Be on the lookout for D&C shills telling you to give up hope

Anyone that has been around these parts for some time knows we constantly have D&C tactics being used against us. After noticing a huge increase in shills posting things like
I got curious. Knowing the enemy I decided to go right to where they reside and have full control of discourse: Wikipedia.

I present their page on the alt-right which any Zig Forumsack knows is a label they have attempted to apply to us. This section in particular caught my eye:

So what they've done is attempted to meme us into a non-organic movement they control (alt-right) and now they're attempting to paint the movement they created as being in decline. This is why you see so many shills on every board telling you to give up and just roll over and die.

Archive of wikipedia page on the alt-right:

Remember to stay vigilant and to vote in the midterms. The enemy is hoping you'll give up all hope or rest on your laurels. This is all just an attempt to win back what they lost two years ago when the whites came out in number to the polls for the first time in many years.

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This didn't require a thread.

You didn't even read my post fuck off jew.

I did, it didn't require its own thread user.

No shit Sherlock.

Yea I'm sure you read it the first time considering the server crashed 2 times in those 2 minutes. You're just mad that I'm calling out the on-going raids.

Because it didn't need to be written.

Stay assmad, Chaim and Moshe. You kikes are all going to burn.

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Become literate.

The D&C shilling may be obvious to oldfags, but we could do with a pinned "Welcome to Zig Forums" thread for newfags to cover this sort of thing.

Before the election really, there was no "alt-right" not really. It is a completely made up term and anyone embracing it is one of two things.

1.) A shill
2.) Low IQ

Bernays was very hot on labels, its the biggest thing in the world in the marketplace of public opinion and how to mold it and shape it and control it.

So the D&C, through the HFA Campaign and CTR and Media Matters and Share Blue started a campaign to reassign the American center-left/center right that voted for Trump as a "new" political ideology called "alt-right".

Alt-Right is a fairly contentious term largely because it was designed to be, it was not part of the political lexicon pre-2015, which should make it immediately suspect just for that reason, but it also has authoritarian overtones that makes people see goose stepping Wehrmacht in their minds eye when the word is said. Then all it really needed was a light seasoning of media backed assignments of racism, anti-semitism and bigotry associated with it and then the D&C had a nice convenient little box to sweep their national embarrassment in to, and tht embarrassment was their loss of the centrist vote.

Since the time of its "creation" the alt-right has basically been used as a news buzzword boogeyman and is literally so common in media speech that even fairly major influencers of conservative thought are using the term unironically now.

This word must be purged. We are not the "alt-right" we are the center left/center right and its not out fault the D&C moved the goal posts so far from center that everything they were attempting seemed like lunacy.

Never accept the term "alt-right", its the same as the word "nigger" in elitist, sociopolitical engineering circles. Its a made up word made to denigrate and disrespect everyone it is applied to regardless of their character.

We need another shill bingo thread.
That drove (((them))) completely fucking insane last time.

Give up hope.

Nigger what?

I'm far right, take your centrist up your butthole.

You can be far right, you're just not alt-right.

What I am saying is the "alt-right" was a fictitious label used to punish the center that didn't fall in line with the left.

The far right was never going to fall in line with the left, they don't give two shits about you guys….its those of us nearer to the political median that they're furious with.

This. I agree with this user wholeheartedly.

Where's the art?

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Alt-right started as a word saying we aren't the average republican cuckservative.

Now it has outplayed its role.

The left can screech about it, who cares?

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Dubs will it, gg guys, guess we should all kill ourselves. /s
Pic related to this thread, not really the post.

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Bump to piss off the shills.

It does need to be repeated every so often. Reminders are good.


And then there is this faggot.

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Not Art.

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Right now I am looking a beautiful field of grass maintained by some very hard working whites, and watching birds of prey hunt rodents like they should from not too far above my head.

I am posting from my phone, and hope is something children latch onto when they first venture out into the world.

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Hello Fellow alt-righters, Richard spencer is fantastic, and we really need to defend our own BASED homos from the regressive left.

Israel has a right to exist!!!

See this this right here is a very nasty form of D&C if you respond you are trapped and if you don't respond he will keep shitting on the thread until some other poor SOB does. He offers nothing at all he could make his own thread but why do that when everyone will just call you a shill so he goes into any thread he sees and shits it up. Though it is not just anime that is low hanging fruit this exact same tactic is used for other points of tension like religion anime is just the low hanging fruit.

So here's your fucking (you) it's the last one your getting from me you fucking faggot.

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Yeah, this is what I always say. It's for the newfags, and it can be condensed to one thread, probably. It's certainly not the end of the world that this thread got made, but on the other hand, we have way too many cuckchan-tier threads up, so I am not bumping as often these days.

Why bother with wings? NS is better than some dumb single wing ideology. A bird needs both wings to fly, after all.

The other brand of kike shill is definitely these muh "art" faggots that clearly never fucking lurked and have no idea about chan boards or user culture.

How is this a thread? We already have like two up on recognizing shills.

