Swedes move to Far-Right in Record Numbers as Cultural Enrichment increases

>A surge in gang violence has stirred anti-immigration sentiment before an election in Sweden, putting a far-right party on course for big gains in one of Europe’s most liberal countries.

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Too little, too late. Fucking retards.

If the migrants dont know how to vote and theres enough of a sentiment among the natives it could still happen democratically. All you can do is hope

I have to agree. While I wish them the best in their fight, it is not much good to start fighting once the wolfs are already at your doorstep.

so, just die then? give up?
i think once the fighting starts properly its gonna be great
i dont see whites losing a war to nonwhites

Going into a no-go zones

serves them right

but ze leftists told us no-go zones doughnut exits1

If Sweden tries to pull off a 1932, we'll be there with the Yanks and Frenchies across the channel to bomb the fuck out of them and their "Conquer Europe!!!" and "Kill all the ___s!!" bullshit

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Derail shill. He did this in an Italy thread. As seen here:

Filter and ignore.


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It's never too late
best of luck swedes

second time ive seen you d&c faggot>>11776017
defeatist faggot>>11776059

Too bad it's SD and not AfS or NRM. But this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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All this idiocy coming out of Europe. You people keep relaying, or directly calling groups in Europe "far-right," when in reality they're centrist, or centre-right. You're adopting the left's stupid fucking labels and calling everyone who disagrees with their open borders, population replacement campaigns as "far-right," when in reality it's just a historically centrist position.

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Point at him, point at him and laugh.

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It's never too late user. Hope springs eternal.


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SDP isn't going to do anything. I get Swede's need to feel empowered but they are so cuck-tier it's a joke.

SD are pretty milquetoast. But AfS probably could still use some donations.

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This is your brain on defeatism. White men have faced worse odds and prevailed and we'll do it again.

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Diversity, ladies and gentlemen.

Youre desperation is HILARIOUS.

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Its always the last time you try to kill something that it actually dies.

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Get lost, blackpill. If the Swedes act now they can definitely still turn things around.

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My thoughts exactly. Knowing Sweden the leftcucks would probably rather fight the right in defense of the noble Muslim than to cede power peacefully.

lol they are getting bussed to the election office with a vote on the socialist party in their hand

The socialist has created a spiderweb of migrant associations and their job is to provide voters in exchange for government gibs.

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Anything that kills the EU is good in my book.

No turrets? We should also probably upgrade the barbed wire to concertina. Oooh, wait a tick, what are the rules about electric fences?

These bots are lame, do they really expect to make any progress with this.

Not a good example. Modern Spaniards aren't even White anymore. 95% are short, swarthy, with black hair and black beady eyes. You'd never Spain was once inhabited by Celts, Romans, and Germanic peoples.

It's never too late until you're completely dead.

To the Sweds I'll say this, either sit and suffer in your mind then finally die of old age or enrichment while your kids are turned brown. Idleness is another enemy you must defeat, act now and advocate for change in all the ways you see fit.
Don't only just focus on the physical invaders, also focus on the roots and cause.

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Don't forget that the NSDAP was an authoritarian centrist party and not "Far Right". The only reason that (((people))) call it "Far Right" is because they're so far left that anything other than communism is perceived as right wing.

We need new celtic and visigothic migrations tbh

Agreed user, also fuck the shills.

Can't watch the video right now.
Are they "moving" towards the Far-Right of the (((Far-Right)))?
Democracy is such a fucking joke because you'll always get slimeballs telling people what they want to hear at the moment and then selling out right as they secure power.
Reactionism is one thing but opportunism is another, which is the case here? Even a mild position right-of-center will look attractive when full-blown Marxism is what's looming over your head.

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Said the 64% to the ppl living in a country 86% white.

Kill yourself Chaim.

So then we all agree burgerland is totally lost since it's kike world headquarters since a century and the reigning champions of race mixing and nigger violence? This sort of violence now taking root in Sweden is shit the US has had for fifty fucking years in their own coontowns and ghettos. A hundred years if you count the kike mobster mass murders.

The US is lower in the water but Sweden is sinking faster

The sad part is that it isn't even satire. The bulk of burgers would gladly go kill Europeans to "stomp the nazis a second time" and then go on about how they saved us again.

Yes, becasue the US is much better in this regard.

Where are you from to be in a position to give such lofty advice? It better be Hungary.

>Are they "moving" towards the Far-Right of the (((Far-Right)))?
Won't it be both? You don't get to the former without passing through the latter.

Voting won't bring back the dead killed by the decisions made by traitors.

Nothing will bring back the dead. What's your point?

Sure, but with that head start Sweden is not catching up. Sweden is on track for a white minority somewhere in the 2060s while the US is set for the 2040s. I've seen numbers for white minority by 2040 in Sweden as well, but that basically assumed importing over a hundred thousand a year, every year, even though you would soon have a million homeless. It's a scenario that is never going to happen becasue in reality the anti-immigration party is already the largest party and the others are right now starting to copy part of their policy out of desperation. That leaves the "natural" demographic shift and there the US is so much further along there is no possibility of catching up. It's also ignoring that the pushback is Sweden is already much stronger even though the problem are objectively much lesser than in the US.

