ATF to Force Confiscation of Bump Stocks, This Wont End Well

ATF to Force Confiscation of Bump Stocks, Civil War Likely

Last day to comment on this rule before it goes into effect and shit get weird.

Please include these in your comment:

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), Department of Justice.
Docket Number ATF 2017R-22

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Funs are to fight wars.

So they think they can arbitrarily change the laws without redefining what a machine gun actually is by law.

Very odd that such an attempt by the ATF hasn't been struck down by the Trump Administration yet. Perhaps he still has the ability to veto it?

reminder that this is (((blumpf)))'s fault

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he did initiate this

They are doing it by "reinterpreting" what they already interpreted by replacing a word in the law, which they can't do, only Congress can do.

function =/ pull, they are not synonyms and are not interchangeable.

They also estimate at least 400,000 bump stocks have been sold, so I don't think their is anyway they can force compliance. It will just set off another Ruby Ridge or Waco and with the current climate, its likely to be the spark that sets off Civil War 2.0 Boogaloo.

He is the one who executed the executive order my friend. ATF is doing it for him after Las Vegas.

Any gun is a machine gun because every gun is a machine

Its funny, because AFT actually suggests using belt loops or rubber bands as an alternative. They already said rubber bands are machine guns.

Parkland lit the (((fire))) under his ass

You got your timeline wrong their bud.

This won't cause a civil war, people will just stick them in the back of the closet and no one will turn any in.

They are effectively changing the legal definition with this rulemaking.

He is the reason why this is getting pushed to begin with.

That doesn't make any sense, though. Surely the administration knows something was completely off about the Las Vegas shooting, that banning Bump Stocks/'machine guns' would not, in any way stop the alleged event from taking place? Besides, criminals by definition do not obey laws. This would give more power to the Mexican gun runners and cartels as they would be the only suppliers of such materials in the region.

Gun grabbing kikes

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Right, but inevitably, some democrat DA or local LEO who hates whites will attempt to arrest someone and get blasted, then the standoff and Waco 3.0 takes place.

It was a political move to defuse any anti gun attempt in Congress. I don't blame him, and maybe the NRA and GOA will sue the ATF, but who knows. The NRA officially does not support repealing the Hughes amendment. GOA does support absolute rights.

So. . . I'm not going to be compensated for the loss of my property? Waiting for the ACLU to hop on this one, which they surely will any time now.

Let's fucking go

This is the low iq modern schooling provides
What an embsarrasment

how so?

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Trump moves to ban 'bump stocks'
February 20, 2018

He initiated the ATF review in Dec 2017 then sent Sessions the ban memo, Post-Parkland, in Fed 2018.

They shoe-horned the "bumpstock loophole" into the (((Parkland))) fallout, despite it having fuckall to do with that shooting.

(same reason Florida and other states banned them after Parkland)

This is what you voted for


That was part two, back in November they did the first round of rule making, aka, taking public comment to form a rule, the one in February was the 2nd round, aka commenting on the final rule.

Fuck off shill.

Why is his mate Feinstein so happy in this photo only moments after NeoCon Don declared he's going to take away the guns without due process?

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The NRA was the one who got the bump stock ban rolling. After Las Vegas, they came out blaming Obama for failing to ban them.

I couldn't agree more, what fucking idiots. I almost can't believe that this is happening, and that they're such cunts about it, but I would remiss if I didn't say that it kinda doesn't shock me either, the kikes were bound to make this move eventually.

Its obvious he is playing the media, give them what they want to hear, then do little to nothing because they will demand a total gun ban.

The ACLU is fucking useless these days. They did however back off the openly anti gun position to a "we don't talk about it"

Ya, NRA sides with the rich NFA owners who probably have 100k in NFA gear.

NRA just wanted to create a gun control panic to bring in new membership dues. And their bullshit is working.

Calm your fucking shit down.

Trump said he would take guns since fucking 2017 but it didn't happen, shit's fucking hot air.

It's obviously ATF is trying some shit here.

Right, I'm saying Part 2 was initiated to appease the kikes upset about the Parkland kikelets being slaughtered. (((They))) required some form of gun-control as penance.

He requested it.

think of all the poor bumpstocks lost in a boating accident, camping trips, on hikes, etc.

gosh darn people are so careless.

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So they are now interpreting "function" as "pull"? The function of the trigger isn't to be pulled, that's that finger's job. Is the trigger's function not to actuate the fire control components?