I call these @cia lesbian sorceresses

The other thing to be said for that is at least religion has an actual fucking meaning about divinity. Anime is tied up with chan history and user culture and isn't made by kikes. I may not watch it, but I will sure as shit defend posting it.

Look at how anons post about religion and what exactly they say, too. I am an Odinist, and I have certainly gone against christ insanity from time to time, but I will make actual points with some kind of value. Usually shills will just spam low effort shit over and over.

Wing doesn't imply literal bird wings, it means what your ideology stands for.

And I stand for tradition, church and nobility.

Why can't we appreciate our differences?

t. not a weeaboo, I promise, I just like Edo period woodblock prints

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The real tiresome thing is it is ALWAYS the same 3 images that somebody else made hurr anime is not art, hurr 56%, hurr look at Trump touch a wall. Where is the creativity where is the soul! Fucking shillbots.

Speaking of that fucking wall for anyone curious it is a symbol of Roman conquest. When the Romans destroyed Jewrusalem they wanted to make sure people knew how badass their army was for kicking the shit out of the Jews.

why are you trying to compare beauty with shit?

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If you look at some of the highest velocity trump threads you'll see
>anti white language redneck, white trash, white niggers
Posted by the same ids as

Cmon user you know better.

Well thank you for the obvious kikefy

It's not "reverse diversity" it's actual diversity.
"Leftist" diversity is and always has been about cultural and ethnic genocide.
Any actual diversity of cultures and peoples requires SEPARATION. Only by remaining, or becoming, separate can groups have actual clear and lasting distinctiveness from each other.
Yet another way in which we are the "good guys" but get called the villains.

Also, the guy dumping on Jap art and anime is a D&C shill faggot.

You are shit.
Gas yourself.
False dichotomy.
"If you like this then you must hate that"
In this case, no.
I can like both just fine.

Mods should really be on the lookout for the defeatists and D&C. They spread rumors of removal of dissent and differing opinions, but all I've seen is assmad kikes trying to provoke national in-fighting and demonizing Europeans or Americans depending on the thread.

Get some new bait faggot

theyre trying user, its better than anything niggers or jews ever produced, and theyre still probably the only lesser race thats even close to being aryan

alot of their artwork has good, wholesome themes too. Look at these and tell me it doesnt remind you of old pagan iconography of gods slaying serpents, or of Saint George and the Dragon, or Archangel Michael trampling upon Satan?

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Don't forget you have groups of shills coming into threads with the sole purpose of arguing with each other, to distract from the thread topic and shit up threads.

Don't fucking respond to shills. There is no argument to be had and more then likely you will be seen as a shill yourself.

You mean Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack.

Anyone with clue knows Trump can only fully implement his program with a beefed-up House and Senate.


Only kikes talk like this.

"Alt-right" started the last week of August 2016 when Shillary gave that speech about deplorables and rayciss frogs. Before that it was mostly (((Milo))) trying to sell books.

I mean, I wouldn't want to argue either if my art was this shitty.

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Yeah man, OP, the wet blanket method of hasbara… more bullshit from the usual suspects

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I think you mean that

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Jesus this board is shit. Wtf is wrong with your brain? You don't understand anything about the situation?
Visiting from /lgbt/ or lefty pol? Maybe reddit?

Theres no reason to feel hopeless when a genuine racewar is on the horizon. Ive heard civil war talk every day this week, its happening.



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Yes, be sure to go to the polls and vote for [insert Republican Party political candidate here]. Whatever you do, make sure to stay engaged in the political process and vote Republican.

>Republican Party agitprop thread no. __.

Give up hope on what? The Surpreme Court just confirmed Presidential powers we all knew they would. Shit was just a libtard delaying tactic. Now there's going to be a new spot on the Supreme court which is sweet. Peace with gooks, improving economy and I can go on. What then? Libtard kevetching on the southern border just makes the wall all that more pertinent. Instead of d&c the dumb fucks are gives us what we want which will result in real hope. Let them tweet or whatever, we're going to have something physical that's massive.

Oh yeah and in Europe, Italy is being a boss. Austria is getting ready to crack some mudslimes heads. Things are nice so OP's shit is the d&c. That fucking WAPO article from April? haha. Only homos like your two dads read that shit. It's a spics newsletter now. Guest 'opinions' from nobody boomers, most of them jews.

Wikipedia? You doing Summer school, kiddo? Because it's only children and ape races that consult those one page shits in the belief they'll learn.

Left… memes… which is why NOTHING HAPPENED. They're pure fucking FAIL. You're talking about people who eat cheese pizza. JIDF shitposting with dragon dildos up their kikes butts does NOTHING. NEVER HAS, NEVER WILL.

Vote for whoever you want.
This bait is so stale that it should have been thrown out in 1998.

The only thing that smells like summer in here is (((you)))

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Bump, this is important. Ignore literally everything. Everybody dies, just you happen to be smart enough to postpone it in an abstract sense. Sure you may physically die but your kin will continue as a result of your actions, and truly that is what it is all about. I know that's why I fight.

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FTFY, Trumpkike.

It does need to be written because people are still effected by it.

This is what a desperate jew looks like, also tl;dr kek

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Shut up.

