==Masked neo-Nazis attack Roma camp with knives in deadly late night raid in Ukraine==

RT com says the neons stabbed 5 of the 14 gypsies in their camp.

"members of the 'Sober and Evil Youth’ group, which use the symbols of the ultra-right nationalist organization 'Misanthropic Division'…"

"The Misanthropic Division is in turn linked to infamous ultra-nationalist Azov battalion, notorious for its Nazi-like agenda and symbolism, as well as violence in Ukraine's east."


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Ukrainians are literally retarded.

they call themselves evil?
if that doesn't scream controlled opposition, then what does?

Top tier bantz

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Get the fuck out and don't come back yid.

Embracing stupid labels is something we've done for ages. Actually removing degenerates takes guts.

So they missed stabbing 9? Low energy

Ukies are great Once I can I'm going there finding a wife and never looking back

Honeymoon in an oven.

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Crazy bois

That has a damn fine ring to it.



I like the idea of being evil. Where in America can I join a group like this?
I want to slightly wound a gypsy and be put away for 20 years.
Seeg Hail!

how did they get caught though? did someone snitch? was it a honeypot all along?

succesful attacks just like these is what the world needs
would have been much better if no one went to jail

My grandfather led the "Lake Group".

Try google.

why would the cops defend gypsies? they're fucking scum

The cops or the gypsies? Exactly.


Kill yourself TRSodomite

Thanks, user. ROFLMAO

Masked heroes save Roma camp with the tools of justice in glorious late night raid in trash heap.

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When were they funded by Israeli? The one time they took a donation from that Ukranian Jewish oligarch when they were a paramility group of like 12 dudes with rusty AK's

Jewish funded neo-Nazis. Based.

there are few or no Roma people where I live in America, so I did a quick image search, - here are 3 photos showing
Roma habitats in Stolkholm, & in Scotland''' & in Bulgaria

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Hopefully more of these attacks happen across Europe. I'm focusing my meme magic towards this for a solid 10 min.


A Jew comes to you and says he wants you to target islamists and roma but not Jews, he offers you a lot of money. Do you refuse the money, knowing it will help you expand and grow or do you take it and betray him later on. Financing does not equal control, not unless control is demonstrated. Targeting Roma - thats evidence of controlled opposition. Of all the camps they could attack, they attacked fucking gyppos. Gyppos are like… I cant think of a good example, they dont fucking matter. Small fries compared to big fish.
Roof killed more important people and he takes flack for it.

There's no evidence whatsoever for this having happened.
And that photo of Rebel media controlled op tiki torch party is not related to the story in any way, shape or form.
Thinly veiled "Why haven't you killed a gypsy yet, fellow neo nazi racist?" thread.
God, you make this so easy.

checked. More LARPing ebil nazis making holes in Gypsies.
Rolling for actual jewish deaths

You are retarded if you think this scenario would ever happen.
How it happens in real life:
You get caught doing one of the following:
Jew tells you that you must start pretending to be "right-wing", tells you which (of his controlled) organizations to "join". You do whatever he tells you. If you are lucky then you're not the patsy yourself, your job is just to reel in gullible teenage/early 20s/30+ social misfit men with "right-wing" leanings. They will be the ones who stand trial for plotting terrorism/murder etc.
tl;dr your scenario is ridiculous
Believing this :
a) happened at all
b) was the work of a "right-wing terror cell"
tells me that you need to stop watching VICE documentaries about "Russian neo nazis".
they're all controlled agents. just like Varg Vikernes. anyone given a platform is controlled. anyone given a platform by state propaganda outlet VICE is controlled and trusted at the highest levels

Top Kek

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BUMP for good boys who did their duty. Take note.

Anyway, killing gypsies is always welcome.

Kikes already do the everything is fake bullshit.

I see the dethrone of imkikeky didn't stop this.

Also, Varg is not a control op, you are just jealous.

Good luck based Misanthropic Division

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This is fucking awesome, I encourage more of this. I also support these lads doing the same to yeshiva schools and kikelets.

Cops work for ZOG, that's why.

