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FBI is clearly taking this dude down for something he knows related to his organization

Capped ~

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Predators go where the prey is. Seriously, do you know any normal person that dedicates so much of his time to "humanitarian" causes like these for free?

It's one thing to be a religious person that wants to dedicate his life to God, but when a secularist does it, it's just weird.

I agree with the childish hobbies, etc -

Is that a play on words, that he has an overall pedoface?

Predators go where the prey is, so it's our jobs as white blood cells to find, report, and destroy these cancerous cells of our society.

Color me shocked. It's all so tiresome how this shit keeps happening over and over and over and normalfags never catch on.

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Per his FB

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It never ceases to amaze me. At this point I'm 100% on board with the p122a theory

Could you elaborate about the p122a Theory, for the less initiated?

I get what you're saying but I'm athiest as fuck and I wish my job was helping children. Would be a much more rewarding job. Being religious doesn't somehow give you a better moral compass. If you do the right thing cause some magical Christ god tells you to then you probably wont get into heaven anyways. You have to actually want to be a better person and do the right thing.

perhaps a good literary examination of the new testament would help you to understand what you are talking about

you could have googled it instead of making that post you faggot nigger cracker faggot

Where is my ÷ sticker ?

ur creepy dude

I knew a guy like this, he got a degree and wanted to help kids, and it turns out he was a spineless faggot who couldn't deal.

Defective automatic transmission cooler control valve?


Head of prominent charity that campaigns against child abuse is arrested for ‘trying to arrange to rape multiple children as young as two’

you n33d to learn to read m0r3 abstractly

How does a person that defective even happen?

I worked for pot legalization so I could smoke free weed, I'll admit it (I have chronic pain and it doesn't constipate me like pills do). Holy shit, if you want stories about degeneracy, I could be here for the next ten years though.

I worked summer school all through high school years and learned I'm too much of pushover to herd kids around, otherwise I would have gone into teaching.

Taught many kids about predators, though… but kids are actually pretty smart. The pedos go for the introverted or quiet ones. Also, the tards… I lost track of the number of families who put their tarded daughters on birth control. :(

Are you able to comprehend how much doublethink you driveled out? Do you seriously not factor in the pedophile priests and how they've been abusing the kids?

Pretty much this.

The world needs to be atheist to be free from this christcuckery.

Stay mad moishe. You will be flayed alive.

Divine Trips of Rabbi Yeshua commanding all the goyim to forever forget all truths. Too bad you're still a kike.

not only he a shit eating pedo, he's a fuffpost contributor…
Sure would be a shame if the donors of International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict were checked out. I bet there are some interesting connections there. Also, nice Disney pride pin, faggot.
the faggot's tweeter

I know, fucking kike trying to shill his desert god.

Atheism is the only way the future will be reclaimed, we must claim it ourselves, shitty ideals and prudish morality only hold us back.

Fuck the christcuck.

Have fun and do what you want, enough of this puritanical bullshit.

While a lot of the net jargon (brb, btw, afk) dates back to the 60's and made sense when you had 50 terminals sharing a 300 baud line, the 13375P34K bullshit is from 80's bulletin boards and has been illegible garbage ever since.
There's no reason to even mask pizza or pizzagate anyhow, It's hardly a fucking secret.


Oops you just outed yourself.

He apparently campaigned for Hillary Clinton

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Since he is a liberal this wont receive much attention.



Wtf am I reading?

Is there a political/historical figure that advocated for this kind of behavior? That is, rising to power in industry/government positions that directly oppose you so you can freely operate with impunity? This just feels like something a commie/kike so-called "intellectual" would advocate. It's such a perversion of normality that it has to be something some leftist rat advocated for at some point.

A sense of duty. A sense of duty can also be attained through nationalism. I don't believe in a god, but I don't associate with "atheism" the movement, as it's just another marxist movement that's geared toward the deterioration of our way of life, not simply the disbelief in a god. If your actions aren't geared toward a sense of duty to your god, or to your people, then you're probably a leftist rat.

Good moral don't come from a religion, they come from learned experienced and historical precedent. We don't need a religion to tell us what is and is not right, we can look through our own history and see what best benefited us and worked for us.

Tard daughters are put on birth control to stop them having to deal with periods shit. Tards are already bad enough without blood pouring down their knees.

What the fuck is a "tard"?


You're a nigger.

He fucks little boys, user. Most faggots are made that way.

That's not the only reason.

Nice catch, spread this!

Theres really no point in trying to figure out what makes these aberrations tick. Put a bullet in em and be done with it. Rehabillitation is not an option for these people in any sane society. Unfortunately our society is as insane and bipolar as your average ANTIFA

are you saying the only choices are:
worshipping a dead jewish rabbi as a god

how about no and no thanks.

christian child fuckers and atheist child fuckers both get the rope.

