Trump aides and white Americans urged to get guns and to carry them at all times

Trump aides and white Americans urged to get guns and to carry them at all times
Facing a new wave of potentially dangerous threats, called for by a top Democratic lawmaker, legal and gun experts are calling on top Trump aides to get their concealed carry permit and back it up with a pistol.

"There are simply not enough police in D.C. or Virginia or Maryland to protect all Trump officials at their homes and when they go out to restaurants. Getting a concealed handgun permit would be helpful to protect themselves and their family,” said John R. Lott Jr., president of the influential Crime Prevention Research Center.

“High level officials in the Trump administration, especially if their faces are likely to be recognized by many in the public as a result of appearances on TV, might want to consider applying for a license to carry a concealed weapon in the District of Columbia, and/or other states they frequent, in view of the call by Rep. Maxine Waters for the public to ‘absolutely harass’ these officials in public places, and other recent events indicating the increased danger they are in,” added public interest law professor John Banzhaf.

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Do concealed carry permits exist for more than just pistols? Should carry a shotgun under your coat just to be safe.

Was a Woman Attacked on Camera for Wearing a 'Make America Great Again' Hat in Hollywood?

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The US becomes more like South Africa every day

a long gun can be carried openly, or in a soft sided case, such as an AR-15 pistol which can't be concealed in the waistband of the wearers trousers where open carry is not allowed and yet concealed is (((Florida)), however a backpack concealing it does then allow for it to be carried concealed. Check your local and state laws regarding open versus concealed carry.

Arm yourself now, as is your right, because World Wide Zionism is coming hard hard for total and complete white extinction by 2030

The commies won't stop. They can't. They don't have a sense of reason or common sense, at least not enough to stop.

This is gonna make the Second American Civil War very expensive - very, very bloody.

with CCW's and .45's for the rest of us.

I like a .45, it fits my hand pretty well. A little officer's model carries easily. And it been dismantling commies for over century now.

get a Glock 41

get a colt 1911. fuck glocks

I have had both for more than 35 year faggot, and surprisingly, once I went to the glock….. it's by far the better weapon.


The slam of a .45 ACP is more important than it's delivery method.
Common ammo, common cause.

Either way, it is on! There will be no codification, just wars

Don't forget

firearms are an anti-evolution invention that allows the weak to defeat the strong. kinda like capitalism. and we wonder why people have so many health problems. the gene pool continues to get weaker and weaker.


We also have a group of people that resent the 1st world created by the Caucasian of European descent; thus, they will weaponize nations against the 1st world because they're know to 'covet thy neighbors' of the Goyim persuasion(ala Immigration policies loosened, perpetually financing, fighting and dying in wars for all but our own soil
- For this reason, we need guns and the big guns. IF people were not a constant threat, there would not be as many gun related deaths by "Whites"
- Mandatory National Service is a broad idea which can be used for undoing the damages done to generations of young, White impressionable minds by Marxian-Leninist indoctrination. As it focuses on true education(exercising the mind) in balance with physical education(exercise of the body)
- Seemingly unrelated is that though the cumulative IQ of prisons lurks in the double-digits; they have figured out 'Segregation' works

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In the modern world, ideologically weak-minded fools, like yourself, are getting weeded out.

Every creature alive defends itself using whatever best means it has available to it. Collectively, this generates mutual respect based on natural law. As we develop our society, we've previously moved beyond fisticuffs, sticks 'n stones, and even guns, into a society of laws. However, those laws have been twisted and misformed by ((ideological subversives)), to such an extent that we are falling back on a previous level civilization, a relative barbarity, where respect is determined at the barrel of a gun. And if that doesn't take out the trash, we will then move back down the evolutive ladder to stick 'n stones, and then fisticuffs.

Where will this lead? That depends only upon how well we stick together.

Dubs confirm, but surely it goes both ways. I bet ancient man said the same of pointy sticks and rocks.

Carry a shotgun under your trench coat in the 90+ degree summer heat of Maryland / Virginia

t. Autist

That commenter sounds very much like a Femanon; the 'Liberal' type that encourages as many biological enemies through the gates as possible, then wonders why there is a need for self-defense

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not an argument

At least you Americans can access more easily and legally to better guns than us European, hunting rifles are the most we can get for many of us.

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I stand corrected, 'A Femistazi Jewess'

Only cucks use a .45 these days.

Get a 10mm Chadistol.

