Florida Man Sentenced In 9/11 Memorial Terror Plot

Joshua Goldberg BTFO


A happy day for our friend Ben Garrison.

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Why would they lock up their own man?
Did he want to speak up?

Speak up about what? Trolling Ben? Lurk more.

Imagine being this jewish.

I was just thinking this as well. Fuckin kikes can't even kike right.

your jewfu is weak torpedo

He wanted to falseflag muslims and create maximum butthurt = firefighters it is. And his tribesmen in the media would whip the population into a new frenzy fueling new wars.

Wait a minute, didn't he flee to Israel or something? Are they sending him back?

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Daily reminder that Apedre claimed to have been jew'd by Goldberg, yet he allowed his brother-in-nose, another confirmed kike, Nathan Sykes, recruited from Stormfront by Goldberg, write for DS until at least 2017.

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Everything is glorious except one thing…
Why was it the Australians who found the kike first?

He also may have inspired Dylan Roof, at leas the thought he did, tweeting about it repeatedly with screenshots of posts he made. Of course that fact got no attention.

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I am not upset about this. Don’t wear black shirts if you can’t protect the woman you’re standing next to. As in you’d get plated head first into the soil against anyone smaller than you.

Is this a bot?

I am sorry David, I can’t do that.

Take note for all you jew watchers;

"Simpson" = Zimzim westernized = jew

Now that I think about it is there anyone who actually hates firefighters?

Is it just me or are firefighters one of the very few groups in society that pretty much everybody loves?

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people used to hate them back when they were in the mob.

i suspect some fire fighters are still corrupt but its hard to say what they get used for now.

If you want to fully understand the mindset of the jew incendiaries, then read Dostoyevsky's The Devils, preferably the Penguin Classic edition with its excellent historical forward.

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IN many cities there's been political pressure to preserve older houses to maintain the character of neighborhoods, usually under the title of "heritage houses". Real estate developers hate this shit as it removes valuable property off the market and prevents them from cobbling together lucrative deals for big redevelopment projects.

You pay the chief or captain $5000, the rank and file gus in the hall $1000 then send in some lowlife to torch the joint. The firemen arrive a bit too late, run around pretending to be busy fighting to save the place and in the meantime it's burned beyond repair and has to be torn down. The abandoned empty gas can and matches are thrown aside and ignored.


This guy actually worked for (((Andrew Anglin))).

Good point.

Even in tech they're losing their shit.

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You mean like the military, which has the highest approval rating of all institutions in repeated public surveys?

Imagine being this much of a cointelpro kike.

Bump. Valid question.
I'm not sure if he actually fled there, or if instead there was just a lot of online speculation that he would be well received there, and would probably be made a Hasbara Team Leader by his fellow Jews.

But if he didn't flee to there, why the fuck not?

But…but…but…Zig Forums tole me Microsoft wuz SJW libtards!

Oh fuck i totally forgot about this faggot. It's always funny when a falseflagger gets caught in his own net.

Dindus, they shot at white firefighters during the chimpouts a while back. Ended up being a redpill to a lot of people who tried to justify their actions.

Only faggots like the military.

We already knew you liked them, faggot.

Microsoft isn't based, don't get it wrong. M$ is trash, always has been, always will be. But commie leftist kikes are even worse.

Excuse me user, but I believe he is Jewish instead.

I hate female firefighters that endanger the lives of others with their weakness all for the sake of putting their arrogance first.

Don't you know? Tweets by random leftists are the ultimate litmus test for whether or not something is BASED. Take Trump for example. Sure, there are lots of top kikes praising him, but there are also leftists on twitter kvetching, which means he's the savior of the White race.

They are ALL like this
clones in the mindset

You mean [[[Andrew Anglin]]].


Speaking of Jewish plotters from the Daily Stormer. (((Andrew Anglin))) is also supporting (((MILO))) who said vigilantes should kill journalists. This right after that Maxine Waters nigger said to harass Republicans. Hmmmmm. The kikes took the spotlight off her really quick, didn't they?

I actually spoke with this guy on twatter (followed him briefly too) and sent him questions on ask.fm (his accts were deleted fast after news reported on him). He was just an extremely lonely neet who liked trolling people; in fact, he liked it too much for his own good.

Firemen don't do funny handshakes and footsteps to look the other way at their brothers airlocking nine year olds.

Look at that faggot's face.
Who do you imagine those concentration camps are for?

Uh huh, wake me when the kike is gassed.

I almost feel bad. this psychotic kike was pretty hilarious tbh

RIP, a genuine oldfag. ;_;7 da chanz just got a bit less brighter…

at least madthad is about to get out

I don't get it, if muds can figure out how to go about it without getting caught why does this "high iq" kike slip?

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Awe lawd. Them shits the bad ones.

Rats don't even die to rat poison at a rate of 100%. This kike really thinks that will kill an animal over 200x the size of a rat at a much lower does through the blood stream and not digested?
Are kikes really this stupid?


Actually, most muds do get caught. We just don't hear about it because it would go against the "religion of peace" narrative.

The FBI is a lot like the press. They're just a big kike contraption. They didn't find their own, because their entire purpose of existing is to hid the crimes of their own.

This deserves a bump, because it's this weird thing, where the realness of pol is given, amidst the sense of unreality given by the snotty boomers who cover the matter, from time to time, on kike media.


Kiwifarms thread had pretty solid documentation of him, supposedly he was "anti-human" and wanted to start some e-crusade from his mom's basement to bring Earth back to nature and remove humans, worth checking out if you want to see the sick-fuckery of kikes.
Also he had schizophrenia

You don't say…

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You can't know for sure if he is jew just because of the name retard, by that logic Whoopi Goldberg is a jew also.


He says he was raised "half-jewish" on his semi-non troll twitter @MoonMetropolis


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That's not her birth name fool.
What is artistic/stage name ? I bet you think Tom Cruise is actually his birth name too.


He a Jew, and so are you.

I think we confirmed he was gook poster on this board, always posting k-pop qts.
A few other avatar fags I don't remember might have been him too.

I mean good job attacking this kike but still

When it comes to the australia shit, he picked out two australian cartoonists and gave their dox to these goatfuckers and wanted them to kill them.

He had like 6 million twitter accounts lol, he basically had to make a new one each day if not more. He posted here too

Sure thing, and a jew would most definitely turn on against it's own kind even though by their own lecture/logic, that would be a crime against their shabbos god.

the problem you're failing to realize is that when a jew fucks a shiksa and breeds, the outcome isn't jewish but a gentile, yet the child can still keep the goldberg name and carry it around, so if a kike decides to fuck a nigger and have a half breed kike, that half breed will no longer have a soul because it is now considered a goyim.

I thought you retards knew better, but apparently you don't know much about your enemies, enjoy getting a heavy dose of psyops from kikes and not knowing when they will kike you during their next wave of shilling.

Rat poison is a blood thinner. Its purpose in a shrapnel bomb isn't to act as a lethal poison, but as an anticoagulant, so people are more likely to bleed out from their wounds.

This is the guy who gave us the Ben Garrison meme.

Jesus, who would have known he would be such a nut?

He only made those fake quotes, which always seemed to be semitic in origin. He probably typed up his own feelings about gentiles, then swapped in "jews".

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Daily reminder that the Daily Stormer is a B'nai Brith organization, and that this kike is the proof.

trips of truth

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Checked em

imagine my shock.