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The US ban is a good start not for the US it's already fucked by immigration but for the countries that got banned now it will be even harder for agents of Zion to travel and meddle with those places. These countries are the last bastions of freedom.Now something is terribly wrong with the happenings in Europe and the US. People are waking up to the JQ they always knew about the bankers and the elite but not who they were exactly (of course I am talking about Europeans not anglos or those guys on the other side who have the same shitty language). (((They))) seem like they want this 'race war' to happen if they wanted they could have stopped the propaganda and focused on something else other than Trump and right wing parties normies would take the hint and change their opinions so they can be up to date (Trump would be old news). Normies,sjw, all these cunts are fucking retarded they would chew it like bubblegum and create a bubble they could fit into. But it seems like they doupled even tripled down on Trump and right wing. Something seems to be wrong are they off schedule or some shit for the blood moon. What the hell is their plan the shit is gonna hit the fan they created the conditions of course they would not be able to contain it what is their end game though. Do they want to nuke the places that will be created agains them, will they use biological warfare will they open borders to Africa and let the niggers invade with aids and shit let us overwhelm us and the kill them with ebola v6 gorrilion. What the fuck is wrong. If you couldn't win with men like Rockwell and Pierce. Who the fuck is promoting all this shit. Most are fake and the rest are hiding I cannot predict the future but this shit is their end game (we) have missed something anons.Something is awfully wrong about all this not like we can stop it but we must get better prepared for it know it before it happens.

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That's how you chose to open your thread? That's your opening sentence? Really? Enjoy killing your thread before it began

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Mate you are already fucked by spiks and niggers. Muslims will only bring a better society with them and make the areas more secure (at least the countries listed in the ban). The place that should be worried about muslims is Canada it got buttfucked by them.

I think it is obvious that their plans are 100% disrupted and destroyed by the internet. They will try to take it out somehow.

And if they fail, I imagine we will see nukes flying. What is the possible end game here, that the Jews just pack up and leave their Media and Holly empires behind? They are just going to leave the Federal Reserve behind? Fuck no.

For all we know, the Rothschilds could have been burying nukes under every major city in the U.S. We can't put anything past these people when they are orchestrating the literal genocide of their supposed competitors. They know the stakes, and you can better believe with Trump winning the election they are looking into plan B's and C's.

Couldn't this have gone in one of the existing immigration threads?
O… kay. Let's break this down.
Kill yourself.
We're reversing that.
1. No, that's not at all what the ban is about, you cocksucking faggot.
2. They can travel to those countries from literally any other nation.
No, you're mentally ill.
Yeah, they're not fast enough.
No, they're not.
>(((They))) seem like they want this 'race war' to happen
It's the last thing they want right now. They want to wait until whites can't win.
White genocide.
It isn't. 70 years has passed without anyone fighting back. Communist propaganda is the norm. No one knows what freedom and truth are anymore.
For starters, you can't seem to write coherent sentences.
This is the only accurate thing you've said.

This is the mind of muslim shill at work.

Pray our enemies are that stupid.

I see

So will this ban not start a chain reaction? We shall see.They are the last bastions of freedom from the kikes whether you like it or not.

I keep an open mind. That's all

Mate they created 2 world wars and destroyed the middle east in less than a decade do you think they care if they wipe out the planet and live in vaults for the rest of their lives. I don't think they do. As they have said population must be under how many millions I don't even fucking remember.

Yeah Somalia really is the last bastion of freedom, wish your ass could be there.

Hopefully a chain reaction where the US bans EVEN MORE COUNTRIES.
No, you're just totally retarded and think we're going to fall for your bullshit. Islam is the sword of jewry.

The Muslim countries that got banned are the ones that aren't fully controlled by the kikes, that's why.

Well I am sure they have their reasons not a bastion but at least not controlled yet.

You know what I mean I am not with the fucking muslims I am with the fucking arabs. Forget their religion.

like Somalia, lol

Muslim and arab mean the same thing, and Somalia is a shithole.

