Pro-Trump Conspiracy-Monger “QAnon” Calls for Regime Change in Iran

Pro-Trump Conspiracy-Monger “QAnon” Calls for Regime Change in Iran

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He's been calling for regime change in Iran for months. Proof Q is a fucking kike.


Also claims Nazis control the world. Q is the most Jewish thing imaginable.

t. BTFO'd QLarptist

Literally who?

There were nation wide protests all day yesterday in Iran you fucking POLtard.

No one wnats to be ruled over by a bunch of hardline pisslamists.

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Q-user was always a shit meme.

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Youre the fucking meme 8gag

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pretty sure I just said fuck off goon

You're fucking useless my dude. This board would be better off without you tbh.

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Worst psyop ever, but shows how many people are fucking morons (those who follow and defend him/xim/xer/her).

Brainlet detected

Well, I am glad that we have all hated qshit from the first nanosecond it (((coincedentally))) appeared here. Sage because qshit.

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I didn't call for morons to come out, you fucking moron. Stay silent.

Iran will be free of their mullahs and there is not shit you can do about it brainlet.

It's a "progressive" leftist website that shills for feminism, homosexuality, open borders, created from the cesspool of (((uni))) indoctrination from Minnesota. It's pretty anti-Israel however. Anti-Israel leftists have been known for quite some time now. Maybe we could weaponize them to kill every Jew in the US. Once they've outgrown their usefulness, we can definitely exterminate them.


(((trust in Zognald goys! no critical thinking allowed!)))

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but dude trump is going to put all his jewish friends and his jewish daughter into chesscamps i swear dude just wait and see

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Uses all the first page phrases of his shill guide book in the thread

Been out of the loop on the queue thing, but:
- the queue phenom "sounded" legit as there is a high-ranking MILINT group called 'Q' at nosuchagency
- as time progressed it all became a huge time-eating monster to waste countless hours listening to someone on YT do lots of reading and little interpretation and many 'maybe's'
- think to myself; "if any of those things come to pass we'll all know, thus it is confirmation that the queue-phenom is legit or not"
- ff to now; nothing has really happened. The 'T' is rumored to be a one-term pres by choice
- the push by the Left is a reboot of the Weather Underground communist takeover
- the push by the Right appears to be less about the US and more about Israel (Zionist Jew Nationalist v. US Nationalist/Patriot)
- when queue places Iranian Regime change as a priority, he/she/it/they has just shown their hand
The takeaway from all of this is that between the WH, LEO's, LE(Feebs/Glowies/DHS and yes the US military apparatus), the only people that the US constituency can count on are themselves


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newfag, Q first appeared on 4chan

women, am I right?

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stay buttmad furryhumping losers

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No way to get rid of people for criticising it, this time.

If you think that Iran and Israel are enemies just cuz they keep saying they are, then you know nothing about judaism.

If you think Q is legitimate, then you're too dumb to live and should be euthanized.

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it's under criticism because the cianiggers did a good job on doubling down on their 'muh q larp' spam when people are least aware and vigilant when it happened. the ARG ops it did may be a bit not on target on a few points but the fact that (((they))) keep on shilling the larp angle pretty much proves Q user really give (((them))) a mighty sting like no one could


You would faggots shut the fuck up about Q ITS BEEN COMPROMISED FOR MONTHS NOW



You're a retard. The shah and the Islamic revolution are two different things. The Islamic revolution made the Jews shit their pants. And they have been shitting their pants over Iran for decades now.

Q is a kike shill.

Good goyim. (((Q))) trained you well.

Found the muslim. Nobody is afraid of inbred mudshits, little goat fucker, except maybe a few boomers in Buttfuck Idaho. You're about as threatening as a nigger with a nerf gun.

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He/they may be legitimate; but the queue group is shaping up to be a tool of the Zionist faction, there to:

Which Jews? The Zionist faction or the International/Globalist faction?

In what way is the zionist faction any different to the same globalist faction?

Pro-tip, not even dumb niggers would try to pretend zionists aren't globalists, only retarded zionist neocon jews do

Try this:
- The Zionist?Nationalism for Jews only, wants a Jew World Order HQ'd in Israel
- The Globalist/International Jew is not a Zionist as in he/she is not Israel-first; the International/Globalist Jew is all about focusing all energies on trade, as it is a method of infusing the Jew dollar scam into all facets of a nation, like an Octopus. He creates value out of thin-air, and uses it to seize property(intellectual/physical/soil), H2O, CO2, O2, all resources above and below ground to include the human resource, etc….
So, you are right but for the wrong reasons.
The long ass post above should give you some insight, but for further clarification; there is a Nationalist Jew (Zionist) which represents the Conservative faction and an International/Globalist Jew who gives zero fucks about degeneracy, and in fact uses it as a tool to atomize identity, and they are seen by the Nationalist/Zionist faction as the 'Liberal' Jew on the Left end of the political spectrum
Sorry for the long post

Both. And there are not really two factions of Jews anyway. All Jews have the same ends, but they just disagree on strategies.

