Primary Victory of Ocasio-Cortez

Primary Victory of Ocasio-Cortez

The right seems to be rejoicing over the victory of Ocasio-Cortez's primary in New York as if this is just another signifier of the downfall of the left.

But should we be worried? Look at that landslide victory. That she acquired that many votes could be a sign of how radicalized the left has become, especially considering Ocasio-Cortez's extreme political stances.

It has been said that the left will crawl over broken glass this November to vote. The further we approach November, the more likely this appears to be the case.

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More far left shitskins in charge of the democratic party means faster white flight from that party.

Just think: If the left does take enough seats to override a president veto this November, she will introduce a bill to abolish ICE which would almost certainly garner supermajority support.

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There's no way that will happen without mass unrest.

Keep driving that wedge down

Now you're using your head.

Those aren't votes in that chart; they're non-itemized donations. A candidate who gets 70% of their funding in those might be really popular with ordinary Joes, or she might be taking Soros money through the usual laundries.

Which do you think more likely, user?

A sane nation would hang her for sedition.

no. we should be happy.
the 4th-highest ranked dem, a possible successor to pelosi, just got turned into a lame duck, which makes the gop all the more effective from now to jan 20. in addition, after the general, which she WILL win, given that the district is majority-spanish speaking, instead of an experienced and fairly young dem with connections and reputation and experience in the sausage-making of congressional politics, they'll have to deal with a loose cannon who doesn't work with anybody and who snipes at her own people, and who provides a nice little poster child for anybody running against the dems in anywhere sane and somewhat White.
meanwhile, in terms of votes on issues, she won't in any way vote differently than crowley did – crowley was already as much "muh free health gibz" and "replace Whites with browns" as any dem was.
she made the spics in her district happy, and the bernbots overjoyed, but that's all.

this, plus an OPEN prog as opposed to crowley who hid his power level better. there are fewer progs in the usa than there are lolohoax realists, regardless of the social norms around being allowed to express either opinion.

as if crowley wouldn't have done that if they won that many seats which they won't, the gop will hold the house and probably expand their margin in 2018 lel

What a surprise. It would be like a Vandal getting elected to the Roman Senate and calling for the disbandment of the Roman Army and investigations into Praetorian abuses.

The only upside is that this would never happen, and this is just theater to get her votes (even she she genuinely believes what she is saying.) A large section of house Dems are apolitical and concerned only with keeping power, and going against Homeland Security and law enforcement would be suicidal for their reelection chances. The GOP will still control the Senate even if there is the fabled "BlueWave" this November, and they will strike it down or poison it so no one votes for it. The radical left is not as big as you think it is, they simply have well placed political and media power, and are good at organizing demonstrations. Most Dem voters are clueless normalfags whose turnout will barely be affected the real concern is voter fraud and they are getting desperate enough to rig the fuck out of the midterms

shes a mexican in new york bro , learn to understand context.

Mexicans are the only ones that care about gov. The rest are super rich white folk

You do realize that even major donors a lot of the time do their donations piece meal.

I mean puerto ricans and dominicans … look at me messing up the context

You don't win fuck without the white vote. Push the hardcore muds as hard as you can. Fuck the left out of their white voterbase.

That's a good one. With Bernouts we #HammerTheCracks. In this one we #DriveTheWedge.

Shows that after the Trump years the US will irreversibly become Brazil

I'm not sure if the Twatter is lying or if she's actually that stupid.

Checked and agreed, unfortunately.

mexican't women want white dugan to impregnate them and bring the genetics of their offspring out of the mud.All minority women suffer from a healthy realistic inferiority complex.They know they are worthless to the white world with no value other than a laborer.

She's a critic of Israel and will push Jews harder into the Republican party.

This is a (((victory))), but not the one you imagine.

Wrong. A sane nation would never have let the poo in through the back door in the first place. A second-tier sane nation would gas her for being a feral animal.

It's only a percentage of the left that is full KILL-WHITEY and TRANS-KIDS-R-US retard.

The more these extreme fucking monkeys get into power, the more they will push their retarded narrative and alienate fence sitters and boomers.
It happened in 2016, and the left is just doubling down

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Maybe we're becoming less vigilant

In New York it is a very large percentage that truly think all white guys are evil and that they SHOULD treat all people right of Bernie Sanders like a piece of shit. Try wearing a MAGA hat in NYC and see what happens.

