The Audacity of these Kikes

After nearly driving this country into Civil War over the last couple weeks from hysteria over concentration camps and Literally Hitler! It looks like the narrative suddenly changes and we all just magically imagined all of it.

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fucking jews man

Watch The Eternal Jew, same shit, different words. The most fucked up thing is their war on language. Ever wonder why German has so many neologisms and modern English is pidgin tier retard-babble? Destroyers of fucking everything they touch the slimy termites gnawing through the healthy basis of all societies, like an Anti-Midas all they touch turns to shit and foul failures of infinite proportions and tremendous gravity. They revel in the concept of having stalled progress for it allows them to feed even more deeply on the meek and demoralized men and women who suffer under their yawning cosmic insanity and infinite evil proportions.

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I'll let my dude H. L. Mencken describe the kikes here perfectly:

So they are back tracking…has this changed Ethnic European beliefs on what must be done to secure a future for our people and White children? We are still 200,000,000 strong…but if you back down now, for any reason, they will take your guns and find a way to destroy you. I am used to people taking the carrot that is proffered as the parasites try to 'buy their way out of trouble'. I see this as a real possibility and I can't help but wonder how many of you are going to turn and betray your race again for money or other jew deviant 'gibs' (the REAL great weakness of the European Races) is their inability to be serious about exterminating foreign parasites.

109 times mother fuckers

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They've been tossing shit against the wall since election night hoping something in the last two years would stick. Nothing has.
What (((they're))) used to is generations of fuckin conservacucks who would cow at the first sign of being called an ebil nazi, raycis, etc. Once that advantage was lost they quickly fell apart debating the issues. Now its over for them.
They'll hold on to some key states because they've given out drivers licenses to illegals, registered felons, and have comped voter rolls. Overall though I cant see how the R's dont clean up in november. When the R's win, history will be made again and cant be blamed on muh russia anymore. Muller will try to leak in October but no one will buy it. No one gives a fuck anymore. Then these shitlibs will begin attacking people.

Use this to our advantage. Send this Jew York Times article to bleeding heart liberal retards who are Democrats and drive a wedge into the Democratic party even farther

YES they fucking do. That's why they refuse to deport them back.

They're probably shitting their pants or buying time.

Kikes love harping on their phrase that pays

I'm shocked.

dat damage control tho

No, they'll wait until next summer because of cold weather, but I can see a bunch of Weathermen, Black Panthers and the occasional Uncle Ted making 2019 rather bangy.

It's a typical Kike tactic, Deny, Deflect, Project and gaslight, they do this all the time, up until they have enough power, then they show their hands and go "WELL, THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH OPEN BORDERS YA BIGOT"

Kinda like the Union kikes during the Mcarthy hearings, they played dumb, gaslighted, and when the heat was off of them, they decided to come out and say there was literally nothing wrong with communism.

What with these faggots and their "fact check" idiocy? No one trusts them, so they start up this little "fact check" shit and suddenly they think everything they say is indisputable? Fucking sub-human, no one rusts you. It's so fucking stupid it blows my mind. Who the fuck do these idiots think they are?

Eat shit cuckchan jew.

It's like they know that it won't turn out in their favor.

I call it VVX it’s about 5/6 as toxic as VX since it contains VC and other V-series contaminants but it has a much higher vaporization pressure so it is more easily aerosoled and it is extremely persistent which makes it good for area denial.
VX is O-Ethyl S-(2-diisopropylaminoethyl) methylphosphonothioate
VVX is O-Ethyl S-(2-dimethylaminoethyl) methylphosphonothioate.

into a very dry 2000 ml round bottom flask, the following ingredients are added, quickly, one after the other with swirling to mix them a few boiling chips, 800 ml anhydrous ethyl ether, 284 grams of methyl ethoxyphosphoryl chloride, 212 grams of dimethylaminoethanethiol, and 212 grams of triethylamine. it is very important that the glassware be very dry, and that the ingredients espescially the methyl ethoxyphosphoryl chloride be protected from moisture, because the presence of water really lowers the yield in this this reaction.

when the ingredients have been added and mixed, a good efficient condenser topped with a drying tube is attached to the flask and a flow of very cold water is put trought the condenser .
the contents of the flask are heated to boiling with a hot water bath and the reflux is maintened for one hour.

the byproduct of this reaction, hydrogen chloride, is absorbed by the tiethylamine as it is produced, forming triethylamine hydrochloride cristal cristal
at the end of the eating period, the mixture is cooled and the cristal of triethylamine hydrochloride are filtred out in a Buchner funnel.

the filtered reaction mixture is then returned to 2000 ml round bottom flask, a few boiling chips added, the glassware set up for simple distillation and the ether removed by distilling it of under a gentle aspirator is perfect for this job since it will flush the ether fumes down the drain.

when most of the ether is gone, the mixture is poured into a 1000 ml round bottom flask with a few boiling chips. the remnants in the 2000 ml flask can be rinsed out with ether an poured into the 1000 ml flask. once again this flask is set up for a simple distillation and full aspirator is applied to it. the last of the triethylamine and ether (bp 88 C°) will be gone shortly.

now a vacuum from a good quality vacuum pump is applied to the distillation. A vacuum of less 1 mmHg is to be preferred here to keep the distillation temperatures reasonable and to avoid burning product. BE CAREFUL THE PUMP MUST NOT BE STOPPED DURING THE DISTILLATION. IF THE PUMP STOPS, RUN OUT AND NEVER COME BACK !!!
after a small forerun is collected in a 250 ml flask, a 500 ml flask is attached and the main bulk of the product is collected at a boiling point of 80 C° at a vacuum of 0.6 mmHg.

the yield is 260 to 275 ml of product. a fair amount of tar remains in the distilling flask.

This material is completely legal in the USA though moving the product on a state highway may be illegal depending on the quantity and your licensing.

These instructions are intended for educational purposes only, in no way would I suggest any other use for this material ;)

Better yet, get the immigrants agitated by pointing out how they've been used as a political pawn; and the Democrats would as likely reverse their stance and deport them someday if given a political lead to do so. Give them the impression their freedom will be short-lived no matter who wins in the near future. Because in order for the Democrats to gain any edge on Trump for 2020 or 2024, they'll have to market their stance more closer in line with his to capitalize on the populist atmosphere (as this article is hinting). Fuel an internal conflict in their ranks which prompts the Democrats to double down on their open borders rhetoric as a result. It's a case where they're forced to choose between strategy and ideology.


wew lad this is some spicy chemistry. Go add it to a guerrilla warfare thread. Use liberally, against ZOG.

My dude, the list has been redone and the number has been updated: 359 times.

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That right there is your problem.

Le nyt.
Ocasio wins.
Fml at even being bothered reading mainstream shit in the current year.

Those digits…

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The NYT is not even hiding their far-left leanings anymore.

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That's like saying a fucking sticky here represents the site admins wishes, or that one Muslim terrorist represents all moderates

>"Oy vey goyim chill out, it's just an (((opinion))) piece, it doesn't reflects the views of our media machine despite the fact that we are are extremely strict when approving them. :^) "

Not falling for these tricks kike.

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To be fair, it's kind of a shitty thread and I just wanted to see if I could get free (you)s