There are two kinds of people in the world

faggots and me
==RED TEXT==Liberal Jews are destroying their own religion

mfw the Jews name the Jew.

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Are the kikes naming themselves?
Fucking hell lads did you finally meme responsibly?

Good on you, next up: Promoting the idea that wearing the Star of David over your clothing is a post-modern fashion accessory to show solidarity with Israel
After that, Zionist summer camps.

Mods fix the first post, but still

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nice digits.

The shills have been desperately trying to deomonize anyone on the right that has recognized this fault line in the Jew community and worked to exploit it (tommy robinson, for example). The reality is that the sabbatean frankist kikes bent on thermonuclear warfare and evolving to Godhood have Israel and orthodox/conservative jews in their crosshairs just like everyone else.

Don't forget the bake-off - always a crowd-pleaser.

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==RED TEXT==Good post OP

Yeah weird that any goy could resist such a fashy based zionist jew employed controlled opposition

It's not like he's told you he hates white nationalists, while he holds hands with jews, wearing Mossad T shirts or I love the IDF shirts while standing on a isreali tank or anything

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Hi hasbarafag.

Why is red text so hard for newfags to use properly?

=RED TEXT==LOL epic post OP, based nationalist jews destroying Evil Nazi Soros! MAGA XDDD

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It should be encouraged and take spotlight in the left

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The key paragraph. This jew sees the tide shifting: he knows we are winning, that the culture is changing, rapidly, and that the tide is turning on the jews. He is advising his tribesmen to abandon the jewish progressive movement they have spent the better part of a century pushing, to "rebrand" jewry and try to jew their way out of responsibility for the mess they've caused.

Where's you Kampfy now jew boy?

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seems legit

Anyone on Zig Forums calling any user hasbarafag for proving the jew they shill for is jewish, is an isreali kike that used to depend on Kampfy to help ban all antisemitic anons from here

You're just a low rent kike attacking an user for dismissing a lying jews claims that Tommy goy Robinstein is seriously legit and ourguy

You earned your nickname, and you know why.

You're the only user that gets called hasbarafag. Because you're an instantly recognizable lolcow.

Oh boy it is starting.

I dont know why you bother larping as a white nationalist when youre clearly antifa opposed to natsoc, in favor of lolberg total freedom.

Alex Jewns tier exposure, I did you a favor now buy my filters and oppose nazis!

Whatever, the main effect is that the more hardcore and loyal jews remain in the tribe, creating an even bigger problem in the future.

Because I would forever combat you lying isreali kikes every time you swarmed on Zig Forums promoting neocon jews opr any of their other jewish agents, like say Tommy goy Robinstein as in this instance

Only now you jews have to accept you haven't got Kampfy to bail you out and ban all non-jewish anons from Zig Forums

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A lot of you guys are missing the point. Jews aren't changing their platform here, they are revealing their true nature at this moment as conservative tribalists. Next thing you know they will start attacking white nationalists for their hypocrisy in supporting their own ethno state while claiming to be against the jewish state.

civic nationalism is the only form of nationalism that can end zionism, which has never been nationalism on any level.

Close. You forever repeat the same post worded slightly differently every day. But like I said, you know that.

No, they are revealing their true nature as schemers and opportunists. The jew isn't "conservative" any more than he is liberal; the jew is a chameleon that does whatever benefits the jew at any particular point in time. The writing is on the wall for jewish progressivism, and this kike sees a backlash coming. He's quite literally telling other jews to jump ship while they still can.

Oh wait, I just realised you're a total faggot.

Gas them both.

>jew invaders swarm Zig Forums every day, championing the same ZOGbots every day, with the same repeated mantras insisting their jew controlled puppet is a seriously legit fashy based goy
yes you do repeat the same tired arguments all the time, when shilling for the same jew that was previously proven to be a kike the day previously

Only difference is now you haven't got your Kampfy around to ban and censor anons proving your kike you are promoting on Zig Forums is a controlled opposition
I don't have to repeat the same evidence that you used to get deleted quite as often now, because all the proof and evidence you're lying doesn't disappear like it did when you had Kampfy on the books.

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Is he he really that verdant servant guy on YouTube?

Are you mentally Ill? Only people with mental defects repeat themselves day after day after day.

I don't know who he is, only that he extremely autistic. It's probably a troll, only a troll could lack self awareness to that degree.

No you jews call any user against your jewish promoted puppet a series of random names [smiley, CTR, sharebloo, hasbarafag etc] to try and somehow hope nobody realises all you've done is promote lying jews on Zig Forums

No one would make fun of you if you didn't use the same language in every fucking post

You repeat yourself day after day.You earned your nickname

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Whatever helps you sleep better at night, Hasbarafag.

