Roma BTFO! 200K euros of seized goods

It begins!

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What a fucking legend!

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The best part about it is, they can't produce a single bill to prove its theirs. Everything they have can be comped.
I would even go further and give every dollar collected to the homeless italians.

Finally things are happening.

inb4 the d&c shills derail this thread too

They seem to be focused on italy threads.

A lot of happenings are going on, shills are either shitposting threads to death or using compromised threads to keep things slide.


How can you NOT love this man? Truly he will be eternalized. I will buy decorational Salvini mugs from Italy after this is over.

What have you done to resist ZOG?

Just filter and ignore the shit posters, you retards
Bumping a thread with '>muh shill' shitposts is still shitposting. In the future just post 'bump' so we can report you and get your cancerous cuckchan asses. That said…
I'm really loving this guy. Where did he come from, 5-Star MP?

Life long lega.

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I don't know exactly who got busted, but i'm always down for a habbening

The lega party was formally called lega nord (northern league) and was only a party for the north and heavily anti-south (including salvini). Then when Salvini took over as party leader he removed the nord part in the name to appeal to all of italy.
5 Kikes started as a legit south party then was comped about a 1-1.5 years ago. They started compromising on many issues (eu and rapefugees). Kikes knew the backlash against PD would be fierce so they needed a fallback plan so people wouldn't look elsewhere.

Nice. Thx. Just looked it up. He's the leader. And, I noticed between the two they nearly control the govt. I knew there was a big change recently, but that must have been dramatic. Several years ago it seems like I remember those parties being quite small

Nice thx. I knew an Italian in college who was a northern separatist. Very conscious of the Germanic heritage of the north. Very suspicious of jews

Both together now have the majority: 50.5% All they need to do is not attack each other publicly (which seems to be the case since both Salvini and DiMaio praise each other somewhat) and they can remain in for five years.

So what do these digits mean?

I'm surprised at how much popularity salvini is gaining in the south. Todays climate is way too politicized to be a proper centrist party so the 5 kikes are constantly having to hold themselves back from the rapefugee issue and eu disaster. If they side with salvini they're raycis, if they side with shitlibs (PD) then people will bail for other parties. Only reason people held on to vote for them was DiMaios promise of universal income which will never happen given the levels of debt and the need for a much lower tax plan.

You never learned to breathe through your nose, must be embarrassing.

Did you even see the last italy thread you fag enabler?

fuck Gypsy hail Salvini !!!!!

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sure have their priorities straight in napoli.

he stopped a few pikeys instead of thousands of boats containing


future african magapedes, right /r/thedonald!

shills calling shills shills tbh fam, this is shit news salvini shout be stopping the sandniggers and coons but throws some shit about pikeys to his followers. bit like trump did with the muslims instead of going after the kikes like he promised.

when did trump promise to go after the jew?


only 200k?

In one camp of subs.

that's gotta be some of the worst shilling ive ever seen.

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