By criminal invaders

This. Leftists may talk big but the only draw if stuff like DUDE WEED or a check for them is on the ballot. Whites vote consistently.

Holy moly.

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I welcome it.
The right has calmed down too much. They've forgotten the violence at the pre-election rallies, they've forgotten that someone shot up a republican baseball game because Trump won.

Let the left get this train rolling

I welcome it in theory but I definitely don't want to be murdered, especially because it wouldn't help the cause anyway. I'm not saying be a pussy but its retarded to put yourself in danger, especially in a place where you can't legally carry a gun

You have control over that user. Rare exceptions aside, only the weak and stupid get murdered.

exactly. like a stupid fuck who would run around jew york advertising for all deranged niggers to attack him because FUCK DRUMPF

Yea. Standard power dynamic judo. In friendly territory, fight openly for your cause. In enemy territory, pretend to be your enemy to infiltrate them.

I wonder what other high ranking dems we can oust. I really wanna see peloci gone.

with jews you lose

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Yeah, i bet you are happy she won, it not like she should be deported or anything

Wait I thought she was a passing fantasy-jew?

Why? Major urban areas, home to American leftism, are a testament to the future of the left in this country. Every year it gets browner and blacker. Major urban areas are no more fit for whites than leftism as a whole will be in the near future. That's good. I don't need to go there, the hordes of monkeys will chase the whites there to me, and we'll inevitably work together against them.

It's Detroit on a larger scale. Anyone who doesn't see it going this way all over the country is delusional.

What is the context for the second picture?

Unfortunately as Colorado found out when the Califags invaded them just because the liberal scum destroy their own homes doesn't mean they won't try to replicate their failures and push them on you.

I think some people around here are naive, they think that leftism is indoctrinated into these whites, perhaps because they were liberals in the past before they became national socialists. Unfortunately all the data implies the opposite, you can coerce people but in the current environment coercion really isn't happening. Rather the predisposition toward political, philosophical, and religious position appears to be 93% inheritable much like every other phenotypically expressed trait. These scum are natural liberals and need to die off so only the cruel natural rightists live. In fact everybody but the hard right of the whites doesn't seem to breed in modern society anymore, including saracens and spics. If it wasn't for the constant importation of more mudcreatures this would be a self-correcting problem. But we don't have that luxury. They all need to die: every liberal, kike, spic, nigger, faggot, saracen, and assorted mudman has to go.

Good. They're accelerating their own destruction.

You do realize Whites are on the way out, right? No one gives a shit about Whites except for us. The ballot has failed. What does that leave for options?

What if she loses XD

As an online tutor for universities all across the nation and judging from the perspectives that I have had the displeasure of reading, in the form of barely literate assemblages of thought-garbage barely passing for the work of a middle-school special needs student I should add, I think that there are two possibilities:

socialism/authoritarianism v. patriotism/constitutionalism

What this means essentially is that the establishment people are going to be fucked. NY is living in a deranged fantasy that is wholly different from the rest of the country. The land slide tells us one thing. These people want socialism.

My job experience is equally as revealing. Every literary analysis essay is a Marxist deconstructive analysis of class, gender, or racial oppression that tears down the deep archetypal significance of the cherished art form of the narrative that is being picked away like a carcass subjected to the trial of incessant and regular perforation courtesy of a gang of sharp-beaked and boiled-scrotum-headed vultures. The young folks are angry at everything in culture. Educators don't care about research. They care about instilling the message. It's working. They believe it all: systematic oppression, institutional racism, classism, ageism, LGBTPQIA+, pro-CPS, Big Government, white priviledge. All my students are a LaShawnda or a Gonzalez. The white names are just fucking retarded and they buy into the gig as well.

Celebrities are litterally dehumanizing us. Talk show hosts, radio hosts, news hosts, calling us "bad people" for voting a certain way. They are othering us just like the Nazis did to the Jews, the Commies did to the Kulaks.

This woman wants to abolish ICE, and just before this election, the news phalanx lambasted the nation with coverage of the border. She's Latina, offering free shit, and people eat it up.

