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'It was terror': Palestinians decry rise in attacks by Israeli settlers
The identities of the Israeli settlers who frequently throw stones at cars from a cliff overlooking a highway in the West Bank are unknown, but Palestinians living in the area refer to them as the “youth of the hill”.It was at that spot where someone dropped a jagged rock the size of a football that crashed through a windscreen and struck Aisha Rabi one Friday in October.

‘Caught in the act of spying’: US citizen detained in Moscow ahead of New Year’s Eve celebrations
An American citizen was apprehended during a “spying action” in Moscow, the Federal Security Service (FSB) said. He is currently being detained on suspicion of espionage.FSB agents detained a US national named Paul Whelan on Friday during “a spying action,” the agency’s press office told TASS.

German AfD parliamentarian joins weapons drill of far-right group in South Africa
Petr Bystron, a member of the German Bundestag (parliament) from the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), took part in shooting exercises of the paramilitary “Suidlanders” group during an official parliamentary trip to South Africa, according to a report published last week by the ARD policy magazine Report Mainz .

Bangladesh PM Wins 3rd Term After Violent Election, Accusations Of Rigging
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her ruling alliance have secured another term in power following Bangladesh's general election Sunday, during which the military was deployed and almost 20 people were killed.The results, announced Monday by the Bangladesh Election Commission, have been rejected by the main opposition party, which accuses Hasina's party of rigging the election.

Kim Jong Un reaffirms commitment to denuclearization in letter to South Korean president
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reaffirmed his commitment to denuclearization in a letter sent to South Korean President Moon Jae-in over the weekend. The move raises hopes for a positive message in his annual New Year’s Day policy speech to be delivered on North Korea’s state television.

Iraq hints at bigger role in Syria after U.S. withdrawal
Iraq’s prime minister said on Sunday that top security officials from Baghdad had met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, and hinted at a bigger Iraqi role fighting Islamic State militants as U.S. troops withdraw from Syria.

U.K. plans to build two new military bases in Caribbean and Asia
U.K. Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson announced plans to build two new military bases in the Caribbean and southeast Asia, according to theSunday Telegraph.Citing an interview with Gavin Williamson, the Sunday Telegraph reported that the plans are part of an effort to make the U.K. “a true global player” by increasing the country’s role on the international stage after it leaves the European Union.

Paris police fire tear gas as gilets jaunes protests turn violent
Police fired tear gas at gilets jaunes (yellow vests) demonstrators in Paris on Saturday but the turnout for round seven of the popular protests that have rocked France appeared low.Several hundred gathered at the BFM TV channel in the centre of the capital shouting “Fake news” and calling for the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron.

California Women’s March Cancelled Over Fears Participants Would Be 'Overwhelmingly White’
A planned Women’s March in California has been canceled by the organizers over fears about the lack of diversity from those taking part.The march in the town of Eureka, in Humboldt County, was due to take place on January 19. In the run-up to the event, the organizers described being “at a crossroads” as they sought to create an event that “represents all members of our community.”

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Happy new years newsie!!

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I want to hug newsanon tbh

'We Can Win': Elizabeth Warren Outlines 2020 Presidential Bid
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren essentially kicked off her 2020 presidential campaign on Monday, announcing an exploratory committee — a formal step toward seeking the Democratic nomination for president in 2020 — along with outlining a pitch to voters.

Teacher unions in Washington state back Democrats’ regressive school taxes
Months after the statewide struggle waged by teachers in Washington state, the Democratic Party and the teacher unions are uniting to implement regressive taxes in the name of funding public education.Earlier in December, Democratic Governor Jay Inslee released a budget proposal for 2019-2021 that claims to meet pressing social needs in the state, especially education.

Texas judge lets Obamacare stand while court challenge continues
The federal judge in Texas who ruled the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional said today that the law can stand while his judgment is under appeal.In his order issuing a stay and final partial judgment in the controversial case, U.S. District Court Judge Reed O’Connor reiterated that he believes the entire ACA cannot stand without its individual mandate penalty.which Congress zeroed out last year.

Chickpeas Sit In Silos As Trump's Trade Wars Wage On
On a recent rainy day, farmer Allen Druffel stands outside a silo shuffling his feet in the gravel. This co-op bin is where he stores his dried garbanzo beans in the tiny town of Colton, Wash. The place should be busy; trucks should be loading and hauling this year's crop to markets and international ports. But midafternoon, there's just the rain.

FTSE 100 slinks into end of worst year for stocks since 2008
The FTSE 100 logged its worst year of trading since 2008, having lost over 12% since the beginning 2018 as global volatility for equities and Brexit worries took a toll on the U.K. index.Markets closed early on Monday, and will remain shut for the New Year’s Day bank holiday. DHER, +0.31%

A euro curse? European banking stocks' lost decades
Fearing his country’s pay-as-you-go pension scheme is unsustainable, a 40-year old French engineer - let’s call him Jean Dupont - makes a New Year resolution.Hoping the introduction of the euro the next day will mark a new era of prosperity for the European economy, Dupont decides to invest in the bloc’s banking sector every single trading day for the next two decades. ..