Goat Fucking 101 - The Thread

No it doesn't. I would only hope the kikes disn't use that religion so god damn much and I don't know shit about Somalia so I shouldn't be speaking like someone that knows what is going on down there.

They keep calling it the muslim ban while none of the gulf states, including the HQ of wahhabism - Saudi Arabia itself, were included in the list.




Imagine if the oil kikes weren't able to travel to the US.They don't migrate to the US anyways. You should ban Africa and Asia anyways

Borderline but worthy - they want to forge "EU prime". Me pasta I'd rather side with fucking frogs against nigs, in the process both Italy and France and so on will be dissolved into EU prime. Checkmate.

You do know that the only people that were muslim before the kike infestation in the middle east was …… Oh right nobody. You wouldn't see this kind of radical extremism in religion in the middle east not even in fuckung Afghanistam

based taquiyya thread

Muzz filth hangs next to their jew cousins
I agree. We need no more than 500,000,000 people alive , every last single solitary one of them WHITE
Death to all abrahamites

If they don't join us we kill them

Yup. No one gives up power without attempting every single thing possible to avoid giving up power first.

what do you mean? they operate outside the law. they cheat, thats how they got this far.

The ZOG wants there to be racial conflict between all the different colors of the golem raindbow, including the whites. If you haven't even gotten as far as to understanding this truth, I don't know if I can help you.

We took in Muslims because they're supposed to kill the kikes. They have decided to sit on their ass, we don't need more people sitting on their ass. No thanks.

that is correct, look at how hard they push to make everyone feel like a victim.
not a victim of the zog machine of corruption of course, a victim of other goyims.


No. Go back and read up on your Hitler. These are outside groups, if we take them in, it weakens us. We can be friends, we can be allies, we can not take them into our fold. We all have a common enemy that is the kike. Blacks enemy is the kike, Whites enemy is the kike, Mexicans enemy is the kike.

If they ally with the kike, they are as naught. If they ally with us, we bleed together but we live apart.

Shit troll.

You've really lost all control

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How does it feel, everything you are, disassembling before your eyes?

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if only they could see the man behind the curtain.
their confusion would clear up immediately

I don't want or need anyone to join anything.
This earth should have an all white population period

This user gets it.

If only they would nuke the cities. They would be nuking their own supporters and freeing up an army of Americans to pursue their own agenda and a new civilization, as opposed to the ZIO agenda. Most inner cities are 'brown' people…what I wouldn't give to see them all nuked taking care of the VAST MAJORITY of our problems and leaving almost all Ethnic Europeans (+a little cleanup) left in the USA.

As a matter of fact this would be the FASTEST WAY to clean up the 'immigration' problem in the USA and would take care of all of the southern problem states. Anyone know how to build a nuke or its equivalent? lel

Also, every since they said that a large shelf of the Hawaiian volcano could break off and send a 500 ft tsunami to all the Western Cities of the Pacific rim, I have been praying like a madwoman that it would happen. I begged for Winter Chan and she is coming…now Tsunami Chan and Nuclear Strike Chan need to step up, followed closely by JewZIONIST Plague Chan (not that pussy AIDS shit, we need a REAL faggot/pedophile plague that will take out lesbos, fags, general degenerates and trannies).

False. Rothschilds are fine with abolishing the fed because it will usher in the post fiat world they want.

where did you get the 500,000,000 number? from those 2000 forum posts from that rothschild LARP?

I think it is a HUGE MISTAKE to even THINK about allying with browns…they have shown their character and they will come for you to attack you, parasite off you, rape your mothers, wives and daughters and shove a knife in your back as soon as it is turned, you are only passing the problem off to your grandkids…you are being a total fucking pussy because you can't bear to do what needs to be done.


They all need to be exterminated….all of them…they are nothing but PARASITES and they will never be anything but PARASITES.