ATF does not have the authority to redefine "function" to mean "pull" which falls under the purview of the Congress. Redefining interpretations and definitions can at times be the same as actually passing a law. The phrase “single function of the trigger” and “single pull of the trigger”  hold completely different meanings according to the most recent Websters dictionary. The words “function” and “pull” are not interchangeable and are not synonyms. To “function” is “to carry on a function or be in action : operate” while to “pull” is to “to exert force upon so as to cause or tend to cause motion toward the force.” So to “function” a trigger as written in 26 U.S.C. 5845(b) has to do with how a persons finger “operates” the trigger – in the case of a bump stock, one function of the finger on the trigger equals one shot - as opposed to “pulling” the trigger which is to “exert force” or “cause motion towards” which seems to be ATF's logical basis for this rule change. It seems ATF is in search of a word and definition to fit their needs instead of a proper interpretation of the written law.

How can they do this if we can't pass ex post facto laws?

They just use a double speak, basically they say no machine guns post 1986 are legal, and if we determine you possessed it after 1986 then you can only turn it in or destroy it.

Basically, the "ATF does not write the laws we just define them." So its not an ex post facto law. They did this in 2004 with the Adkins accelerator.

Get one engraved with "The 8 year assault on your 2A Rights is OVER!" and send it to the White House or Trump Hotel.

I am thinking of doing this and including a hat "I won't be needing these anymore"

I don't own one, but with a shitty m4 stock and A2 grip you're pretty much there for $20

First bump stocks, then semi auto, then lever and pump actions, then bolt actions with internal mags, then single shot guns, then muzzeloaders, then air rifles, then crossbows, then bows, then slingshots, then knives, then pepperspray, then rocks, then all white men

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You forgot ***and then spoons

tons of states passed gun control laws within a month of his anti-gun diatribe. IIRC: Minnesota, Washington, Florida, Chicago… Vermont, maybe? there were a lot

That's a state issue, it has to do with the cucked-ass state government, especially Vermont.

Checked. Just glancing at the reg, it looks like, as of the effective date they set, possession of a functional bumpstock will be the equivalent of possession of a post-1986 machine gun, so that means probably thousands of people will instantly be considered criminals violating the machine gun possession law. This is just after a glance and with little familiarity with this body of law. Seems pretty shitty to make a bunch of people instant criminals with a stroke of a pen, however, simply because they don't turn in or break some plastic accessory.

damn with out weaponized white men my defenses will be lacking

So if I stuck one of these on my finger and adjusted it to cause the needed muscle contraction it'd still be legal as of this ruling? A switching element controlling the circuit could be added or better yet, placed between the finger and trigger.

Checked. The word you want isn't "useless"–the ACLU is 100% on the state's side. The name ACLU is Alinsky-esque lying. The ACLU APPLAUDED searching Trump's goddamn attorney. "Civil Liberties" in the organization namd is a joke–they literally do nothing but advance a statist, totalitarian agenda specifically designed to destroy whatever remains of the Bill of Rights. The "Civil Liberties" name is some black is white, up is down, 1984-style total lie. We live in bizarro world at this point.


They're just changing the interpretation of the wording of the NFA and "Redefining interpretations and definitions can at times be the same as actually passing a law."

Made it legal for teachers to carry on campus

Fucking low IQ nigger, heck, even niggers have begun labeling themselves as Hispanic/Latinos, and that's no lie. Hispanic/Latino is a term for ANYONE born in the American continent. How does it feel knowing you're less intelligent than a DACApede?

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lawyer here not familiar with challenges to ATF regs…how do challenges normally turn out? does the normal deference rule apply? it's pretty disturbing making people instant criminals like this

What does adding a comment do?

gives a fat shitskin (if they can read) the chance to laugh at you, a whitey who cares about the bill of rights

nothing, just concern shills trying to blackpill the whites of 8/pol/

Going to change my child's ethnicity to Hispanic/Latino this weekend.

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ya buts its not the same word, they are not synonyms so it totally changes the meaning.

They have to read and respond to every comment slowing down the process, its like throwing a wrench in the gears.

We stopped the Green tip ban that way, making 80k comments, they would never make it through them all.

Fucking no script making it difficult to see who responded to who

Not familiar with them myself but in
under "IV. Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking" a few paragraphs talk about the challenges they've had in comments on the ruling so far and says why they disagree. Cause they're not making any new regulations, only reinterpreting the existing ones it doesn't leave much room to challenge it except that they're not interpreting it correctly. Somewhere in that section it says they have the authority from congress to interpret the regulations but I don't know if that means to how ever they see fit. If this is what you're asking about applying
I would think so but I'm not sure.

Not sure if every single one has to be responded to like says but they do read some, maybe most, maybe all because the ruling on the fedreg responds to the main couple types of comments they got

After reading this I don't see where ATF is going to force compliance on this. I don't doubt they are dumb enough to try, but usually with something this big you get some kind of warning. Can I get sauce on this?

