Pollack in china's pocket

Why would a Western nation do this? The average intelligence in sub Saharan Africa ranges from 67-83. We know that intelligence correlates to success and that animals that are, on average, dumber than koko the gorilla (IQ 75), can't achieve success in a modern, industrialized world. We've seen what happens to attempts to modernize nigger populations. They resent whitey, they produce little, and the second we leave all that we built rots into dust and there back to cannibalism and eating weeds.

However, China has purchased mineral and oil rights to most of the continent of Africa. a "Marshall plan for Africa" is actually a Marshall plan for China. This retard pollack is calling for Western nations to subsidize Chinese dominance. We pay for all the roads, bridges, power plants and airports to be built and china gets to use them to ship their raw materials to market. Maybe if we're lucky, china will outsource governing the niggers to Western government's so we get to deal with their constant retard chimpfests as well.

There's a reason "Pollack" was synonymous with "retard" for 60 years,

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Look, you can't always take things at face value. His country is locking the borders, so to appease the liberals, hes' throwing out some bullshit about rebuilding africa. Everyone knows you build a brand new hospital in africa and the natives will strip it for copper.

You do realize the Polish PM is a kike, right?

Hopefully Hungary and Italy band together and just take over the entirety of the continent.

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If you build up Africa, the niggers might stay there instead of going abroad.

Again, naive hope.

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Just a (((coincidence))) goy!

> huffingtonpost.com/entry/poland-legislature-amends-controversial-holocaust-law_us_5b3394dde4b0cb56051e0343

Polish "government" is backing down on everything, fucking traitorous scum.

Yea and so did and do the poles. We tried to warn them, they didn't listen. I remember when the new gov got elected, irl Zig Forumsack pollacks on cuckchan were bragging about how whites were stupid to let niggers and sandniggers cuck them and how Israel is their loyal ally and how they'll band together to not let this happen to them. We warned them back then not to place their trust in a kike and now look where things have gone. I'd like to collect on my bet money, because I FUCKING CALLED IT

You mean like the last time whites built up Africa and niggers totally not ruined their whole continent with their sheer incompetence and depend now on foreign gib- O-oh right…


Oh, of course Moishe.

Well, serves them right then.
Of course, Poles are basically all mischlings, so, go figure.

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The sad thing is, almost nobody in the White Western world knows anything about Zimbabwe.

I tell these people about it, and they at first don't believe me. I can see by the look on their face they think I'm crazy.
But the more I talk, the more things start to make sense, the more history - even the jewish version thereof - supports my statements.
Then I show them the state of modern Zimbabwe, and talk about the inter-tribal massacres that came after the Whites left.

Slowly it starts to make sense to them.

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There is some truth to it.
But I also noticed there is a covert desire among westerners to see Slavic countries to be cucked the same way as their ones. "My house is on fire, would be good if the neighbors house were on fire too" - that type of logic.

I was there during the time I describe in the above post, and what was doing on was very different from that. Basically, what the poles were arguing, was that they saw no need or obligation to save the rest of the west from the brown tide and were convinced they could essentially just strike a deal/alliance with the kikes and that that would play out for them perfectly fine. As I said before, I and others tried to warn them. The Jew always tells you that he will never do to you what you are helping him do to others, but it is a lie, every time.

Africa cannot be allowed its independence. The end of Colonialism has been a disaster for both Africa and Europe. The West lost tons of raw resources and Africa lost good governance. The failure of the modern nigger state, along with tons of food aid, has ballooned the African population and is the main drive for the invasion. Ironic in that they wanted to get rid of the whites, but immediately chased after them when they got their countries back because they immediately made them shit and subjected each other to brutal violence 1000x worse than what they accuse whites of having done to them.