God damn your short fucking sightedness to leave these horrific parasitic problems to your progeny. You are going to discover that the same way that you fucking REFUSED TO MAN UP AND SLAUGHTER THE JEW 109 times and exiled them…you are going to sentence your children and their children to the same exact fucking mess that we have now.

THE WORLD SHOULD BELONG TO ETHNIC EUROPEANS/WHITE (non-semitic) ONLY>>>>ONLY >>>>ONLY…just look at the poo in the loo OP on here a few days ago…the pollution coming out of Southern Asia is unreal…it is probably killing that entire ocean…you might as well swim in a sewer as go to a beach…but you want to 'kick this can down the road' and continue the MURDER THE EARTH WITH BROWN PARASITES PROGRAM.

The Georgia guidestones
Also that seems like a good number of whites to have around.

Whatcha sliding Shlomo?

Just because they don't have kikes doesn't mean they're on our side. If they were our friends they'd invade Israel.

isnt israel a goddamn fortress?

Yes, but they are right next to the arabs.

Not relevant. No nonwhites should be in the West. The west should exterminate nonwhites from the rest of the world.


Oh no…you see the mudshits needed to come all the way up to Europe (you know that place they have been attempting to invade for the last 1,400 years; the record of which is UTTERLY scrubbed from your education) to


by raping our women and our children and murdering them and putting the body in the gyro meat at the kebab house. After they power up by raping your kin and destroying you and your culture THEN, and only THEN will they travel back THOUSANDS OF MILES out of their way to go confront their BROTHER SEMITIES abou their role in destroying the planet.

FUCK ME!!! Is THIS what you think is happening…that these people have traveled thousands of miles out of the direct path of 'their enemy' (HUGE FUCKING SARCASM) in order to return to confront that same 'enemy' at a later date?


Zig Forums has a muslim shill problem.

They are indeed off schedule. I think they didn't really foresee, much less calculate the effect of the internet in their plans. No matter how you look at it, that was simply not possible to exactly foresee or map out, as it was one of those things that really was something completely new the world has never seen before, it was created ex-nihilo, like the Deus Ex in Greek drama that arrives at the very ending of the play to upend the table when all was already thought to have been said and done.

Yes, I know that it was the (((military industrial complex))) that basically invented the internet, but that was really just a precursor, like a frog is a precursor to the land bound 20 meter high reptiles later on, if you believe the evolution theory. The very fact that it was invented for military comms and only used as such in the beginning is testimony that they did not expect it to become what is has, an instant method of communication of (almost) all people all over the world. And even if someone had envisioned it, the implications of it and forms it would take would still have been pretty impossible to predict. Just like the internet is also changing even now, when you compare it to say the late 90s, then the mid 00s, and now the cucked and tightly controlled jewish corp playground (well, that last part was probably what could have well been predicted, but it took them a while to get to this point).

Now, here is what happened: So they thought they had, say, all the Holohoax revisionists caught pretty by the balls. Holohoax revisionism was really big the last time in the 90s and then many of the revisionists either cucked out from the pressure, were thrown in jail or burried with law suits, while the jews trippled down on everything Holohoax on their side, with Schindler's List etc.
They thought they had shut it all down and all the work these people did would now go on to be forgotten by history. How wrong they were. I was recently thinking about this: ALL the speeches that, say, one David Irving did in the 90s, where he only had - I dunno - a 100, 200 people at each event, are now back up alive on the Internet and seen by hundreds of thousands, or rather millions, if you sum it all up. The man they thought they had dealt with, is instead back in his best form, it's like a fucking time machine. And even better: Not only is he back in his best form, no - you can now also see the whole process of persecution these people underwent, you can watch their work and how they were interfered with within the time span of a few days, while previously, not only was the body of work put together over years, so people needed to stick to it if they wanted to learn about these things, but you can now also see the jewish mingling in all that, something that previously only few people knew about.
Or even: Hitler. They thought the man is dead. No, he is back alive and giving his speeches for all who want to listen, his original speeches that in themselves show the lies of the jews whenever they opened their mouth about him.