Only fucking retarded thought Qanon was a good guy

heads the Jew wins, Tails the goy loses

Zionism is globalism
It wasn't until the invention of the jewish alt-right did jews have such brass necked chutzpah to even claim anything so self-evidently retarded and untrue

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I was at first 'user' then 'Q' in the infamous but now [seemingly] defunct #wotc. Who the fuck is this 'QAnon'? I hope it isn't niggamode!

Niggamode pulled some funny ass ruse-cruises back around CY+1 or so.

>but the fact that (((they))) keep on shilling the larp angle

these fucking retards have been spamming specifically all-caps LARP across every last website they can, in complete uniform obviousness.
That 'glow-in-the-dark' shit is no joke, either they truly aren't sending their best or they're trying to lure us into a false sense of security.
Since judaism is all about using humiliation as a shield I'm guessing it's the second one.

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For the record:
Nowhere in the definition is the term "Globalist" nor "Globalism". Not getting carpal tunnel over someone who cannot see that we agree that 'Heads' they win and 'Tails' you lose


Iran will be free from Islamic rule and there is nothing 8gag POLniggers can do about it.

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I filtered the first few retarded shills and half the thread disappeared. Imagine how much money is being spent just to control your mind and it's not enough.

The main point is that a globalist will never support open borders for Israel, and a Zionist will never support true self-determination for goyim nations. There may be a rift, but they tacitly agree to never do any real harm to a fellow jew.

There isn't any debate
Zionist is globalism, even a retarded negro child could tell you this

pick one

Fucking boomer bait and astroturfing faggots 'believe' him.

And some of the first people to really push that line were the TRSodomites, who would mock the "ZOG people" that had an actual understanding of jewish power. Interestingly, Eunuch claims to have been anti-neocohen since the early-2000s, and one of the few in his anti-war groups who would say that the wars were fought for Israel.

That's an insult to flat-Earthers. The Q LARP is the #2 dumbest "conspiracy theory" of all time, second only to the Holocaust.

Where's your proof that the Iranian people (and not subversive foreign elements) want regime change?

Yeah it's not as bad as the holohoax for a larp hoax.

Most people who push for muh regime change in 'x' country have never met people from that country.

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did somebody say MAGA?>>11772934

Zionism is only enabled by vast diaspora networks in many different countries, working to secure resources for jewry and undermine those countries from within.

This is true. An example is Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a democrat who boldly asserted that "the US is the heart of Israel". It is important for anyone reading this to understand "why" they should be looking at whom is a dual-citizen, the ancestry of those that publicly come out against the Caucasian of European descent and his ideals(ye shall know them by their fruit), specifically the ethnicity of their mother.
The maxim remains: Jews win both ways.

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Let me make this as simple as possible.

A) The globalist jew only thinks about making money, as you said.

B) The globalist jew, in pursuing any ends to his or her voracious appetite for capital, may piss off his host country(s) by tax avoidance, corporate espionage, fraud etc. Or nazis will finally show everyone what a piece of shit he/she is and demonstrate how they are being financially fucked on a societal level.

C) Now the globalist jew is happy because of the Israeli right of return. They take pedophiles, financial criminals, any criminals as long as the crimes they commit are against the goyim. They especially like people who do espionage and steal state secrets for them/mossad.

Therefore your greedy globalist jews are zionist jews because that is their "safe space." They don't have to try to disappear to some obscure island and live anonymously for the rest of their lives, they just go to Israel.

What you are doing is mistaking the poor, unconnected jews (those not culturally jewish, that is to say) who raise objections against Israel's humanitarian record. These are your secular, working class jews from families that are not influential/affluent.

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The so-called "anti-zionist" jews also fall into the same agenda, with little exception. The Qcumbers/Infotards/MAGApedes constantly point out that that "nazi collaborator" Soros is trying to destroy Israel, but if you take the time to actually look into the groups he's involved with, they're toothless, and their message essentially comes down to "tone it down just a little".