All of this fuck shit rambling is simply to say that the globalist plan is real. I have never seen such a uniform manner of brainwashing students, propagandizing through media, and celebrity proselytizing and demagoguing until I got the job that I have now. My job red-pilled me because I realized suddenly that this is not a case of "evolving/progressive morality". It is manufactured and executed like a computer program. This November will be the last chance for us.

If the Democratic party wins Congress, Trump will be impeached, and the resultant uproar would be disastrous. Impeaching a president when the nation, and the world are doing this good? For a phony bologna russia crock of shit? No. That would lead to an uprising. The war would begin.

I'm worried, but at the same time, I welcome the war. I'm ready.

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She is another Tailored Manchurian Candidate like Obamz, be very prepared.
WP: "…designed by friends from New York’s socialist circles, she came out for the abolition of ICE, universal Medicare, a federal jobs guarantee and free college tuition. The ads also made it clear that she was a different candidate — a young Latina from the Bronx, not a white man from Queens. The posters, which she said were designed to look “revolutionary"…"
Wiki; Ocasio-Cortez supports a variety of progressive policies, including:
Transitioning to a single-payer healthcare system (Medicare-for-All).
A federal jobs guarantee.
Tuition-free public college.
Ending the privatization of prisons.
Increasing the federal minimum wage to $15.
Enacting gun control policies.
Enacting criminal justice reform.
The abolition of ICE.
Acting on climate change.
Ocasio-Cortez has criticized Israel's foreign policy, calling the killing of Palestinian protesters on the Gaza border on May 14, 2018 a "massacre"

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this is only the beginning

Congress is still overwhelmingly white, once all those old boomers start dying off and gen x non whites start to grab their seats the fun will begin, if you thought the antiwhite rhetoric was bad you haven't seen nothing yet

both houses of Congress and the various state Senates will be at least 50% non white before 2030


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Sorry for the double post about the free sh#t for everyone Manchurian Candidate.
But notice they are darkening her up for photo shoots and TV…

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This is good. Retards like her won in the 70s too after the 60s cultural revolution. In 10 years they destroyed NY and had to make the banks take over the city. 10 years later you got Fuhrer Giuliani.

So if she's no funded by corporations.. it means she is backed by Soros.

We're seeing a new Obongo in the making, but this time 10x more pozzed and dangerous.

Is that Crowley related to a leister?

The US is going to be the spot for leftism last ass ravaging of the west going to be Russian revolution 2 electric boogaloo

Yes. Watch her very closely.
Is she; Married? Have Children? LGBT? An Anchor Baby for her PR mother? Was her Father an Anchor Baby?
@Ocasio2018 Retweeted MoveOn
Holy smokes - we just got endorsed by @MoveOn!
reddit; "…one of the first and most successful democratic online grassroots org (moveOn)(arguably the reason the Dems retook congress in ‘06 and was the template for Obama for America) endorses a challenger to the no.3 Democrat in the house…"

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NYC fag here. Something tells me this was a well thought out plan by a WH operative.
Voter turn out was piss poor, and this district is split between the Bronx and Northern Queens which has tons of Rep Greeks and Koreans.
My gut tells me a Judas Goat infiltrated this Primary and mobilized people to vote for Cortez.
Now Pelosi is trapped as Speaker and this paves the way to further ostracize the DNC.
Cortez isn't even guaranteed victory because as I said, there's a huge Greek population and the Republican Pappas might pull off the impossible. Cortez is fkn insane or maybe SHE is the Judas Goat…hmmmmm
The Koreans might go full MAGA after what Trump accomplished with NOKO
Truly amazing things are happeneing.

she's a reekin'. all the nyc spics are pretty much reekin' with some other island spics interspersed. haven't you ever seen West Side Story?

history here from an old fart - the pre-messcan-invasion catalogue of spics in the us:
- reekin's in nyc
- cubans in florida
- tejanos in texas
- chicanos in california and the southwest

i worked for a company which concerned itself at least partly with dealing with spics, because of where we sold. all the spics are united in hating Whitey with more or less primarily tejanos less intensity, and all are disloyal fucks to the usa with more or less tejanos again, then cubans and chicanos intensity, and some are less socialist than others cubans of the lighter castes. but the key point is that
there is no internal unity of spics
yeah they all have some things in common but they have some very big internal fracture points which we can exploit.

