usually. It may be a limiting factor if the USB's are not presented in a certain way, like a treasure hunt or whatever.

Also, have your anons been researching similar public 'treasure hunt' styled efforts in an attempt to engage with the public? I watched a documentary once called "The Institute", which was an art project designed to engage random members of the public who would follow clues about the 'Jejune Institute', and it was conducted mainly through postering and other passive-methods of communication and interaction. Maybe studying efforts like that would be useful in learning how to distribute Redsticks as despite the Jejune Institute being completely fictional and silly, many participants actually believed it was real due to the amount of effort it took them to discover the clues.

Anyway, just curious about that. I'll dump some stuff I've saved. Not verified personally shame on me but maybe some of it is useful.

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The fuck is that supposed to mean?

Anyway, have my Lugenpresse folder.

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Not quite half way there.

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This more or less marks the halfway point.

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'Bout 3/4 of the way…

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Yes, run along, you fucking retard.

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Almost done…

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That's all I got. Probably a few dupes, maybe a few that don't belong (thanks to my less-than-stellar organizational abilities), but there's my contribution.

Maybe next time I'll just zip it up and put it on mega or something.

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Nobody's forcing you to be in this thread. Nobody's forcing you to use the board. You don't like it? Fuck off to somewhere else. I'm sure there's a board out there where everybody just likes to bitch about every thread that gets made and every conversation that they don't approve of. Go get you some, you miserable pissant.


Um…yeah? Why in the fuck would anyone do that anyway?

Fucking noice lugenpresse folder, m9. It certainly fills me with righteous rage. I hope those kikes all die for their evil lies.

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drop them out your car window near school children as you drive by

OH… it's this thread again. Logic doesn't work with normies. They're emotional bitches. Which is why when it kicks off, they will stfu and cower in their homes. Just big mouths on the computer. When the power goes out, we will hunt them and kill them where they stand. So make money and stock up on goodies and practise and learn new skills. This shit is a timesink.

QR code is a bit weak. IOTBW works.
Redstick and redwallet though are proven to be highly effective.

Too suspicious, image a wallet dropped in the night though…

Same redstick, more emotional/"targeted" audience.

< college
< misspells you've

This isn't directed at normies. This is directed at those who don't have access to free speech platforms. Those who don't are walled off. Twitter is walled off now. FB too. Everywhere, things are walled off. There's no discussion, there's "shadow-banning" and siloing.


I'm dubious of students reading their mail…

Ever I need a reminder of why im here, I just need to see collections of fake news. God its enraging, fucking kikes.

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Waste your money on usb sticks, goy
Be afraid of actually speaking your ideas to other people, goy

…and if you do, make sure to associate with nazis first!

Damn you kikes were quick to post. Op post what you’ve got.

Go ahead and try. I still say you hope too much. Hitler could have banned blackpill all he wanted, the reality of defeat doesn't care if you want to charge forward or not. Does it?

What can a USB stick do against the ZOG?


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And? How is that going to stop the ZOG? How does that remove Major General Jack Weinstein from control of US Nuclear Command? How does that take Israel's nuclear program away and get inspections in Dimona?

Remember how the Amish went out to vote because of spirit cooking? There's powerful imagery if you just go on instagram and find genuine pictures of degenerates. Someone in a shitty anchored thread posted this guy.

Sorry I'm a torfag who can't post images.

There is literally zero argument against awareness. All real change begins with awareness. Piss off.

Checked. user has other errors, too. It's not like college actually has intelligent people in it or anything.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Checking these sickass Hitlerdubs of righteous truth.

Anything is a start. The whole reason kikes have power is due to the mindset of cucks and faggots that ignore it and allow it. That having been said, I think you should talk to people. Most people will agree with incremental points being made. When you encounter resistance in any way, let that point fall and push another line.

In June 2016 I was totally asleep. Now I have a small circle of 40/50s Massachusetts norms that are now convinced we have a serious problem with *them*. There is resistance, but they are all convinced there *is* a problem. Yes, they have gotten a little pissed at ME, but they keep coming back for more.

The correlation does not equal causation routine is no longer working as a programmed defense.

We are doing our best out here. Not much help in deep blue Mass.

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