Red hen

I can't get over this yelp review for The Red Hen in VA:

When one Nazi killed one Jew, it wasn't just one Jew and one Nazi. It was Nazis killing Jews. Similarly, this isn't just one woman and one restaurant owner. Modern white supremacists, which are just white people who believe in their own superiority over those who don't promote their mythical superiority, have developed adaptations to survive in today's political climate. The primary adaptation is a shift from overt racial superiority to a stealthy shroud of "moral" supremacy. Of course, they don't really care about the issues they scream and shout about; they just do it to satisfy their own feelings of superiority. They've come to realize that accepting non-whites, but only if they agree with white "liberal" supremacy, is actually beneficial to their cause so they allow these minorities into their fold (yet keeping them at arm's length). Whenever non-whites, and even other whites, don't agree with these evolved white supremacists, they're cast aside and targeted with bigotry and hatred. It's quite the trick and it worked for decades but thankfully people are waking up and even those in the liberal ranks who are true liberals who actually care about real liberal issues are starting to see the light and #WalkAway as a result. One day the left will have a revival where White Supremacy 2.0 is cast aside for the betterment of all people in the US and abroad.

Unfortunately, these white "liberal" supremacists (again, modern white supremacists) may be running this restaurant now. They operate in stealth by pretending to be liberals and I've witnessed them using liberal-sounding virtue signaling and alt-left hate speech as a sort of dog whistle. They're like Nazi brownshirts and their hate speech should be met with caution since it often causes violence against minorities, including political minorities, who don't agree with them. If you hear these dog whistles then it might be time to go the other way. #baizuo #WalkAway #WhiteLiberalSupremacy #ModernNazi

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gay. just one mnore way of saying that white people are all white supremacists, regardless of views


Also, further demonstration of the fact that these people do not understand their opposition at all.

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That's nice.

A thread was slid for this.

huh. i wonder where i can meet one of these mythical white supremicists?

Is anyone actually stupid enough to think whites are superior in every way? Because clearly niggers are better at basketball so that throws the whole theory out the window

It's typical nigger loving that is very much in line with Trump's thinking and that of his supporters.

Ryan's amnesty bill just failed.

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If as many white people threw away their youth playing basketball, you would have many great white players. The problem is that this is a classic super high risk, high reward scenario. Most black kids washed out and had nothing to show for playing basketball. The smarter white kids studied and landed great jobs after college. 1 nigger get a basketball contract, thousands of niggers get to stand on the steet selling dope wearing their favorite jersey.

I understand that idea. But my point is that we clearly aren't superior in every way. Especially because it's widely accepted that Asians have a higher average IQ. I could give plenty of other examples, but you get what I mean. You have to be fucking stupid or just plain ignorant to think whites are superior in literally every way.

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OP, you need more concentration.

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mexinazis on suicide watch!

They deserve everything they get, after all, if it wasn't for us, those subhumans would have sided with Hitler!

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Niggers are better at nigger ball not the real basketball I grew up with.
I used to love basketball but it is really hard to play the way it was intended.
IE in order to dribble your hand has to be on top of the basketball not on the side carrying the ball. No 3 giant steps to the basket while making a shot. It goes on and on. Niggers ruined basketball from an elegant non contact highly skilled game that took tons of disipline and practice to learn and execute, into average common playground nigger ball.
Watch how Jerry West used to handle the ball.

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To illustrate this point: in a normal population with a mean IQ of 100, and a standard deviation of 15, 228 children in every 10,000 would have an IQ score two standard deviations above the mean, that is, a score of IQ 130 or higher. However, with a mean shift upwards of half a standard deviation, as reported by Jensen for Asian Americans, no fewer than 668 children in 10,000 would score in the IQ 130+ range. Many American gifted programmes which employ an IQ criterion for entrance set their entry level at IQ 130; in this situation, 6.68 per cent of Asian children would be eligible to enter these programmes on the basis of IQ as opposed to only 2.28 per cent of Caucasian children-an overrepresentation by a factor of 2.93. Yet Sternberg reports an overrepresentation by a factor of 5! Why do American gifted programmes contain almost twice the number of Asians than could be statistically expected from Jensen's projections. The children of this study have scored at or above IQ 160 on the Standford-Binet Intelligence Test L-M, an instrument with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation fo 16. Thus these children score at least 3.75 standard deviations above the mean. Fewer than 9 children in 100,000 score at or beyond this level. However, if we shift the mean upwards by 0.5 of a standard deviation, to investigate the implications of Jensen's findings and if we assume the standard deviation for the Asian population to be the same as that for non-Asians, then the criterion score of IQ 160 for entrance to this study becomes only 3.25 standard deviations above the new mean. Beyond this point lie not 9, but 58, children in 100,000. If Jensen's findings regarding a higher Asian mean are correct, and if they hold good for the Asian-Australian population as well as Asian-Americans, then we could expect to find Asian-Australians over-represented in the study by a factor of 6.5. Yet the over-representation actually found id an astonishing 15.6!

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When we consider the apparent number of Jewish students across the NMS semifinalist lists of other major states, we get roughly similar results. New York has always been the center of the American Jewish community, and at 8.4 percent is half again as heavily Jewish as any other state, while probably containing a large fraction of America’s Jewish financial and intellectual elite. Just as we might expect, the 2011 roster of New York NMS semifinalists is disproportionately filled with Jewish names, constituting about 21 percent of the total, a ratio twice as high as for any other state whose figures are available. But even here, New York’s smaller and much less affluent Asian population is far better represented, providing around 34 percent of the top scoring students. Jews and Asians are today about equal in number within New York City but whereas a generation ago, elite local public schools such as Stuyvesant were very heavily Jewish, today Jews are outnumbered at least several times over by Asians.55

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Now the Summer kids are bringing us blog posts from Yelp? Was Reddit not enough cancer for you or something? You require cancer+ super nigger AIDS now? These retards are just repeating faggotry some old jew went on about for a semester at their marxist college. It's nigger avoidance of their behaviours and shortcomings. This grand conspiracy they imagine when in reality, White people don't a give about niggers. We want nothing to do with them. It's just, shoo fly. The ego on these apes to think we spend anytime whatsoever thinking of them is absurd.

>Direct linking to (((Yelp)))

No, it's a good way of creating fracture lines between white and non-white libs. Might even end up redpilling some libbie whites if this shit gets taken up a notch.

First pic:
on Sir Andrew Wiles

Absolutely strike on all fracture lines with full force. This is an excellent starting point.

Just an aside from a nature vs nature aspect. Progressives cherish care singularly from that infograph. It is a trans populational state of daddy issues. Feminist nontraditional gay broken single mother polyamorous families all have the same thing in common. There is no strong father. No patriarch that cares they hate the father because he was never there in their lives, and they over compensate with words like love and care while casting out that which they really wanted but did not have.

You know what else has weak father's and a matriarichal culture? jews

Every way that matters. If 'basketball' was suddenly missing from the planet, I don't think many people would cry about it.

It's true bro. You can't help thinking "us and them", thereby setting the arena of competition. That's Murica baby.

D-D-Democrats aRe the Real Racists!