that would be fucking hilarious if it happened. but seriously it's very doubtful.
look up that district's demographics. half of it's spics. lots of other assorted detritus. probably half or more of the population doesn't speak english. cook pvi rating something like d+35.
it would take massive apathy on the part of dems to make it flip.
plus, the gop guy is some greek motherfucker, professor type, running on low taxes theory. not exactly the kind of guy that excites the base.
but you never know. that's why we run the races.

wouldn't be a bit surprised to see articles touting her as the first feisty latinx potus candidate in the coming years.

nice find. makes sense, she's too "well-spoken" to be all that non-White. but nobody enforces the one drop rule the way mixed-race people do. 1/4 nigger may as well be 400% nigger when it comes right down to it. same with indios, castizos may as well be a full band of aztec priests when the shit hits the fan.

Watch for the ultimate Soros shilling when she will make a mention of an "open society".

The identitarian Left will cause a split from the corporate/neo liberal left and nothing gets done without big donors who don't benefit from this vocal fringe element.

In addition these lefties can forget about getting normies on their side, especially in rustbelt swing states.

The identitarian left is a Potemkin village of virtue signaling apparatus which has no choice but to pursue the strategy to the bitter end like a ponzi scheme that will never admit that has no choice but to find a continuous stream of sucker money until the well dries up.

The Democratic party as we now it will hit rock bottom after Trump gets reelected in 2020. The only question is will it reform itself in the way that the Republicans did with the Tea Party/Ron Paul movement or will it's remnants Balkanize into Green Party, Queer Party, POC parties.

Despite being one of the bluest districts in the country, it's worth pushing the Republican even if he's meh just to drive home that going farther left didn't work and since liberals only double down after every loss. They'll vote a tranny eskimo or something, instead.


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aite here's more scoop on this election. this feisty latinx shot the dems in the foot just to spite her own legs.
the progs are crowing about this, but they're doing some of our work for us. they hate some of the same people, but they don't realize that they hate us more, and by doing what they did, they make us stronger.
the tweet thread:
fuck your archives, you have to copy/paste anyways, paste it in one yourself if you feel the urge

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All paths lead to accelerationism.

You'd just have to clean out the seats. Very easy solution.
if you like archive, copy it in yourself. there's no such thing as a "link" on full/pol/

Sounds like jew york is picking an anti american super shill, shocking.

she looks familiar

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She is a very beautiful DACApede though ♥


Mallorcan Jew from Puerto Rico, cap it. Cortez is one of their names.

is this an accelerationist argument?

Experience Bio;
"…Ocasio-Cortez graduated from Boston University in 2011 where she majored in economics and international relations…"
(WTF does that mean? With a Degree in What? She is still paying off her student loans).
After college, she moved back to the Bronx and supported her mother (Daddy is dead, a f#cking widow and Housekeeper, what is mom's Legal Status now that she moved to FL) by bartending at Flats Fix Taqueria in Union Square, Manhattan, and working as a waitress.
(A f#cking Waitress and Bartender? To support her Mother and pay off Student Loans? Job History? Her Fica Score?)
Worked at a Nonprofit National Hispanic Institute. (What did/does that pay, what is her Income?)
Worked as an organizer for Bernie Sanders in his 2016. (What did that pay?)
Founded Brook Avenue Press, a children's book publisher. (WTF? is the money laundered to her here? How did/does she afford to live?)
Who is Susana Sandoval? Is pic related?

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You're probably right, but it won't be until Beanetta has to go to New York's Jewish communities, hat in hand in need of donations, that she'll "suddenly discover her family's Jewish heritage."

Empty eyes and a female soyboy closed teeth fear smile. Look at her mouth's muscular tension and scalenes. Bearing her teeth in a grimace more than a smile. She is emotional and fearful, only staying mentally grounded by externalizing her problems onto white males and privilege that she seeks to destroy.

Her weakness is emotion and fear.

pic is from the gofundme for sandoval going to the standing rock protests jesse jackscoon was there too she's an activist with harmony keepers an atzlan-injun bloc and ran as an independent write-in candidate for senate from illinois.

if this spic bitch's campaign is supported by these groups, it's even better than i ever dreamed. see my other posts. it's one thing to have some loose cannon tearing up the dem machine, but to have a huge bloc inside the machine tearing it up is just fantastic.

Yup she is definitely a Jew.

