Now is the time of CRISIS. The last chance to reverse the inverted-saturnian/satanic forces of (((ARYAN GENOCIDE))) is NOW. White America must act RADICALLY NOW if there is to be a future for white children. Do not be distracted by other 'moral issues' and sexual D/C. What could be a higher calling than the survival and freedom of the race that created modern civilization?


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t. kike

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mildly autistic user

demoralization shill


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i was cringing at the cartoons darling
even liberal progressive everyone just lets be friends rainbow ponies is more wholesome that those pink horrors

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Attached: Alfred Rosenberg - The Myth of the Twentieth Century_ An Evaluation of the Spiritual-Intellectual Confrontations of Our Age (1982)

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I'm not OP, but I am glad it triggered you.

btw that first image has many memes in it, everything can be summarized as occultist jews versus everybody else

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not an artform.


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One of the things that bother me is that Zig Forums is too focused on rejecting (((outside))) influence and not focused enough on outside outreach to awaken the masses.
I go to halfchan often, I see Reddit and lefty influence only increasing with time. We really should step outside of our siege mentality if we ever want to have a say in world and and not just disappear into oblivion. The normies will not wake up on their own.

t. d/c shill and waste of digits.

Clearly the truth.

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DACAryan here, we're doing fine in Arizona. My family in Europe is doing meh though… Planning to go to Asia to marry
And have a family as the US is very anti-family

jew detected.

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or maybe the digit is telling you that anime isn't art and that you truly are the cancer on this board and that you should probably fuck off with your shit taste and go back to where you belong, either /a/ or on a dumpster fire.

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Keep pretending you belong here faggot.

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You don't belong here maybe Something Awful is more to your liking?

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Get out and take your furry shit with you.

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bump since the shills tried to slide with anime for the nth time like the completely useless untermensch' they are

Anime = Not an artform.

sage and KYS.

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Daily Reminder that the east lacks creativity, therefore it cannot create art.

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