France takes action against Trucks of Peace

France takes action against Trucks of Peace

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Or you know, kick out all the migrants…

Can these systems be hacked?

Nah that'd be too easy and cost effective.

These will probably be extremely effective in the 0.000001% of areas at risk. And I'm sure they are very cheap to install and maintain.

E U R O P E 2 K 1 8

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Diversity bollards work great for the police state, too.

Whoa there big guy, where's the money to be made from that?
Not to mention, you need Domination clearance to propose solutions to problems created by equal or lower clearance agents.

If it's electronics it can be hacked.

Diverse cock is expensive.

You know what bollards don't stop? Bullets, bombs, and rape.

So, if you're standing anywhere in the vicinity of this thing, you get crushed by a tonne of truck falling on you anyway?
I can't help feeling there's a better solution.

Current test @80kmh 7.5T truck = 1,848,150J of kinetic energy
Standard 20T truck: 4,928,400J
40T: 9,856,800J
Yeah good luck stopping pic related, faggots.

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What if the suicidal jihadi accelerates to more than 50 mph? What if the truck he's decided to die in is going 70?

Funny how Europe never needed this kind of thing before the Muslims moved in.

Gotta check that

There plainly is.

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Do they really weight that much? Even with a single trailer?

France and the UK had a large muslim population for decades, the actual issue is (((Soros))) causing massive clandestine immigration.

But how are they going to create a big enough brown population to spur the growth of the SJW movement/cult?


I remember how excited the (((MSM))) was over the Polish license plates.

Fucking kek.

>France and the UK had a large muslim population for decades, the actual issue is (((Soros))) causing massive clandestine immigration.

Wrong, newfriend. The actual, actual issue is the presence of nonwhites and other foreign influences. Back in those halcyon days, when Britain and France had such well-behaved subhumans, native whites were enough of a crushing majority that nobody ever thought about being tolerant or inclusive. When a nigger acted up, the authorities quietly wrecked his shit, and the non-demoralized people knew better than to go around niggers. Now, several generations of white kids have been raised without the folk wisdom to never relax around blacks, and the cops in those countries are scared of making Achmed angry.

Do you really think the problem with these animals is there's a single Jew showering his shekels on advocacy groups? Sure, that's part of the political problem, but these nigs would be an issue even if there had never been a Jew in the first place.

There definitely is, they're just "putting lipstick on a pig", I don't understand how they can be so daft.

Yes that is the standard for a single trailer. Here's a 175 tonne for comparison

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>France and the UK had a large muslim population for decades, the actual issue is (((Soros))) causing massive clandestine immigration.
Yes, France the UK had many muslims even decades ago and you what? They caused problems back then as well but those problems were just less well known since there was no internet and no jihadism.

Up to 44t in EU.

Do you know who else works in conjunction with elite jew Soros to create clandestine mass immigration of muds into the West?
Folk like Henry Kissinger and another few hundred other elite jews of all political stripes

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Doesn’t that just demoralise the French people? This don’t seem smart to me. It sends out the message that they will not kick the terrorists and contain them in France. Am I the only one who think this?

I am meant to say “they will not kick the terrorists out and contain them in France instead.”

Technically they aren't migrants, they are invaders. France needs to ignore the easiest most logical safest and surest solution and go with something convoluted, expensive, illogical and unworkable. We produce and create, (((they and their type, 'brown people'))) devour and destroy.

If they didn't there would be no way to provide justification for the parasites 'political' jobs.

CIVILization is still the problem…the only thing it does is protect and provide a safe haven for parasites. That is LITERALLY the only purpose of CIVILization as we know it. We can chose to continue to cooperate or not. Those are our only two choices. As long as this CIVILization stands they will keep creating the problems so that they can create the solutions in an ever increasing decay cycle (because they are destroyers).

It is bound into the name…the idea that CIVIL rule or authority is a guiding principle rather than the natural law of LIFE (tribalism, sovereignty or responsibility) all these are abdicated to facilitate CIVIL authority (something that is as unnatural and perverse as its reign on earth has been).

If you keep giving them the power they need to destroy, they will bring us to the logical conclusion of their abilities as destroyers. We must choose to STOP or face the consequences of their ONLY goal/talent/ability.