Lol. Obviously her being a grass roots candidate is a fuckin meme. Just like it was with bernie. She is an establishment crook like any other - it's just the Left wing establishment is wising up to the fact that they have to at least pretend not to be part of the political elite. She is a seat warmer candidate who probably will dance like a marionette when told. Any streak of independence or anti-establishmenr rhetoric is just pageantry to rope some of the moronic Progressives back into the party. Since a lot of them are starting to wake up to their own hypocracy over supporting billionnaire Jews and Whites when they pretend to be rebels.

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Even the most hardcore genopolitics supporters don't go that far. Political preference is only partially influenced by genes. There's a lot of Zig Forums tier people with liberal parents.

No problem. They already push abortion so hard that they'd be happy killing their great-grandparents that all you need to do is wait. The problem becomes dealing with their stupidity and corruption which can crush the nation around you.

How much did she actually win by? That chart is of small donations, not her actual votes.

Dem establishment needed this to happen. They can't have the youthful, radical, elements of their base dispirited, so they let Cortez have this…We saw in 2016 what they typically do to grass-roots upstarts within their party (No Refunds). They must be in trouble.

I smell matzo.

No. The democrats should though. It would work out just great for us if every lefty running was a whitey hating communist open border advocate.

Time to meme this bitch into shouting on video that she loves Karl Marx.

Checked. We need to start an operation:

Operation Communist DNC.

Because I know I shilled hard for that stupid kike bitch Jill Stein.


tut tut. Didn't you learn from birthergate that it's immoral to ask questions about mystery meat?

The black/yellow posters weren't a dead giveaway? You see black/yellow signs at every Soros funded protest.

incomplete information at the moment. 440/449 districts reporting. she has 15,897 votes vs the incumbent crowley getting 11,761 votes. total votes only 27,658. so she won by about 4k votes. or 57-43.
in 2016, 2014, and 2012, crowley ran unopposed for the democrat nomination. i don't have any idea whether he was opposed for the nomination, or not, on any of his terms before that.
in terms of the general election, turnout in this district varies wildly based on whether or not a potus is being elected. in presidential years, 180-200k turn out. in midterm years, only 70-100k turn out. which may mean that if the greeks and gooks in the district turn out in great numbers, the gop has a very slim, highly unlikely, chance to take the seat.

Don't they know that secondary colors are loser colors?

Interesting. I wonder how much psychological research and optimisation went into these unified designs that might as well work as a corporate design/identity, same with the continued use of the Otpor! fist motive.
Wouldn't be surprised if these turned up during the current Iran turmoils (which must be just about every Mossad/CIAnigger asset trying to gin up another color revolution)

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Who's with me? Let's shill the most extreme candidates of every Democrat, especially if they're communist.

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Well, it is not too surprising. New York state is only 58℅ white iirc, with a couple percent of that being (((white))), so I'm not stunned that someone like this could have won.

Yeah they got uppity as fuck when Kang Nigger was in office. Now that Whitey's back they are some of them trying to elicit pity. I swear the more I witness the dark races in action the more I think Whites have very little in common with anyone else on this planet.

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I'll never forget the night Obama was elected. I went for a walk to see what the local wildlife was up to. I still liked niggers back then, so it was jarring when the inhabitants of the local welfare slum broke off their outdoor celebration to hoot at me on the sidewalk. It was something about how "now you gonna get what you deserve." As if the president is a Yoruba tribal chief who can take all my shit and give it to his tribesmen. It was then that I started the long road /here/.

As for Mexicans, I've hated them all since I was very young. I can't remember a time I didn't want them gassed. My parents were sort of neutral about them – they had the typical Mexican neighbor friend – but I always hated every single one of them. Apart from how ugly and disruptive they are, there was always just a vibe about them that put me off. It wasn't until I found Cartel videos on LiveLeak that I understood what the problem was.

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and much easier to beat given how fuckin retarded their platforms are. "FREE EVERYTHING".

I wonder how the gooks who remember what uppity niggers look like would react.

The thought that wakes me up at night is that even a retarded platform is a winner when 50.1% of the voting public is also retarded.

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No sweat. Hold off on the grassy knoll until Soros sinks at least $100 million on her and is fully committed. Then give her warm hugs and gently encourage her to see the light of reason.

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