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New Jersey Bans Guns That Hold More Than 10 Rounds, Citizens Told To Surrender Them or Become Criminals

A person who legally owns a semi-automatic rifle with a fixed magazine capacity exceeding 10 rounds or a large capacity ammunition magazine… which is capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition… may retain possession of that rifle or magazine for a period not to exceed 180 days after the effective date of this act

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ONE condition which may exist in the future is flight from Europe to the US; where IF Euros want access to self-defense, they can have it
Well, there is a concept called 'Live To Fight Another Day'. When the wars go hot, a lot of useless eaters and biological enemies will be feeding the buzzards, the worms and the trees. There may not be a need for as much self defense, but it will still be an option for use in hunting. Additionally, there will be more outdoor activities resulting in the European returning to his former glory as a very capable individual both mentally and physically


doesn't matter what gun ya get at this point, just fucking get one that works and you can shoot

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This manufactured family separation "crisis," coupled with instantaneous massive attention by all system collaborators, including the media, politicians, and business, is designed to start a civil war to distract the public from the evidence of massive, unbelievable corruption in fed gov. The IG report marked the beginning of what will probably be a long series of escalation attempts by people like she-boon Maxeen. Don't get swept up too much in the bullshit–defend yourself to the full extent the law allows, but remember what they're trying to do

The takeaway from the queue LARP, and a complete letdown by LE/LEO's in the US is that it is now time for Joe and Jane Goyim to take it upon themselves to rid the lands of those who know no other vocation in life than subversion. Without a real fight, there is no battle; and we're screwed by our very own who do nothing but complain and wait for a magic sky wizard to solve all of their problems

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I'm highly aware, but my point is building on your premise. The powers that be are actually manufacturing a low-level conflict right now. What it WILL do is land a bunch of our guys in jail. Not good. Don't play their game, which is an ongoing, low-level conflict they want in order to round people up. Instead, do not get yourself arrested. Be ready for the big one. Don't get sucked into chickenshit.

Concealed Carry Map For All US States 2018
Until 1813 open carry and concealed carry of a firearm for self defense was accepted by all states. This changed in 1813 when Louisiana and Kentucky banned concealed carry on the grounds that only a criminal would conceal a firearm. Five more states, Alabama, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Virginia enacted similar concealed carry bans by 1859. This was followed by Florida, Oklahoma and Texas by 1900.

Instead of an outright ban on firearms most states had opted to enact concealed carry laws by 1950. A trend towards more liberal firearms laws started in the late 1990s. A browse through the history map above will show the dramatic progression from “No Issue” or “May Issue” states to “Shall Issue” states and now "Unrestricted states".

A growing number of states are now enacting laws that allow you to conceal carry a firearm without a permit. There are now 14 states that allow permitless carry with North Dakota becoming the latest in 2017. This trend has also included more liberal CCW reciprocity laws between states.

Because the logic behind the 1813 law is absurd, you can change the laws in your state, too. Unrestricted carry for all.

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Fuckin kekd m8.

The problem with defending ourselves is that being white, is a gaurenteed trip to jail, even if we're in the right, because DEY DINDU NUFFIN! I barely wanna go about my business in the city because of this shit, even following every bit of law in regards to self defense. Even if a nigger breaks into your house, you can't kill them, even if it's an accident. It's fucking horseshit, and makes me beyond angry.

Yeah, I know–I've lived in shitskin dominated cities for many years and been in jail. The thing to remember is this to defend yourself only as necessary to protect life and limb of you and your family. Right now is the time to prepare for the wider conflict, so actually schedule in productive activities toward that end in your daily routine. This takes effort.

Do NOT fall for this DNC/deep state-manufactured crisis designed to cause low-level conflict on their terms. What that does is allow them to gather information on opposition and throw significant opponents in jail. This is a classic tactic to draw out and identify and neutralize opposition.

Be patient, because there will be a big one. Our guys cannot be locked away in jail when that one comes, but they will be if they respond to this lure into low-level conflict.

some states have the castle doctrine, indiana does at least
where if someone breaks into your house, you can shoot the fuckers

Reminder to ctrl+f white on the article kike op posted, because the only "white" in the entire article is "white house". Trump doesn't give a fuck about whites.



Checked √
Heiled! √
Prepped √
Skelted √

Nigga like, just build your own guns in a workshop lmao! Seriously go to PDFs find the thread where they have the MAC-10 or Sten gun plans,

I agree. We agree. On balance, doing nothing is how we got here. My comment was intended for people to be smart, but also fight back; quietly. Not all whom are Caucasian of European descent are married with children in this environment of Femistazi leech-vultures; thus, they have nothing to lose. They understand that when they do something to fight back, they do it for the whole of the group, just like our (((BFF's))) do

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mfw shitty trigger discipline, shoulder holster and Harley Davidson belt buckle.

Leading by example.