I know one thing for sure and that is that the kikes did not expect the internet to turn out the way it did. Not only did these men come back to life, but you can also now witness the dirty hands of the jews in their downbringing, and even now in real time when they try and shut these videos down. It's like you can watch the thief while he is doing his dirty deeds. They didn't expect that. I believe these people are in a state of panic, to be honest. Because now, for the first time in human history, there is like a central nervous system that encompasses all the minds of humanity, and a prominent light is shining on the jews. They did not calculate that in.

This is why they are doubling down, this is why they are trying to accelerate the extermination of the white race by the import of negroes and other races into Europe, and most prominently, that country where their nemesis came from. They don't know what else to do. It is a race against the clock now. "Can we marginalize the white race enough before they all turn on us?"

I believe it will be their undoing. It is, literally, the God out of the Machine at the end of the play. It is poetic justice. The world is a play, my friends. Only on a very high level.
You know, the kikes believe in their holy books that indeed, all the world has to turn on jewry before the messiah comes, in a final showdown, to then establish Israel (which is why some orthodox jews consider the founding of Israel by men blasphemy) and have Israel rule over the world. I believe that the first part of that prophecy might well turn out to be true, but that their demon god lied to them about the second part.

Not to mention the Ted X talks was their gateway with trying to push pedophilia, only to have it backlash hard. They’re accelerating and trying to rush their plans. This is panic setting in, because they know time is running out. My guess is they’re waiting for a happening like on July 4th or some shot, or they’re waiting to activate the mudslime agents and try for a hostile motion. . Most of all, they hate the internet. If anything, they are probably trying to come up with some plan or some method of getting it shut down. We haven’t gone to conquor the stars, but we are fighting viciously in the information war and are winning ground. I would guess they are in council right now trying to come up with a way to either knock out satellites or crash the entire internet in order to regain control. Going on a sudden arrest spree is still way too obvious with their monopoly on information gone.

55 million spics isn't recoverable you daft piece of shit

Nigger have you forgotten who created the “internet” and for what reason?

I have been suspect about 'our independence day' for some time now…


You're a bit retarded, because nuking the cities will cause the poisoning of all that rural land. And nobody will have shelter, and the world won't be worth living in after everyone's nukes go off. And once one does, everyone's does. Kikes and shabbos spics have turned the entire universe into a Mexican Standoff.

If the cucks are the weak men who have created hard times, consider muslims the strong men

I agree. The laws currently being enacted by the EU moloch as well as the general corporate overtake of the internet is…part and parcel of that attempt to shut it down. If that doesn't work out, or if it doesn't fit the schedule, they will try to bring it all down the hard way, like you describe. That is also a risk for them though because now that they have made all the normalfags addicted to the internet, I believe it is yet another thing to predict what will happen when you now would suddenly pull the plug on them.

BTW, this is also why I think there are now springing up all those ridiculous hoax "truth" channels all over jewtube, like flat earth, or "there are no trees on planet earth" etc: On the one hand, it might be sort of information overflow on that new semi-artificial nervous system, but I believe that at least in part these things are indeed directed psyops by agencies etc to overload this nervous system on purpose. We'll see how that plays out. I believe in the end, there will have to be some sort of valid alternative to the current internet for non-normalfags. However, they might also just overdo it, like they usually do, which might well end up putting the spotlight on them even more, again. I'm seeing some signs of that already now, with some kosher truthers up to now suddenly discovering the JQ and things like that. And all the comment sections already read like anudder shoah.

*yet another thing *impossible* to predict what will happen (when they pull the plug)

Muslim are weak men who leave their homeland and beg for gibs.

