The Slavs, over 400 million in the world.
The most numerous of the white peoples in the world.
No people in the world currently have more territory than the Slavs.
More than 10% of the land in this world is Slavic.
No people, no country, no Kingdom or empires could defeat the Slavs on their land.
Sooner or later the enemy has always been defeated!

The future of Europe is to the White East

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Slavs are based. They have high T and real Christian value defense.

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Unfortunatelly you need to teach your women to love your men, because it is not what we're seeing by watching the news regarding the world cup and the appreciation of russian (therefore slavic) girls for foreign brown latino cock.

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Denying the reality around you won't help your cause.

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Stop Larping for youtube videos.
Name 5 Nationalist Political Parties that are "Slavic" that have more then 400 signatures.

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The slavs have not declined so much precisely because they are not pure Nordic like the Swedes (they have Mongol paternal ancestry from being conquered by the Khan), same with the Italians. The pure Nord is good but fatally naive. Slavs, and Nords, and Asians can be friends so long as they have their own nations

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That first image needs work. Learn gimp.

Well if we're counting halflings then Spain is the biggest H'white country in the world with 500 million.

If you combined the US Canada Australia and western Europe it dwarfs the slavs

Slavs are White but not Aryan.
Aryans love Japan mostly because it never succumbed to Christianity.
Japan is not white but Honorary Aryan.

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Go fuck yourself.

Facts are Facts.
History is History.

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You say "White pride worldwide" but you then post pro-Slavic D&C.
Slavic pride is great, but saying that "the future is to the White East" is D&C.

An Afghan migrant was arrested in Iran for murdering his teen bride in Sweden. There was an international arrest warrant against the man. He was taken back to Sweden and will face trial for the murder committed in 2016, SVT Nyheter reports.

The 40-year-old man should have been married to the 16-year-old girl, Swedish media say. In March 2016 the teen was murdered and her husband was wanted since June that year.
Her remains were found buried in a wooded area in Hökarängen in May of the same year. The girl should have had asylum in Sweden since fall 2015. The man was arrested in Iran in May this year and has now been transported to Sweden.
“We had information that he could be in a particular country and also provided information via Interpol about where he could be in what area,” says prosecutor Tomas Malmenby.
The prosecutor does not want to state exactly what the suspicions are based on, but there’s a high probability the man is involved, he suggests.
New talks will be held in Södertörn’s district court on Tuesday. The Afghan migrant is the only suspect at the moment.


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Germany detains ‘Bin Laden’s bodyguard’ – months after it emerged he lived there on social benefits

German authorities are working to deport a man who allegedly worked as Al-Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden’s bodyguard and then lived in Germany on social benefits – almost two months after reports about the man hit the news.
Identified only as Sami A., the Tunisian man has been living in the western German town of Bochum. Police detained him on Monday, German media reported, citing local officials. The arrest took place after the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) lifted a ban on his deportation, a spokesman for the Bochum city authorities said.
The German authorities are now expected to deport the Tunisian man to his country of origin. The necessary documents are now being prepared by a local visa and registration department, according to the spokesman. The man has been placed under arrest.
The move has been backed by German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, who has recently taken a particularly tough stance on migration and asylum. “The BAMF has now initiated the deportation procedure against the former Osama Bin Laden’s bodyguard. I have instructed the BAMF to treat his case as a high priority matter,” the minister told the German Bild daily, adding that he would be “closely following” this case.


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Let me guess, you're taking the population of Russia as "Slavic", when the majority of Russians are in fact Asian.
And even accepting your claim, still you will support the mass invasions of Western countries by slavs. Western countries with populations already suffocating under the stress of immigration - TRUE MINORITY WHITE GROUPS.
You support the slavs draining their resources and funneling their lifeblood back East to fund SLAVIC families, leaving Western Whites unable to fund children of their own.
You support this parasitism because muh based slavs.
Then you have the audacity to headline this with "White Pride World Wide" the Spermfront cuck logo btw. Slavs would laugh at you and your belief that they consider Western Whites their "brothers".
Slavs have Slavic pride, they don't give a shit about American fantasy notions of "White brotherhood" - because it doesn't exist.
Each White subrace must be loyal unto itself, or face extinction. Cooperation cannot come at the expense of survival, and Slavic mass migrants are purely parasitic, they are waging a war for lebensraum, facilitated by the jew. Allowed to invade Britain, Germany, France, Sweden, while allowed to reject mass-immigration to their own countries - ON THE UNDERSTANDING that they are aiding the jew to finally eradicate the White Western genotype.
Slavs have never been a threat to the jew, Poland is referred to by kikes as the "Jew's paradise in Europe."
The american cuckoldry and sucking up to slavs is pitiful, like the beta kid who swings on the dick of his tall friend, hoping to be shown mercy and protection.
d&c bullshit.

