New Republican Ad Shows GOP Ready For Civil War, Koch Bros shill for Globalist Agenda

New Republican ad found here

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If your business can't sustain itself without subsidized slave labor, kill yourself.

A white person? But the alt-right/this board told me that it was always Da Jooooos, what gives?

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(((Koch))) and (((Murdoch))) are cryptokikes. It's well known now.

No shekels for a lazy shabbos goyim like yourself!

What good is a puppet master without puppets?

The (((white))) elites sold out a long time ago. Their individualist rootless cosmopolitan liberal behavior was no match for jewish power since WW2, and prior to that they were essentially kapitalist jews fucking over the nation. Only one worthy of mention was Henry Ford and even he sold out his principles to build up Russia.

When we say jews we automatically factor in the entire "white" presenting elite that hasn't done a goddamn thing but work nut-to-butt with the jews who work as a collective to simply maintain their power and wealth. We need a new elite.

One shabbos goy does not disprove the trend


How is that video speaking to the GOP to do something and not simply explicitly supporting the violent communist uprising that will have to be quashed soon?


Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch were among the few who invested in Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme and won.

Not Jews.

It's not always the Jews. That's a strawman. The point is that Jews are powerful and hostile to white interests, and try to bend things their way using their power, not that there aren't also a bunch of detached white elites who are race traitors. Both things are true, dummy.

If you aren't going to even try, why bother?

Heres you (you). Its a shame you couldn't get the first post bonus.

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>Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch were among the few who invested in (((((Bernie Madoff)))))’s Ponzi scheme and won.

They're danish jews.

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Wanna know what's funny? If some random youtuber with 1000 subs made a video identical to this, their entire channel would probably be taken down.
I'm glad the GOP released this. They should make more. Unfortunately a lot of people reject redpills when they come from less popular sources, regardless of the quality of the content.
Imagine if the GOP released a video like this every few days with similar content. I think it would change millions of peoples minds.

==DAILY REMINDER: They're going to tell you over and over that this is about the American consumer when its really about the bottom line of the Corporate-Managerial Elite and the Investment Class==\

whatever happened to filter and ignore, newfags?

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