You think they tell you the truth about ANYTHING…jesus fucking christ…they are already planting rice in Fukushima again. Yes…things are bad for a while afterwards but it isn't as bad as they pretend while they are beating the 'fear shit' into you with their cocks…


Every time Zig Forums; woman = whore in your mind's…you guys aren't nearly as Aryan as you think. But here is your tits for you…

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Some more…

This is only able to happen because only a very small portion of the population is capable of perceiving that this is happening and who is doing it.
This is why they want to reduce the iq of the populations ASAP before a critical mass can come into understanding of what is happening.
I would not waste time fighting anyone that is being manipulated into conflict with you; do not fight the puppet, kill the puppetmaster.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think we inch closer to all our war between many sides and many enemies. The kikes want and need a world war badly. Unfortunately I don’t think this one ends with a permashoah.

In their minds:

They only need a war here in the USA to escape their global malfeasance and looting with the Dollar Reserve Currency. No Dollar, they are 'off the hook' for the coming Malthusian Crash and the USA is their 'sacrificial lamb' to be slaughtered and then blamed for 'things going badly'…and think about it…think how 'happy' all the people will be to simply stand back and watch while something better than they are is massacred. Typical ZIONIST BULLSHIT the same game that they have run for thousands of years on countless nations.

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Very well said user

True user let's hope they fuck up

But low IQ also means there will be no general no commander nobody will lead all the retards because they will all be retards. Jews suck at being commanders and leading armies so I only see another failure if they lower the IQ.

If history exists everyone will learn about the kikes. And this will be never forgotten.

Do not worry user this time they will not see it coming.

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tl;dr kys you fucking jew

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Meh…how about you go back to jerking off using your tears as lube…then at least one of us will be living up to their potential.

Who owns the damn commies since the beginning? jews. It's not a meme. They feed off of human conflict. It is their sustenance and most perverse pleasure.

jew demoralization shill. You won't survive this one chaim. Da goyim know. We are infinite now.

A. Wyatt Mann, is that you?

Here you go, hole. Now fuck off.

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Must be a bitch for you semitic trash to deal with a woman who doesn't do as you 'command' and wants to see your children exterminated…your frustrated impotent rage is like a sweet melody to my ears. You and this other faggot
should hook up via Grindr and take turns plumbing each others assholes to work out some of that semitic frustration.

You talk real tough for someone I could knock out with a halfhearted backhand. Since you obviously didn't take the time to actually read the image the other user posted, here's a video instead. Watch it, internalize it, and stop being such an overly emotional defensive cunt about this.

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Stick it up your ass semite…

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Echoing your point, there's a big thing I've noticed that happens throughout history. Societies, cultures, and public mindsets go in cycles. Look at Weimar Germany, look at Rome; while one led to revolution and the other led to ruin, they fell victim to the same cycle.

Prosperous times lead to a complacent populace. This has been unavoidable when certain (((subversive elements))) essentially tell people not to worry about the future while the work in the background to secure their seat of power and change things to their liking. As things begin to turn down, people fall victim to the "boiling the frog" scheme, so to speak. It isn't until things get so bad that life is virtually impossible to sustain that people actually get up and revolt.

Even when life doesn't get THAT bad, public mindset regularly shifts from more liberal to more conservative and back again as those (((subversive elements))) overplay their hand and push too hard on one side or the other. The history of US culture wars is an excellent example of this, consistently repeating along the same battle lines as time marches on.

What's the difference now? The internet exists. People can sort of buffer themselves against all the peoples of the world to temper their frustrations; things are better here than they are there, they can vent frustrations to friends halfway across the world, etc. People are less likely to stand up and fight against the shitty conditions they live in when they realize that things are really, REALLY bad elsewhere.

However, this also has an amplifying effect based on the way many internet properties and utilities are designed to filter out opinions you do not agree with: you are more likely to find "news" and "opinions" that match your side of the story, rather than ideas that may challenge your opinion and better inform you. (((Fake news))) and lies by omission feed into this Filter Bubble effect, as well, creating the illusion that San Francisco is a bright and shining utopia, or that South Africa is not full of murderous niggers.