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It would completely change the meaning if the NFA had "one pull of the trigger" written instead but the ATF isn't changing it to say that. They're saying they now believe that "one function of the trigger" means "one pull of the trigger" to them and congress has given them authority to interpret the wording of the laws. Possibly with no agreement from anyone else in the government, called "normal deference rule"

Dude seriously , they classified rubber bands as machine guns then in the next sentence say to use rubber bands or belt loops or fingers as an alt? The fuck is actually wrong with these dip shits?

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What makes it worse is it doesn't even matter. Even with a bumpstock you finger still pulls the trigger every time, as in literally pulling on the trigger and making it arc back towards the grip until the firing mechanism is released.

It's perversion of law, literally making up statues that exist nowhere, to make a law that still isn't even violated, so you say fuck it and illegally confiscate people's weapon parts anyway.

If senate and courts sit idly by on this it should mean revolution because acting on this is explicitly stating you are no longer bound by the word of the law and will freely enact you will on the people, as you see fit.

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Not the same thing. They want to move the goal posts so that "pushing the stock against the finger" is equal to your finger functioning the trigger. Its not the same thing.

Yes, this is the root of how a the left works, or an authoritarian state.

They just do shit on a whim because reasons, like turning your country into a muslim caliphate, or legalizing murder.

Right you are squire

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Post the one of trump touching the wall.

I really shouldn't shouldn't be feeding your frenzy like this, but seeing as you asked ever so nicely

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I couldn't really say, except to remind anyone working for these traitors to kill themselves now and save the taxpayers' time.

By this merit they have to ban all old revolvers, since fanning is a machine gun.


and then kill yourself for being gay

Trump sucks at getting anything done. Like that North Korea summit that ended with them signing a peace of paper that that only says they'll talk again in the future was ludicrous. Then he keeps having his butt buddy Ryan trying to pass amnesty bills for the DACA retards, which get righteously shot down in the House.

you can ban bump stocks but you don't need a bump stock to bump fire, just ban bullets

Dead judges can’t convict people of owning “machine guns”

The deference I was referring to is the administrative law standard "Chevron deference." I don't remember admin law enough to know if it would apply here, but if it does, then there's basically no way to challenge agency's interpretation once it's in force.

How about they allow post-86 MGs instead?

That's (((administrative law))) for you.

Guns are a states rights issue. Abolish the ATF.


>I use my machinegun for (((medical purposes))) goy

There must be ways around this.

Heheheheheh new SCOTUS trial inc. With the soon to be 6/3 SCOTUS.

You think this suggestion is included for the benefit of gun owners? Haha.
As was said months ago when the whole bump stock issue became prominent, a bump stock does not add any new capability to a semi-auto which isn't already present, it just makes bump firing easier.
Ergo it is inevitable and obvious that the end goal is banning of all semi-automatics. Once the bump stocks are banned then it is just one more logical leap to a total ban on semi-automatics, and the bump stock ban itself will be used as the foundation and proof that a ban is needed.
It's like crossing a stream using stepping stones, you can't just drop the last stone in and step right across, you need to move one stone at a time.
The next stone is:
>it now transpires that the same rate of fire can be achieved without a bump stock, by using accessories such as a belt loop, a rubber band or even a properly trained finger.
Do you really not see what's happening? Bump stock ban is a step in the pathway to semi-auto ban, it's not an end objective in itself.
Kiss your semi-automatics goodbye. Rifles first, handguns within 10 years.

Nice full auto digits user

We've seen this shit before.
All that will happen is those that currently own bump-stocks will simply keep them. There's no way to track them, they are not guns, and no paperwork needed to be signed to buy or sell them.
There are people that still own "street-sweepers" out there, and those were classified as "machins guns" for some unknown reason, back in the 80's or 90's.
New York state made so-called "assault rifles" illegal, and almost nobody turned them in, either.

Those Street Sweepers were classified as "destructive devices" because they were from apartheid South Africa and the name "Street Sweeper" implies that it's for clearing the streets of niggers; despite the gun itself being just a cheap double action shotgun revolver. It was a politically motivated restriction

for once the trumpstein shills are actually correct

This board is a low-IQ echo chamber steered by trolls. You've known this for some time.

Wrong on that one.
The ATF tracked down just about every owner of Street Sweepers and told them to either register, or surrender.

So when will we see a class action lawsuit against the BATF?

molon labe mother fucker


What will really happen



Yes, people are really going to turn over and fail to be able to produce extremely simple bits of metal and plastic.