If weak vs. strong meant physical strength then we should have been wiped out by apes, bears and tigers long ago brainlet.
Your same argument could be made with any weapon, rocks, spears bows and arrows.

Glocks are for faggots that think they’re into guns. If you’re considering getting a glock, don’t, and get a HK. Better in every aspect and you won’t look like a dindu.

Democratic as in Democrat?

are they going to try to get one of the aides to assassinate him?

What is natural law? Evolution seems to be the only natural law I can imagine so the natural law is "survival of the fittest."
So is your argument that laws stop all crime? So in countries with laws there is no violence, nothing to defend yourself from? Then you go on with
This is either you saying there is a need for revolution due to the misuse of the law, or the execution of the law is flawed and thus we need guns. I am going with the former interpretation as "((ideological subversives))" seems to be you indicating the law itself is being corrupted.
THIS ARGUMENT WORKS FOR BOTH THE LEFT AND THE RIGHT IN THE CURRENT POLITICAL CLIMATE. Be skeptical of this poster, this reeks of an Antifa argument justifying violence because reee trump is using the law to hurt brown people. Also you are implying the use of guns against those in government positions where we get respect (or give respect) at the end of a gun.

The day guns are off the battlefield I would be more worried about starvation than fighting. There probably won't be many people left by that point.

checked .223 trips, also probably not a woman, just a young person who is just getting into politics and considers themselves a left leaning centrist.

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Make trenchcoats spoopy again.

Read a fucking philosophy book nigger, natural law is the fulcrum from which secular univeral morality can be derived from in liberal secular philosophy, Kant, Locke these sorts of people, their ideas taken by the founding fathers. Ringing any bells? Not that I subscribe to universalism in the first instance.

But liberal secular philosophy is retarded, and secullar universal morality is equally tarded in turn.

Yeah, that's the stupid ideology the Founders tried to espouse which led us to where we are today.

Natural law doesn't exist, and natural rights are nothing but a mythology - funny, in that they call it 'secular', but in reality, its just a another mythos.

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Pretty much.

Naturalistic Dissociative Disorder is the greatest threat to our people in the modern era, as it is what has allowed the Jewish mythos to gain such aggressive hold.

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You've written lotsa words arranged in a more complex manner than they need to be. When you want to impress me, form your criticism and write it clearly and succinctly.

And your shit's all retarded.

Why don't you shut up and listen instead? You might learn something.

I'm looking for the argument, but I don't see one.
All I see is assmad baying

Here it comes.!aFgAiY6D!Rmsnp33-LcBAfkdHHUVHxA

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Gods willing user, Gods willing.

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The time it would take to remove it from the backpack and have it at the ready would make it useless.
Remember: these are the fuckers who are using sneak attacks against their opponents; you will have scant seconds at best to identify and neutralize the threat.

You can be completely in the right and still be bankrupted trying to defend yourself in court, especially if the DA/judge has an agenda and wants to make an example out of someone.
This is why self-defense insurance exists in the first place.

Well put.
Weathering the petty bullshit and maintaining focus on the big picture should be first and foremost for every user.

You post a hypothetical scenario of which there are many, keeping an assault rifle upper and lower in a backpack is a great tool.

This guy gets it

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the race war will last one day.

responsible white people who either take practice lessons with their firearm, or grew up using them their entire lives.
barely cognizant animal subspecies who are unable to hold a gun upright and all come from failed states and shithole countries.

That is the end game. Get us unarmed and defenseless and if we fight back. WE RACISTS!

You could carry an AR or an AK pistol.

For now, we can discern only the simplest of the Natural Laws. Some examples, in broad statements, include:
- We grow through the process of evolution, based on both competition and cooperation - both at the physical level, and at the spiritual level (if you are aware of one…)
- There are only 2 sexes as determined by chromosomes, with sexual differentiation and primacy of each sex in certain realms.
- Birds of a feather flock together. We trust one another to a greater degree when we are similar than we trust those odd birds whom are like us. By extension, a society comprised of similar folks is more cohesive than a society of misfits.
- Not everyone is equal - some are better in some ways than others, and some are better in almost every conceivable way than others - maybe it's doesn't seem fair, but it's what is. A correlary of that is that social stratification happens. And the best social system yet devised to mitigate the stagnancy of that stratification is economic, i.e.: capitalism.

The Natural Laws are what actually are, without religious or ideological or moral coloration. A society based solely on the Natural is objective, reasoned, and ultimately fair and good, though there is alot of (evolutive) growth to go through for a society of idiots to get there. The idiots that we are importing to placate the compassionate Left are not yet evolved enough to understand and take up capitalism. They are forcing our Nations backwards, and yes by force, into a elitist-run communal style governance where the less-evolved feel more comfortable.