The scenario is essentially the same in all of Europe. There is not a country in Europe that has seen as much ethnic oppression and racial violence against whites as there has been in the US, or is as close to white minority, yet the pushback in Europe is already much much more intense. A burger will never understand this though, because he doesn't even know the recent history of his own country or what is currently going on in it. He takes the intensity of the pushback in Europe as proof that they must already be on the brink, while his own apathy towards in reality much greater problems serves as proof that he must be much better off.

It's would truly be depressing if this stupidity wasn't upheld with the most willing obtuseness.

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If democracy was real it wouldn't have happened in the first place.
Democracy is a kike led puppet show, that makes normalfags believe that they have impact on the outcomes.

This is for you.

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Going to put the Anglos down this time for good

Burger here, one thing to keep in mind, most of our shitskins are in the cities. Sure, (((They))) are sending em to small rural towns, but most people there know whats up. Had a rape case in a small Idaho town a year or so ago, a 9? year old girl was raped by some sand nigger, the judge tried to cover it up, it got leaked lol. There are so many people here who hate shitskins with a passion, once the economy here tanks, police protections are scaled back due to a drop in tax revenue and the jew run courts can't enforce their laws we'll do to them what we did to shit people from places like chicago who tried to loot from small midwest towns, kill em and bury the bodies in corn fields. Never underestimate rural murrika.

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Holly fuck Sweden, just holly fuck.

weebkikes begone.

No they aren't blacks dominate both rural and urban south. Mezitoes dominate both rural and urban south west and then every major city in the heartland is minority.
American delusion about half of American whites are liberal and half of the conservatives are all about MUH BASED HISPANIC FRIEND!!!
Your whole post is delusional bullshit.

The new Hitler will come from Sweden
Sieg Heil

well you know, far right in Sweeden is like centre left anywhere else in the world

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Your blackpilling means nothing.
White people are waking up to the reality of the ongoing genocide of White people.
Non-Whites are becoming more and more violent and hateful towards White people.
These two factors reinforce and accelerate each other.
The fire rises.

There are 200 million White people in the US.
You defeatist garbage would give up before the battle has even begun.
Your time and efforts should be going towards redpilling more Whites.
Instead you are trying to throw sand on the fire.
Shame on you.

Swedish nationalism is what matters.
Left/ right/ center, who cares?
What matter is stopping the ongoing genocide of White people and reestablishing White homelands. (specifically Swedish in this case)
That is the primary concern.
Also, remove jews.
If SD or AFS or whatever won't do these things, then the Swedes need to keep pushing and change them or make new parties.
Stopping White genocide is GOOD. It is JUST. It is THE RIGHT THING.
It is what "good people" do.
It is "the right side of history."
How can committing genocide against White people be "the right thing?"
Make the multicultists defend genocide.
Make them reveal themselves.
Whites want to be "good people." That is how we got into this mess. It is how we will get out of it.
Part of how, anyway.


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I'll believe when they start breeding again, until then, it's more meaningless thrashing about.

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It's never too late to kill shitskins.

If you're a shitskin in Appalachia, stay out of the woods.
They'll never find your remains.

Exactly. Its the kick in the ass whites need to conquista the entire fuckin planet!

It's never too late to kill kikes*.

Yellow is our guys

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Reminder: nowadays, anything more conservative than Carl Marx is the 'far-right'

Keep in mind they also like to sample leftist hives, such as universities so these numbers probably don't reflect popular opinion.
Remember when Drumpf had 1% chance of winning?

What would be called center right moderate elsewhere is called nazi in Sweden. Most EU countries don't even have any sort of right-wing parties despite their names.

this meme must die

he's right

there's no chance to save Sweden.

I just visited Sweden and let me explain: in their dictionary 'far-right' means social-democrat or maybe centrist. They do not even imagine in their wildest dreams that there is such a thing as nationalism or a ethnocentric society.

Now onto the normal swede; he's a fucking child. No matter the age, they just fuck around at work, fuck around after work and never mature beyond that point.
Talking to a swede feels like talking to a greeter robot, the swede has 1 objective only: for you to like him in the shortest time possible. You cannot have a meaningful conversation; they look like adults but have the brains of children.
Now the women, don't get me started; they realize someone raped them only after they ask the doctor what happened. Talking to a 20 y old feels like talking to my 5yo niece.

And now the best part: multicultural havens - these are towns and villages where educated migrants live; they usually have jobs and if they don't follow the rules they get moved out.
What does this mean ? Half of the swedish population is exposed to working immigrants that can handle their society. Even if these migrants are just a fraction of the total, they are the first every swede sees.

Sweden is dead. Let it stay that way!