The end effect of all of this combined is dangerous: we've simply synchronized our watches and drastically increased our tolerance for bullshit by effectively giving everybody the world over open lines of communication. This also makes it especially dangerous for (((certain groups of people))) by, as you've very well stated, allowing the open flow of communication of what were once considered potentially ideas so dangerous they had to be shut down for (((public safety concerns))). Where before, civil disobedience, murders, bombings, and the rise of revolutionary forces were the end result, the end result now will be amplified the world 'round.

There is no going back at this point. The longer this goes on, and the more the Jew doubles down, the worse the backlash will be. I simply hope that people see the Jew on both sides, rather than fall for the classic gambit of Jews on one side claiming to be righteous and fighting against their own kind to stay safe and Jew one more day.

The jews have done this before many times they have brought down civilazations and watched the results of their actions. Of course that doesn't stop them from doing it again with so much power they have gathered, this time they will do it in a massive global scale. This is what scares me the most not because everything will be lost but because nobody will be here to take the helm every time an empire fell someone was lurking in the shadows and took the empire of course they got poisoned by the jews but that they thought was just a small price. But there is nobody if the entire globe falls who the fuck is gonna take it.They are terrible beings and we will make humanity as a whole 10 times better if we get rid of them. It's gonna be hard but we need the help of technology to rid us of this evil. Of course there is a high chance something else will take their place. But we shall see I don't think we will live long enough to see that thing. I just hope we get rid of them soon or the real dark ages are upon us.

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This is the root problem from my perspective. This has a lot to do with men incorrectly deferring to other men rather than taking personal responsibility. They show this in their Tarot as the Apollyon (male/transexual/faggot/semite) being chosen by another male, rather than a union between male and female. Apollyon (the destroyer) is a faggot god that wears laurel leaves and occasionally disguised himself as a man so that he could fuck other men in the ass. The 'woman' on the left is CLEARLY a faggot tranny and obviously the man prefers that to an actual female companion.

This 'center column' homosexual position where they can play both men and women off each other for their destruction (caring about neither) is the source of their power. OTO and Crowley did a lot of this with his famous 9/11 ritual of fucking a woman and then fucking a man with himself as 'god'. His goal was to produce a homunculus or LIFE out of the shit, cum, blood and slime of fucking a man in the ass.

This is why the 'males' in the 'church' all dress as women, why the Templars all cut their junk of and mulated themselves, why the semites all mutilate themselves in deference to their 'god' (who is also a homosexual), why Mithras take a male 'bride', why almost all 'religions' are run exclusively by males and homosexuality/pedophilia is rampant within them…because they want to hold onto the power position as SOL-O-MON (the O is indicative of 'god' or the man that takes the place of god), this is why zeus or H'zeus is a faggot pederast.

This is also why the semites war against women (see Europe; who is the war against? well they aren't our raping men, their favorite sport [that cums later]; instead they are waging war against women, terrorizing women, killing women).

Since our men aren't doing anything about this, we have to apply occam's razor, accept the simplest conclusion and assume that this is acceptable in Ethnic European male eyes…because they have a choice, but they choose not to exercise it accepting semitic values rather than European ones…which means that they are giving tacit approval if not being complicit in the hatred and destruction of 50% of Ethnic European people…SMH it is so hard to watch my people destroyed in this manner but this is nothing new as the semites have been waging this war since they spawned on this planet.

The beat goes on…CIVILization ends with the logical conclusion of its beginning.

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I think that was their end game with feminism. After all women got their rights (which are just rights by people not by god) they are now equal to men. Of course they aren't but that's what they believe now, with that kind of logic men do not consider (at least lefties and cuckservatives) women weak and defenceless anymore, so they don't need anyone to protect them in that way women got fucked sideways lost most of their rights in the process of winning and lost the most precious of them all, the praise of man.

