1 more year until the bourgeois crashes the stock market through their own greed

Its almost time fams

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I wouldn't get your hopes up too much it will probably just be a recession that will send some people flocking to center-left parties in moderate numbers but communism ain't coming.

Threads like these also make me very curious about the financial situation of most posters here. Are you some fucking NEET living off mommy's money? Well good for you buddy but some of us aren't particularly looking forward too economic meltdown being poor sucks as.

I don't care about communism, I just want people to suffer.

Its the only opportunity for leftism though

Have you been organizing locally for the big push this time?

Don’t make me laugh

Not him but the future (mine and the world's in general) is probably so bright I don't need eyes to see it unless something changes.

hi falseflag

Not him, but if you live in America theres very little options. The unions here are trash and the most left wing movements here are still liberal. Theres this e-chick i keep arguing with this about even though I keep telling her that the organizations she's a part of are jokes.

I’ve been thinking of getting in touch with my local Greens next election. They’re pretty liberal and not very radical but I think it’ll be a good place to get my toes in the water, especially since I broadly agree with many aspects of their platform. Good on you for combating liberalism though, it needs to be done whenever and wherever you can find it. Just the other day I was arguing with my friend that the solution is to do away with capitalism all together, not just “regulate” it like he thinks (despite him thinking it is inherently bad).

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting up my own thing eventually if I get to a good position. There really is very little good here

I'm a Green organizer myself. The great thing about being a socialist Green organizer in a small state is that due to the party's bad national organizational structure, I get a whole bunch of sway in the direction of the party by "representing" my state, while myself only being accountable to a small base. I don't like it, but I'm willing to take advantage of it.

I'm involved with at least three different grassroots organizations in my community, what are you doing user? You might surprise yourself at your own ability to sway people if you just show up regularly to things and voice your opinion.

I can guarantee you all three of those grassroots are liberal.

One is issue-focused and primarily composed of liberals, another deals with election infrastructure/integrity/reform, and the last is a staunchly anti-capitalist group trying to build worker cooperatives. Sometimes it's worth getting involved in issue-based campaigns to turn liberals into socialists.

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Literally cannot be done. Liberals adore the democratic party establishment and left-liberal bourgeois and are also heavily invested into idpol.

Throwing a brick through a Starbucks window is a form of direct action that is uniquely American

Shifting the overton window is still good. I just feel for everyone who's about to have their 401(k)s annihilated.

Liberals are easy to radicalize if you point them in the right direction. Are you talking from face-to-face experience because mine is the opposite of what you're saying

I really don't think communism will work in America, but I do wish that Socialism will rise in America.

Why do you think it will crash this year?

It's happening now.

user, have you been an anti-capitalist since the day you were born?

Isn't everybody?

It's always and never almost time

try six months
the USA bond yield curve has flattened and went full inverse in december
the capitalist class has begun withholding investment, we're due for a recession around Q2 or Q3.

I most definitely wasn't born a capitalist.

I'm really not well read when it comes to financial stock market stuff, can you elaborate?

The bond yield curve is a curve that describes the expected yield (=profit) on bonds, primarily government bonds.
It's a fairly good indicator of the general tendencies of the capitalist class.
Remember: high bond yield = low bond price = low bond demand.
In "regular" (i.e. boom) times, the yield curve is sloping upwards: short-term bonds have a lower yield than long-term bonds, because short-term bonds are in higher demand than long-term bonds. When capitalists begin feeling uneasy because they feel a recession is coming (which a self-fulfilling prophecy in unregulated capitalist economies) they start buying long-term bonds and are less likely to buy short-term bonds. The means demand for long-term bonds goes up, demand for short-term bonds goes down, and the yields become "inversed".

All that is more or less meaningless theory. What matters is that in practice, most neoliberal economies enter a recession shortly after the yield curve inverses.

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How exciting!

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you're not even trying to hide your intentions here. why did yall become so lazy

Not the ones on reddit, no.
I had so many fights with them, I just don't see these assholes ever becoming communist.
If shit hits the fans, liberals and socdems sided with "Order", which was usually spearheaded by reactionaries and fascists. They are already constantly flirting with conserfs all the time. So what difference does it make, if those conserfs are slightly agitated?