Catch and Release back on

Stated within the omnibus bill signed by Trump: no new funding for facilities/beds and no new ICE agents can be hired. The based Trump administration delivers again.

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< it's Trump's fault
To the
with you.

Luegenpresse is Juedenpresse

It's just 4D chess. Trump is setting up the Dems right where he wants them for midterms.

Kike found. Note the lack of effort in the topic area.

Turn them away at gunpoint.

He signed the omnibus bill you faggot.

Eh no. I think we're getting fucked on this.

Can't wait to see how based Trump Judo fucks the kike leftist traitors yet again.

This. They are invaders and should be shot at the border, on Mexico's side, as any invading army would be. The fact that they aren't shows we're letting the traitor leftists make us be too soft.

Have they renewed Lautenberg this year? It's up for a vote every year and is tied into bullshit that requires reauthorization which is also tied into immigration.

First rule of American political science where the fuck are you from?!:
Congress controls the purse strings.

Anything short of shooting the invaders is us being fucked, but I'm not going to ignore the past 50 years of spineless immigration policy and blame it all on Trump.

The solution is relatively simple. We must demand that our citizens be given the right to own land on the coast of Mexico, and as well along the US-Mexico border.

Presently, the reason why Americans don't live on the Mexico side of the border is simply because they are prohibited by law from doing so.

So you're saying they're pushing into us, the solution isn't to hold at the border but play their game back at them and push into them? Annex the border territory to take control of the situation Mexico has allowed to get out of control?

But Trump signed it, retard. He could have just told them to get fucked.

First of all, they're not invaders so long as the actual legal structures which oppress us whites invite them in.

Rather, it is an illegitimate government which oppresses us that is in league with the "illegals." But they're not illegals, given the enormity of permission and even handouts given to them.

Imagine someone owns a house. The owner decides he does not want dogs pooping on his lawn, so he puts up signs that say, "no dogs allowed!" Nevertheless, dogs continue to enter the yard, particularly because their dog is female, and they want to fuck their dog, but also because there's dog food there, and lots of bushes to piss on. So dogs keep coming onto his property and keep shitting on his lawn.

One day, he suggests building a fence. His wife is opposed, because she actually likes all those animals coming, and even feeds them steak scraps on occasion.

We cannot consider these dogs "bad dogs", but simply sensible. Dogs like steak, and who can blame them?

< he could have just told them to get fucked
Nope, he couldn't. Congress is the one who has to pass the budget 8^)

So, for you noobs to politics, it takes a hell of a lot of elections to get what you want.

And the kikes of wall street, they are tireless, and hire their shilling and their magazines to work non-stop 24/7, without faltering.

But at every minor setback, we see failure, "oh woe are we, all is lost, give up, let the kikes take over!"


Kill yourself nigger, flooding a country's borders with no recognized immigration status is invasion.

Regardless of the powers not upholding the laws, the laws state they are in fact illegal. They have declared themselves to be an invading force. They are enemy combatants. Kill yourself.

do you honestly expect people to read past that?
they're invaders even on a existential scale, they don't deserve to exist

But you see, this is not our government, but the government of the oppressor. True, you can conceive of "illegal aliens" as invaders, but the actual system of kike judges and so on are actually the power upon this Earth, not us, neither have we our will.

If the government actually TRIED to keep them out, and helped us help them do it, and applied severe penalties to those who aid and abet "illegals…"

…. then we could call them illegals.


This is not our law, it is the scheme of the kike, the oppressor. There is no justice in the legal system, only kike oppression.

Get this through your head.

Yes, he could have.

Ok yid, by that logic if they never find your fucking body it isn't illegal when you end up dead. No body, no jail.

But you see, there is no meaning to laws, so long as the kikes are in positions of power. They simply claim some external concepts rule.

Recently, the kikes of the court, the imbeciles, the parasites, the oppressors, in SCOTUS, declared that, suddenly, it's totes OK for states to tax interstate commerce, if the sales are made online. So fuck you, commerce clause.

Laws don't exist, save that white men of great education and great wisdom respect them.

And we do not have human beings in the courts, but kikes and homos.

The meaning of law comes by this: those which law enforcement obey.

LEO obey judges. And judges are kikes.

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What the law is, is precisely what it does.

I suggest you read the top book on this topic, named Might is Right. It's the best book on law that I have ever found, and I commend it to all.


Summer always brings out the 12 year olds.

They are invaders, fuck off, they need to all fuck off you shitskin apologist.


By the way, for those that live in a tax exempt state, you can submit your docs for the exemption. States bordering places that are sales-tax free like Oregon have been doing it for years. If you can prove residency, you aren't taxed. The rest of the niggers no longer get to take advantage of the system by not buying local to avoid taxes.

Quite a few shitskins running liquor stores used to play games with cigarette taxes in this way as well. Fucked up how far they go to jew the system. Michigan is really bizarre in how they handle their tax stamps. They have to lock up all their stamps because they are worth tons of money and the cigs don't come pre-stamped. jews are always trying to fuck the system up in some way.

muh laws
< but keep the kikes in the various courts throughout the land, and the kike universities and their kike standards

uhuh, you're totally a fellow white man.

It's not invading if you don't have a real defense, indeed when there are numerous areas where there is support for you.

Consider football. Suppose the defenders, at the snap, just exited the field. Now, would you say that the offense, in gaining the touchdown, "invaded" their inzone? Surely not. We would say it was given to them.

