Five Stars Movement Leader, Di Maio: "If Article 13 passes, it will open a period of 'serious political thought' against it."
For non Italian-speakers:
Labour and Social Policies and Deputy Prime Minister of Italy alongside Matteo Salvini) had this to say:
>"Danger comes directly from the (((European Union))) and it is called 'Copyright Reform'.
The (((EU))) has prepared a gag to impede freedom of expression of their citizens.

I'll believe it when I see it. Wops love to beat their chests like niggers and then not act.

We'll soon see which country gets better. If you are an anglostone, a frog or a kraut you should shut up and think about the mess your once powerful country is now. If you as I suppose are a kike faggot the oven awaits you.

Fuck off division shill.

Good luck Italy. We're all behind you!

I have yet to see any real results. Sure, Italy told a few human traffickers to fuck off but that does not put an end to their work. In the past the wops always caved when their gibs were threatened.

I for one, welcome the Internet and border defending WOG overlords they just have to pull through

You really don't know shit about Italian politics, do you? Northern League is an actual far right party, although not as far right as Brothers of Italy or Casapound, and they're in the ruling coalition. M5S are centrist fucks, true, but they're an anti establishment party first and foremost, who used the internet to hold private voting sessions with the Italian people, as well as any other available means to spread memes and information without using traditional media. They're 100% against this. It would only hurt their reelection chances to go back against it.

Words are cheap

They are working at a semantyc level too: naming islamics and (((apolids)))) in reports.

It's official: Italians are white after all!

So are your services, kike. Have a shekel.

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What is this?

M5S - Movimento 5 Stelle - Five Stars Movement is an anti-establishment, protest party thrown together by an ex-comedian and a bunch of other non politicians to try and take down the then-ruling coalition of center left and center right. They don't really have a defined political creed, so it's not like they're centrist or leftists or right wing, they just have a bunch of propositions that resonate a whole lot with the average disillusioned voter (for instance, they won the bottom half of the Italian peninsula just thanks to promising gibs and more transparency for the govt), currently they're the leading party with the most votes behind them, but they lack any political expertise as most of them weren't even into politics until recently.
Meanwhile, Northern League or Lega Nord is a right wing party that used to be a lot more about regional politics (it's literally an independentist party for Veneto) but rebranded itself as the defenders of Italy after witnessing the (((EU))) utterly raping Italian economy and race. They won as a coalition leader with other right wing parties, but entered a coalition government with the M5S once Berlusconi refused to step down as his party's leader. They're extremely competent and efficient, at least compared to M5S, and its leader (Matteo Salvini) adopted the same tactics of never backing down like Trump's. Ironically, despite NL constantly attacking illegal immigrants, they're the only party in the country that has a nigger as one of their PMs in Parliament.


i must say it. giggino is turning into a very pleasant surprise.

actually polls have the league ahead, since they actually started doing something about the niggers.
five stars have more seats, as long as this parliament stands, but if they are doing as they are doing right now, i don't care


of what gibs are you talking about?
Italy throws in some 16 billions a year in the EU to take 8 back. we're the ones giving the gibs
if you want to see some gibstakers look at eastern europe tbqhwyf if they use a fraction of said gibs to murderize every rapefugee trying to set foot in the EU, it's money well spent

5 kikes really don't have a choice on this since their entire party was built online. Not fighting this would lead to their own destruction. Regarding Salvini, its a given he would fight against this since its also vital to his campaign.

Italy gets a lot of subsidies to handle refugees, but up until now the center left + center right coalition just pocketed the money or distributed it to the traffickers themselves. NL and M5S currently don't give a shit.

Yes, this new law from our would-be overlords seems like some totalitarian bullshit.

Even if it doesn't kick our ass immediately, the prosecutors will follow the crappy Talmudic process of constantly re-interpreting the law and expanding it beyond its original purview.

We need to fight this thing now. Can anybody meme it?

Wouldn't such a law mean that an entire internet of webpages, going back 30 years and more, would have to either be brought up to the new standard or perma-deleted / blocked within the EU?

In order to implement this policy, companies would either have to fork out the money to update all their historic pages to meet the new standards or block all of their pre-2018 pages and start over from scratch.

This includes all social media and media sharing websites. Facebook. Twitter. Youtube. Everything. Youtube might have to block their entire library of videos inside the EU until it's been checked.