'They ran into the wrong guy at the wrong time': Carjackers get a surprise when they try to steal off duty cop's car who opens fire

Surveillance footage, which has just been released, showed the off-duty Chicago police officer sitting in a black BMW on April 20
Two men approached, and the first climbed in the passenger seat and appeared to pull an object out of his pocked
The off-duty cop quickly climbed out the driver's seat, as the carjacker's accomplice got in
The officer began shooting at the thieves, who returned fire before fleeing
No-one was hurt in the shootout, and no arrests have been made
Witness Keith Harris said: 'They ran into the wrong guy at the wrong time'

it's every country, everyday, worldwide……. NIGGERS

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why don't you fuck your mother???


The guys in that video look like a bunch of endomorphic tatted up sack of shit meatheads.

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Feels bad man

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I had two second generation immigrant slavs tell me they were Canadian. They got upset when I told them that, as they weren't Anglo or French, they would never be Canadian.

Jews look just the same as the guys in the video. Why doesn't anyone here appreciate gracefulness?

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Eat cock schlomo. I am actually a direct descendant of a Hessian contingent from rural PA that remained in the USA following the revolution war that remained in the US in 1781. The time for engaging you motherfuckers is long since over. I am no longer interested in an intellectual debate. I'd like to watch on CNN while I eat popcorn all of you being slaughtered.

Burger? Or Canadian? I wish I could leave the US often

Bullshit alexander Dugin pseudo science made to justify his Eurasian racemixing

Canada.. Situation is worse here but it seems like America will soon catch up. I know that feel of wanting to leave.

Why is that chinaman bashing the white guy in the face while giving him a shower?

Slavs are just another branch within the white race.

Funny how they try to say all the races they enslaved weren't white. Slavs, from which the word slave came? Oy vey not white! Irish, from whom the kikes stole their shiksas? Oy vey they don't have souls they're not white! Scots? Filthy gingers oy vey! Etc…

I trip over disinformation now and then and don't even understand my full heritage due to the lies and poisoning of history, but you lads are all alright with me.


Holy crap, can you imagine going to A FUCKING JEW DOCTOR for 'healthcare'…jeezus christ…that would be like a sheep going to a hyena for healthcare. Or someone in my family seeking out the Catholic church for some free torture…what is the first thing a jew is going to want to do to a Ethnic European…I mean other than the obvious torture of our people…I wonder how many of our people have been 'accidentally murdered' by their 'jew doctor'. How many of these 'accidental deaths' weren't 'accidental' at all? they aren't exactly the type of people I would trust with sharp pointy things…or, fuck it, I wouldn't trust them with ANYTHING, really (outside of the fact that their average IQ is 84), they don't exactly have a 'good history' with refraining from slaughtering our people…lel

"Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God." ~ Talmud: Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772

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"Slav" is a socio-linguistical group, not an ethnicity nor a race.
In the balkans, for example, hasn't always spoken slavic languages in its (near) entirety; that only happened when the slavic tribes some of which were local, some other invaded managed to dominate the region.
With that being said, i have nothing against most of the groups which do speak slavic. Some of them are sort of crappy half-turkish low iq people who historically achieved next to nothing, but i'm willing to carry the burden of considering them our equivalents.

It looks like the slavic countries be our homeland that remains pure to regrow from after the shitstoem of the next 20/30 years when other countries collapse due to ethnic nonhomogeniety.

I dont know if I've simply been lied to by the media, but I've always been told that slavic countries have a lot of problems. If the problems do exist, slavs need to clean up their act to prepare for reconquista.

That means

Slavs are genetically alkost identical to western Europeans, so Im not sold that these differences are due to lower iq. People try to blame it on history (communism) but people recover quickly from historical events. Culture is also downstream from race so Im hesitant to say that is the culprit.

Please enlighten me -

Sorry Im typing on my Phone in quebecois keyboard setting so my autocorrect is fucking with me

Depends on the country, tbh. Places like Croatia and Czechia are pretty neat; but Serbia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and the likes can be sort of shitty, not as bad as the ME or LatAm, but definitely worse than the rest of Europe. In the middle between the "shitty" and the good countries we have the likes of Poland, Balts, Belarus and Russia.