But now they won't be a nigger-servicing economy like America the beautiful. What will they do with themselves? Spend time with their families like lazy people? Go get em happy folks, banksters. Fuck dey shit up.

How is Varg controlled? He explicitly states that there is no political solution, basically saying he's not going to bother playing the kikes' game of politics, and instead focusing on his family and living a self-sustaining life.

probably just some autistic low tier slavgoloids and the judaic media just took advantage and kvetched about muh nodzheez

Yeah, getting caught is pretty much the maximal level of failure. They should have been much more careful, we shouldn't have even known it was 'nazis' who performed the action.


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It happens that way all the time, its how they co-op Palestinian charities and such. Jews regularly reach out and offer money, then tell you what you cant do after youve taken it.

Also Matt Hale was on Fox and such, hes in prison now. I guess youre going to say he was always controlled and was a patsy, what a joker you are. Theres a difference between being aware of the background dealings and going full nibiru tier larper jumping to astoundingly stupid conclusions.


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They look so white, while Russians look like weird little bean-headed mongoloid dirty-tan people. I thought they were the same people (the way Russians talk about them being on stolen land or some shit). What the fuck…

How the fuck did these people wind up all over Europe?

Daily reminder Ukrainian (((Nazis))) are literally funded by the pentagon and are butt buddies with McCain

By what, attacking gypsy shits?

Pretty much, the gypsy's are low priority on the race chart.

Based pentagon.

What the fuck. Come on slavs, we need you to get your shit together and set a proper example. 2 american teens were getting higher scores than that 20 years ago, and they didn't even technically get caught!

Because Europeans are retarded and didn't have a kill on sight policy for all foreigners.

Ah yes I love neonazis that do everything they can to alienate the common man with dumb edgelord shit like this, they totally don't seem like kike plants at all.
Kikes love evil, they love misanthropy, why would any self respecting white man champion these things?

Gypsies need exterminatus. Niggers, spics, sand niggers, and anyone else who formed a self-sustaining civilisation, no matter how primitive, can all be forcibly relocated back to their countries of origin, but gypsies are obligate parasites that have no place of origin. They are human scum. Even a nigger can be trained to act and to work like a human if he's scared that the white men around him will beat him if he falls out of line, but gypsies are just fuckin blue-collar jews. There is no potential for reformation there. Just gas them all.

Literal what is the down side to having a 'Misanthropic Division'?
Your opinion is irrelevant.

My thoughts exactly. Saw a similar lackluster number of illegals killed when fleeing from ICE. I think it was like 4 out of 12 or something. Worst part is when these parasites survive the tax dollars of whites are poured into their medical care so they're quite literally better off dead. The only way to keep them from leaching your money through the cuck government is to either not pay taxes or outright kill them since they're not being deported enough to even make a dent and even when they are deported they sneak right back in.

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While we are on the subject of gypsies, I remembered the 1996 Disney adaptation of Hunchback Notre Dame. Esmeralda was brown and all the white stars were after her. It made me wonder if she was always that brown or if this was a Disney change. According to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esmeralda_(The_Hunchback_of_Notre-Dame)

Look at how she's depicted in this 1865 statue en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Esmerelda_and_the_Goat_-_Drexel_University_-_IMG_7348.JPG

Clearly actually a caucasian character who was simply raised by the gypsies who kidnapped her as a a baby. Funny how the Disney adaptation left THAT out. Quasimodo was left in her place, meaning it was probably Quasimodo who was of the gypsy subspecies. I remember was a kid I was upset that Quasimodo didn't get the girl, but now Phoebus getting her makes a hell of a lot more sense. Agnes/Esmeralda the caucasian rejected the deformed jew-gypsy quasimodo for a superior valiant Aryan speciman, Phoebus.

Why stab 5 when you could have killed 14 and not been caught?

Pheobus was a married man (to "fleur de lise"), he was a pedophile (Esmeralda was 14), he was the man who sent her to her death (by hanging) to cover up his affair and his corruption (treason), he was violent (beat up peasants), and he allows Esmerlda to be sentenced to death for his attempted murder, despite knowing that Frollo was the one who tried to stab him, simply because Frollo was powerful (he was a coward), and Esmeralda was disposable, etc.
not what I would cal a valiant or noble man.