I would agree that the idea of having some kind of deal with the Jews was deeply naive and that some of the poles supported it.
But I never seen Poles who welcomed "brown tide" in Europe even among the "liberal" ones. Quite on contrary (pics related). And I also seen polish posters who wanted to dug up treblinka to prove that mass graves there were a lie.
At the same time I encountered some westerners who expressed desire for Poland and other Slavic countries to be invaded by niggers.
It also not clear what are you expectations regarding Poles "saving the rest of the west"? How do you imagine it? Polish army marching through Europe?

I would ask why every minor negative bullshit that Poles or their government does deserves a full thread complete with a slew of screencaps but I already know why.

Because of asshurt US kikes. Nice to see you joining forces with them, szwabie.

You "called" something that didn't happen since this government didn't start with this pm.

The kind of banter that others engage in freely?" Hurr durr europoors/mutts"? I guess were just here to be your handmaidens and never backtalk while you generously heap insults on us.

You don't have a screencap of that, though. Oh well, I guess next time you'll manufacture some.

Better to ally with Chinks then American niggers

this is OP


By the way, there is an agenda within Poland to push the country into alliance with Russia and China propagated by some retards affiliated with American Soros-sponsored Potomac Foundation.

This is how Jews operate - they divide and conquer.

China is helping (itself to) Africa

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It's Polak, unless this is a thread about fish
Jews are not Polish. They're not even European.
Leader of Poland is a kike that worked for the imf.

I'm disappointed in your lack of research OP. Lurk more.

Niggers get nothing out of their deals with China, but they're too dumb to understand that. The Chinks will wash, rinse, repeat this same process all over the continent, and the niggers will continually fall for it.

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Chinese aren't that stupid. It's a trade, infrastructure for raw materials. The raw materials catapult the chink economy, and the infrastructure will go to shit like everything China makes

Not an enviable job. They're going to throw away billions

Chinks don't even try that, they just use niggers as slaves. Google about cases of racial discrimination, abuse and outright slavery in Africa by Chinks.

They really seemed

way too confident in this and too happy

for it to just be banter

also why would I go through the effort

of manufacturing screencaps for ecred

on an anonymous imageboard where we don't have profiles

by the way could

you please stop this?

I think you know exactly

what I'm referring to.

Why didn't you post the article when he clearly says "North Africa"? Its akin to paying Gaddafi not to open up the border. It's a retarded idea for different reasons (France and Britain already fucked Lybia up and its not like anyone's gonna give a shit to enforce the border now) but you're a lying bitch anyway.

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Poland is not a Western nation.

The implication was that blacks are, not that the chinks expect the loans back.
The "loans" don't factor in. The chinks are essentially paying for their own infrastructure for their own industries, something they'd do regardless. Realizing how retarded niggers are, they've gamed them by "loaning" blacks money to build infrastructure. In reality, they're just building the infrastructure with their own money, something they were going to do regardless.

The "loans" have the added benefit to the chinks that these nations are now in the pocket of their yellow overlords in perpetuity via debt. That's going to help them exert huge political pressure. They've killed two birds with one stone.

No I didn't. Well there you have it. Every. Fucking. Time.

The only way Africa can be worthwhile is if Africans are enslaved or genocided, and Europeans are too deluded by jew racial theory to correctly accomplish either. We'd go to Africa to create a partnership when the only successful way to do business on that continent is as conquerors.

I love how kikes, whenever they spot an opportunity to cause racial strife between white races jump right in pretending to be one of those races; usually followed shortly after by another kike pretending to be the other.

African nations will take out loans from the imf. Ultimately it will be the imf stuck holding the bag when China rapes a nation and moves to the next.

and one of them will be China. Who cares if you have a continent permanently indebted when they will never be able to repay? The niggers would happily revert back to savagery rather than repay a single penny. The second the chinks leave the niggers will be living in gibs


The mainlanders are basicially sinicizing Angola.

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Well, it was really worth fucking them over and helping the niggers rise up, huh? Great benefit to us. Now we have nothing, and the whites there have nothing. Cool.

I wonder who this could be…

They never moved beyond it.

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