Corruption, bad education and messed up cultures probably because of the iron curtain , in general.
Also, even the best amongst the slavic countries have some pretty serious social problems regarding morality, religion and rule-of-law.
In my view, it might be a little bit harder to fix the slavic countries's problems than the wester european ones.
Education and corporate/goverment corruption is rooted in some of those societies, and getting it to an acceptable level will be rather challenging. Education, which is probably the root of all other problems, would also take a long time have effect.
Their problems are often very rooted withing their societies, whereas ours are superficial and easily fixable in a relatively small period of time, assuming we, or someone who shares a fair amount of our views, get in power.

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Where did you come up with this figure?

Why are you watching the Talmudvision?

First-gen Ruski immigrant who came at a young age to the States. Although the anti-white melting pot is a serious issue lately, the States provided me with far more resources for my self-actualization than Russia ever could. For that, I am eternally grateful.

No user, he IS the talmudvision.

The anti-white pressure is fairly recent but at this point it feels as though the whites are not only going to lose but go extinct willingly. Maybe my perception isn't accurate for a larger scale but I definitely see the demographics in my area shifting very rapidly.
I know how bad it is in Russia, my friends tell me. If you're not well connected, catch a lucky break, or get into highly lucrative businesses you struggle financially. We have better access to tech and better infrastructure and luxury is easier to achieve. From a material view, it's better here. I have no illusions about that.
Do you want to go back at any point or is your plan to stay here?

What is en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muslim_Slavs all about? 3rd largest religion amongst Slavs? Then again, I have no idea what the 3rd largest religion is amongst whites, assuming you classify all forms of christianity as a single one. Or even the 2nd, really. Atheism wouldn't qualify as a religion.

Сайн уу Цагаан хүү

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Polan here. We get our asses handed to us a few times, so no, Slavs not unbeatable. Still, we always managed to come back, what means, yeah, we're hard to wipe.

Islam/Slavs…why do you think Russia looks like THIS on a violence map…everywhere the 'big three' abrahamic religions go, the ZIONIST precede them and violence reigns supreme…the violent terrorism of the current Slavic countries is what the ZIONIST pricks are hoping for every White nation…the degradation of our beings to their level. Thanks to ZIONIST, Slavic nations are composed of the most violent and criminally minded. The Slav were eugenically selected during the Bolshevik revolution.

The ZIONISTS only saved those who were morally compromised and criminal…only those were allowed to live and breed; the people became corrupted to the level that they are comparable to niggers in africa statistically. No wonder Trotsky compared them to 'White Niggers'…and do any of you know the history of the Tartars and the beauty of that culture…just like the 1,400 year Islamic siege against Europe, the beauty and nobility of the Rus are ERASED from history. I doubt that even Russian people know much about its nobility.

IDK people…it isn't like they don't tell you, right up front what they want or are intending. Their goal is to 'make Whites in their image'…that is their only goal…so all the nobility must be stripped from Whites so that we are nothing more than Niggers.

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OP's video is like push beefcake, it makes me wanna get squishy


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Yes, truth is that they prefer to interbreed with other Wh-
Nice try, Schlomo, **figure of speech, it
actually fucking sucked.**

You are retarded. "Aryan" means genetic Indo-European.


Will get a stern sorry, 10m compensation, and the keys to a local kindergarden.

Slavs could be good brothers if they finally could stop acting like niggers… it's getting better for sure but there still need to be an inprovement

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Nothing wrong with that Bin Laden was a hero
Death to america of course

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Which means being the ultimate good goy and cuckold.

embrace your pale white skin

Funny that people say this, but the only countries to stand up against ZOG have been explicitly pro-Christian, and that includes the National Socialist German movement.

The only people that hate Christians more than angry online atheists (who LARP as pagans to deflect the accusation of 'atheist'), are Talmudic Jews. You should read the Talmud, you'd like it. Might find you have a few things in common with the tribe.

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sorry but the poles and the russian got their shit pushed in, they had zero idea about mongol calvary

Hungary did turn the time I'll admit, but we didn't give in and pay tribute, that's the point.

turn the tide*

You underestimate the Germanic stock.

When people insult the Slavs I tell them to look at their average women. When I went to Russia I was drooling like a nigger at every young slut that crossed my path.

>Pretty much no actual speeches praising Christianity, have to restort to (((written word))) (and paper is patient and victors writing history).