Natural Law.
: )

Indeed, having a secondary on hand when SHTF would be ideal.
After all, having an arsenal means nothing if it's locked in a gun safe while you're on the other side of town (I actually have a mini-safe bolted to the frame in my vehicle for this very reason.)

How difficult would it be to manufacture this?

Difficulty isnt the issue. Expense is.

Would it be worth the cost compared to the actual utility? The is answer is probably the same as the answer to why it was a commercial failure in the first place.

What exactly you're allowed to conceal with a CCL varies by state and locality; in some places that law says that you're allowed to conceal whatever you want and in others what you can carry concealed is defined. Some places let you conceal in your car with a CCL, other places don't, and others let you conceal some guns but not others.

You need to be aware of what the law says for wherever you are at any given time you're carrying, even with reciprocity.

A shotgun being whipped out of under your coat would cause people to fuck off more so than a handgun would.

for a skilled person not too hard , for you impossible

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Anyone who doesn't fuck off when you pull this out isn't going to fuck off from a shitty pump shotgun.

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dog bless the Second Amendment

I know, I was being obtuse and mocking them. Kant believed that all morality can be codified into a giant clusterfuck accounting for all contingencies which it can be argued is what case law (common law) is working towards (in theory). Reality demonstrates this is a dream.

Hobbes is the one who tried to codify natural law. The problem with it is that it is in no way natural.


Therefore all of this natural law crap (aside from evolution) is totally null and void in the modern world. Video related is a professor talking about the differences he encountered in the development of Africans and their capacity for abstract thought.

The founding fathers were educated, white, landowning men. The philosophies of the enlightenment worked for them and for the people of this country until abolition and women's suffrage.

The way argues the point is that natural law still applies to this world, when the condition of it working no longer exists! It's like saying you're building a house with no foundation and then wondering why it shifts and falls apart.

This guy gets it, and that is the point I am trying to make. You think a high-minded philosophic discussion is in order when such matters only benefit white landowning men. Now that white landowning men no longer can shoot for such high ideals without the interference of the mentally infirm, well, all your arguments are nothing short of intellectual masturbation. Furthermore, I would love to hear anyone refute the oldest political doctrine "Might Makes Right." I also like the interpretation puts forward. In case you can't tell, I appreciate the genuine expression of information and opinion in plain language to citing academia. People should be well read, but they must be able to use their own words and be prepared to face/interpret unknown scenarios.

Sorry I don't write for the illiterate. Are you one of the people video related is describing? Oh wait, it's an academic discussion nearly an hour long and you can only stay on task for 5 minutes at a time.

I'm sorry for your loss.

edit: should read as follows for group 6, quoted the wrong post

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I'd shoot the mother fucker right through the back pack, homie ain't playing with these antifa faggots

This ~desu. Knockdown power and common ammo FTWhites.

Oy oy oy oy oy ya boi hickok45 here defends glawks quite often, if I do say so myself. And the old timer sure knows his guns. Dunno user xD

You've proven my point.

yeah dur hur, this old fart (((boomer))) doesn't know what he's talking about hur dur

What if instead of cans and bottles they were niggers and nigglets?

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Good question m88, better question: ZOG members and their spawn?

I like how it has a grenade pin so you can throw it as an explosive after you run out of ammo.

This is why I gave up my libertarian/ancap ideals. Soon as I realized the truth about race it was all useless. I would still want a society that agrees to property rights, but it has to exclude most people in order to work.

Monkey Maxine should apologize, resign, and move back to Africa/Israel before the race war she started and we will finish sends hundreds of millions of niggers into the pet cemetary.


Funny, there also aren't nearly enough police to stop armed, disciplined teams of pissed off whites with guns who are finally purging their cities. Like I've always said to the niggers I see complaining about deh-rayciss PO-lice: They aren't protecting us from you, they're protecting you from us.

Checked, BTW.

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Virginia user here. Maryland and D.C. have very stringent gun laws, honestly. Virginia is different.

You have to be 18 to buy a long-gun, shotgun, or ammo related to them. You have to be 21 to buy a handgun or handgun ammunition. When I went to Wal-Mart to buy some steel-forged FMJ not too long ago, I discovered you have to be over 21 to buy any gun-related item in the store.. I digress. You have to pass a background check with the VA state police in order to buy a handgun. You have to fill out a state and federal form; lying on it is an automatic felony.

You have to pass a 19-point bulletin point criteria; can't smoke weed, or sell weed, can't have a restraining order, or been charged with domestic abuse, or been declared mentally incompetent, or had a temporary detention order.. Things like that. Add also being a felon, although you can get your rights re-instated.