Is it that niggers have higher testosterone levels and need to fuck more or lower self control because of retard level IQs or a combination of both?

Flashback to Pizzagate

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I don't know where the notion of testosterone leading to impulse control comes from. Men have greater impulse control than women, and women have very low testosterone. Our ancestors had higher levels of testosterone than us and arguably had greater will and drive than us. Niggers are just overall a different beast. They evolved in an entirely different environment. You're approaching with the thought that there's a standard, or a scale, and we're all on that scale, so higher or lower levels of whatever it may be attribute to this or that, but in reality it's probably more a matter of they're just overall so drastically different from us that any one element is overall fairly insignificant. It's the entire composition of shit genetics that make them more violent and impulsive, not just intelligence, not just hormones, and not just another other single thing. A white guy with well above average testosterone isn't going to be anywhere near as violent or impulsive as the average black person.

Well he IS a faggot.

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Bump all pedo scum must die

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Look into this faggot, I asure you he was groomed himself.

Priests molested kids at similar or lower rates than leaders of similar secular institutions. Maybe you should actually look into things before blaming religion. The government should just start hanging pedos, and if you're not going to hang fags at least keep them away from kids.

Zig Forums was right again


Morality comes from religion. Religion does not just include monotheism

The pedo is a faggot. Imagine my surprise.

Jesus Christ.

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Share with your friends!

(Don't say the qcumbers aren't good for anything, they're an effective anti-leftist meme factory.)

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But here's the kicker – wanting to be a good person can really fuck everyone over if you follow some stupid milenna-old book that tells you to do stupid harmful things with good intentions


fuckoff already

You're in for a bad time.

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makes sense

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Notice the rainbow disney pin on his jacket?

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Pretty much this;
Christcucks and Larpagans are fucking stupid.

Prudish myths are shit;
Atheists are the ones that are actually breeding, Atheism is the future of the White race.

We must shed the shackles of shitty backwards morality.

Puritans get out. There is no god, the White race stands for reason and truth, and skydaddy kikes have no place in the future.

What is it with kikes and 9/11?

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Point to the chapter and verse where Christ said "trying to jam your penis into a small child's sexual orifice is the work of the devil."

Oh, right, it's just common sense. Your fedora is coated in dandruff.

Your uncle didn't use lube. He should have used Rub A535.

You first. These men will help you.

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came to drop similar. not complete memes, but proofs.

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… sand cookies?

It checks out. Now kindly fuck off, kike.

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Every. fucking. time.

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Foetal alcohol syndrome in action. A majority of pedos and gays carry the marking.

This is the second un-connected big kid's charity guy to go down within weeks.

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The human rights campaign purged all the normal gays a decade ago. The organization is like a zombie of what it used to be. Run by crazy Lesbos and trannies. They blackmail Corp America with their equality index and dont need donations or the accountability they bring.

How summer are you?

check out the father

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Could you imagine arguing with someone that seriously considered the above a good argument?

If I see one more of these…

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Feminist lies to explain earlier lies in a gigantic web of bullshit that falls apart under cursory examination.

Not Christ, but Paul. His word choices of arsenokoitēs and malakoi makes for a compelling argument that he was specifically censuring pedophiles, though both words are broad enough that he could have just been condemning all faggots, including pedophiles.

This rot runs deeper than you can imagine. Those of us who are older remember these shitty little commercials for the CCF, the Christian Children's Fund charity, with a whiny, crying Sally Struthers in them.

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Yeah, Archie Bunker's kid, married to Meathead, you know, that kike (((Rob Reiner))). In real life, she married a hebe (((psychiatrist))).

Anyway, the CCF was fond of ripping people off. They were also fond of making international trips. Pics related.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1349x657 50.06 KB, 60.9K)

The CCF eventually changed their name. Pic related.

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1349x657, 47.11K)

This article mentions Graham Spanier and the Penn State child sex scandals. Remember Jerry Sandusky and THAT coverup?

Attached: ClipboardImage.png (1349x657, 94.91K)

Spanier was the Chairman of the Board of the Christian Children's Fund back in 1994. Guess what his ethnic background is?

Zig Forums is always right

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This. Checked tbqh

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That's pretty clear.

All charities pretty much are ops for funding to do the things they claim to want to stop. That's the ultimate blackpill.

Shit checks out

I dont get this shit … shes basically a very small 30 year old

that makeup makes her look 15-20 years older, so she just looks like a 30 year old with some kind of disorder that stops her from growing

she has no ass, why?