Frollo was better then him, he took care of his drunkard of a brother, saved Quasimodo from being tossed down a well (by unknown characters, not himself), took care of him as a (loving) father would, Frollo was a friend to the gypsies (he ran charity), he was a decent guy that went homicidally insane with lust, and he's the antagonist of the story.

Quasimodo was not as angelic as he was in this film, he was an attempted rapist (of Esmeralda), he was sent to kidnap her by Frollo, and did so (the kidnapping failed and it was the reason he was being whipped, the day of fools was another event entirely), also the festival of fools was a day when the man who could make the ugliest face would be pope for a day, and treated as a king (includes free food, beer, and wine, and watching Esmeralda dance for him, at which point he falls for her), not being punished, he also crawled into Esmeralda's grave.

the gypsies were evil, EVIL people, in the books, they are criminals, savages, and degenerates who took advantage of the french.

they threatened to kill a french musician they hired when they found he wasn't a gypsy, he got out of it by Esmeralda's offer to marry him, they get married at the start of the book, fucking lunatics, they also hated Esmeralda for stupid reasons, such as her being pretty (and NOT a gypsy by blood).

The french weren't as bad, but they still had their problems, for example, they thought Esmeralda was a witch who had sex with the goat she taught to dance (and count), they also thought the goat was the devil.

Arent the azov batallions the same ones fighting russians in Donbass?


Ok I used to hate them for fighting a brother war in the east but I have now forgiven the Ukrainian nationalists.

People still fear the law. It is a mental inhibition. As the bloodshed increases so will people's fanaticism!!


Who won?

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18 year old AoC is a modern world thing. Whites were marrying and procreating before 18, in the past.

Just more Jewish run "Satanist" Neo Nazis.

tfw no qt romani grilfriend

this is the most obvious hoax/false flag I've seen in ages. At least the burgers are somewhat sophisticated.

Gypsies are caucasian. You seem to think caucasian is a more posh word for "fair north european". Guess what - its not and has never been. You only look like a moron when you use terms you clearly do not understand. Calling yourself caucasian when you are a white european is degrading yourself because the majority of the worlds caucasians are crude brown roach people.

Basically this. We need to make sure we're really identifiable, along with our motives. Definitely don't do a mugging or anything like that. Just do the dumbest, most obvious thing possible to out yourself. This is obviously a totally real thing, and not that (((Allied))) kike SOP since before WWII is that all propaganda should be lies or anything.
No cohencidences here, goyim.

How (((convenient)))

Azov battalion was / is there, but Kiev's Armed Forces of Ukraine did / do most of the fighting against the rebels.

The Kiev government that operates (Western) Ukraine is a ZOG affair.

Strange bedfellows.

The Rebels won. It was in general a civil war and more specifically a war of succession, something like the US Civil War.

The eastern region succeeded. That's the "facts on the ground" reality.

I don't blame them. They are mostly ethnic Russians anyway. And remember that the Kiev government of {((Poroshenko})) was created by ousting the elected government in a violent coup… A bloodbath engineered in part by Victoria Nuland, wife of infamous 9/11 PNAC Jew Robert Kagan.

I don't blame the people there for not wanting to live under ZOG rule, a regime installed by Israeli-Americans.

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When you have nothing to lose

They were border hopping traveling merchants who weren't Jews. And they would typically fuck off when there wasn't spare work.

They found a niche and inhabited it well. They have no place no longer.

That's a kute Khazar.


fucking neck youirself my dude
14-16 is peak beauty and fertility

Not to Mention AZOV is run by a jew oligarch Kolymoisky. Mostly sub retard level football hooligans who larp as natsocs.

Not defending gyppos in the least but I don’t want new niggers thinking azov is le ebin baste nationalists when they’re really just faggot (((neo Nazis)))

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this, they are just silly tools, they don't realize if ukraine joins the e.u which they want so bad, it will be flooded with all sorts of non whites


Gypsies are such shit, even my more progressive cocksucking acquaintances hate the living shit out of them.

Wait the war ended?
I thought it was just a ceasefire

Well, their patches are fucking beautiful though.