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Maybe there is no point in memeing at normies irl but anyone have ideas on what to stencil on stop signs? Could really cause a lot of asshurt with minimal effort. Not sure what angle to take psychologically, such as 'stop zog' vs 'stop cucking' or 'stop apologizing'. An image would also be easy for me. I'm in a relatively liberal area. It's just such an easy way to reach thousands of people with a message.

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Believe it or not I was just thinking of something like this. Short-sweet- to the point Redpills to scribble at truck stops and benches. Especially if you're in an already degenerate city, might as well put something over the other shit

Get a label maker and print in big bold:

meh, dont think even normies care for those anymore.

but it is going in a good direction, one critical thing is that it has to be short simple and sweet.

Graffiti is for savages. Don't nigger up your neighbourhood. Flyers are what the White man does. If you want maximum impact :) SMS spam the fuck out of your area code. Make a nice email list for your state.

Multiculturalism is a codeword for White genocide
Diversity is a codeword for White genocide
Diversity is a genocidal scam
Diversity means chasing down the last White person
Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White countries for everyone?
Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White

Graffiti is usually annoying and ugly. It makes you hate whatver message is being sent. The only effective use of graffiti would be to false flag liberal causes.

I think it's illegal to stuff flyers in mailboxes–, it's not official mail. I'd also want to avoid fingerprints, and modern printers encode shit like your IP address in the dot pattern. I agree that graffiti is a very weak and pitiful way to get a message out, you're automatically not coming from a position of strength.

I've been playing with the idea of false flagging the antifa to promote a redpill or divisive reaction, like pushing pedo shit.

Israeli wars/Palestine is a good angle because it could be coming from the far left and won't automatically trigger the 'nazi' mental shut down. Could also associate anti Israel and anti Trump.

bump on stop wars for Israel


I agree. However, a professional 4 color printing press is not cheap.

Just boost their normal messaging. Actual antifa bullshit includes:

Or just put on a ski mask and beat the shit out of a war veteran.

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If you’re going to paint something get permission from the owner first. Don’t just paint on their building for no reason.

time travelers say that paper money is an easy little billboard to mark with a text message & likely it circulates widely within days.

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No, thanks, and I advise you not to do it either. Thanks for the shitty thread, you degenerate faggot.

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What benefit are you attempting to derive by gaming the imageboard system? Post your text in your post like a normal person.

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I don't have artistic talent but I've been meaning to do stencil graffiti for a while

Fuck off cuckchan.

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was thinking about this one too

All you niggers are faggots.

OP make vinyl stickers.

img only img board when

Graffiti is the BEST subversive measure. Proven time and time again since the Roman revolutionaries did it. Some ideas from someone who got away with it.


- One guy tags one guy looks out for trouble
- Weeknights on workdays 2-6am
- Be fast, make sure you are done in 5mins at most
- Plan your walls if possible (or go HAM) and walk a convoluted random path back home
- Wear a bandana or mask but have a change of clothes
- "14/88" "death to the zionist occupiers" is good, hale hortler is bad
- use magnets on the oxidizer balls to keep them from jingling
- it is ethical to shoplift materials for revolutionary art

dream on you evil kike

Don't be retarded. False flags can backfire and make you look worse. And if you're pushing horrible ideas, people could be influenced by it.

It makes us look bad that you're even saying this.

could be funny

>(((echoes))) around name/org
perhaps write something in bathroom stalls, like 'THE WRATH OF THE AWAKENED SAXON by Rudyard Kipling'
i'd be happy just to see some familiar comic characters

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Would you like some pillows to go with your trench you yellow bellied coward dog?



lots of disenfranchised white kids at skate parks.


Just paint jew stars on black churches.

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STOP white genocide.
STOP jews.
STOP sacrificing children to moloch (what covfefe said in gematria)

But the good one, the one you should all spread everywhere apolitically:


Banners hung on overpasses usually get a media attention unlike graffiti therefore being more effective. Protip: a little glue on your fingertips will keep from leaving prints but won't look suspicious like gloves.

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Paint over it to make it anti-homo.

Checked. STOP White Genocide would be pretty solid too.

This guy gets it.
Here's how to affix posters, for any interested.

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Way back in the day it was a way to determine if a shill was a bot or not, they were unable to respond to anything said in images.

the stop sign next to my house had that written on it when was a little kid in the early 1970s. I had no idea what it meant then.

Aren't you Gladio that Nato exists?

These are in prominent view in all major western cities.

It's the equivalent of a sponsored reddit post. Sickening.

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Fake News works because it sends a message that ultimately gets into people's brains. Even if what they say is completely stupid and false, it sticks in people's minds because they can't think and have no alternative.

We need to get the idea of Jewish Supremacy into people's minds in as many possible ways as we can. Hitler said it in his book, once you learn to notice a Jew, you start to see them everywhere. That is what we need, people to understand first that ZOG means zionist occupational government. And then any time they see a news story about Iran, it might enter their head that this benefits Israel. We need to fill the gaps in information these people have and we need to do it in baby steps. And the best way to do it is through SATURATION.

graffiti on stop signs will expose ZOG to thousands of people every day. Putting up posters on interstate overpasses will expose thousands of people every day. Even if people don't go full 1488, they have the minutia to think about things from another angle. Normies have been taught "what to think", and the media enforces are culture of consensus that we ultimately have to smash. They more pressure we can put on the Jews the more sneaky they will have to be because their tactics are becoming way too obvious. I almost think another 9/11 style attack to garner support behind the ZOG won't work because we are all too keen on what is really going on, the shock of 9/11 has long since wore off and only a nuclear bombing could shake people to the core.

Pic related is more easily concealed.

This. Every (((happening))) real or hoax, anons that can't dig online should be putting up 3D redpills to counter the (((narrative))).

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Do you got pics from men controlled areas?

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Absolutely not. Not only is this a dirty tactic, you'll still be found out and then suddenly you're in the headlines as EVIL NAZI WHITE SUPREMACIST TRYING TO FRAME INNOCENT BIKE LOCK WIELDING TEENS

Besides, false flagging doesn't really do much to organizations like antifa anyway. They're hardly founded on strength of character, so trying to attack their character in such a way would be like pissing in an ocean of piss. You're better off just spreading some good memes to wake people the fuck up. Remember, those weren't random boomers knocking antifa out in the streets recently - these were people who, at some point or another, came to oppose antifa for all the right reasons.

Some of you are ultra faggots. Just make up some bumper stickers and slap them on stop signs. People can't help but to read them. It's there, so they'll look. It's not graffiti, the state workers can just scrap it off. Besides, prisoners make the stop signs at the state prison in the first place, so who gives a fuck? It's not like they're sacred totems or something.