You've gotta be koshkaing me, друг .

Attached: does_this_look_christian_to_you.jpg (2397x1817 4.26 MB, 3.49M)

Slavs have incredibly beautiful women, and, coincidentally, an incredibly beautiful stock of paganry to back itself, too.

I am glad that they have their "double faith" thing going on.
They still know of "Mokosh" and co, too.

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doesnt the word slave come from slav … as in slavs were the frist slaves?

Man, just imagining something like that coming back in this kind of splendor.
The resources, the souls, the mind is still there, after all.
It would make even the beautiful orthodox churches look like a joke.

All that stands between it is letting go of the jewish dreck that crept in from the desert.
There is no limit on the splendor and ornateness of heathen temples other than time and resources.
They have no spiritual limit and pride and co are not a sin.
You could make them as opulent as you wish.

Coincindentally, the heathen spirit of beauty is the main driving force behind all beauty in Europe.
Christianity is perfectly fine with drab yurts and living like a hermit.
(Even if there are bible verses about craftsmen being virtuous if they make things nice and pretty, there are more verses and notions toward being demure and restrained than those few that encourage it)

But yeah, completely different and hypothetical example of much LARPage.

Theoretically, there speaks nothing against heathens going full larp and adopting aesthetics like the ones seen in this fictional Warhammer clip.

Gods know we all have enough powerful figures to make into statues to begin with.
Christianity has mostly base savages like Samson and co.

Probably a reason why they had to appropriate all our heroes and turn them into (((saints))).
As if they had not been holy before.
Such is the modus operandi of "missionary" (makebelief) faiths.

That's funny because I think American women are beautiful. We're like two opposites of white, that's why I think we find each other attractive and "different". American women have cute grubby Germanic features and I like it.

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Probably is also part of "marrying the girl in the village down the river".
She's still of your kind but different.
Keeps the genes nice and fresh and all that.

Slavs would be better if they stopped praising some half-baked spin off of Christianity that promotes polytheism and Yoga worship.

Exactly what I thought too. I'd breed monsters with my Polish genes combining with well nourished American ones, they'd be giant geniuses. A girl I'm speaking to over the internet and want to bring over her is American, not gonna tell my Zig Forums family not to get a girl from Poland if he wants one, just whatever you do, don't go for looks. American girls are really funny and easy to speak to because you live in her cultute everyday.



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What was he shooting ammo/gun that caused so many misfires?

Poor training and adrenaline

Although as a Gnostic I believe that Jesus is not YHWH, nor the God of the Old Testament and I think he is the demiurge, your quote is wrong. Hitler never said that, it was Robert Ley.

Even Russian hipsters are volkish af.

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Slavs are great, but daily reminder that Russians are not slavic. Most Muscovites are direct decedents of Khazars.

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Unfortunately they need to at least rediscover the holy roman days.

Russia will always be around for a sufficient hand to push back anything coming that way. Even if only for self preservation.

All slav politics is based on race.

Mongols never conquered Moscow or even reached past Kiev. Yes they made some Slavic states pay tribute but occupying the steppes is hardly a victory. The real victory of the Mongols is against the Caliphate. They fucked them so hard Islamic culture never recovered since then.

I'm actually amazed some amerimutt can really believe that. If anything Russians are more mixed with Germanics.

Actually they're probably the worst part of the white race.

If you want to get redpilled on how shit slavs are, come to Switzerland and watch. A majority of them are litterally acting like monkeys here. Compare crime stats and you will see, that they're basically the niggers of Switzerland.

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Not even close to correct, retard, by any numbers
Fun fact: Just because Asians USED to live on a certain piece of land, does not give it a contagious 'asianness' that rubs off on future inhabitants

That's not a Slav, retard, it's an Albanian

You're literally just pulling shit out of your ass at this point

wtf i love judaism now!

I'm I the only one who finds it comical that the Mongols avoided invading India guess they realized that conquering them would ruin their empire.


Test confirmed.
You are a complete faggot.

Hello my dear friends! Today you will have a continuance of your Oktoberfest's adventure :) After funny celebration you will be in our tender hands and we will care about you: you will have a sweet medical help :)

Of course they invaded India, where do you think does the word 'Mughal' come from? Different waves of Mongols were what brought Islam to the subcontinent, too. Basically all the Muslim parts of India, especially what today is called Pakistan, is their doing.

This video makes me smile.


Do not let the blooodsuckers stop you!