It Begins

President Trump Worshiped As God In India

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Cool story, saheeb. Make me my masala

I knew Kampfy was a half-breed, but I didn't know he was that dark. Sad!

Too much masala

Kinda wish he was seen more as Shiva, the Great Destroyer.

Sheev is fine too

Dat gurl aspect, Kali tho…. Thicc

this kampfy critter must have been a trip…you guys have such mixed feeling about him, but I don't think I have seen a thread yet that didn't mention kampfy at least once.

Thanks for the heads up, rabbi saheeb

This "story" has been around since before Trump won the election. What are you sliding, Chaim?

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look at all these shills bumping a slide thread.


I wonder what kind of effects this will have in the long run. Like what if this becomes a major cult that gains traction and ends up improving the lives of poo in the loos. India has always been a hot bed for cults, it's a religious shopping mall.

God Emperor Trump : Aspect of Brahma

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Hope it grows large in pooland, and I hope it becomes a suicide cult.

Based Thuggie cultists

Assuming he isn't actually Kalki wearing a 3D mask.

Whole 'nother aspect brah, namaste

These memes must be a dream

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Funny, but not new. This shit starting during the election.

Way to bring that up again brah, good Dharma. Namaste

Fuck off trumpniggers

Of course he is, he has a golden toilet, and knows how to use it.

WTF is a rabbi saheeb? The jews were originally from India (probably a sect of the Thuggee) this is why they are Abrahamic/Brahman…but why am I a rabbi because I don't know about your love affair with kampfy?

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Who the fuck is kampfy, Mory? I'm just a simple goy on the path to spiritual enlightenment, brah. . Ihope some day you people abandon your Savage war-like ways and join us all in our peace. Namaste, brahhhhh
Are you even fucking vegan yet, brah?

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Ze very creative effort from der Juden…. How did (((you fucking people))) win so many Nobel Prizes?

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Holy shit dude, get a better looking window manager and a font pack.

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I'm calling "Jason" from customer service. These poo memes are absolutely ridiculous!

Woah, Achmed, that post is dripping with salt. I know what saheeb/shaheeb means in your language, you're not as smart as you think you are.

Yes, I am as smart as I think, Mory, my name is Andrew and am with customer serwice

Shiva, morelike.


They worship Kek too? I'd love to see that

So Indians are the original fashy based neocon jew cheerleaders?


>pipes his holy poop directly from his godly anus into the great Fecal Vats of D.C. aka where the niggers used to live

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