It's really obvious isn't it? In fact, it's so obvious I know who posted it. He's one of the [k00l] faggots that shit up Zig Forums on a daily basis and jacks on with his IRC buddies to how great Poland is. He's merely pretending in this post. Go look elsewhere when he posts and you'll see him constantly shitting up threads with D&C tactics like
etc etc etc. What betrays him his is constant need to call everyone kid and kiddo. He LARPs on Zig Forums about how great of a programmer he is but I doxxed him and discovered he hasn't contributed or released anything in years. Instead he plays World of Tanks all day and probably pays to win like a total normalfag. Oh he also enjoys calling everyone a newfag when it's obvious he only came here in 2016 when all the newfags from reddit flooded in.

He should really kys, I know I would if I lived in the EU and called a place like Poland home.

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Trigger my little autiste? I got quads, you got butthurt. Now before you neck yourself, make sure you cut the throat of that whore who queefed you out.

Same fag with more cartoons. Take your meds little boy and your imaginary internal dialogue will quite down for a few hours. In the meantime, no one knows wtf you're on about.

Honestly, I took a break from Zig Forums for a few months. Just had to get some stuff together irl.
First day back and this place has been bombarded by shills. It looks almost like halfchan pre-migration. Part of me feels drawn by the chaotic energy I remember so well. Part of it makes me sick to see these vile vermin on here again, and I worry we'll lose another board and a whole new batch of people will get sucked into the shill goofiness.

WTF happened ? is there backstory here ? I know IMKampfy is gone (I think?)

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Doesn't matter. We are fighting a revolution now. Not a joke. Get serious very quickly and stay that way.

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I'm not trying to divide and conquer, but the truth is the USA is one step away from becoming a Council of Communist Commissars. Democratic SOCIALISM has become the main ideology of every modern political party, pushing for legal marijuana, fag marriage, and shitty whole grain breakfast cereals.

It's not just DC fags. Marvel and other cartoon fags are sliding the forum and fagging it up too. Beware fellow anons.

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Agreed, but on top of the reasons you listed the very use of the word alternative implies that there is a fundamental flaw in traditionalism/conservatism that cannot find purchase in CY+3. This is of course bullshit as right-wing politics have always been the foundation of civilization, and it is only in recent decades that rinos, neo-cohens, cuckservatives, and so forth have sought to dirty the term.
Alt-right by it's very nomenclature is a kike psy-op.

National Socialism takes elements from rightwing and leftwing politics.
Hitler is a Moderate Centrist.

Come blow my horn angry ladies.

When homos rape you so they call you gay because they want you to be.

1. We are not “alt-right” or have ever been “alt-right”. Our economics is not even necessarily right wing.
2. We are nationalists, and nationalism will never die so long as there are people with a heritage that they belong to. You will never kill our movement
3. All nationalists must unite in a Pan-European Confederation in order to defeat our foreign enemies, influencers and traitors. There is only victory through determination.

Another thing D&C shills do is call you a kike over ideological trifles and tiny deviations from a natsoc orthodoxy that doesn't really exist.

If the Jews know you're aware of them they'll try to make you think everyone's a Jew but you.

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Zig Forums was in perfect alignment with the alt-right up until "Hailgate". That's when the shills hit the board hard with "bad optics are a controlled op" arguments and the nonsense has just spiraled out of control from there.

90% of people who consider themselves alt-right agree with everything in your post. Including the nationalist economics. You think they don't because anonymous shills have been gaslighting you for the past year and a half.

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Nah fuck right off people have been pointing out the fact that Paul Gottfrieds alt-kike was a phony Jewish movement from day one

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SodomiteIDF, please go.

Bait, what bait? I was calling out the autistic kikefy flavored obvious shit

I don't see too much of that. I do see a lot of Zig Forums shilling though, completely in-line with the things I read from them on Zig Forums, about how they come over here and try to be the most extreme, unrealistic caricature of us as possible to drive away new users. There's actually less "le 56%" 4chan nonsense than there used to be. There's a lot more anti-Trump related shilling. You ca't even have a discussion on the guy anymore, or what he's doing, without loads of dumb-fuck shills attacking everyone or spamming those stupid pictures. I haven't noticed much else besides this stuff.

The alt-right was completely inorganic, and it was created as a means to lump all of us on the right, regardless of our ideology, together. We all know how the left loves their dumb fucking labels. They're still playing with a 20 year old playbook. "If we just slap a label on them and say mean things about that label, everyone will hate them and everything they stand for, and be too scared to adopt any opposing ideals for fear of being called alt-right!" That's not how it works on the anonymous internet. Christ, they have so many fucking labels now, I can't believe anyone still takes them seriously. Anyway, that aside, the alt-right was completely inorganic, but there are a lot of people who don't understand that, who do identify as alt-right, and their intentions are good. The way I see it, we should co-opt the alt-right. They already went through the trouble of advertising it for us and making it mainstream.

As a reliable cited source? The same 90 million dollars offshore Southern POVERTY Law Center? Go flag it as not a reliable source user.

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You go smug anime girl JPG spamming user!