So it is with illegals, in this kike-filled kiked-up government. The gates have been opened up, as with the kike district of Constantinople.

Nonsense. Congress controls the purse strings. But you know this. You are a shill. Curse yahweh, curse yidsrael, curse the kikes.

But he didn't have to sign the omnibus.


Look, they're invaders, I don't give a shit about your worthless bullshit you stupid fucking kike bastard.

>< but keep the kikes in the various courts throughout the land, and the kike universities and their kike standards
You're a kike nigger.

Omnibus is not a budget and therefore does not have to be followed. Trump can choose only the things he wants to follow.

Anybody that says the president doesn't have to sign a budget is a liar straight out of the anus of Netanyahu.


We're dealing with very low-IQ (((people))) - the kikes of yidrael, damn it, and damn the kikes, and damn yahweh.

If this is any indication trumpstein will probably be signing an amnesty bill soon.


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He has also threatened to veto the bill. He just keep yanking them around.

Fuck off jew.

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You incorrectly assume HE's pleased with (((them))).

< not an argument

How much do you make per hour, shilling for your accursed Yidsrael?

Interesting point. Checked.

He just told (((them))) to go fuck themselves with their Syrian rebel crap.

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You shitskins are some pretty ugly fucking disgusting things, nobody wants to see your worthless (((oc))).

Based Yahweh.

There are more things that matter than a constant fight between two cancerous parties. I'd rather start something great and leave these assholes in the dust than just spend so much time locking horns with them.

I was just talking about Trump. I have the yid filtered so I can't be sure what he you were referring to. Demon worship doesn't really have a place in this discussion.

You bought a hat, didn't you?

Wonder how Alex Jonestein is gonna shill for Trump now.

Pick one vargstein.

And get on a list? Nope.

Anyone else see how he outed the chink nationals trying to steal genetically modified seeds from us to send home? Literally digging up our seeds in a field.

I'm not sure why he ever expected otherwise; failure and selling-out is a GOPe tradition, but damned if they won't be channeling their inner Pat Buchanan on the campaign trail! He just disappears after the voting is over.

No, that's the (((Federal Reserve))).

Trump is the deep state.

Absolutely this.


You're assuming Trump is for real and more importantly, understands what he needs to do to save the country. If that were true, he would have purged Clinton, Obama, and Bush appointments to military command and used it to put half of Washington in Guantanamo. Also, Mexico city would be a giant, radioactive heap of rubble. He'll follow Omnibus most likely. Hell, he's done absolutely nothing about even the most obvious criminals in our government.

If he does sign one, it'll be during his second term. It would be political suicide for him to do so now.

Guys we need to bring the based blacks and browns out of the democrat plantation so we can vote on bombing iran for israel!!

trump didn't have to sign shit, he could have vetoed it and made them come back and vote above his veto but he didn't and…
There is no reason to defend trump signing that shit without first vetoing it



I want a night of the long knives as much as you, and I hold out hope we'll get one. I don't know Trump's plan, neither do you, but to say he's deep state is a tall claim and I'm not convinced.

Trump is really the best psyop the kikes have unleashed by far. If he really were for real, he would have had Clinton criminally prosecuted already.

Why is due process being afforded to foreign invaders at all?

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Because 50 years of Americans not lynching traitors in the night.

This may be the only fully true and correct statement in the entire thread.

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So tl;dr

because they are about 35 - 50% of the house of representatives.

All democrats are invaders


We will never stop winning, as soon as the attempt at a coup comes into play, we'll have our emperor.

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They'll love him now!

Fuck yeah user!

Awww, still mad we aren't helping pissrael? What a shame.

Wth you talking about son? I'm a proud evangelical and support the second coming of christ (see Trump). Either you support Israel don't ever fucking call it pissrael again or you're just not worth my time and I WILL report you and filter your ass. Grew up with scum nazis like you in the past and ain't putting up with it. America is diverse but at least it's christian. I'll gladly take that over the demonic globalist system.

am I right fellow DACApedes?

Why would he care about being reelected?

Typical mexican't.

this, only mexifags re the ones spamming that forced meme

real whites like me have seen through this. I wish other whites around here would support us, at least for the newfags

top kek, using that one from now on

I cant imagine leading a life this willfully ignorant. (also how many of you sour little bitches are gonna flag this post lmao)

Guy's given up New Nigeria and focusing on cucking China more for Israel.


Fuck off, you good goy golem piece of shit.


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This user is speaking the truth, CNN is even getting all concerned this was all part of his plan. It's basically already claiming polling being off from what Dems are expecting due to the goal post shift immediately after getting the family detention and then crying for NO detention and catch and release to be the reg again.

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Why did he care about being elected in the first place? He already registered his 2020 campaign with the Federal Election Commission before he was even inaugurated. If he signs an amnesty bill, it'll be during his second term, just like Reagan did during his second term in 1986.


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You've been bamboozled bro. Give it up already. Im kikey isnt here to protect you from alternate opinions any longer.

That post had nothing to do with Trump, it involves Pissrael pissing away their water reservoirs.

You're using it as some sort of implication that Im jewish. Im not, and you're fucking retarded if you think Trump has anything in common with you, or believe that he'll do anything that will benefit you in the longterm.

Yeah, so what's so hard about dumping them at the border and shutting the door behind them?

I'm just guessing that this guy's Israeli, but even if he isn't I want any Israelis reading the thread to remember their time is short.

Got any more opinions?

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