What is the current status of Julian Assange?

Latest Q posts make it sound like JA is accounted for but Wikileaks is compromised.

On the other hand, JA has a known PGP key and "he" has resisted all efforts to sign a message with it. Signing a message would erase all doubt that he's okay, as the encryption is mathematically sound and would basically confirm his identity.

Assuming Assange is ok, why won't he sign a message?

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He goin' to get his fuckin' shinebox!

He's dead.. How do you idiots not get this already. He's not going to pop back into the picture like a jack in the box. He'll slowly fade into obscurity and by the time they reveal how he died it will be so far in the future no one will be able to do anything about it.

CIA is running it now…. Wake up

Likely the next time he signs something with it, the key will be compromised. Need to save it for something important.

Theres your problem. Stop following the qarp you boomer.
Assange should have released a lot more or at least blackmailed his way out of the embassy.

Why would he sign a message?
Remember when they took his servers last year?
They had to black out twitter on the entire east coast all morning to do so, because of the deadman switch…
He was dressed as a pilot recently..
We shall be hearing from him soon m8
He post's on the most popular board all the time..

It was in March if I remember correctly..

well shit, that article was may
and the tweet I recall was Jan
maybe the timeline shift is fucking with my memory
damn Mandela effect

Why would we give a fuck about Q-LARP? Wikileaks being potentially compromised has been known for a little over a year now.

Anybody have a screencap of the timeline?

Disinfo shills pls go and stay go

I'd like to think that he knows what a strong password is.

He is nesteled in the parrelleax diemesion, just outside of human awareness.

found the kike shill

Government has quantum computers, PGP is pointless. We need quantum-safe crypto. Nerd bonus: look up and understand quantum key exchange, it already exists.

How else could they reconcile it with the fact that they called out their kosher LARP?

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Zero evidence exists of an existing quantum computer than can run Shor's algorithm.


Go away. Don’t post here again.

HOLY. FUCKING. HELL. WE CAN POST FROM MOBILE AGAIN. That was just a catharsis post before. Now it’s serious. Q-LARP is a proven hoax. It was proven in the first week of November 2017. Nothing about your faggotry is real. You asked a valid question about Wikileaks, but there’s no association with Q-LARP.

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I fear that an ever-vindictive and tyrannical ZOG has placed poor Julian Assange in a state of levitated limbo, somewhere in hyperspace perhaps.

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Fuck off leddit.



Assange is long dead you fucking retards.

He's right though. Go home boomers, you're all not welcome here. That's not "D&C" either. Go back to reddit or Facebook. Really anywhere but here. The only thing about the turkroach was that he kept you faggots out and that's saying something.

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*The only thing he did that was of any note

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People have been talking about Wikileaks being compromised for a while. This isn't some ex post facto justification, dipshit.

Something's about to happen regarding Julian Assange.

For some reason, Hannity and others on Fox have reached back in time to randomly discuss Assange, the emails, and the DNC server.

You know who's in Ecuador?

Vice President Mike Pence.

No one really knows

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