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haha I put the wrong fucking photo with that comment

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yes yes….wrong photo

can we make it 'existence' instead of 'presence'? Presence indicates that they wouldn't be back invading us in 100 years or injuring our offspring…they are NEVER going to stop…ever…sure maybe in 10,000 years they would mature enough to not parasite off us (doubtful) but WHY in our right minds would we want to struggle with them for 10,000 years until they learn to pull their shit together and not be genetic fucking trash?

What do you think the point of these threads, filled with isreali kikes continuing to pretend mossad isn't the false flag merchant behind all this is for?

euronews if you havent seen it is basically is basically the very worst of cnn and msnbc dragged through the soros foundation for europe and the wrongthink department with smatterings of deutsche welle at its most pozziest, its seriously one of the worst tv channels i have ever watched.

example of how shit this station is hooktubed below
take that shit back to reddit

the most politically correct,pozzed and illuminati bootlicking channel ever.

which is cheaper but also (((racist)))?


just kick the niggers, camel fuckers and juifs out, goddamnit

Somebody has to operate the bollards. Why not use Merkel Lego? Our cities are simply beautiful now.

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Came here to say this

These have already been on military bases for decades.

No one in france dies standing do they?

What a bunch of faggots.

No, they're automated. When something is coming at them at speed, they automatically shoot up… or at least they better be, since that tech has been in use for decades. Still, this is absolutely retarded, the equivalent of putting a bandaid over a wound with a bot-fly maggot in it.

Hahahaha weak cucks, let them be crushed be the negroes they worship.

Take a look at the cargo area.

Take it from a dock worker, if that truck was even half loaded it would shotgun everything in its path, killing just as many people.
Plus the bollards are likely going to be placed within 15 feet of people, which makes their demo even less impressive.

There are smaller bollards in Spain (Grenada) and Netherlands (Amsterdam, Venlo) and they are most of the time up. If a Bus comes then they go down automaticly or you have to have a card to open the street. I can't believe this operates automaticly because that could cause serious insurance issues.

Maybe that was the goal of the attack all along.


These are already used automatically all over the USA. Just about every federal facility has had them since I think the late 90s.

These are designed to defend buildings, not pedestrians.

Not happening.
Imagine a full load of gaylords full with decorative rocks.
8 tons of rocks blowing through whatever is in front of it at 30mph.
Boxes of nails and screws stacked 4 feet high exploding on impact.
Liquid pallets filled with god knows what splashing over everything.

Yeah that shit is not going through a wall several yards away.

Oh but it will.
This truck is going

You could consider not letting mohammad and tyreone into your country and then you could try legalising civilian ownership of firearms. Or you emasculated faggots could do this.

hon hon hon


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This. In my small city in Canada, the talk of the town was the Chinese restaurant going halal. I just keep telling people to read Mark Steyn. Maybe some will listen.

t. moved from Toronto

stop thats racist.
just because they toss acid, toss explosive nades, make nail bombs, rape all women and drive vans into kids does not give you an excuse to be racist like that.

C'mon, guys…all France needs to do is become the world's leader in nerf foam trucks.

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Mudslimes aside, I'm impressed by how wrecked the truck got there.

Do I imagine things, because I'm pretty sure i saw these things years ago. Also of course they rather spent billions of tax payer money for "security" while filling white countries with niggers. Makes white people poor and replaces them at the same time.

lol, be sure to patent that idea!

What you've seen is the same concept used to simply block/allow traffic.
The news is that a similar, but bigger device, (supposedly) meant to instantly stop a truck.

reminds me of an old meme

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I'd actually play that.

Wow, you make it sound so easy. It's not like you'd have to fight over half the country to get any kind of such laws passed. Probably about 2/3 of the country in fact, since that's the margin by which EU kike Macron won the election.

nice of france to trick the people that drive… this will be used against the first shitposter in france that tries to drive away from the police

vid partially related


Those things are in EVERY secure entrance I've ever been in or seen.
Big banks have them, some hospitals have them. ETC. They're neither new nor are they rare or something.

what a great idea! It's hard to imagine how we got by without it for so long!

This is where you're wrong. France has a long history of enslaving Africans, Chinese, Indians, Arabs, etc. The Jews are the ones that were against the Codes Noir and the ones behind Amis des Noirs – also helped immensely by (((Britain))). Algerian independence and the subsequent Berber immigration was also, guess who, the Jews!

Like everything else, it was the Jews.