So there you have it. One aimed shot could have stopped that shirtless faggot permanently and sunk his little chinese raft. The invasion of taco niggers could be stopped by a few thousand anons with shotguns. Our descendants (if we have any) will laugh their asses off at how stupid and useless we were.

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As a mental exercise, let's think about this in a hypothetical way.
Why don't people don't hang out in the wilderness on the border and just shoot these invaders? They're illegals, so they're off the grid, probably no paperwork on them anywhere, no one is going to come looking for them if they disappear. Seems like someone would get away with that for a long time before running into any trouble.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

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I've been curious about this, because hypothetically, I would go down there and do exactly that, but would I be subject to any punishment? Besides maybe trespassing (if it's government land), any anons here able to answer this hypothetical question?

The #1 victims of crime are, in fact, criminals

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You can't shoot a person just for helping people across the border. You can only do so in self-defense. Not that a Stormweenie like you would understand basic law or human compassion/mercy

Why do you leftards feel the need to avatarfag in an anonymous imageboard?

I wonder why now/leftypol/ defends free borders when the Soviet countries had the most effective and well funded and organized border defense and fortifications ever.


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the smugglers are ferrying enemy invaders over… therefore they are enemy transport… kill all of them and burn their boats

Many Democrats would think people like you are traitors, betraying the "America" they believe in.

How should traitors (not saying it's you) be treated?

every non-white deserves to die, kys faggot

Hitler and his Aryan allies would laugh before gassing (((you))).

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It's the previous board owner Zig Forums,

especially with night vision and longer range rifles
if anything it might attract attention from law enforcement, then they would get to arrest the spics

the thing is, americans in general hardly have any free time, so since they spend all their time working for mr shekelstein, when can they defend their country?
weekend trips perhaps

if you can get good white men to come defend the border, why not go further and start shooting spics on their side of the border?
hell just keep going all the way to the southern tip imo

Would think? Nigger they already think like that and have for many years.

You could just go on the Mexican side and shoot some spics. It's not like there's anyone there to stop you or give a shit.

Because it isn't about having open borders or closed, heavily enforced borders. It's about the destruction of white, western civilizations across the planet, without exception and all its institutions. It's a Satanic will to dominate and destroy they share with their kike overlords.

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They aren't the issue though. If you kill one, it would make no difference because the problem would persist. If you want to make an impact target enablers like left wing politicians.

His non-white 'allies' - serving their own interests - failed him at every turn.

Go back to cuckchan.

Was thinking about this yesterday. If you're on the mexican side, they technically can't come after you. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Congratulations you have figured out the game of life. Now inspire some people to actually do it. If not now when? If not you then who?

Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed user. Cutting the head off of the snake is good and right of course, but mutilating the body of the snake beyond repair is also good.

imagine; living in the shadows, never paying taxes, getting free anything through socialist programs to include your entire family. Can I please be undocumented now?

they need to be called on their BS publicly for throwing "Blacks under the threat of gang violence, and being separated from family" under the bus. Blacks need to be reminded that it is the Dems that have given up on them
Well no; actually me, Cletus, Moe Dean and Emmett agree that we hate niggers. That said, when we know that the primary weaponized bodies coming against all things Caucasian of European descent are libshits, niggers, spics and Jews; any opportunity to weaponize them against one another should be exploited. Turning Blacks against libshits, other dems and their (((current-day owners))) is a worthy cause in the larger battle

imagine if you had to live along the frontier like this???

Like the Caucasians of European descent who settled the lands that later became the United States, and fought these very same savages?

Shit above the border is just as gay.

Who is the snake though?

Because camping outside hunting humans is not an engaging or profitable activity enough to do for long periods of time. In addition, the smugglers use their human cargo as meat shields, which might cause distress in the hunters when they blow through them and leave the perpetrator time to flee. Finally, when the reports would come in of mass graves or fetish sites think Germanic treatment of Romans ala Black Forest shit, certain agencies on both sides of the border would likely turn to hunting the hunters. I'd say mainly it is the first reason though in this purely hypothetical scenario.

'Mercy' is reserved for the truly repentant, which human traffickers are certainly not. Also they are not 'helping' people cross the border usually - they are ferrymen who take compensation for their efforts generally including rape and drug muling services since they take advantage of European compassion. The truly compassionate thing to do would be to execute the traffickers in such a manner that would make the risk of the endeavor overwhelm the profits they might gain so that this kind of human misery on all sides would end.

To translate, either one goes after the ferrymen and enablers of the ferrymen (the head) or after the human cargo (the body). The head is the most effective and efficient means of it though they tend to be dangerous, while the body is defenseless and desperate and probably psychologically damaging to the Westerner to lethally harm and unlikely to stop given how much nastier their own countrymen treat them. Making business more risky than it is worth or less profitable for the human traffickers will stop a great deal of it while having the added bonus of removing monsters from the world.

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