This is going to be hilarious.

also don't forget that the league swept through a shitload of the municipal elections. another cycle and they won't need a coalition to rule, or will only need one with boi or casa as they gain representation.

No. You are thinking like a white man. Think like a jew for a microsecond (careful).

>hehehe grubs hands and itches for wallet
>hehehe I know my cousin schmibitz shekelberg practices ((((((law)))))) he'll sort those naughty goys out! HEHHEHEHEHEH

jews are parasites personified, it marks out their entire worldview and transcends dogma into a feverish constant struggle beyond mere biology, to a frenetic collective jewing. All non–conformist or too-aryan/too-white jews are shunned like good (((marxist))) teachings demand they should be

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you have lived to see italy be less cucked than germany

Attached: 1460351307075.jpeg (327x323, 53.78K)

M5S is stalling, which in the case of a ruling party is a good thing. Lega is continuously rising because all the other center-right and far right parties are hemorrhaging votes and there's many disillusioned ex-PD voters who are either voting poz'd centrist parties that get less than 1% of the total votes or not voting at all.

I hope they won't do it, the internet would be alot better without yuropoors.

Dumb (((nigger))).
Thanks for bumping, by the way.

They were the main reason the web went to shit. Article 13 and net neutrality being revoked will finally bring the internet back to it's original state.

The Web was invented in Europe, you retarded nigger.

Attached: hitler_oven.jpg (1024x748, 117.32K)

Ever since AOL America Online, has the web never recoverd from that wave of stupitity.

So they are not just empty name, have power behind their punches and they rise such questions. Good for Italians.


800 millions in six years. against an expense of 4-5 billions only in 2017. and those confining with us closed the borders. people kept coming in. few got out.
look, i don't know if you're a shill or you just don't like italians, but find something else, we're far from perfect. plenty of stuff, you don't even need to dig it out.
but we are definitely not the parasites we are painted to be. after WW2 we had a completely ruined country from top to bottom, especially up north, a starving population and an high as fuck illiteracy rates in some places up to 90% of the population.
i'd say we must have a quality or two if we got among the greatest economies in the world.
and they are really fucking us over here.
our pro-EU former governments accepted literally anything.
not too much time ago they even tried to give away some very good for fishing territorial water to france, for…nothing or close to it or who knows what was the real reason, to give you an example.

The fire is rising, wopbro. Our task is to make sure the faggot Anglosphere (of which I am a part) is not on le (((right side of history))) this time

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Italy was never cucked.
We're just lazy.

and a mass exodus to north america that last almost two decades afterwards. Italy managed to rebound quite well and then the fuckin parasitic EU/Lira fiasco set it on a course for destruction.
If the world forces (america and other EU nations) can exert enough force to push the EU to the brink of Greece level bankruptcy, (((they))) won't be able to contain the public pressure demanding to get the hell out of it.

The EU wants to destroy italy because its a main port (venice) in Chinas one belt road plan. Theres zero chance italians (especially Venetians) want any part of this shit show. 1)They've been reducing the amount of cruise ships entering the area because the constant waves hitting the foundation is accelerating its sinking rate.
2) The pollution levels from becoming a massive port will quickly destroy this famous tourist area.
3) More nonwhites will be flooding into this area for work and many new buildings will need to be built to keep up with demand.
This area should be a complete heritage site left untouched and only maintained.

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One of the symbols in pic related is semitic. Can you guess which one?

Attached: 660754eb1bc6213a6f6de2dea91c17a8a7ed84a96f1e3250777a32b06e0b76fe.png (254x67, 14.41K)

(look at those digits l o l)
I bet you also think the hexagram/Shaktona is jewish.

Attached: 2satkona.jpg (2848x4288 130.49 KB, 8.45M)

Actually, the main port in the Adriatic Sea is Trieste, not Venice.

A fix for the observant Goy.

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Another jew trick.

Here is the European fix, not the semitic one.

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>The ruling government made a point of making the Internet a 'fundamental right' of all its people, so it comes as no surprise that the Italian government is very passionate about fighting this battle against Europe the EU.


You are missing the point. I don't like Christianity either, but kikes hate it so much the very word kike is a reference to how much they hate it. After we get rid of kikes we can sort out religions.

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Did you type all that shit with your nose moishe?

Daily reminder Europe is under occupation.

good things happening in italy

No, I am not. Go browse their containment board and see for yourself.

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