Of course Tesla praised women too much some times, others he just didn't praise them at all and thought of them as garbage.

Wasn't he celibate?

Yes he was but having such a high IQ like him. Just imagine this you cannot communicate with anyone nobody understands you not even scientists people think you are crazy and your youth would be hell. In other words everyone around you is a normie and you are they only person that can see. Just imagine that I would choose to be celibate too.

yep…I think you are correct in your assessment.

Women have never been 'equal to men' we are complementary to each other. Men (in general) see long term, women (in general) see detail…and I mean this is BASIC…when we were hunter gatherers and women were out picking herbs and berries…she better pick the right ones or she and her family would die of poisoning.

So, complementary, this idea of 'equal' is foolish.

I know someone (a man) who was just passed up for a significant position in a corporation because his competition has boobs…it is just pathetic because the position NEEDED someone with the ability to take the longer term view and what they got was someone more detail oriented…so the company will suffer because they didn't pick the right (CLEARLY CORRECT) person for the job. And it is wild because he didn't get a raise but people have to go around and behind the back of his superior to him just to get things done.

On the other hand…I wouldn't want a male nurse because men (in general) don't have the ability to focus on minutiae meaning that you are as likely to get the wrong medicine from a male nurse as the correct medicine. We have traditional roles because they play to our traditional strengths. This doesn't mean that I believe 'women should be back in the kitchen' that is a TOTALLY artificial semitic construct that despises women for their strengths…women have played a complimentary role in all aspects of Ethnic European society since we became a culture everything from medicinal to spiritual to a helper for their men. I know farmers who could never do what they do without their wife…they love their wife for what she does for them, that she helps them in every aspect of their day. These are tough women, strong women…companions…not slaves, they are complimentary.

I agree, women are not below men but they are not the same they will never be the same. We need to get rid of this propaganda that has taken over their minds so we can free them. We can prove it scientifically logically and emotionally. I think this will be very easy to do women will join us even if we were to take them slaves to survive in war. That said I think they haven't lost their logic at least most of them this feminism thing will be proven to be false and we will end this shit before it started. Just see how fast NSDAP did it in Germany. I am worried about the kikes more.

My mother had the same problem. She ended up celibate as well.

Tesla did love his pigeons though…I think more than anything, when he saw the construct and human entrapment within the system, he simply wanted to fly away. I think it was the one thing he was powerless to change and that drove him into a hermetic isolation that was irrevocable.

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Well as Pericles the best dictator of Greece once said

>(((Einstein))) myth


Which ritual is that? Please cit.. nah forget it, you cant. Tits or GTFO

Why would we want to be the same…that is (((homosexual))) based thinking again…

LOL you lost me on the 'taking as slaves part'…believe me, slaves are never worth taking, they are a net drain of your own personal resources because they have to 'be managed' and you can never trust them. The only thing you get when taking slaves is resentment between yourself and the slave. As an example look at the position of the jews/ZIONISTS. They have taken slave of the globe and abused it for 6,000 years…and now their time is over, it is time to completely exterminate them for the problems that they have caused on earth. See there is nothing but bitter anger and resentment on BOTH sides…it was just a BAD IDEA from the beginning.

I think you are going to be better served with companion ideology…you can trust a companion to care for you when you are ill? Also, remember women live longer than men…someday you are going to be dependant on a woman to wipe your ass and feed you…companion is better than slave because eventually you will need a companion more than you will ever need a slave. Otherwise in your weakest moment when you need help the most, you will find someone who is content to see you suffer immensely.

Funny as hell.

Rule 31 cunt.

I said theoritically and in a case of war. But I understand what you are saying.

This is dumb as hell considering both technology can be weaponized, just that nuclear bomb is more effective.

A nuclear fusion reactor plant is the future for energy industry.

Hmm how did I know that a faggot like yourself would find the evidence I provided as 'unworthy'…it wasn't for you, dick smoker, it was everyone else who might read the thread.