You can tell it's close to his bedtime, down to just images now

Neither you nor anyone reading this needs to accept it; but the evidence to support this empirical

oh yeah, board's full of autists. You'll probably spend the next three hours scrubbing your monitor with comet and rocking in your chair while chanting "91X BAM! The future of Rock & Roll. . .91X BAM! The future of Rock & Roll"

Sorry I did that to you faggot. I'll do better next time

larping faggot talking shit



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Are you sexually attracted to that Turk? You post him all the time

I wish Morenito could enrich Israel

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Fuck off back to TRS or Cuckchan,faggot.

I bet you think you're an excellent driver, dontcha?

You know all you National Bolsheviks are going to fucking die right?

anchoring and deleting threads, posting "first post!", posting lolis, posting Alt-Kike threads, allowing Tommy Robinson shilling, allowing (((esoteric))) feminist satanist threads.

Are you fucking retarded? Imkikey still runs the board and it's ridiculously obvious

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I've been discussing this with his little isreali helpers ITT

This is the retarded shit spewed by 'The Rebbe'. It's basically the good jew/bad jew routine rehashed over the Sabbatean-Frankist heresy v. Orthodoxy. He either has an elementary understanding of Jewish history (as is the case with most Jews) or is trying to delude the goyim. Not only does he leave his more audacious claims unsourced, but he deliberately omits any discussion of kabbalah, from which Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank derived their antinomian heresy.

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Those with guns
And those who dig (their own graves)

CivNats are traitors.
White nationalism or there will be no point.
I will not choose between shit and (((shit))).
That's no choice worth a damn.
That's nothing worth fighting for.
A brown favela shithole is a dystopic hell whether it is ruled by jews or by committed and honest CivNats.
Besides, I don't oppose israel per-se.
Deport all the kikes there and quarantine them forever.
Build some nice big walls to keep them in and everyone else out.
Perhaps somewhere else. Some island so they're easier to isolate.
Eternal vigilance against kikery will be necessary anyway. There will always be those who would apply kike tricks to gain power.
Of course, if it comes to an actual shooting war to stop the ongoing genocide of White people, then who knows what will happen?

All jews work together to further jewish interests.
They sometimes disagree on how to do it.
But they are ALL united against the non-jews
Furthermore, you are 2 steps away from claiming that "Hitler was a kike puppet"
Frankly, gas yourself.

Zionism is Conservative and Nationalistic. Jews should retake Israel. Greeks should retake Constantinople.

The vast vast vast vast vast majority of jews are atheists. They turned away from god long ago and he will destroy them for the last time soon.

Plus theyre ethnically European. Theyre not jews in any way.

Remind them about it every time you speak with any of them. Theyre not jews.


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It cannot be overstated how much of a political divide there is within the Jewish community. Yes, there is a certain ethnic brotherhood, everybody likes locks and bagels, but most non-practicing Jews are rabid leftists, and most religious Jews are very far right politically.

I'm not shilling for anyone, I'm pointing out a political reality (based on the OP) which may be of interest.

J-Street and AIPAC spend millions fighting each other. The Israeli left fights– viciously– against religion in Israel (and often against the Israeli government itself). The same dynamic exists in America. There are millions of people involved here– alot of them are really truly busy fighting the other side.

Nobody's saying the Jews would fit into a /meadhall/ putsch, just that some really are farther right than others. The more you know.

Hitler was a kike puppet.

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Jews are literally doing the impossible. Crashing the entire world.

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So basically, they want US jews to go full neocohen.

Weren't they gloating on social media sites about turning western countries into shitskin multicultural hellholes while Israel would be the only homogenous country left?

Jews are white tbh

Jews are not caucasoids.

< All this pixelation
You should be banned for b8 threads like that.

gotta love this timeline

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They hunt them or give them forced contraceptives in Israel.

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Gas yourself.
Your kikery is shit.
Your shilling means nothing.


I agree.

There have always been a jewish minority that is against jewish schemes. Problem is that its voice is feeble.

Does anyone have any more info on this kind of stuff please? For years I had pondered if the full tribe was in this together or if some of them where just being used as tools, useful idiots if you like.

I recently watched a short documentary where a very liberal jewess and her family made Aliyah from Germany. Upon arrival in israel she suddenly realised it was against everything she had stood for, and after having to Rosa park her ass at the back of the bus due to the orthodox kike she actually decided to head back to Germany.

it would appear that some kikes didn't get the memo about the end goals and are merely doing things in the western world because a job from the tribe has come up and it pays good shekels and is heavily funded. Do some kikes get thrown under the bus and are used as useful idiots by the tribe without understanding the bigger picture? Or do they understand what they are doing but just get themselves that deep in subversion that they can't handle jew life.

Hitler dubs command a genuine fucking shoah of those who demand their financial positions and governmental places after this point. Should have left while there was time. Only bloodshed and the end to the occupational government from here on out!


Your. Faggot.

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