God, SAlt sucks chodes. I bet they are still clapping for their "victory."

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Happy new years as well anons.

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Worse than Obsolete: NATO Creates Enemies
NATO’s and the US military’s desecration of corpses, attacks on wedding parties, mosques, hospitals and market places — along with the bombing of allied troops, torture of prisoners, and their notoriously unaccountable drone warfare — are a few of the alliance’s more infamous outrages in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.Twenty years’ worth of “unintended” or “collateral” damage hasn’t created friends in the war zones:+ On April 23, 1999, NATO rocketed the central studio of Radio Televisija Srbije (RTS), the state-owned broadcasting corporation in Belgrade, destroying the building. Sixteen civilian employees of RTS were killed and 16 wounded. Amnesty International concluded the attack was a war crime.+ In a Feb. 12, 2010 atrocity that was kept secret until March 13, US Special Forces killed a teenage girl, a pregnant mother of 10, a pregnant mother of 6, a police officer and his brother, and were accused of then trying to cover-up the killings by digging bullets out of the victims’ bodies, washing the wounds with alcohol and lying to superior officers.+ While bombing Libya in March 2011, NATO refused to aid a group of 72 migrants adrift in the Mediterranean Sea. Only nine people on board survived. The refusal was condemned as criminal by the Council of Europe.+ On Nov. 26, 2011, NATO jets bombed and rocketed an allied Pakistani military base for two hours, killing 26 Pakistani soldiers and wounding dozens more. NATO refuses to apologize.

One sixth of world’s people want to flee their home countries
The world is pulsing with hundreds of millions of people desperate to flee their homes under the weight of the crisis of world capitalism. According to a recent Gallup study, a sixth of the world’s adult population—some 750 million people, not including children—want to flee their home countries to escape war, poverty, conflict and disease.The statistics expose the devastating impact of decades of imperialist war and corporate exploitation. In the more than quarter-century since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the ruling classes of the major powers, led by the United States, have unleashed an unprecedented wave of military plunder and social counterrevolution, killing millions and laying waste to broad swaths of the world.

The King Stands Naked
Around a month since its first mobilization, and after several weekends in a row of national protests, the yellow vests movement, arrogantly dismissed by the elite and facing unprecedented repression, has twice forced the government to retreat.The first instance came on December 4 when the Prime Minister froze gas tax increases for six months. The second came when President Emmanuel Macron announced a string of concessions on December 10. Yet both failed to calm the yellow vests’ anger, nor were they convincing to the majority of the population who supports the movement.

Ayyy lmao. That moment you realise idpol is destroying your movement. Feminist purity test is their biggest enemy.

Why are Israelis suck dicks?


Bourgeois “Democracy”

They did that already, no one liked it, why can’t they just be satisfied with the Falklands.

Hasn’t it been this way for a month.

it’s an overwhelmingly white town. What did they expect?

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So what's this shit with the PSL lately? Did they get caught covering up rape or some shit?

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on twitter some tranny got assblasted that certain people in the PSL thought there was a group of "women" engaging in cliquish behavior, so the tranny publicly quit the PSL and denounced the leadership as misogynist.

i try to be open minded, but almost every fucking time trannies join a group they immediately cause all kinds of drama. seriously. if a man dresses up as a woman and takes drugs to change their biochemistry, they're fucking mentally ill and need to be treated as such. letting that kind of person into an organization is just asking for trouble.

Was it pic related?

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What were they planning to do, bus in "diversity" for the roastie parade?,_California


That's the real mental illness

It amuses me to no end that liberals are suprised when minorities do not want to add their unique voices and stories of special oppression to their Democrat-sponsored grand productions of militent begging. Why, it is almost like they have more important things to worry about than the racist cis-het misogynist white male transphobic patriarchy. Inconceivable!

Oh god, and now they are going to punish us for not participating by redirecting their begging at us!

That's the joke. MLs will go on about the inhumane prison system, capitalist exploitation, legalized bigotry, and abuse of power but turn around and stan states that do just that because they have a red flag or are currently at odds with burgerland. It's lolbert tier bootlicking and the only saving grace is that they're too autistic to work outside impotent parties so they don't get in the way when trying to do irl shit.

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This Shit is why people dislike unions.

literally 50% of WSWS articles are about how terrible unions are.

The thing is I like unions I view them as a useful tool, but any union that in which the workers don't have direct control is a bad union.

and the other 50% is about how every other leftist organization is stalinist and pseudo-marxist

You have to admit these particular unions WSWS rail against sell out. Like every fucking time the rank and file demand more, but the union often settles for less than they started with.

I know the SEP are massively autistic sectarian trots, but they aren't at all wrong in their criticism. Supporting unions is generally a concession for workers.

This particular case is different, the unions are undemocratically defying what should be binding votes among their membership in "negotiations" with employers.

Unions do that shit all the time though.