You do not have to register your guns in Virginia, with the exception of fully-automatic machine guns. Anything else? Nope. You can pretty much open carry handguns anywhere. Grocery stores like Kroger actually are staunchly pro-gun. The only places you can't open carry are schools, buildings of school related functions, most government-related buildings like courthouses or municipalities. You can also open-carry at bars. If you have a concealed-carry you can actually have it on you in your car on school property if you're picking up your kid. However, you cannot conceal in a bar, and drinking alcohol with a conceal will get you arrested.

Shotguns are limited to 7 shells; handguns are limited to 20 rounds per magazine. Anymore mean your weapon is technically an "assault" weapon, whatever that means..That doesn't mean you can't have 10 magazines, though.. Stay frosty and watch your six, anons.

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I just ordered this for when I go jogging at night or I am walking the dog

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Get what fits your hand and you are comfortable firing…glocks are too big for my hands…I tried out many guns before I made up my mind about what I was most comfortable firing/using

There isn't a single person on this board who follows natural law. I follow natural law but the LAW called the FUCKING JOKE 'criminal justice' system prevents me from following what is NATURAL by protecting CRIMINALS, EXTORTIONERS and DEVIANTS…this is not 'a nation of laws' this is a nation of CRIMINAL FILTH. By natural law, I should have the right to shoot in the head every IRS extortioner in the USA when they come knocking. CIVILIZATION PREVENTS NATURAL LAW…this is why we are getting weaker and not stronger. This is why our morals, honor and duty lie neglected while vice and disgusting immoral filth runs rampant in our society. CIVILIZATION IS THE PROBLEM. IT IS TIME FOR IT TO DIE.

A bullet would be to good for (((them))).

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No one who still incarnates fully knows or follows the natural law. We only do the best we can, and learn better when we don't.

Killing people (including IRS agents) is allowed by the Natural Law only when your life's light is legitimately, immediately threatened to its snuffing.

Civilization doesn't necessarily prevent iterations of the Natural Law, but it does when it's subverted. That's what's happened here. (((And Western Civilization was subverted knowingly, by design.)))

When we don't know much about the Natural Law, that doesn't mean that there isn't one, only that we haven't learned much about it.

CZs are nice too.

The left is openly calling for civil war, with assistance from Obama left behind beaurocrats feeding them doxxing info on police officers.

This will be getting ugly by autumn.

Arrest Maxine Waters for preaching hate.

No it doesn't. It's more powerful than you and so you submit. Life is a struggle over power, thus natural law is always in effect.
Rights are agreements between people capable of destroying one another. You don't have any rights you can't enforce.

Since you still incarnating, what do you know.

I am not obligated to protect extortioners and murderers from their rightful death at the hand of ANYONE WHO PLEASES to take their life for betraying humanity and LIFE. They are parasites (this is what CIVILIZATION PROTECTS) it protect parasites…that is all it does, that is what its founding principles are, that is its FUNCTION…protection of PARASITES…get your thumb out of your ASSHOLE, wake up and smell the coffee.


Everybody knows the dice are loaded,
Everybody rolls with they're fingers crossed,
Everybody knows that the war is over,
Everybody knows that the good guys lost,
Everybody knows the fight is fixed,
The poor stay poor an the rich get rich,
That's how it goes,

Everybody knows the boat is sinking,
Everybody knows that the captin lied,
Everybodys got this broken feeling,
Like they're momma or they're dog just died,
Everybodys hands are in they're pockets,
Everybody wants a box of choclates an a long stemed rose,
Everybody knows,

Everybody knows,
Everybody knows,
That's how it goes,
Everybody knows,

Everybody knows,
Everybody knows,
That's the way it goes,
Everybody knows,

Everybody knows that its now or never,
Everybody knows that its me or you,
Everybody knows that you live forever,
Ya maybe had a line or two,
Everybody knows the deal is rotten,
Old black Joe's still pickin' cotton for your ribbons and bows,

Everybody knows you love me baby,
Everybody knows you really do,
Everybody knows that you been faithful,
Give or take a night or two,
Everybody knows you been discreet,
So many people you had to meet without your clothes,
And everybody knows,

Everybody knows,
Everybody knows,
That's the way it goes,
Everybody knows,

Everybody knows,
Everybody knows,
That's how it goes,
Everybody knows,

Everybody knows,
Everybody knows,
That's how it goes,
Everybody knows.

Oh baby, I am just biding my time…I will get what I want…JUSTICE. They can only protect their 'criminal spawn' for so long before its time is up.

Interesting times we're headed in.