Congrats, this place is worse than cuckchan now

Every first reply is a sage from JIDF with some retarded insult.
Half the remaining thread is just more schizos calling everyone trying to make a decent attempt at conversation niggers and kikes and kill yourselves.
This place is absolute garbage.

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It's been this way since imkikey at the helm.

For some reasons, we have "nazis" who have a very jewish vocabulary.

>not migrating to >>>/fascist/ for actual discussion
Come on, user. Get with the times

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this place has turned to shit because of useless threads like yours. thanks for contributing, faggot.

As bad as kikey was, it wasn't this bad before. The lack of moderation and the incredibly loose rules have let shills and blackpillers have near total control of threads, since they can just make a thread on a topic, with a shill/blackpill spin on it, and no quality threads can be made on that topic because it'd be a duplicate thread.More than 60% of the threads on here are that right now.

See above

Yeah, it was so much better under kikey. Fucking kill yourself and take your magapedos with you.

It was exactly this bad before though.

kikey didn't ban the kike shill, he only bans dissidents.

Don't you mean /hollywoodskinheads/?

I remember him banning blackpill kike shitposters and occasionally shitpost tripfagging, oh and banning book and self-improvement threads.

Thats a too gentle way of saying shitpost

Posting an archived link of an article questioning why Yael and Jared are partying in the hamptons with high level anti-white democrats is shitposting? Saying that it looks like Trump was heading completely off the rails once he attacked a syrian airbase used by russians to bomb isis is shitposting?

Neck yourself.

That MIGHT, and I am going out on a limb here, be because the root source of Nazi is Nazirite, indication of someone highly moral or pure, which is part of the jew faith. Sampson (as well as many others including Jesus) were Nazirite, that is, someone with a rigid moral and highly ethical vow to the jewish god for a specific time period. [NAZI = NAZIrite] why do you think the jews HATE NAZI's with a contempt and hatred above all other things? It is the antithesis of all that they stand for.

I always laugh when people say that it comes from National Socialism…uuhhh sure…NASO…right…

Nationalsozialist would still be NASO.

To be NAZI is a more ancient (far fucking more ancient than those thieving fucking kikes) tradition that [yikes, here I am guessing] came out of the Druid/Atlantean linages…it gets very muddy when you go back that far…but it sure didn't come from those degenerate disgusting kikes. Their blood (morals/ethics/culture) is so corrupted they could have never even conceive of such a thing.

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Only schizophrenics have stayed unfortunately. The Trump tards left with kampfy and the real anons were chased away years ago. It's only crazy people now.

Checked for truth.

Old moderation was awful Zionist faggotry, but this is also shit.

This place is worse than cuckchan but its not because the reasons you said, nigger lover. This guy just got out of the TRS shill made "white allies" thread, suggesting niggers are based got people like OP banned up until a month ago so its obvious this is an astroturf narrative by TRS, asspained we dont accept your based nigger bullshit even if you cant be banned for it.

Sage, you nigger kike, kill yourself.

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Who were the "real anons" exactly?

I would LOVE to see your post history.

Guess you count yourself among the crazy people since you're using such a wide brush?

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I haven't looked there in a while, are they still Metzger worshippers?

Incorrect dumbass
Nazi is directly linked to natsoc

KYS kike

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He bans absolutely anyone who dissents, yet he didn't ban obvious D&C kike like morpheus and he evens ralphposts himself.

I dont like the ugliness of images people are posting.

I also dont like all the news threads about minor célébrités posting on Twitter.

I also dont like that 50% of posts are anons (or maybe shills hired to make the board unusable) calling each other jews.

I want more sig/language/books/outdoors/k/philosophy/diy threadsvand more discussion of NSDAP

And i want nicer images.

We need to get our board in border so we can conduct memetic warfare abroad on other sites.

It was nothing like this, youre the kike shill. TRS astroturfed regularly and the reason we know is because their BAN LOGS

Or it's just that the kikes are swarming in this place, thus explains their vocabulary.

See? This is how imkikey and his goons act, they accuse people of being shill and report them.

Who the fuck is morpheus? What? I just said he avatarfaggoted you stupid fuck, you could tell that easily casually visiting the damn board.

What the fuck are you talking about you stupid fucking kike?

Lefty/pol/, you are going to suffer.. so.. so bad.

Criticism is fine, but the constant blackpill/shilling against him is blatant and lowers board quality.

I'm not saying I want kikey back, I just want some sensible moderation that doesn't benefit shills and blackpills.

The term Nazi was an insult made up by a kike to disparage National Socialists. You should know this already. See

Reminder the mods are doing the best they can, its codenigger who actually wants shills on the board.

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Morpheus is that dude who calls everyone who fights against jews a jew.

Can't you read?

The fuck? Kikey does not deserve to be here, full stop.

The man was a fucking schizo who ralphposts just to piss people off.

What are you talking about you stupid rat bastard? All I ever heard about people on this board bitching about was "imkikey" turkroach", who the fuck is morpheus you stupid fucking nigger?

There are more problems to Zig Forums than that turkroach, morpheus is one of it.

The same few people, over and over on vpns. lefty/pol/ absolutely hated him, you could see them saying this was great the day the board was made global. /intl/ absolutely hated him, because shitposting cancer wasnt allowed even if it was "on topic".

I think he may just be a schizoid kike retard since he referenced a jewish term.

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Oh, and a few autists who genuinely were just upset about being banned for anti-trump rhetoric because they got caught up being banned along with the shareblue MARGLEBURMPF tier shills, and they had no posting record because they were eternally ban evading. Those people should have just SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT TRUMP AND TALKED ABOUT NATSOC INSTEAD BECAUSE HES FUCKING IRRELEVANT
Look where it got us now, now the whole board is a pro-trump shill.

We have a meta thread for this.