Anti-Israel sentiments on the Left

I guess at some point in time, the golems have started to question why Israel isn't accepting "tolerance" and multiculturalism like the whole West would. Reminder that they just don't want Israel to take more Palestinian land, they're not actually against kikes or anything. In fact these types of leftists keep comparing the Israel-Palestine conflict to the Holohoax as if it actually happened. They keep comparing Israel to the South Africa apartheid, which in my opinion is a really retarded anology. BDS is a major contender of pro-Palestine sentiments on the left. Which Zig Forums sees to be actually useful.

Either their could be a way to redpill them on Hitler's true stance on Palestine or we could watch these two Jewish factions (Zionism and Marxism) eat each other alive. They keep naming anything that is happening in the Middle East to be "imperialism", even though in reality it's just global Jewry using foreign militaries because they can't fight their own wars. What are your opinions on these people, Zig Forums? To me, I see them as nothing more than useful idiots that only exist because they're all still vehemently anti-White and pro-degeneracy. Meaning they are still useful to the Jew. Since leftards and shitskins are retarded enough to think "systemic racism" and "White privilege" exists.

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Every "leftist" anti Zionist organization is infested with jews who are constantly gate keeping. Good luck trying to exploit that fracture point. The membership list of every far leftist pro Palestinian group reads like a tel aviv phonebook.

Doesn't understand this is largely for show, behind the scenes they work together.

Here's Hitler's true views on the Palestinians. And a picture of him with a Palestinian Arab named Amin al-Husseini. tl;dr the "Zionism=Nazism" narrative is completely baseless and only exists because of anti-NatSoc propaganda perpetrated by the same kikes who invented Zionism and Marxism.

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I don't know how this benefits the Jew to be honest. (((They))) rule over universities and indoctrinate the goyim into worshipping decadence the hatred of their own culture, victimcardism, and false accusations of Whites being the devil itself. Only to have these types of goyim be verbally against (((your))) own "holy" land. Is it so that the Jews can get sympathy from the pro-Israel type of neocons like John McCain, Rick Perry, George W. Bush, and virtually a whole lot of cuckservative boomers?

What do you see the "Marxists" yap about every single day ?
Fucking zionist jews ? israel must end ?
nope .. its whites and the west …
They make some stunt a few times a year look goyim how anti-israel we are ehehheheh

Its all charade and the proof is in their behavior

Actually, contrary to what you are talking about. Marxists have been pretty anti-Israel because since Jews don't have brown skin and Palestinians do, they assume they are "White" supremacists.

Team Red vs Team Blue. Pick a jew.

Anybody who thinks kikes don't infight for more cash on top of all of it doesn't understand jewish culture and religion. They do fucking business while "in church" because it isn't a sin, rather it is viewed positively. Not even kidding. You gotta wrap your head around that one. They try to make money when they should be (pretending to be) praying.

This. I gotta love how that there are types of Jews out there who keep saying "Judaism rejects Zionism" like Neturei Karta. As if to say "oh it's not the Jews, only the Zionists are bad". In the end wether (((they))) are pro-Israel or anti-Israel, (((they))) both hate Hitler and think the Holobooga happened.

It isnt jews and israel that is in their cross hairs 99% of the time
eating salad 3 times a year dont make you a vegan

I guess everything about leftism is impossible to define. I can't believe they are retarded enough to think Whites own it all in the West while niggers and shitskins are being "oppressed" because of muh White privilege and systemic racism. So much to the point that they think a bunch of rich kikes is the reason why muh White privilege exists.


It sounds like it is time to have some new ones and point that out, then. I mean, come on, that's a literal ebil rayciss conspiracy, user.

They should be turned to infighting, just like they wish to do with us. We should send provocateurs among them.

Bump, we need to push this as far as it'll go. Fighting for Palestinians is a common goal we share, because it not only inhibits the power Israel could have gained, but it also will expose the hypocrisy of the kikes and why they're not taking in shitskins like everyone else.

The entire point of #Openbordersforisrael

An Attempt to disregard it

Israel is better than nothing and its not true israel in their crosshairs. Its censored.
They should hang their local democrat for supporting israel.

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This controlled opposition is designed to create the illusion that "Palestine"
a. Exists
b. Is a dangerous threat to jews
"Palestinians" are just nomadic arab trash that was imported into the area for labor by the British back in the day before Israel was fabricated. All this fake terrorism is why the last 60 years of ZOGed governments have been calling for "muh two state solution" and keep Israel as an ethnostate that nobody else is allowed to have. It's time to force Israel to open its borders and let the goatfuckers have "rights."

Rumor has it that some Jews have become so radical in their support for persecuted Gaza & the Palestinians (pic related) that they have taken to the streets in order to
Call for Zionist Jews to be Lamp-Shaded

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Implying israel has a right to exist

Kikes already itt

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Spam those ignorant in the left with simple truthful facts.

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I feel it's worth remembering this truth:
Leftists get censored on jewtube and kikebook too

They are idiotic enough that they think this means that the mean ol' white devils are against them and their 'revolution'. In reality the only Leftists that are censored are those that speak out about the Jews. And it's the same with most right-wing groups; they still exist, you still have your Tucker, your Rebel Media, your Molyneux and your Alex Jones. It's not about Left or Right; they only censor those who pose a threat to them. Next time you see some Leftist faggot crying about how they get censored - point this out to them. They might be deluded fucks, but if you feed their victim complex with some facts and logic you might well be able to turn them into something vaguely useful.